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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
Total Complaints: 293
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1/26/2006 - Sonya writes:
I called the toll free number and the automation throughout the duration of the call was just killing me.  This is poor customer service, not one time was I able to speak to a representative and on top of all that they charged my account and I hung up the phone before completing any transactions.   Their catch is to get all of your information up front, and regardless of whether you hang up or not, they'll charge your account and you haven't even finished the process.

1/19/2006 - Todd writes:
I keep getting phone calls from John Becks Real Estate asking me to buy their mentoring program.  I keep telling them that I have no interest and not to call me anymore.  They keep calling and they are rude.   I have told them to take me off of their call list and they tell me that they do not have a call list.  I have told them not to call me ever again and they keep calling. I do not know what to do.

1/13/2006 - Antonio writes:
I purchased John Beck's free and clear program in september of 2005. I was contacted to enter the mentoring program for $4,499.00. I was told a refund would be issued to me if I cancelled the product within three days. Once I received this product I cancelled right away because I was afraid of going through with the program.  I signed a refund agreement which stated one to two billing cycles my money would be refunded. January 3rd was the last day for the second billing cycle and i still have not received my money. I have taken further action on this matter and have gone to my attorney and had issued a letter to the company. I also contacted the Attorney General's office of Ohio and am waiting for their reply. I am not saying this is a scam because I am still hoping for my money back, but I definately would not advise anyone to purchase this product. I feel sorry for those of you that have been mislead and wish you all luck in getting your refunds.

1/11/2006 - Tom writes:
I ordered this John Becks Free & Clear in 2003, shortly after receiving it I was called by John Becks marketing department and told without there help with this program I probably would not succeed. Next they tried to get $5000.00 from me to get mentoring. I refused, but then was ask how much I thought I could afford for there help. I declined all help from them. So much for the infomercial stating just buy the package and thats all you need.

1/8/2006 - Sara writes:
I just saw the infomercial for this program and decided to do some internet research on it first before deciding whether or not to buy.  While viewing the program itself, however, two things made me skeptical.   First, there were only three or four people who were giving their testimonials throughout the whole informercial, and most of the time it was just a redheaded woman. I felt that they should be able to come up with more people to share their testimonials if this is such a successful program.  Second, for many of the properties they showed, they mentioned how much it was bought for (say $500) and how much the county assessed it for (say $35,000), YET they did not show how much it was actually RESOLD for!  This led me to think that perhaps the property had been bought cheaply but that it was not able to be resold.  Otherwise, why wouldn't they should how much it actually sold for?   As with any television program, watch it with a critical eye!

12/13/2005 - George writes:
John Beck tried to rip me off!!!Contact Utah Dept. of Consumer Protection and ask to speak to an investigator.They got my money back by forcing them to settle out of court!!!They can be fought and beaten!!!Just don't give up or give in!!!Keep the faith and you can prevail!!!

