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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
Total Complaints: 246
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Scott writes:
I ordered the "free and Clear" or should  say dumb and stupid. everything in the program is readily available on the internet for "free" and I paid 39.95. Worst investment I've ever done. A real scam....he is the one & only who is going to get rich. Too good to be true? yep sure is...I will without a doubt make every attempt to tell the whole world.

Jeremy writes:
I ordered John Beck's Free and Clear in Aug. 2001. My account was charged the fee for the product in early Sept. 2001. After waiting a couple months I called the phone number on my account statement only to get another number to call. I called this other number and they gave me another number which all I ever go was an answering machine, busy signals, and during their operating hours, I even let the phone ring 100 time and got no answer. One time I got through to someone, only for them to put me on hold, after waiting 45 minutes, I finally hung up. I called the number that was on the infomercial only to get yet another phone number to call. In total I called 5 different phone numbers, to no avail, nobody can help me get my money back, or get the product I ordered. I would call this a Scam for sure, or maybe they are so terribly managed that it looks that way. I finally today Jan. 21, 2002 decided to send a letter to the address on the infomercial to see what happens. I hope I get a reply. Good luck, if you order John Beck's Free and Clear.

Jayne writes:
Hi my name is Jayne, do to the fiancial situation's my husband and I were facing and his not being able to handle working his current job we felt we needed to get into buissness for ourselves, and this sounded like the right answer to our situation's as the way to be able to purchase our own home and to be able to eventually own our own Bed&Breakfast Inn, also to be able to put collage money in a trust for our l yr. old, also to build a trust for our oldest and youngest daughter after we were gone from this world. It started out to be okay til they asked my husband after 2 wk's of recieving book's to establish working with us on one on one and that they would help us purchase our frist properties with a personnel help councler or guide; they asked the credit card acct # and thing's started snowballing from then on. they not only maxed out our credit card, they gave us online address that were disfunctial also telling us to go to this website Relendingnetwork.com. also a toll free #1-800-501-9097. Well to make this short and sweet as they say I frist called our coach, left a message with her machine. no phone call back, next tried for six hour's on my computor to come up with said sight. to no avail. called toll free # and a lady said Mark will return my call. None came... recalled Charlotte and she's got just voice mail. Left message no call back from her. Normally if I call she pick's right up. I figured after what my brother-in-law know's about computor's I would go to him. Well; he couldn't find the website either, then he went on Yahoo.com and found out this scam's this company has pulled on other's and then I rushed the package to FedEX to return said product overnite, cost $30.94....The company said it takes approximately 1mo.effort to  my credit card i used to purchase the product and the same with my Husband's credit card. So I called my Husband's credit card 2wice now and they are sending form's also I've got to go to my bank in morn. too to insure my acct get's proper repaid. Who know's if after we file this dispute's if we will get a refund.. I'm also going to talk to the better Buissness burea. As I can tell you so far this is well over $1850.. Spent and My guess a lawyer is going to have to be involved so probually get back the least amount after lawyer's fees.. So Please don't trust this smooth talking and fast also toiling your heartfelt dream's down the toilet. They got us they will probually , no they will get you too!!!!!!! Thank-you for letting us report  this incident also feel free to write me in a month and I'll tell you all the result's... I almost forgot to mention this. They tell you to get tis book and that book's like Real estate for Dummies. So I probually will still do some checking into realestate but; not investing any money into a simple library card will do just fine..

Felicia writes:
I ordered jbeck service on 02/05/03 and rushed my order which supposed to take 5 days... So, I called the numbers which was not working and dispute my credit card bill after reading materials posted on the internet.  Thank you guys and hope we can do something about this!  Why would we give away money and we dont have any to give.

John writes:
I ordered the John Beck's Free & Clear Real Estate System several months ago, and I never received anything whatsoever.  This guy is a con artist and needs to be arrested.

