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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
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7/1/2006 - Tom writes:
I ordered the product a few days ago and have not received it. I am wondering the status of my order and tried to contact the customer service. Just like many people said in this web site, I tried to call all the customer service numbers I got from TV or the internet, and there was never a human being answering the phone, no matter when I call or how long I hold. I noticed that as of 7/1/2006, there has beed 166 complains about this product on this web site and only 18 messages defend it, so I canceled my credit card before any more charges can happen. I do not know if the product is good or not, but I am sure the customer servise, if there is any, is very bad.

6/30/2006 - Amanda writes:
I ordered the John Beck Free and Clear system on April 15th. I returned it on May 5th because I was not satisfied. I tried calling them to get my money back onto my credit card but it was not successful so I had to file a dispute with my credit card company. It is now June 30th and i have over 600$ in charges from them. Every week since then they have charged me 40 dollars and I had to get a new credit card because of all of the other things I was signed up for. They are unresponsive to my calls and emails. I am going to sue them. They ruined my credit.

6/29/2006 - Lauren writes:
I ordered the product for 39.95 plus some other charges and never received anything! I am trying to resove withmy credit card co. I thas been over 6 mos!

6/21/2006 - Larry writes:
I order the john Beck Free & Clear program and paid for it by my visa credit card the total was 72.00. But now for the last two months i have a 39.95 charge on my credit card and i reported it to visa and to john Beck with no remedy and my charges have yet to be removed and returned back as a credit to my account. I am trying again this month and if there is not any change i will consult with my attorney. Larry

6/21/2006 - Laura writes:
I ordered this product and later did some research and stumbled upon this website filled with numerous horror stories about how people have been ripped off and decided to cancel my order, and just like so many people stated-the website I tried to access wasn't any good, so I called a customer service number and finally a live person answered and she was so terribly rude and refused to cancel the order and said I would have to call back in 24-48 hours.Cancel your credit card-it's just easier and at least they are friendly and helpful. I would not buy ANYTHING from these people and people like this should be stopped-thank goodness for you people who reported this guy and thank you for the info.

6/19/2006 - Adam writes:
well i bought into this carp and what do u know its all just one big stinky terd. the man is a froud and so is tv family in cali they seem to be in with john the system does work if youyr rich and stupid i guess i would like to sew his ass off for putting me through this messits been one be hastle after another now i have to change my account info cause noon of theses scam asses are what they say so if there is law suite i want in cause i am not lame like the people at john beck and tv.familys seem to think and in closing i would tell eveyone who has seen the paid crap on tv. dont buy cause if you do your a big big dummy.

6/15/2006 - Alan writes:
On January 25, 2006, I purchased the John Beck Program during an infomercialusing a credit card. I did not authorize any further charges. On my credit card statement for June, I found a charge for "John Beck Program" in the amount of $39.95. When I called the number for the program on the statement (818-464-1650), it said that because there was a high volume of calls, there was an email contact ([email protected].com). The telephone hold is indefinite, and the email is unresponsive. While I have not received my July statement, the credit card company informed me that there was another charge for $39.95 made in May. I would suggest filing complaints with the CA Attorney General (this can be done online), the BBB (BBB of the Southland, P O Box 970, Colton, CA 92324-3052), and the Federal Trade Commission. No particular one will stop this guy, but if a concerted effort is made, something will stop him for a while. No doubt, he'll "pop up" in some other form.

6/14/2006 - Debra writes:
i have tried several atempt to contact customer service by phone and never been able to reach anyone. i order this program and paid by my debit card. i didnt order the property vault club or membership for $39.95 it has been taken out of my checking account 4 times. i want reimbusement for this also i paid 107.84 for the programs and have been uable to use any of the web site to get information. please call me at home or reimbuse my money. thank you debra leach p.s. my phone number is []

6/14/2006 - Patricia writes:
March of this year I purchased this program from an infomercial for $39.95 plus s&h for a total of $54.45. Yeah Right!!!! Now I am being charged $39.95 every single month for a service I didn't even get. The property vault customer service tells you you ordered when you can get through to them is what you start getting charged for. One month free is all the insert states, not $39.95 the rest of your life.Now I can only cancel the visa card to get it to stop.