11/2/2005 - Angela writes:
The John Beck Free and Clear program sales people have grossly misrepresented their coaching program, consulting program, software products, LandBanc website, and commitment to their clients success. After numerous calls to customer service (Mandilynn Moser, Stacy from Client Relations), the coaching hotlines, 24-hour consulting hotlines (Purchase Cashflow Advisory Hotline), and senior coaches hotline (Dave Johnson), we received no response to our complaints and concerns.   Here are the numbers we were using: Coaching 866-373-4363 (Eric kept telling us to do something but gave little guidance once we were ready to pull the trigger) Coaching Hotline 888-733-7615 (Chas did not know anything about internet bidding) Customer Service 800-266-5664  (if I ever talked to a person live they were very indifferent and showed no interest in my concerns) JD LeBlanc 800-508-1835 x220 (finally returned our phone call) Dave Johnson 866-373-4363 (never returned a phone call) Advisory Hotline Consultants 877-860-5632 Mbr#206393 (no one was experienced in tax lien or tax deed investing) John Beck Mentoring Institute  Mentoring Package was to include:  10 Sessions with experienced Tax Lien/Deed Investing  Fundamentals of Real Estate  Negotiating & Creative Financing  Real Estate Forms & Contracts  Discount Mortgage Manual  Access to Purchase Cash Flow Website  Newsletter  Internet Success Summit  John Beck Landbanc  Tax Vantage Software  REIS Software  Instant Cash Flow Generator Once we received our package we called customer service as directed and she informed us that our coach would review all the materials and software with us.  Most of the information and software is completely irrelevant to Tax Lien/Deed Investing. Our two coaches (Mary Ann and Eric Yates) did not review the software and information with us.  They both admitted to not only being unaware of what information we had received, but did not know how to use the software.  Chas actually admitted to having no experience in real estate at all, but he felt he did not need experience to be a good coach.  Fundamentals of Real Estate discusses mortgage theory and different financing as well as examples forms that cannot be used.  They are for example only.  However, none of this information or forms are needed for Tax Lien/Tax Deed Investing.  Negotiating & Creative Financing is a binder full of amoritization schedules and financing options.  Much of the information is repeated in the Fundamentals of Real Estate binder.  None of the information is relevant to Tax Lien/Tax Deed Investing.  Real Estate Forms & Contracts.  There are only three forms on the entire CD!!!! Hardley enough forms to complete a Real Estate Transaction! Discount Mortgage Manual- Another manual with repeated information about mortgages.  Discount Mortgages are totally irrelevant to Tax Lien/Tax Deed Investing.  Access to Purchase Cash Flow Website- Never received password or code.  Newsletter  Never received. Internet Success Summit  Binder explaining how to use the internet for purchasing assets. Only 4 pages of the entire 200 page binder was reviewed by our coach.  Summit was sold as a seminar, not a huge binder to read through by ourselves. John Beck Landbanc  A website that is supposed to have deeply discounted land for purchase for clients only.   All parcels of land were being sold for not only above market, but well above what he paid to acquire the properties.  No properties were ever available and the properties listed had absolutely no description or parcel number so we could research the property.  The entire John Beck Program was supposed to teach us how to do due diligence on a property yet they are selling properties without any descriptions, addresses or parcel numbers.  They wanted their students to buy in the blind and turn around and sell them on the internet in the blind.  Tax Vantage Software- It is not software at all!  It is an informercial for The Tax Club!  We called the Tax Club and they try to put everyone in a Nevada Corporation without discussing our business needs, business goals, etc. . .Totally unethical group of folks on the sales team of the Tax Club.  REIS Software- Investor Suite Software that is very difficult to use or understand.  No manual is available and the tutorial is at best inadequate.  Our coach was not familiar with the software and we made several phone calls to the Hotline and there was only one individual that knew how to use the software and what the advantages were and he never called us back (attempted to contact him three times).  Instant Cash Flow Generator Software  both copies do not work.   Will not open. CONCERN #1: John Beck claims their coaches are all in the business and have experience doing what they are coaching us to do. I have talked to several coaches who admited they have never purchased property on-line or via tax lien certificates. They were recruited by John Beck's company because they had more clients than they could service and needed help manning the phones and providing coaching. Eric Yates told us he was recently recruited because they had more clients on board then they could service.  Chas answered the coaching hotline and  when asked questions about the upcoming internet auction he admitted that he had never done an online auction nor had he invested in tax liens and tax deeds. He then went on to say ask me Do you think someone has to have experience doing something to be a coach?  I said Yes, I do.  Beside what I believe, John Beck promised our coaches had experience  Chas then gave me an example of a coach that had no experience doing the actual thing.  He asked me if I every heard of Charlie Wiese.  I said no.   Then he explained how he is a football coach that never played football.  I of course was appauled that he was justifying his lack of knowledge and justifying his ability to coach without any first hand knowledge of the internet investing process.   CONCERN #2: John Beck sent us a software program that do not work Instant CashFlow Generator. It will not open. The only software program that does work comes with no instructions or coaching REIS. When I asked my coach (Eric Yates) to review the software with us he had never heard of it and didn't use property management. CONCERN #3: John Beck sent us 3 binders full of information that is completely unrelated to investing in tax liens/tax deeds and free and clear properties. When we asked the coach to give us a synopsis of the materials sent, he was not aware of the binders nor was he familiar with the content when we asked questions about the content. CONCERN #4: John Beck coaches instructed us to do business that is both unethical and immoral. Basically, we were instructed to buy pieces of land that are worth nothing and sell them on the internet to stupid people that won't know the difference until they go to try to use the land. CONCERN #5: John Beck sales people (JD LeBlanc)over sell the program by making guarantees they cannot deliver on. They charged us $5800 for services, software and advice that is not readily applicable to investing in tax lien and tax deeds. JD also sold us a lot of material that is totally unrelated to Tax Lien and Tax Deed investing.  We did not call about a preforeclosure/FSBO/Property Manager/Mortgage program!!!!!!!!!! Why would one sales person try to sell us the $4300 package and another the $5800 package?   Especially a package full of information and materials that are totally unrelated to tax lien and tax deed investing!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONCERN #6: The LANDBANC Website is another scam used to increase the profits of John Beck and his staff. Most of the properties available are supposed to be available at "deep discounted prices" however, they prices on his website are more expensive than the property will sell for on-line. There are numerous examples daily of the prices he charges on his website versus the price he paid and the price one can turn around and sell the property. Our Desired Resolution: Requesting full refund for failure to deliver services and products as promised. We will return all binders and software upon receipt of written confirmation that we will receive our refund and where we need to mail the materials.

