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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
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1/28/2007 - Jaime writes:
I bought the TV promotion in good faith, they send me the wrong stuff, I order books and thet send me CD's... of course more expensive, then they over charged me for shipping and handling.... NOW they started charging an additional $ 39.95 to my account, I reported this to the BBB, the raiting for this company is "F" the lowest possible. The only solution now is to close my bank account.... This is the worst company I met in all my years ...

1/28/2007 - Carlos writes:
we have tried to get this off our credit cards, but they keep getting the payment somehow. Please tell us how to stop this scam? We never authorized them to take it out of our Credit cards.We bought one item from them and we are still paying for something we don't even get.

1/27/2007 - Monica writes:
I ordered the Beck Free and Clear on October 23, 2006. I did receive Beck Free and Clear, however, I was billed back from
June, July, August, Sept & October for $39.95 per month. Also I have been billed this $39.95 per month for the months of November and December also. I did not authorized these monthly billings but am being charged. How do I stop these billings. Does anyone out there know how to stop this billings!!!!! Thanks, Monica

1/22/2007 - Anonymous writes:
well i did buy the cds just 3 weeks ago but have not took any other steps cause i am reading your testamonies. i am not defending him but the lady on the phone told me every thing your talking about now but we have not got to the other nor will i want to now. ok i am not a lawyer but i know a bit on the law. first thing any credit cards you use to charge they can take back from john beck if he likes it or not. credit cards give you 30 days to file a complaint. you just tell your credit card he refuse to give your money back then the credit card people will get it back. second thing if they keep on taking out you account in checking then you can get them for imbursement & they should help freeze there account so they can't take any thing out maybe i think they can on this but for sure if he takes money out with out permission then that is sealing & imbursement that is prison time. third thing scene hes going threw the mail you can get him for mail fraud which the goverment will prosecute; all you have to do is go to any post office tell them you want to report mail fraud there give you a pieace of paper to fill out. this is how you get your money back & he can goto prison for a long time. when you fill out the paper you put down everything they told you & there names plus you will make a copy of it at least 3 of them one for you the other for john becks people then one to the post office & then send it off to them. after you give it to the post office they will contact the investergator for this state or where ever he is. this will take some times but if hes is doing wrong there get him with in a year or two. the investergator is the post master him self that works for the goverment. they will prosecute..

1/22/2007 - Anonymous writes:
i made the poor mistake to purchace a program for 3295 dollars from bret of john becks real estate firm.. it was a poor dicission.. i came on the internet and read reviews after i purchased it. he told me by law i had three days to cancel. i called the following day before i had recieved the package and tried to cancel. when the package arrived i returned it to sender without opening it. i called bret he said it would be canceled and not a dime would be taken out of my account. 10 days later i got a statment from the bank that they had taken it out. i tried calling bret once again to try to get a refund. i left 12 voicemails on his machine throughout the day. i tried from a different area code. he answered for the first time and i stated my name and he acted like he couldnt hear me and hung up. i called customer service and they said utah law says i dont have three days to cancel and i gave up my right when i gave him the number on the credit card. i am going to call the number that was listed above for the utah prtection agency.. if this helps god bless the people that help me. i was trying to make a future for myself and my wife and they had just put me back 3300 dollars. i believe that it is the most well planned and exucuted scam on market. dont let them sucker you in.

1/20/2007 - Randy writes:
I made the stupid mistake of believing that if I bought John Becks free and clear real estate system, I would learn how to make money in real estate. After I received the kit, and followed the instructions, I found out that you have to subscribe to a monthly service as well as have 10 to 20 thousand dollars to invest if you ever hoped of making a single cent. They began calling me trying to convince me that if I followed their program that I could make money. I told the that I was no longer interested in the program and to stop calling me. Well, almost a year later and I am still receiving their harassing phone calls...every time with me telling them to remove me from their list and to stop calling. Today I decided to cuss the A$$hole out that called me...sure did make me feel a lot better. The number they keep calling me from is 818-205-0600. I certainly have learned me lesson.

1/19/2007 - Kathy writes:
We decided we would try the mentoring program how could you fail with the professional coaches and all they offer. We were told when the welcome package arrives we would have 3 business days in which to get a full refund. We received our package on 1/16/07 we looked it over and decided it was way above us. We called on 1/17/07 to initiate getting our refund. At which point we had 2 very high pressured sales people call us back we thought well we have a couple of more days to decide so we would stay in they sent us a letter to sign so we could get set back up. We signed it and sent it back. We then received a call from another man named Apollo saying he was going to set us up in an LLC this would only cost us an additional $1495.00 at which point we started again to question our decision. We thought it over and made the call first thing on 1/19/07 our last day to get our refund. I was first told that I gave up my right to that refund when I signed the letter. If I wanted my money back I would have to make 3 transactions. There was nothing on that letter to say that I would be giving up my refund by signing it. I told Steve Smith from their client services department that I would contact the BBB and a lawyer he said go ahead you won't get your money back. I then read a post from someone on here with a very helpful number for Utah Division of Consumer Protection Al Pauga 801-530-6601. He told me to call Karen Johnson at Mentoring of America, LLC. At this point she seemed very helpful to get my money back. We went back and forth and finally she told me she would fax me a refund agreement. At this point I have to drive 13 miles to pick up this fax. When I get there it says it will be null and void if a credit card dispute is recieved the process of refunding. So first I call my credit card company to intiate cancellation of the dispute. Once I do that I send the fax back to Karen I am sure that some how they knew or suspected about the dispute and figured this is going to be their way of keeping our money. Shame on this company we did everything they asked us to and we will still most likely not get our refund. We still can reintiate the credit card dispute for the $5499.00 but they will most likely keep the other $5,000 we sent in a cashiers check. I can't believe we fell for the foolishess that we did it is one major expensive lesson to learn I sure hope people read this stuff before they make the same one.

