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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
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3/18/2006 - Deb writes:
I ordered the free and clear system like many others the informercial reeled me in. After I received the system I received a call from a rep of the company interviewinge for a position w/i the John Beck system. After a series of questions she stated that I seem to be a good candidate for the company. Her supervisor would call me back at a certain time to continue the interview. The supervisor calls me back very nice lady, she told me the process and how I would have a mentor but w/i 30 days of paying this $10K I would receive my $$ back by just following the system - guaranteed.  They also offered me a scholarship that would be applied and I would only back $8K.  I thought how could I go wrong if they are going to guarantee me this money back.  I agreeded to this at first but right before I gave her my credit card information, her response was that we will have to record this conversation and that I am not promising you anything - that caught my attention.   Throughout the conversation the rep guaranteed me success if I would follow the mentor and pay the money - now she just glides over the fact after our conversation was to be recorded that she did not guarantee me anything. I told her that I changed my mind - this nice lady turned and became irrate - I was in shock...  After reading this message board I am very glad that they did not get anymore money out of me that the $54.95 - which is still too much in my book.  If one analyzes how much they get per person Mr. Beck is making lots and lots of dollars.

3/13/2006 - Mike writes:
i also am a victim of this scam lucky me i only had a little money in my account when i purchased it. im a firm believer that you dont fuck with my money without my permission. for all of those who got scammed i have a plan.  lets start a class action suite between us. between the gross amount of money and the number of states involved mr beck and crew will be in a lot of trouble. because its more than one person its bigger then what can be solved in small claims for each individual case. and as a group we all would say in a loud and clear voice to him we aint gonna take it and get out of business today! if anyone else feels this way lets get an attourney and burst his bubble right away because the longer he gets away with it the more people get screwed. and a class action suite will get you back something after the attourney fees and something is better then nothing anyways

3/13/2006 - Mike writes:
i also got in on this scam of big money on tax liens certificates. but unlike the others i have a resolution to the problem. if everyone that got scammed on this productbanded together in a class action suite mr beck and crew would be in some real trouble. because its is all who have been screwed it would not be settleable in small claims . because its all over the states it wouldnt be in just one state. so lets band together as one voice  and say your out of business today!. im ready to join a class action suite now to give him his just deserts

3/1/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I used to work for Mentoring of America/ John Beck for Years. I quit because so many people have been ripped off by both companies. Fist off if you are thinking about investing in real estate don't invest in program like these. You are promised to make you money back in 30 days and that is not going to happen if you are buying land ar 2,000 with a profit margin of 200-500 bucks per property! If you invested 2k-15k which they charge even if you sell property on the high end it will take well over 20 property flips even to get back 10k! If you ever try to get your money back it is going to be impossible unless you seek leagal action! Also land banc property is a joke they will promise doubling your money and if you research your avenues to resell you will find out these properties are the worst out there and you can't sell them! so now not only zare you 10k in the hole with the course you now invested maybe 2k in some property that you can't sell and now are stuck paying taxes on it. My advise is to not mess around with this program!!!!!! And that is from someone that worked there. If you have complaints [email protected], these next two run the land [email protected],[email protected] are all scum bags!

2/25/2006 - Renee writes:
This message is written in regards to another unfortunate customer not receiving the stated product after sending in the amount of $54.45 including shipping and handling charges.  Each time I tried to contact them by phone there was no connection. It is a shame to con millions of Americans out of their hard earned money.  Most infomercials are legititmate so I never dreamed that this particular one would be a scam. Sincerely yours, Renee

2/25/2006 - Lavonne writes:
I was supposed to receive the package on January 27th, which was a RUSH ORDER which was supposed to be recieved within 5-7 days.  I have never received the package.  I have tried to call them over the phone and had no success.  I was also supposed to receive complimentary gifts for ordering this product, which I never recieved.

2/22/2006 - Robert writes:
I order this system 5 weeks ago have not received as of 02-22-06.it was suppose to be here 02-20- 06.know I can not reach any one to cancel

2/20/2006 - Robert writes:
I saw the comercial on t v sunday 2-19-06, took the no. and called it. I got an automated recording which asked the name of the program I wanted then asked for my credit card no.& personal information. It repeated all the info. but sounded like the address was wrong. when I told it that, it just went on to other items it wanted to sell me. I kept repeating that the address was wrong but it just kept sailing through all the items as though I was saying yes. It gave me the cust. service no. I waited till monday and called to explain but would be put on hold, then it gave a busy signal followed by 2 rings, then it hung up. this happened 14 times before I gave up. so I clicked on the site I was given and got you. I feel I got scammed.

