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John Alexander Real Estate Complaints
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1/11/2007 - Tammie writes:
I too tried calling their customer service number because i had a couple of un answered questions i was first transfered to the not in voicemail and then hung up on for two days but after the first couple of hours after giving my credit card i felt scamed so i immediately called and canceled my card i realized that this to was a just another scam i hope this report help the next "poor" individual if the consumers who purchased this product had money we would not have invested our hard earned money on a scam foolish, in []

1/9/2007 - Calvin writes:
I called to see what this program could do for me and my family. As i was on the phone the guy started to tell me about the other packages that you could upgrade to and the difference in price. I explained that if your system really works than when i start making money in 14 days then i will see about spending more money. After he continued decide that i was no longer interested in there system and told him that i didn't want it i hung up. the next day i found out that they ran my card for 163.90.. I truely believe the guys are getting rich in 14 days by having us who are looking to do better scamed out of uor money. i hope it makes major head lines and there ripped from tv.

1/3/2007 - Mike writes:
The 14 Day John Alexander real estate product is a scam. Despite your first charge, you will subsequently receive continuous unauthorized monthly charges afterwards. I suggest you preemptively call your credit card company immediately: Either cancel your card now or put a notation on your account that no further charges are authorized from this company. They are attempting to charge me $39.95 every month. I cancelled my card, but the hassels are not over yet. Don't order this product. It’s not worth the price. On the CD version, you get 7 small Adobe (pdf) files spread across 7 data CD’s. The “procedure” suggested in the material is also questionable from a legal standpoint. Frequently John Alexander suggests you hide certain documents from the Title company. I suggest that you are better off going to your local bookstore and buying some books on real estate investing and join a local investment club for better information. Plus, the credit card hassles are not worth dealing with this company. My next call is to the FBI.

1/2/2007 - Johnny writes:
I ordered the John Alexander info and was instantly disappointed by the lack of important details to do a real estate business. I called and wrote their 'customer service' for over a month and never got any response. Their 'customer service' trick is to put you on hold for 15 minutes when you are then cut off. I had to candel my Visa card with my bank to stop their charging it. These people call me and call me and each one I ask to take me off their list says they will. Then a few hours later or the next day I get another call. They won't take NO for an answer when you tell them, NOT INTERESTED, DO NOT CALL. Please buy anybody else's real estate course but John Alexander's unless you want a lot of trouble and hassles. I warned them I will report them to the CA AG's office and the woman (not a lady) said "You go right ahead and call them." What a BUNCH OF JERKS who should have the FTC take them off the air and refund all suckers' monies.

12/12/2006 - Ray writes:
I sent the product back as soon as i got it . i paid the shipping back, which was more than the product was worth. i still get cards in the mail saying that i'm going to be charged $39.95 per month if i don't cancel but the website to cancel doesn't exist.i think the government should go after these scam artist.

10/17/2006 - Jannice writes:
I spoke with a representative on September 2 out of curosity and purchased the package. The price started out $29.99 before I decided to hang up the price had already reached $70.00. At that point I had already gave my credit card information. I told the rep that I was no longer interested and hung up. About a week later I received a package and I immediately returned it to sender.(Alexander RealEstate). Then about 2 weeks later a rep called to see if I had received my packaged and asked if I had any questions. I told her that I never opened it and it has been returned to the company. She stated that I will be reimbursed. As of today 10-17-06 my credit card has not been reimbursed. I have tried calling the company several times, I always get he is not in. (Voice automation). All I am trying to do is get reimbursed. The amount that I have not been reimbursed for is $39.99 which is still showin on my credit card statement. This company is a scam

9/7/2006 - Brenda writes:
I ordered the product, and did not return it on time to get the refund after the initial trial period. However, I have tried to get them to stop charging my credit card $89.90 per month (for education the say) for services I have not receved. I have called, and today I emailed -- I will see what happens. When someone from J Alexander's organization called, to sell me something else last week -- it was the first time I got a live person on the phone -- he would not transfer me to customer service, and would not give me the number for customer service, but said I should look it up. Please, someone, tell me how to get them off of my bill -- I have contacted Amex. Hope that does the job.

8/29/2006 - Bonnie writes:
I ordered this product but never recieved it in the mail,and they are still charging my credit card for $77.11 a month.i have contacted them and cancelled this with them but obviously they didnt cancel it because 2 (two) months later im still being billed.

8/6/2006 - Shane writes:
My wife ordered this and we just noticed that we are being charged 39.95 every month. She used an account we don't use much so we just noticed it today after three months. I have not yet trieded to call them but it does not sound good for getting my money back.

6/1/2006 - Dec writes:
I got the product, but did not have time to go through it all, so I figured I could not continue hence called them, was giiven a return number and advice on how to return, I returned the programm, in tact, they claimed to have never received it.The have charged the total amount of $135.12,and will keep charging it till they get tired This is a scam, Carlton sheets is a thief and needs to be stopped, he is teaching people how to steal via real estate.Both him and his agents will rot in hell.

3/24/2006 - Mary writes:
I got taken too by this late night infomercial.  I ordered the level 1 Inverse Mortgage package through a download on March 4, 2006. I too realized that the contents alone in this package was incomplete for me.  I therefore contacted Graystone Mortgage to ask for a refunc of my $129 through the website I had ordered it from.  By March 20th I had not received a response.   I contacted the phone number on the website 210-568-2440 and a nice young man told me to email Graystone Center @hotmail.com, which I did on the same day.  I have yet to hear from them and today is March 24th.  You might think that I am jumping the gun but I only have 30 days to contact them about my dissatisfaction of the product.  My last effort was to contact them based on the phone number on my credit card statement.   I called that number this morning and it's disconnected.  As a last alternative I have filed a dispute with my cc company.

3/8/2006 - Moton writes:
I ordered this.I found i did not want it the day i received it. I have been calling and wrote an email to every address on my receipt since 3-2-06. i have not received an answer. everytime i call,a recording comes on telling me to wait. once i was on the line for 15 minutes-never received an answer.if i don't get an answer--yes to the question of sharing with news media. 

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