1/19/2007 - Rosalie writes:
I sent for the program,I did not understand all the bull, that this program offered,We read it over and over and it did not make any sence,All that mumble jumble is a crock of %^$#.My husband and I, are on fixed income's, John Beck stole our money, I tried to cancel 3 times, But he continued to pull money out of our account. We went to the bank and closed our account.I feel John Beck, should pay us back what he stole from us,or go to the pen where he belongs!

1/17/2007 - Tami writes:
This product is a scam. They don't tell you the that the deeds are not insured and will not be insured until 1 to 30 years depending on the county and the state and no one will buy a deed that is uninsured. Also they don't tell you that the auctions are only held once a year in most counties and they are few and far between. Also, you end up paying more through the auctions then what the property is even worth.

1/15/2007 - Kennard writes:
I want to cancel. From testimony I am convinced I made a poor choice/selection. A rep wanted me to invest $7000 on credit cards for tutorage. I will notify my credit card to stop future deductions. This is a rip off for their gain and the consuners lost. I will call additionally the 801-530-6601, Al Pauga. I was unable to locate a number/website to cancel through John Beck. May they rot in hell.

1/15/2007 - Jeremiah writes:
The is a pure scam, I recommend that everyone try to help out others by contacting your local cable or satellite provider and providing them this link and asking they no longer continue to carry this scam. Tell them if they actually care about their viewers they would not carry these sorts of advertisements.

1/11/2007 - Peggy writes:
I saw John Beck's Informercial and thought this would be good to learn and for work after I retired. When I got the products it was nothing but junk and John Beck associates kept sending me these cards telling my credit card would be billed for 39.95 for products I hadn't received. I went to his website cancelled and cancelled my membership but I keep getting these billings. I have turned him over to the better business bureau and have called my credit card company to report that I will not accept any charges on my card from his company. I just hope this works.

1/10/2007 - Cliff writes:
I got the Free and Clear and was disappointed as to how skimpy and out-dated the material was, but I guess you get what you pay for. My real problem is when this guy called me and told me how they wanted to use me as an example in order to show how sucessful the program is. This crap went on for about 40 minutes, before he hit me with the fact that this proposed good faith for all proposition was going to cost me a couple thousand dollars. This was a complete waste of my time and I let him know that because of his dishonesty in his approach that I would NEVER participate in anything that they supported. They called back several times and finally got the message to take me off hte list the forth time I told them. Cliff

1/10/2007 - Aaron writes:
Same as everybody else.I GOT RIPPED OFF!!!really....I'm embarassed to say I got scamed.$70+ dollars plus $40 dollars a month for nothing.Then I was insulted by there Mentor(Daniel)told Iwas a loser and have no ambition for a better life.Sickening group of sales people that are only trying to get your money.All your money!!!!!

1/9/2007 - Pam writes:
I bought John Beck's Free and Clear program on Aug. 16 2006 for 62.44. All I got was a bunch of DVD's that don't explain anything and a buch of web sites to go to that don't have any info on buying property. I was contacted a couple of times by phone by a representitive of the company trying to get me more involved. When I explained that I worked 2 jobs and hadn't had time to work on the program, the lady on the phone told me "Maybe it is time for you to get your priorities straight and get to work on the program" I hung up and have not been called since. I have been charged 39.95 for the last 3 months for access to the "property vault" The card I received in the mail says "If you really want to quit going after your financial dreams" go to JohnBeckCancel.com and cancel this charge. I went to the web site and cannot find a link to cancel.
I hope that John Beck rots in hell and I agree that we shoul all get together and sue him for the money we have lost. Why should he be living on easy street at out expense, when all we wanted to do was get out of debt for ONCE in our lives.

1/7/2007 - Judy writes:
Sales people lied to me over the phone about the Mentoring, promising profit or refund of money (thousands of dollars). It was not as promised, a straight rip off, and when after 6 attempts to get it straightened out, 'Debbie' told me "well we have to make money on this, so we can't refund your money." I am suing under new Telephone Fraud law, and anyone who wants their money back should contact me ([]), if I hear from you in time we could do a class action because John Beck is big dollars (they ripped a lot of us off big time) and it is time to stop this.

1/5/2007 - Mary writes:
i have received the books but they told me that it would be a one time fee of 60.00 dollars and yet they are still taking money out of my account and that is how they make their money but getting rich off of you by cotinuing to withdraw money from your account

1/3/2007 - Judy writes:
I signed up for this one time price of $39.95 to learn about John Becks buying property for back taxes in different states. They took $69.95 out of my checking and yesturday they took out another $39.95 and gave me nothing in return. I am canceling my checking account so they can touch nothing else but its nothing but a scam. I live on $700.00 a month from SSD and can not afford to be swindled. mJudy

1/3/2007 - Marlene writes:
i think in september '06 i saw john beck on tv while at work order the product, they had already charged me for something i told them i didnt want then later the product came it did not make any sense at all. now on december 18 '06 they charged me 39.95 for something i have never received, and here it is jan 3 '07 what in the world is going on i want my money back now! this is a bunch of bullshit i am sorry i felled for this crap.

12/22/2006 - Kevin writes:
I saw this infomercial and I knew right away it was a SCAM! Buying a property for just the taxes owed sounds too good to be true, and it is. If it were so easy to make money that way, everyone would be doing it. Stay away from this ripoff. There are far better ways to blow your hard earned money that this.

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