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Ionic Breeze Complaints
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1/25/2007 - Angie writes:
This product(2) was purchased about 4 years ago as a gift to me. Initially, I did not know what to expect and was unsure if the product was providing the cleaning of the air effectively.
But I continued to use the product. Approximately two months later after obtaining the product, I had to return them because of noises. Sharper Image replaced them without a problem ( I had the receipt). After that time, I continued to use the product for about 1-2 years without results in my house and continued to heard the noises when in use, even though I cleaned them regularly. For the past 2 years, I have not had them on at all. I found the noises too distracting. I am very disatisfied with this product and it did not clean the air. Individuals in my house still had severe allergies when in use.

1/20/2007 - Irmgard writes:
We bought a Sharper Image about 3 years ago. It never helped my bronchitis liked the promised. It made it worse. Now I have more dust then before. We bought 2 units. Now they are useless to us. We should get part of our money back

11/29/2006 - Stella writes:
I was given an Ionic Breeze as a gift in Dec. 2001. It lasted less than six months before starting to buzz and crackle--even after just cleaning it! I brought it back to the Sharper Image and they replaced it--no problems. The replacement unit lasted another six months ago before it was back to the Sharper Image. This happened a number of times before I got a unit that lasted two whole years! Then it started buzzing and crackling and no frequency or thoroughness of cleaning helped. I brought it back to the Sharper Image since the warranty on the unit indicated it was a full five year warranty as of 4/04. This time I'm told they've changed their replacement policy so that they only will replace the unit for the length of time of the warranty on the original unit--which unfortunately for me was 3 years when the original unit was purchased. Of course, when the original unit was purchased, their new replacement policy wasn't in effect--so why is the three years applicable, but not the original policy at time of purchase? I was told I could purchase a new unit--with only a one year warranty as they apparently not stupid enough to stand behind these defective products longer than that. The new units, I was told, have been redesigned and don't have the problems that old ones did. Um, like you have such an awesome track record with quality? For those of you defending this shoddy piece of equipment, I notice most of you have only been using the product for two months. It worked fine for me too the first couple of months. Write a review in six months. Or a year. Watch as your beloved Ionic Breeze crackles and pops unabated with daily cleanings--right after your warranty expires. Then tell us all how much you love this product and the rest of us must not be caring for it properly.

11/29/2006 - Kelly writes:
I don't know who I am more angry with; Sharper Image or myself. I have never felt so duped. I have two of these monstrosities. To think I have spent $500 on something utterly useless. I purchased 2 Ionic Breeze Quadras in 2004 to help alleviate my asthma and allergy sypmtoms. Shortly after, the Consumer Report article came out. The battle begins there. I too have experienced the hissing, the odor and the black walls. This thing is never clean enough. You clean it and 2 hours later its hissing. I have contacted Sharper Image customer service several times. In June of this year they agreed to take back the old ones and replace them with the "new" ozone guard model. What a joke! 2 different, REFURBISHED things come back with snap-on "ozone-guards". Its literally a plastic grid that snaps on over the original grates. I want a full refund. I am sending out a letter to Sharper Image Corporate, Attention Jerry Levin. Maybe he also has some snake-oil for sale. I hear the company is also being sued for falsifying their profit information to shareholders. How do I get on the list for Class-Action litigation?

10/24/2006 - Craig writes:
Amazing, this product was utterly worthless. It stopped working in just over a week. The next unit did a little better—it lasted almost a month. I noticed no difference in my allergies and the walls and counter next to the unit seemed to darken with dust as well. For the idiots who are bashing Consumer Reports (who tested and found the Ionic Breeze basically worthless), just ask yourself who would you trust? A non-profit consumer-oriented organization which has been around for over 70 years or some techno-gadget hucksters who with a slew of class actions against them?