2/20/2006 - Carl writes:
I bought the John Beck Free & Clear system on Feb 3, 2006.  I saw the informercial and was sucked into its presentation.  Very persuasive I must say.  I received the CDs and booklets on Feb. 9, 2006. Unfortunately, I didn't research Mr. Beck before I purchased the kit.  I noticed this page and read both sides of consumer dealings with Mr. Beck.   After reading, I decided to call for RA#.  I called two phone numbers listed on the documents inside, but got no answer - even after being on hold for more than 15 minutes.  I also wrote 2 emails requesting a return uthorization - no response. On Feb. 20, 2006, I decided to call the numbers again to get someone to give me a RA# for this kit.  Lo and Behold!  Someone one answered on the first phone # I dialed.   I spoke to a young lady, who was very pleasant, and told her that I don't know where to begin with in the kit.  She took my name and number and was going to have someone return my call.  Well, about 5 minutes later, Mr. Scott Cook called me.   I told Mr. Cook that same thing, that I don't know where to begin with this kit. Mr. Cook said that the company was looking for persons with "motivation and drive" to begin their company.  And I would be connected with his boss, who would get me started IF I PASSED THE INTERVIEW.  Now what is that??? Mr. Cook further explained that I would have to invest $10,000 into this business if I wanted it to be successful.  He mentioned a scholarship to assist me.  But that was about $1200.   What is that??? When I told Mr. Cook that I didn't have that much money to put out, he basically changed his tone and rushed me off the phone, stating " Well, when you get that investment capital, call me back with a followup and we will get you going."   Isn't that cute??? Mr. Cook was very aloof when I asked about the kit in the meantime.  I asked could I still use them, and his response was "if you know what you are doing, yes.  If not, you can get into trouble." After our conversation, I called another number from the invoice in an attempt to get a RA - their phone system hung up with a fast busy signal TWICE. I didn't want to believe that the John Beck company was not on the level, but apparently it is.  To any potential real estate investors  DO NOT USE JOH BECK'S FREE & CLEAR. Your investment of $70 or so to get it just won't get you started as the infomercial leads you to believe.  I am disappointed and very disatisfied with this product.  Now, how can I get my money back?  Only God knows........

2/16/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I like many other unfortunate souls have fallen victim to John Beck's free and clear real estate program. I saw the commercial and it looked simple. Finally there was something I could do in my little bit of spare time when I wasn't working or taking care of my elderly mother. I was told I had 3 days to change my mind and after the transaction and I contacted them the next day. I was under the impression that I could finance these types of tax liens, but was informed that they needed to be paid for up front. I simply did not have the capital to do this type of work. My financial situation to afford anything like this and simply was acting on my right as a consumer to cancel within my 3 day period. My credit card company would not work in my favor until John Beck's people agreed to refund back my money. Total charges on my card were in the tune of $10, 499.00 and they are still holding my money as we speak. They are toying with me and constantly telling me "sorry, well you chose to do this and we move forward with things here. There is just no way that you are getting your money back and I don't think that you have a good enough reason to deserve a refund."   Who are these people to say that I do not have a good enough reason? I simply changed my mind. I did not use the service or sign anything. There major argument now is that they have to review the tape and see if the customer service representative did in fact say "you have 3 days to cancel". Jarred called me the day before yesterday and said that he had reviewed the tape and would offer me a partial refund.   Yesterday Jarred, I and the credit card company were on a three way call and he began lying through his teeth saying that he never said that he had reviewed the tape and said that he made very clear to me the refund policy. These people are crooks! All they said to me was that I could cancel this within three days. I discussed it with my family and we decided that this was not for us. It was a lot more work than it was made out to be. This company is going down. I need to rally people together to get a class action suit against them.  I said to him, "you have got to be out of your mind. I need my money and I do not want your service, please refund back my money" Who do these people think they are? He kept going around circles saying all kinds of crazy things about they are not going to give it back. Contact me with the details of your case.

2/10/2006 - Margaret writes:
I purchased the John Beck programs. First the $39.95 program and all it was just a bunch of books with information I colud have got out of the news paper myself.Then they called me with this big offer saying I would be sorry if I didn't get in on the ground floor.I would be lossing a lot of money.I could make my $5,000 back to pay my credit card off  before it was due. Well I was not working aat the time and was stupid enough to think maybe it was realy true.I went all out leased the credit card sight and all. That was in 2003.I will never get my credit card paid off,and I still have seven more months of $70.00 a month for the credit card lease sight.That I ave up on a long time ago.I was so ashamed that I was so stupid to take that chance so long ago to this day my familey still does not know. I do know one thing Just because you see their name every where and it seems realy big do not trust any one.I know I never will again.I sure hope I can help just one person( with the same dream I had )save their money and their time.It cost me around $8000.00

2/6/2006 - Judith writes:
This program is a FRAUD!!!!! I purchased this program in early 2004 thinking that I would have some money by now, however, after I ordered the program I kept getting calls to purchase the mentoring program which back then was $1,150.00. I told them I owuld hink about it. One week later my bank acount was charged $1,150.00 and I recieved some mentoring papers to sign. I disputed and all hell broke loose. I sent the papers back unsigned and they refused them and returned them to me. So I kept all their programs and closed my account, told the bank that I am not paying the money because I did not have that money in my account and I did not authorize it. After about six months my bank put it to rest stating they did an investigation on them and found out that t his is something they often do. Please DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PROGRAM!!! Try researching before you attemp any info-mercial products they are always looking and sounding better than they are.

