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Jeff Paul - Making Money In Your Underwear Complaints
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1/13/2007 - George writes:
My wife and I fell for the Jeff Paul scam and "invested" over $5,000 ....what a rip off. I was extremely fortunate because they double charged my credit card trying to rip us off....my credit card company went after them for us and retrieved our money...less the large fee for credit card set up. The "great guy" who sold us this crock could NEVER be reached. Our "Coach" tried to steer us toward sell these great treadmills and making good money off of each....except for one thing...we had an identical one and knew they went for just a few dollars over what we would be purchasing them for. A TOTAL RIPOFF!

1/8/2007 - Mike writes:
I never authorized the debit to my bank account for the monthly charge. They processed it anyway. I could not reach them at their number, it was always busy. Only way to stop this was submit my credit card to my bank for a fraud investigation. After they researched this credit card scam my debit was credit back to my bank account. To stop this crook I had to change my credit card number and start over wit a new card. I specifically remember telling the guy when I order the basic material no monthly $ 29.00 fees are authoirzed. They did it anyway.

12/9/2006 - Stephen writes:
I ordered MC-Alexander Real Estate online I did not authorize any monthly payments but was suprized to see every month for the last 5 months a withdrawel to my checking account of 39.95. The number on the direct debit comes back to a Family tv products but they never answer the phone. The recorded message claims you can contact them at Familytvproducts.com. It does not work. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM AND ILLEGAL. It appears the only way to stop the debit is to change my checking account!!!! I want to take action against these individuals. If anyone knows of a class action suit let me know.

10/12/2006 - Henri writes:
I ordered this product, online. I received the materials and it appeared interesting, but not earth shattering. Much of the information Jeff provides I have seen in other books. But right after I ordered the course one of his people called me and kept me on the phone for 45 minutes asking me mundane questions that are crafted to keep you saying yes...yes...yes. I finally asked him to cut the crap and get to the point, because you're wasting my time. They wanted my to put $10,000 on my credit card to do an advertising campain. He said if you want to make real money that is what you'll need to invest. He said that Jeff's ads are proven to work. I told him that in Jeff's course, he states that he started off with a $165 ad and went from there...which is the path I would had planned to take -- to keep my exposure and risk, low. I would be the one with the $10,000 debt if this does not work. He then said that I should check how much credit I have at my disposal and he would call me back in 3 days. >> What an asshole!! > Asshole to the 3rd power!!

9/18/2006 - Judy writes:
I tried the product and found it to be seriously lacking. However, I cannot get the payments stopped--I am put on hold on the phone and cannot get to any of the web sites mentioned. Boy do I feel blonde! Never again--how do you know if it is ever legitimate or not! Luckily my credit card expires soon, so he won't be able to use it anymore! Guess we made him rich so he can buy new underwear!

8/29/2006 - Lonnie writes:
I saw the infomercial. Wanted to research and view the product. Received the product and was contacted by the organization. I did not have the time to get involved and requested cancellation of membership. I call and get stuck on phone with no results. I want this cancelled. Help

8/27/2006 - Steve writes:
Having read the other accounts all I can say is that I echo the sentiments. I have been trying to cancel this scam properly for the last two days and can't seem to be able to communicate with anyone. I don't want my money back I just want to be able to cancel at anytime like the website says. The quality of the product is extremely poor and unethical. In one of the books alone Mr. Paul states "that you don't even have to have a quality product" once you have accounts. Which makes me feel like an even bigger sucker since I have been giving him my money for some time now. Oh well lesson learned!

7/31/2006 - Cheryl writes:
Hoping all these other complaints of being billed repeatedly,helps me get some of my money back....? feel like a pie in the sky jerk! gave up trying to call them... getting disconnected and sitting on hold for an hour ! same complaints... cancelled the acct. so the charges stop. i am disputing them? Hope this saves another person who was hoping to "make" some extra cash,.... from losing $ they didn't have to begin with :(

7/11/2006 - Linda writes:
This product was not what I was expecting. You would have to run here & there trying to get your name out. You can't make money in your underwear if your running around. I also was refered to a customer service e-mail that does not exist. I have called the phone number and can't get thru. My bank has tried to work with me because i've not only been charged 29.95 every month but i'm getting slammed with overdraft charges. I'm not a rich person so this is alot of money to me. I'm not sure where to go from here.

6/19/2006 - CJ writes:
Can I just say DITTO. 3 months turned into 7 months now of recurring billing. I am canceling my bank card in the morning. I cannot believe I missed the repeated charges that were not approved. What a scam, not one piece of information recieved was of any use. CAN'T GET A HOLD OF ANY VIA PHONE OR EMAIL.