6/12/2006 - Michelle writes:
My son, Bob, and I signed up to take the John Beck Free and Clear real estate course. Much of the information we were supposed to gather could not be obtained because it was protected by the banks. We were also told that everything could be done on the computer but that turned out not to be true. Some counties insisted that we had to be present when the sales took place. If you have any information on a class action law suit against this company please include me in the law suit. Sincerely, Michelle

6/9/2006 - Derin writes:
I was also fucked over by john becks program. I like you guys to understand this though. I was charged by them approximately well over $7000 and then their coach asked me to invest about $17,000 in a property that wasn't even owned by the person I was sending my money to. I'm getting most of my money back bit by bit but after going through alot of touble. During the course of investment, I meet wonderful investor who buys wholesale properties and sells it off for little profit to investers so that they could also make about $3000's of profit them selves. I'm sure all of you have no more interest in investing any more but I really recommend you try to get out of this debt and not think of the ways john beck screwed us over. Also, i'm looking for people to file a case against john beck. I think togeather it might help. Contact me if you are interested at []@uic.edu. Thanks

5/31/2006 - Shannon writes:
I had ordered John Beck's Financial Freedom Free & Clear Kit from a TV infomercial for $54.45 (including shipping) in February 2006. I received the kit in early March 2006. Only a couple days after receiving the kit, I was called by David McFarland at John Beck's office. He said that they were looking for only about 30 people to work hand-in-hand with John Beck or one of John's professional real estate specialists to succeed in real estate tax liens property. They were getting ready to make another info-mercial, and they needed to help a select few create these success stories for the info-mercial. However, we would have to "qualify". He proceeded to qualify us and tell us about the program and suck us in. He said it would be only 5 to 10 hours per week with little or no money down, and you would work directly one-on-one with their professional specialist or John Beck himself. He proceeded to ask us if our credit was good, and how much credit we had open on our credit cards. He explained that this open credit would work as using "other people's money" (banks) to purchase properties by simply placing the debt on the card for 1 to 2 months, paying the minimum payment, and then simply paying off the debt in full along with a large profit. We were told that we would be guaranteed to make back our original investment of $6,499.00 and more within the first 2 months...."easily". Little did we know that when they are asking about our open credit, they are determining what they will charge you for the program. As I have found out, everyone pays a different price for essentially the same horrible program. They range from $2,000 all the way to $10,000+ in prices! We were told that we looked like we would qualify and we had to speak with Jeff Beamish, his manager. Jeff was really a smooth talker. He had us eating out of his hands. He said the same 5 to 10 hours of time, little or no money down, and we would be working directly with a professional who would guarantee our success in this program and guarantee that we would recover our initial investment in 2 months or less and learn all the secrets to the real estate tax lien process without having to make the mistakes first. They said that we had to be "quick decision makers". In fact, if we didn't decide quickly right then & there to be part of their program, we may not qualify or be able to participate later, because they were only taking about 30 people to partipate with this specialized guaranteed success training. To make a horrible, long story a little shorter, we were given a mentor, David Yates. The first time he called, he phoned on the wrong day. I called the John Beck number, and they somehow transferred my call directly to his cell phone. Well, this had never been done before, and incidentally, I was never able to personally reach him by phone after this incident either. David, my mentor, was so nervous and freaked out that I had reached him...."How did you get my number?" He was rude and nervous. I was feeling a bit uneasy, because he was supposed to be my right hand man to success, and he did not even want me to be able to reach him or even know how to do so. He next informed me that only he would call me for only 1/2 hour or less one time per week for 10 weeks. This is ridiculous! I paid $6,499.00 for a program like this! This breaks down to $650.00 per 1/2 hour phone call! This is higher than any attorney that I know! When we started the lessons, they were so vague, general, and confusing. I was working 30+ hours per week and I never even found any good properties. Furthermore, my mentor never cared to even look at the properties he was telling me to check out on Bid4assets.com. My mentor even stated that he knew there were tons and tons of bad tax sale properties. The properties were tiny, tiny pieces of land, land-locked properties, little triangular sections where intersections formed (too small to even build on), time shares, percentages of condo ownership, former well sites in towns or cities, and my favorite....subdivisions that never became subdivisions with no utilities and no maintained roads with no hope of ever being developed in the future. I had been duped! I started to unravel this low quality, crooked program. I tried desperately to call John Beck's many numbers for over a week, and received disconnected numbers, continuous busy signals, phone systems that never got you to a live person, super extended wait times where you never reached any one, and occassionally, I would play (for huge amounts of time) until I got a message recording, but no one would ever call back. I tried reaching David McFarland and Jeff Beamish, and they would not even return my calls. I even tried faxing Jeff. Jeff was the same person who said "stay in touch and let me know about all your successes for the info-mercial". Ha ha! I had e-mailed my mentor explaining the faults with the program and asking for a refund. He told me to call customer service. I continued to try and try and eventually I got Erin White in customer service. She was rude and said payment was final and there would be no refund. Finally, after pleading, she said that Stacey Johnson, a committee member, would call in 3 to 5 business days. She did not, so I continued e-mailing my mentor. Stacey finally called on 5/15/06. The absolute rudest, coldest, most horrible person to date that I have ever dealt with! I have learned that the phone system problems and circles, and the cold, rude attitudes of the employees of John Beck are part of their "tactic" in handling or discouraging people. Before it was over, Stacey hung up on my twice and hand me in full fledge tears and the biggest psychological mess that I probably have ever been in. She said payment was final and no refund, no guarantee, but she would credit me $1000 and change my coach. I didn't think this was the answer, so I did not sign anything further, but continued to research the company. I found that no matter if you change coaches, they are not concerned with your success, but only your intial thousands of dollars. They are a scam by the uttermost meaning. I found tons of stories at this web site and also on ripoffreport.com and many more of almost idential stories to what has happened to me. They have done this to hundreds and I suppose, thousands of others, and he must be stopped. This cannot continue. I have disputed my charges with my credit card company, I have filed complaints with the attorney general in Utah, California, and Indiana. I have submitted the information to the FBI and the FTC. I will be submitting to the Better Business Bureau, where I found that they have an "F" rating for unsatisfactory and the lowest rating you can get. They have had 166 claims just this year alone. I only wish that I would not have been rushed and coerced into purchasing such a farce and out and out lie. I have been mislead, misrepresented, and they have failed to produce any sufficient guidance or success. I am out $6,499 and I will not stop. I urge everyone NOT to participate in ANY of John Beck's programs in any way shape or form. It has been the worst experience of my entire life.