2/1/2006 - Donna writes:
I ordered this program on my VISA credit card, and they took $188.29 when all they should have taken was $54.45.  This is for the product which was $39.95 and shipping and handling $14.50.  I called this number(1-818-464-1650) and talked with a lady one time (January 17, 06) and I was to get my money back in seven days.  I'm still waiting and I can't get through.  They give you this e-mail address:[email protected] they don't answer the e-mail, they called on my cell phone, but they never leave a message.  They can take this program and shove it, they take your money in one day, you have to waith forever to get it back.  I'm better off never to have believed that this was LEGIT.  If it's not a scam, why don't they give me what they took from me.

1/31/2006 - Shurland writes:
we watch john beck infomercial on tv. we purchase as inform, for $35.00  we paid by credit card, the took 190.00 someone called itold them to cancle and refund my money ihave not heard from them

1/28/2006 - Paul writes:
I have had it up to hear with John Beck!!  This man is a scam and a con artist.  Trying to get people's money.   His Free and Clear Real Estate system swindled me out of over 5000.00.  I gave an honest effort, and tried to recoup my costs, but have yet to see a dime. John should be locked up immediately where he should rot out his remaining days!! John Beck is one old motherfucker who is headed straight to hell for what he has done!!  Rot in hell forever John Beck!!

1/27/2006 - Shannon writes:
I live in Louisiana, my sister in law ordered the books from John Beck and asked if I would be interested in working together on this investment.  With always wanting to get into realestate and not really knowing how I said yes.  We received a call promising the moon and stars, they said our investment would be $9000.00, well of course I had doubts, but being in the hurricane area I thought it would be a good idea.  I told them there was no way we could afford this. So they told us about "OPM's" Other peoples money, to get as many credit cards as possible. So thats what we did; after getting the first payment to them, and calling to make the second payment we were told that $4300 would be charged for the Las Vegas seminar, I told them repeatedly that I was not paying for this seminar.   Then they back peddled and said the entire amount was not for the seminar (that we would actually have to fund all expenses for). They charged my credit card $4300, and of course it stated "John Beck Seminar", after 3 weeks of complaining we are awaiting a refund.  I have voiced my complaints to anyone that would listened, everything they say is a complete LIE.  Their coaching sessions consist of the "Coach" giving you a list of websites to research (which are FREE websites).   We started in Novemeber 2005, we recieved our "Coaching call last night 1/27/06, and was informed it was our last.  What a joke, they say the system is 100% service guaranteed.  Well I have made not a dime, paid TWO credit card payments that we can't afford, and they still keep peddeling this joke of a company. Any one reading this DO NOT EVEN TALK TO ANYONE FROM JOHN BECK ANYTHING. If you have money you want to invest, do not do it there, you might as well stand on a street corner and give it away.

1/26/2006 - Sonya writes:
I called the toll free number and the automation throughout the duration of the call was just killing me.  This is poor customer service, not one time was I able to speak to a representative and on top of all that they charged my account and I hung up the phone before completing any transactions.   Their catch is to get all of your information up front, and regardless of whether you hang up or not, they'll charge your account and you haven't even finished the process.

1/19/2006 - Todd writes:
I keep getting phone calls from John Becks Real Estate asking me to buy their mentoring program.  I keep telling them that I have no interest and not to call me anymore.  They keep calling and they are rude.   I have told them to take me off of their call list and they tell me that they do not have a call list.  I have told them not to call me ever again and they keep calling. I do not know what to do.

1/13/2006 - Antonio writes:
I purchased John Beck's free and clear program in september of 2005. I was contacted to enter the mentoring program for $4,499.00. I was told a refund would be issued to me if I cancelled the product within three days. Once I received this product I cancelled right away because I was afraid of going through with the program.  I signed a refund agreement which stated one to two billing cycles my money would be refunded. January 3rd was the last day for the second billing cycle and i still have not received my money. I have taken further action on this matter and have gone to my attorney and had issued a letter to the company. I also contacted the Attorney General's office of Ohio and am waiting for their reply. I am not saying this is a scam because I am still hoping for my money back, but I definately would not advise anyone to purchase this product. I feel sorry for those of you that have been mislead and wish you all luck in getting your refunds.

1/11/2006 - Tom writes:
I ordered this John Becks Free & Clear in 2003, shortly after receiving it I was called by John Becks marketing department and told without there help with this program I probably would not succeed. Next they tried to get $5000.00 from me to get mentoring. I refused, but then was ask how much I thought I could afford for there help. I declined all help from them. So much for the infomercial stating just buy the package and thats all you need.

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