Cynthia writes:
I ordered the John Beck Program in October of 2002. I called the number from the infomucial, placed my order, in a few weeks I had received the four or five flimsy books in the mail. I skimmed through the books (not understanding half the legal language in them). Within a few days I received a call from a Toby Wagner, Progam Director. 1-800-801-6130 ex. 274. Now I was pretty excited to get started on my program, only I didn't understand half the language in the books they sent me. Toby was explaining to me that there were three different ways to invest, 1) $5-10,000 2)10,000-15,000 or 3) $15,000- + He asked me how much credit I had available to me and I told him I only had about $7,000 on my credit card. Well, that was just enough to get me started!!!  I was told I would make that back in six months GUARENNTEEDD!!! Now in the $7,000 I would get guarented funding , Coaching, software, tax lein managment, Tax Club, service warrenty, DPI-Money mangment. All of a sudden I'm getting stuff in the mail. I received one software disc, a hard bound folder with papers, and info for the tax club. O.k. A month rolls by and I get my next credit card bill and each individual "Club"; had billed me. So I'm calling all the numbers on my credit card to cancle and credit back my card for all these clubs. The biggest was the Mentoring Institue $6,800. That one I was acutally using. They gave me my mentors name, Ron Owens from Texas. He would call once a week and he would give me stuff to do for that week. Most calls only lasted ten minutes. So for about three months I did every thing he asked and I would run into a brick wall every time. Finally I had him take me off his call list. I tried to contact Toby Wagner to get my money back. He gave me a number to call who gave me a different number to call who basicilly told me in a very rude way there is no money back guarntee!! I'm now still fighting with the credit card people to dispute the amount of $6,800 and it is May 20th 2003. That was one exspensive phone call.

Greg writes:
The John Beck Free and Clear seems to definately be a scam. I ordered the system in October 2001 from Canada and was told it would take 4-5 weeks to arrive. It never did and the mamy phone calls and e-mails were never returned. At first the story of delays were understandable as we had just gone through the Sept. 11 and anthrax problems with the mail. I had given up by Feb.2002, but have recently tried to get back in contact with them as I have paid for the system 1 1/2 yrs. ago!!

Cheryl writes:
I also ordered John Beck's free and clear approximately 2months ago, and have yet to receieve it. Paid by credit card and included rush delivery and haven't seen one thing yet. Are there any honest people in this world today!

Mike writes:
I ordered John Beck's Free and Clear Real Estate Program on the phone about a month ago, was pressured into the rush shipping and some long-distance phone credit "gift" that sounded bogus. (I was told I was being given the long distance credit, but never heard a thing about that again after receiving the materials..) apparently I did better than most people who never get their materials at all and still get charged) The way it looks, (and according to the information in one of the books in the package I was sent),  real estate deals like this are sold at auctions which are usually well-attended, so the chance of actually being able to pick up a distressed property is slim at best. Of course when I tried to call the numbers to get a return authorization for their "money-back guarantee" surprise! - no answer. And my emails got returned to me undeliverable. Bad business!! YES, Atty. General. Shame on John Beck for pretending to be a nice guy (I'm sure he's a rich guy) , and shame on me for being stupid enough to believe in him.

Marie writes:
For those of you who need valid numbers for John Beck's Free & Clear system, these numbers worked for me the past couple of weeks (today is June 13, 2003): General Customer Service - (888) 461-9029 Mentoring Customer Service - (888) 615-8861 A "mentor" contacted me and tried to sell me on the $3,795 "program fee" which was completely underhanded because the infomercial did not mention ANYTHING about a program fee at all.  In fact, I thought that spending the $57 on the kit was all I needed to start up my "home-based business".  Thank God I found this site where all you good people have reported your experience with these people.  Needless to say, I will not be participating in their program.  I do regret spending that $57 on the kit though, as I have not received it and it looks like it'll be completely worthless.