10/22/2005 - Jake writes:
Almost got scammed. Used my better judgement and mentioned to the start up specialist that they were trying to scam me. I knew immediately that this was a fact by his instant reaction and outrage. The first time they called me I told them that I had $15,000 worth of credit on my car. Coincidentally the fee for the consuting was only $15,000. They tried to convince me that the $15,000 was not using my money but the credit card money instead.hello.. if its my credit car then I am responsible for the money so it IS indeed my money (what idiots they are) 2 Months later I get another call from them. a lady this time. She spoke very nice and soft to ensure me that this was all legitimate. When asked what my credit card limit was, to test her I said $5000 this time. Guess what the special offer was for my consulting fee..only $5000 this time. After talking for 20 minutes I talked the fee down to $4000. Wasnt that nice of them to give me such a good deal. I then told her to take a hike and that the entire thing was a scam. She turned from an angels voice to a demon in 1 second flat..wow was she mad. I havent laughed so hard in a long time. I hope they call me a 3rd time as I could use the entertainment of them trying so hard to scam money out of me. Sure, I was scammed the original $40, but I am getting my moneys worth in entertainment every time they call. Save your money and stay as far away from John Beck products as you can. SCAM!!! Tell every one you know.

10/18/2005 - Kelly writes:
I ordered the program about 4 months ago. My mom told me that she also ordered the program so when mine arrived, I did not open it I sent it back. I still have not yet recieved my refund. I have contacted them by phone they keep telling me that they did not show that it came back and that I should call back in few days. I worked for the post office at one point and I know that this package was a delivery conformation. That means when a carrier picks it up the package gets scanned. They shyould have recieved the package back by know and I am getting very impatient waiting for them to return my money. The address it was shipped to was 43A Meadow Dr. Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

9/9/2005 - Josh writes:
I ordered this product the beginging of August I mailed it back on August 17,2005 and I still have not received my money back I guess they wait until your 30 days is up so you can't receive ANY money back.. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! Don't buy it!!!

8/29/2005 - Lida writes:
I purchased the infomercial of $69 but later leceived a phone call to join a investment program with mentoring and weekly counseling. After several memberof the program called me I was persuaded to buy the join the team for $8500, which would start me off with 10 weeks of mentoring help on tax liens. My husband felt I had been dooped and closed accounts. The $8500 went thru and showed interest on the next statement befor the week was up.  I called and canceled the program befor the 1st material were delivered.  Received letter of cancellation.   Returned 3 packages un opened by Fed-x. Awaiting return phone call and money.