5/25/2006 - Victoria writes:
I received the internet success summit book from the late night Tv show. I understand nothing in this book. When I talk to someone in the so call customer services office. The only thing they want to know is how much money I had on my credit card. Then they gave me a credit card site to go to so I can apply for more credit. That was something that was not happen with me. I worked to hard to get out of debt and is still working. At this time my bank have been charge twice for this mess and it have cause a overdraft. I will close this acccount.At this time they have already received over $300.00 of my hard earn money.

5/24/2006 - Gary writes:
I ordered a single product from The John Beck Program. I was called by a sales rep of the program, before I received the ordered product, asking if I wanted the monthly mentoring product too. I emphatically said NO I did not want the monthly product but only the initial program - which had not even arrived yet. Now I am being charged 39.95 every month for something I have not received! It is a scam!!

5/22/2006 - Susan writes:
i recived your product and that is all i wanted. not to be on payment plan of 39.99 amonth. i told your com. i did not want this every month. now it has been 3times you have charged my visa card,and i am mad. you owe me my money back.i have tried to call you and have been placed on hold and can't get in touch with you people. i am going to my bank today to stop you people from charging my card. This is really wrong.you people will send me money . or my bank will take you to court.I even spoke to a recorder telling them i only wanter the paperwork,and you still took my money.you people sure scamed me. a pissed off customer susan

5/17/2006 - Jason writes:
john beck is a useless peice of shit!!!!!!Still getting billed 39.95 every month cannot reach anyone.  Coach tried to con me into their program and it sounded great.  Said i will have to talk to my wife and she encourged me. He kept telling me I was motivated and he wanted me (I showed less and less motivation everytime he called me) Then I had to wait for another guy to call me for a final interview and he never called.  Then the first idoit called me back and said congrats you are wanted you passsed your interview, at this point I told him that this was a scam and he said no its not i don't know how you got accepted without that interview and I said you know what I am not even acting motivated i am showing less and less interest everytime you call me and if your only taking so many people into this program why do you want me i was rude to him and they still wanted me after reading all these i am glad that they blew it for them selfs.  I am willing to go after a class action law suite good luck to everyone who became involved into this. oh yeah and i tried to log into the property vault and guess what...........you guessed it never could log in if there is ever a class action lawsuit please notify me at[]

5/11/2006 - Brenda writes:
I saw the infomercial on the TV and believed I had found a way to get my family out of debt. I sent for the first package and thought I can do this. I was contacted in about a week and bought into the mentoring program. My mentor had me only doing research for weeks here in Florida. I could not find any properites for the hundreds the infomercial talked about that i could purchase and resell. Over the counter properites just were strips or not able to be built on. When i started to complain that the prices were more that I could afford he told me to get more credit cards. I was able to get one and told him. He then said " oh no get a HELOC " I did this but could not get much. I went on line to the Kern county auction and was out bid by thousands. When I again complained he said to go to the Alabama counties. this was week ten in a ten week mentoring program. I have sent off 200 application and not gotten one property out of Alabama. I was told to become a company and charged $1295.00 by advantage corp. I was told to join the tax club and charged $1018.99, I was told to get a book keeping service and charged $199.00. I did all this because I was told by my mentor that it would be to my advantage to have these in place when i started to make money. I needed to get more info on out of state properites and was told to join the Emory research group. that cost$600.00. I put in over $5600.00 plus all the monthly charges. I have complained to my mentor via e-mail several times. He does'nt answer me. I wrote to the john beck support adress and again did not get any answer. I've asked to be droped from the program and was not answered. I've worked hard at this program doing all i was told to do. I spent hours a day researching properites only to be out bid at auctions on the net or in person here in Florida. I thought I was the problem untill I found this sight and discovered I'm not alone. I truly believe I was decieved by the infomercial and that it does not apply to all areas of the country. My mentor was following a script and not listening to what I was telling him. The book containing county internet addresses is hopelessly out dated. I tried all of them. I wish I had never heard of John Beck and his program. I worked hard researching. I attened auctions. I applied for tax deeds out of state by mail and still have not made a penny. I 'm father in debt than before I joined the program. I'm am older person in not good health and now have to go out and find a full time job to pay back all the money this scam has cost me. If there is a class action I want in.