7/12/2006 - Suzy writes:
I purchased this thinking it was a real good product cause of NO buying filters!! well the first week it was awesome clean air & nice smell...but after that forget it!! Doesnt have NO smell of clean anymore & those grates ya have to clean with q tips is unbearable!! what a waste of money for a lousy clean week!!!!!! i would never recommend it to anyone & wish they would take it back & give me my hard earned money back!!Dont get suckered into buying this.......

6/24/2006 - Dave writes:
Thought for sure this was going to be a great aircleaner based on all the huge claims. Even a restaurant owner they must've hired to pump the scam in their commercial, I was sold! Bought two of them, they got filthy right away. I also noticed some dirtying of the walls next to them but kindof ingored it at first. As time went on I found it nearly impossible to clean the blades. Then the noise started, buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzz hisssssssssss. Then I noticed lots of dirty residue collecting on the walls next to where I placed them. Tons of dust like a snow storm all around the countertop next to them too. Then the layers of gook building up on my TV and computer screen! Everything started getting dirty! I realized the Ionic breeze machines were actually making all the dirt and dust in the air become magnetic and it was all gluing itself to everything! My apartment walls became filthy, my couch, EVERTHING! I had to repaint the whole place and clean every single thing, and of course stopped using the lousy contraptions. One broke just before I stopped anyway, the cheap little spring that locked the thing broke. Now everytime I see that idiot from Sharper image on TV pumping his junk I want to grab him by the throat. There are class action lawsuits against them now so I feel better, I just applied! Apartment is much cleaner since I stopped using them and now I keep a fan in the window to exhaust the pet dander and dust! It works way better!

6/24/2006 - Robert writes:
I'm an "early adopter," always ready to try new products to improve quality of life, save money or simplify work. So we bought one of these a few years ago. The price was high, but after all you save on filters, and they are really quiet. Really. That should be the first clue. There is no way for this "cleaner" to circulate air through the machine. If air happens along, I suppose the machine might catch something, but even then I'm not convinced it filters out anything. Sure enough, when I cleaned the plates, which was frequent, I found a very fine BLACK substance. Frankly, I've never encountered black dust in my life. We don't live near a coal mine, don't leave windows open, and there are no smokers in the house, ever. We have 4 continually housebound felines that shed a lot of hair, and we never found a single cat hair in this contraption. This machine must somehow produce its own pollution or something, to make one think it is cleaning the air. I would have to think everyone who doesn't own one of these would surely have black lung disease, if this black dust is pervasive in our homes. We have a medium size tabletop Bionnnaire air cleaner with 4 filters, and it has been running non-stop, except for the three times a year I change filters, for over 22 years. It is one of those old fashioned machines with a FAN which circulates the air in a 160 sq ft room and filters out LOTS of cat hair and dust (so I know what good old house dust bunnies look like). Did I mention its been running 22 years? Our Ionic Breeze functioned, i.e, operated, for approximately 2 months and just quit. A call to Sharper Image, and they sent a replacement. It ran for less than 2 months, and we requested and got a refund--we weren't asked to return the pitiful, free bathroom unit. It is so worthless even they didn't want it back. It, too, was non-operatinal after about 4 months, but it did nothing anyway, except waste whatever energy it consumed. It is astounding to me that this company can continue to sell these things. I don't know why consumer protection agencies haven't come down hard on them for their false claims. I don't know how they sleep at night. It's certainly not owing to any benefit of their "air cleaners."

4/18/2006 - Donna writes:
I purchased 4 Ionic Breeze units.  2 of the GP units and 2 of the Quadra units.  I have not had any concerns with the Quadra units, to date.  The GP units are something else! Shortly after I purchased the GP units the UV lights did not work.  I took the units back to the store and they willingly replaced them.  Now, 10 months later, one of the units totally burned out and the other would only stay on for approx. 10 seconds, with a lot of noise, and then it shut off.  So....once again, both were broken. I took these back to the store today and was at first told that Shaper Image has changed their Replacement Policy....they will now only replace units with refurbished product.  Can you believe this?  A person pays $550 per unit and they want to give you a used item for replacement?  I put up a fuss and they agreed to give me 2 new units.  Then, they told me I should buy a replacement contract so that if I have problems in the future they will be replaced with new units.  So, I purchased a replacement contract for 80 something dollars.  Now that I am home I see that the replacement only applies to those items purchased at $500 or less!!!  Will be going back to the store again this week. Bottom line......these items are not built to last.  I would never again buy a large ticket item from Sharper Image.