Alexander writes:
I saw the John Beck's Free & Clear Real Estate System on an infomercial in beginning of May 2003.  I thought it was too good to be true, but I ordered it anyway so I can go over it since I am a Business Management college major. I received the product in the mail about 2-3 weeks after I ordered the product.  I watched the Intro Video.  I was laughing every second of the video, because it was unorganized, uninformative, and completely unprofessional.  How dare someone do this?  The Videos sent to me are very low quality and my 8 yrs old nephew could probably make a better home video that this product. It's obvious that John Beck himself did not spend much money to manufacturer this product; I wouldn't be surprised if was running it from his one bedroom apartment. I am going to return this JUNK and I don't expect to be refunded because this is bogus from START to END. The only thing that bothers me is that there are other people out there unlike me, who cannot afford to throw away $60 and would rather spend it on their kids instead. This is not the end of this.  I today got a phone call from a Mr. Keith or Tony Wagner, who was asking me to join this Real Estate Business by paying a $2,500.00 onetime membership fee.  With this membership, they would be able to tell me exactly how to work on the system to make from 5-20K a month!!!  SURE! I was not exactly born yesterday!!  I purchased the system to read over it and see what junk it was, and $60 is not a big issue, however, to place a 2,500 dollar charge on my credit card is absolutely insane and anyone who would fall for this kind of scam has got to be a complete idiot. (No offence to all of you people who fell for it!) Becoming a Millionaire is never easy, if it was this easy, everyone would have been a millionaire. If you can manage your spending and have a decent income, you can get rich slowly. Doing anything, even real estate.  My father worked all his life for my family and made a fortune for himself.  The only people who get rich easy are people who are born into rich families, LIKE ME =). Please do not fall for this John Beck scan and hang up on the idiots who give you phone calls begging you to start and claiming they will make you a fortune.  If they can really do that, they would rich themselves and would be on vacation 365 days a year, with no time to call anyone.

Abe writes:
I am one of those guys who try to fit my paychauqe into my bills. My name is Abe and a Canadian cityzen. I've ordered the "Free and Clear" Product and paid about 78.00 Canadian dollar through money order. Its been almost two months and haven't received the product yet. But if this man is tryin'g to get rich with the money I sweat for, then I swear to God he is nothing but a money Vampire and deserves to go to freaken hell.

Tyler writes:
I ordered John Beck's Free & Clear system on a Monday and recieved it by Thursday. Only 3 days for delivery, but that was the only good thing. I tried to access some of the websites provided and they are not functional. I got duped into agreeing to pay $4000 for a website to sell Real Estate from, as a "student" of John Beck's. Right after agreeing to pay the $4000 I found this site. I am glad I did. $2800 already got processed onto my credit cards but I froze my bank account and saved the other $1200. I am now trying to get my money back from the credit cards, I doubt I will be able to get a hold of John Beck's company. I will have to file a dispute with my credit card companies...I already changed the credit card account numbers so they can make no more charges. Why is the FBI doing nothing? I am mad as hell!!!

Linda writes:
I want tell you that the customer service department is less than cooperative when one wants to cancel an order.  In a moment of weakness, I ordered John Beck's package on real estate.  The next day, when I realized that I did not want the order, I called the customer service department. I was told that I was not in the computer as yet and that if I called back the next day I could cancel.  I called today and was told that because my credit card had already been charged, the order could not be cancelled.  Although I called within 3 business days to cancel.  My card should not have been charged until those 3 business days were past. I find this to be a deceptive practice. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told they were all in a meeting.  That is a very tranparent lie.  I now must wait until I recieve the packet and pay to have it returned.  I think this is a scam, nothing more and intend to report this to the Better Business Bureau.

Joanne writes:
I just ordered the John Beck kit on I believe it was tuesday, 10/14/03....they have charged my card....which is a debit card....my fiance and i were discussing it further, at first we thought this is great, we could make a little extra money....i've called FED EX, and they said the package was in transit and is scheduled for Tuesday delivery 10/21/03.  So I guess I am actually going to get the package.  I tried to call customer service because after reading all of your stories, i decided i should try to cancel before i even get it....no dice...tried 2 different numbers and get the same exact recording...you press 2 for customer service, and a voice says, "I'll transfer you"...you hear ringing 2 times, and the same exact recording you heard first after dialing comes on again.  I can see already this is going to be a problem.  I am going to my bank tomorrow morning and reporting it as fraud, disputing the charge and changing my bank accounts.  If i don't there is a chance they may try to withdraw more money from my account, and then I will be living on the streets in a box...can't let that happen!!!  I think that all of us should get together and -->