5/11/2006 - Michelle writes:
My husband saw the infomercial late one night when he was away on a business trip and feeling blue about the amount of hours he was putting into his job. I am a stay at home mom, and homeschool our children. We're like most people, we're not looking to get mega-rich, we just want some cushion. We want to have a little money left over every month to put into savings, take a nice vacation every year, and eventually put our kids through college before we retire. Anyway, we received the materials in a timely manner, but we really didn't have time to sit down and read any of it. What my husband did look over quickly seemed extremely confusing. We just needed to really read it closely, so we thought. Then the phone calls started. "Nick" called several times, and when he finally reached my husband (at 8:30 at night), he kept him on the phone for almost 30 minutes asking all about my husband's job, what kind of money he makes, what do I do, etc. Then he had us both on the phone for another 30 minutes, asking even more personal questions about our debt, how many credit cards we have, what kind of limits we have, etc. He gave us the whole pitch about Other People's Money, and I have to admit, it sounded so good! Funny thing is, my husband and I have worked so hard to get out of credit card debt, we are finally down to one card, with an extremely low limit. Because we were being cautious, we told Nick that we didn't know what our limit was off the top of our heads (we knew exactly what it was). Immediately, he insisted we call our credit card company and have our limit increased. The whole time we're on the phone with him, he's giving us the same pitch: "I may end up recommending you for our team. I think you may qualify for our team. You guys are awesome candidates for our team, you just need to pass one more test." At this point, I'm embarrassed to admit, we were totally roped in, hoping we would be good enough to qualify. We hung up with Nick and called our credit card co to get our limit increased. Turns out our cr cd co is not increasing limits for anyone right now. We call Nick back with this bad news, hoping we're not disqualified. Oh, no problem! Nick declares. Simply go towww.forcards.com, request an American Express Blue card, for which you will receive an immediate confirmation. When you see your account number on the screen, write it down then call this 800 number to activate it (which he happened to have right in front of him). Do this immediately and call me back within 15 minutes. In fact, don't just apply for the AmEx, get as many cards as you can while you're on that site. Praise the Lord, this is where we had our eyes opened! AsIsaid, we've worked too hard to get out of that kind of debt. And why on earth do we have to do it all right now? A very wise gentleman once advised us to live by this when making financial decisions: "If we have to answer you right now, the answer is No." High pressure sales tactics usually work because they get you swept up in the moment. At this point we were both so uneasy. We just kept going over and over the conversation we just had. Why do they want us to do it all so quickly, and so late in the evening? What happens if we're saddled with huge credit card debt? At this point, "Nick" just kept saying our initial investment would be $8000 - but only implied that our initial investment would be on a piece of property. After having read through this site, we now know that our credit card would have been charged, and we would have been left high and dry! Thank you for the community service you have provided through this web site!! Because of the horror stories we've read, we decided to cancel the credit card that we used to purchase the kit, just in case! Needless to say, we feel foolish but so grateful that we had the wisdom to sleep on it. The Lord was definitely with us, and we believe it was his hand that kept us from making any hasty decisions that we would later regret.

5/8/2006 - Sylvia writes:
I am totally disappointed with this so-called comanpany. I like everyone else on this site experienced the same  I am being charged monthly after e-mails, phone calls (disconnected) and the total frustration of knowing they are taking $39.95 out of my account every month :(I also had a $32.00 overdrawn charge from them taking the money out... The worst feeling is that my fiancee told me it was a scram and I told him no way, it was convincing I was sure it was going to be a wonderful investment. I also would like to get in the lawsuit if it  happens. It's a shame we all have to cancel our credit cards to get this charge to stop. I don't know about everyone else, they turned me off the first time a rep. called and called etc. I was so upset after reading these complaints I too have never opened up the box. I am tempted to mail it back, but I am afraid they will let it mysteriously disappear.......

5/5/2006 - Teresa writes:
All the number for customer service and billing inquires are bogus or disconnected.  They continue to bill you for service not rendered or requested. Their website doesn't exit.  I've contacted my credit card company about fraudulent activity.  This guy is a total rip off and should be in jail.

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