5/25/2006 - Kim writes:
I have tried to call several times! I don t want his program and I don t want my credit card charged any more! I want this to stop! No one will help me! This is the BIGGEST SCAM!!!!!!!!!

5/23/2006 - Starr writes:
I ordered this product with an understanding of 3 payments at $29.95.  It has continued to appear on my credit card month after month...  The system itself was of poor quality. Books were missing and much of the information in the booklets was repeated over and over again.  By the time I realized the poor quality, it was too late for the 30 day refund. I made SURE when I ordered that it was clear I did NOT want anything that would continue to be billed to my account.  When I call the number to cancel, i was on hold for 15 minutes then disconnected!!!  What a rip-off!!!   and the email address for customer service is bogus too!!!   What can i do> Starr

5/15/2006 - Luke writes:
My wife ordered the product after seeing it advertized on TV for a 1 time payment of $39.95.  Well the Credit Card Statement arrived before the product and the one time charge of $39.95 had become $100.24.  When the product arrived and I looked at the Invoice, we were charge $39.95 for the program,$19.95 for a Money Making Marketing Machine, $7.99 for VIP Memebership Hot Line and $9.95 for a Monthly audio news letter for a total of $77.84.  The other $22.40 was shipping and handling 28.78% of the total, and it was shipped parcel post.  I can return it and get back only $77.84.  Also in fine print it says that after thirty days I will be billed $39.95 monthly.  No wonder he makes money.  He doesn't have to print or make any more material keeps sending out what has been returned and gets at least $15.00 from each order.  I will be calling my credit card company to ensure nofurther charges are put on the card.

5/5/2006 - Yvonne writes:
I bought the program and I cannot use it for anything.  I have been trying to stop the monthly payments of 29.95 but I cannot get in touch with anyone to speak to. I tried the web site and it says that the page is unavailable.  What can I do to get my money back or at least stop the withdrawals?

4/25/2006 - Mary writes:
I in good faith ordered the program which was to be a one time payment to my credit card of $39.95 plus S&H of $14.50.   They are still charging my account every month for the program and I tried to call and find out why they are still charging me and all I get is put on hold or given an email address to go to file a complaint or to contact them which [email protected] is bogus.  Everytime I try to call and believe me I have made many calls and I am always put on hold.  I just want my money back and this scam stopped.

4/21/2006 - Brad writes:
I purchased Mr. Paul's Program thinking it was a one time charge. My mistake. Okay! Now I've tried to stop the monthly charge on my debit card. Telephone calls go unanswered or shall I say your put on hold [for as long as one hour onetime.]. During the time on hold I was informed I could resolve my problems [email protected]. I went there, wrote that I was canceling this order with all the information from my shipping bill. Guess what? Still being billed for nothing. Web site now goes to John Beck. Interesting. My D.A. relative is very interested in whats going on here. Maybe we'll get some resolution yet. Thank You

1/15/2006 - Stacy writes:
I't is a complete scam.You get alot of lies.And they steal your money from your acount.Don't belive the one time only fee it's Bull. The books tell you nothing at all.To me it just a bunch a Nothing it  runs on and on about you could do this are that.Then you have to go to the next book then the next feeling more confused as ever.Then when you finanly get to the last book you don't know what you just read and they want to spend more money to do this are that but what Is It?Then you get a call from some asking you are ready for the next level.Your happy now because heres some help.Then theres the Boom you have to give them 6,000 dollars to move on.If you got 6,000 great you some one on one help.To become rich and do a go job at it forever. Bull! I would't recondmend this to anyone at all when you see it turn your tv to something eles. Don't be like me please. Thank you for reading.

11/23/2005 - Bryan writes:
i bought this product a few years back for around $49.99 w s/h. i received the product and was not harrassed by phone. i received many emails telling me where free seminars were held. i read all of the info included in the books. it was good usefull info but only if you own a small business. i thought i would have secret website info or where to get product at wholesale. it just tells you how to market yourself and ideas. i returned the proddduct with a confrimation from them. i paid for s/h back to them for $12.95 because the wanted it within 3 days. 2 months later, no calls ,no credit , no money!! i called them and gave them the conf # and whom i spoke to and they said "we haven't received it yet". i sent it ups ground. 5 months passed, i called and they said sorry you aren't in our system and we haven't received anything from you. i replyed "can i just get my money back for the system and you keep the 2 s'h charges"? "sorry sir ,your not on file"!! she got rude and "told me good day sir"!! i replyed keep the money and fuck you and jeff paul!! click... 

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