8/15/2005 - Joe writes:
I just found this website. I was scammed for $7485 by these crooks from John Becks Mentoring Info service. My mentor only called once and has not called back since. Nothing was as Promised. In fact it was made to fail. They said no one that has taken this course has ever not meet thier goals using thier mentoring course. They lied. I want to know why there is not a Class action against all the Credit Card Companies and the Media For allwoing this scam to continue? I for one am ready to have it go into a major class action against these people. WHere are the lawyers willing to take this one bacue it will be a big win in court from reading your site. My credit card company is a Mastercard Sears through Citicorp. Who wants to join? [email protected] [] Subject "Class Action John Beck"

8/14/2005 - Faith writes:
I do not recommend the mentoring system. I was willing to spend the $40 to check out the program. A salesperson called me and suckered me into paying $1600 for the mentoring service. They guaranteed they would walk me through my first sale.....NOT! I only had a few phone calls from my mentor which consisted of him asking me if I was serious....a whole phone call wasted on the first phone call. The next phone call he wanted me to go look at "for sale by owner" homes. After that, my mentor avoided me. I called, left messages, etc. I never heard back from him. I sent several e-mails and left several messages, but no one called me back or responded to my complaints. No one answers the phone when you call. I believe it is a scam because there is no mentoring involved! What was I paying for? A recommendation to look at a few homes? I could have figured that out on my own!! Save your money!

8/7/2005 - Joe writes:
About two months ago I saw Beck's infomercials and since I needed money ,well I thought that this sistem could work.Why not? it was coming out on "tv" after all.Who would think that the "media" would make everybody watch a real scam.I still can't believe it. So I fall for it and I started out by buying the books wich were not at all of any help,they're just a bunch of web pages that anybody could know about and the other books were about other things I already knew.It seemed suspicous to me but went onto the next step cause' still thought bout' the informercial coming out on tv.I would've never thought that this could be SCAM you know,a "real TV SCAM". After I called upon this people just to find out they convince me to invest some money $1500 after I did they never called back and I had to tell my finance company that Iwas been scamed so that I can get my money back. I did my money back after two month of waiting. BEWARE JOHN BECK'S IT'S A REAL SCAM

7/30/2005 - Debra writes:
My husband & I are hardworking people.We like so many others were looking for a way to make money and insure when we retired we could live well. We were called by a rep and then smooshed by the big guns of a rep called Jason Day. We released our credit card # to the tune of 10,499.00 then within an hour called back to say we changed our mind & to say we will cancel with our credit card. Something smelled fishy. We called our credit card visa and told them what happened the rep told me he would check and take charges off our card. We thought we were fine. Today we get a bill and those bastards did charge our card. We received a pkg & immediately sent it back and have filed an arbitration with our credit card. The next step is a lawyer. Do not get involved with these crooks. I hope we can get our money back. But it looks pretty bleak to me. What fools we feel like now. And Mr beck if you and your croonies are reading this. I hope you rot in hell.

Carlos writes:
 I ordered a real-estate program called John becks' free and clear plan.the problem is that i haven't received it yet. I order it one week before thanks givin of 2001. On January 5 of this year i called them back, they told me that the reason i hadn't receive it yet was that they were out of stock. She told me that they had received a new shipment in a week before i called and should be receiving my order with in four to six weeks(even though i paid for express shipping). It's very hard to reach them by phone and when i e-mail them, they do not respond. please help and thank God for your web site! 

Joseph writes:
I ordered the John Beck product and it was suppose to be mailed out March 6 and when I called back 4 times  somebody else told me it was sent March 4th. I called again today which is March 12th they told me it was shipped out March 4th again. Now it doesn't take eight days to ship a product from California unless it was lossed in the mail. They also said that if you don't receive it give us a call back. I try to call back, but the line is either busy or it just constantly rings with no answer. I don't were this product is, but I am getting very aggravated with this BS. Some of the reps I sometimes do talk to either have a bad attitude or just plain stupid and don't what the hell is going on.

Les writes:
I have ordered through TV commercial JBeck Free & Clear package Sep 11, 2001 and to date did nor receive it. I have been in contact with Brandon Dell at J Beck's Office, but he has not helped me getting the materials. The shipping company ph. 1-800-457 0825, Brandon provided, has busy signal and there is no way to communicate with them. From my perspective I was skimmed off $52.45.

Jess writes:
I ordered this kit one month ago, paid extra for express delivery and still haven't received the product. No one will answer the phone at the customer service number and the website doesn't exist.

Theresa writes:
I ordered John Becks Real Estate program and my debit card was charged twice and I still have not received the program. I tried calling customer service and the phone just rings. I tried to e-mail them but the e-mail is not any good. My next call is to the Attorney General.

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