1/9/2006 - Maxine writes:
I purchased this product for $400 and after a few months, I couldn't get the filter out to clean it. It was stuck. It was replaced at no charge, but it makes a zapping sound that drives us crazy, even with frequent cleaning. There should be a class action suit.

1/4/2006 - Maria Lu writes:
I was sold on this Theory of reducing air pollutants, allergies and the like. My neighbor got a deal so both of us like fools, took advantage of a great sale. Two for the price of $375.00  We each paid our share. Such a deal!! Mine clacks like a duck. Her's sounds like a static electric chair. Truly, we are disappointed. Once you have cleaned them, they need the same maintenance almost daily, otherwise they are no longer silent. Working? Maybe. However we strongly disagree. I still sneeze as often as before and I have owned mine for 10 months now. My neighbors pooped out along with her replacement. Such a scam deserves some dirt back. From now on I will buy only upon seeing reports published in Consumer Reports or those that have earned "The Goodhouskeeping Seal". Once fooled "Shame on me", twice fooled, "Shame on you!!".

11/21/2005 - Palmer writes:
My wife purchased an Ionic Breeze to place in the bedroom to help control her allergies. She didn't notice any improvement after almost six months. The unit actually gives off bad odors that can be noticed when entering the room. Now we read in Consumer Reports that it actually can worsen some allergies. Their report claims it is almost totally useless. Now this unit is sitting in my garage.(not plugged in of course) What a scam! Is there any class action suit being planned?

11/11/2005 - Peggy writes:
I bought two of these. Yes the blades get dirty but I have to dust as much as I did before. They are a waste of BIG money.

Richard writes:
This is supposed to be this great air purifier, that cuts down on smells, smoke and takes care of your allergies... Well, it doesn't do any of those things, then I see in Consumer Reports that is the worst rated of all the air purifiers tested, which I totally agree with. 

Elaine writes:
This product is reportedly 'silent' but is most definitely not.  It sounds like a bug zapper with all that popping and buzzing.   When I clean the "blades" they ARE always dirty, so perhaps it is working (?) I really cannot tell. However, it is most certainly NOT SILENT.  It's hard to sleep with it on.

Rodger writes:
In August 2000 I purchased two Ionic Breeze's. They both quit working last year, 2002. They were replaced free of charge and one of them has now quit working April 2003 and was replaced again free of charge. The replacements come with no warranty so apparently if the new one last only last a couple of months, that's it. Agust 2003, no more warranty. Pretty expensive investment for only three years garanteed use.

Pauly writes:
I purchased this product because i am a retard.  I saw something shiny on tv and it was late.  This happens to me from time to time.  Anyways, i see there are alot of "defenses" for this product.  Could you please defend for me why consumer reports wouldnt even rate this "air cleaner" with the other legitimate ones? ...ohh..they tried, but it turns out it did so close to nothing that it couldnt make any of the charts.  I love these people on here that say "it's great!" and because its dirty its "doing a good job!" Consumer reports has equipment..equipment which tests the air for upwards of 25 different varients.  In addition, they test for noise, power consumption, even asthetics. They also test in different settings, and over the course of days and weeks. Why is it that they tested over 15 companies and only the sharper image (a jugernaut in the air purification industry) was singled out as being border line fraudelent. For you idiots who say that its dirty...run your hand over your windows sills or anything else for that matter and you will find a layer of dust.  This thing shakes so quickly that it actually attracts dust and debree for the main purpose of making you think its doing something.  It is such a joke, and it shows just how gullable and stupid people really are.

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