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5/24/2006 - Gary writes:
I ordered a single product from The John Beck Program. I was called by a sales rep of the program, before I received the ordered product, asking if I wanted the monthly mentoring product too. I emphatically said NO I did not want the monthly product but only the initial program - which had not even arrived yet. Now I am being charged 39.95 every month for something I have not received! It is a scam!!

5/22/2006 - Susan writes:
i recived your product and that is all i wanted. not to be on payment plan of 39.99 amonth. i told your com. i did not want this every month. now it has been 3times you have charged my visa card,and i am mad. you owe me my money back.i have tried to call you and have been placed on hold and can't get in touch with you people. i am going to my bank today to stop you people from charging my card. This is really wrong.you people will send me money . or my bank will take you to court.I even spoke to a recorder telling them i only wanter the paperwork,and you still took my money.you people sure scamed me. a pissed off customer susan

5/17/2006 - Jason writes:
john beck is a useless peice of shit!!!!!!Still getting billed 39.95 every month cannot reach anyone.  Coach tried to con me into their program and it sounded great.  Said i will have to talk to my wife and she encourged me. He kept telling me I was motivated and he wanted me (I showed less and less motivation everytime he called me) Then I had to wait for another guy to call me for a final interview and he never called.  Then the first idoit called me back and said congrats you are wanted you passsed your interview, at this point I told him that this was a scam and he said no its not i don't know how you got accepted without that interview and I said you know what I am not even acting motivated i am showing less and less interest everytime you call me and if your only taking so many people into this program why do you want me i was rude to him and they still wanted me after reading all these i am glad that they blew it for them selfs.  I am willing to go after a class action law suite good luck to everyone who became involved into this. oh yeah and i tried to log into the property vault and guess what...........you guessed it never could log in if there is ever a class action lawsuit please notify me at[]

5/11/2006 - Brenda writes:
I saw the infomercial on the TV and believed I had found a way to get my family out of debt. I sent for the first package and thought I can do this. I was contacted in about a week and bought into the mentoring program. My mentor had me only doing research for weeks here in Florida. I could not find any properites for the hundreds the infomercial talked about that i could purchase and resell. Over the counter properites just were strips or not able to be built on. When i started to complain that the prices were more that I could afford he told me to get more credit cards. I was able to get one and told him. He then said " oh no get a HELOC " I did this but could not get much. I went on line to the Kern county auction and was out bid by thousands. When I again complained he said to go to the Alabama counties. this was week ten in a ten week mentoring program. I have sent off 200 application and not gotten one property out of Alabama. I was told to become a company and charged $1295.00 by advantage corp. I was told to join the tax club and charged $1018.99, I was told to get a book keeping service and charged $199.00. I did all this because I was told by my mentor that it would be to my advantage to have these in place when i started to make money. I needed to get more info on out of state properites and was told to join the Emory research group. that cost$600.00. I put in over $5600.00 plus all the monthly charges. I have complained to my mentor via e-mail several times. He does'nt answer me. I wrote to the john beck support adress and again did not get any answer. I've asked to be droped from the program and was not answered. I've worked hard at this program doing all i was told to do. I spent hours a day researching properites only to be out bid at auctions on the net or in person here in Florida. I thought I was the problem untill I found this sight and discovered I'm not alone. I truly believe I was decieved by the infomercial and that it does not apply to all areas of the country. My mentor was following a script and not listening to what I was telling him. The book containing county internet addresses is hopelessly out dated. I tried all of them. I wish I had never heard of John Beck and his program. I worked hard researching. I attened auctions. I applied for tax deeds out of state by mail and still have not made a penny. I 'm father in debt than before I joined the program. I'm am older person in not good health and now have to go out and find a full time job to pay back all the money this scam has cost me. If there is a class action I want in.

5/11/2006 - Michelle writes:
My husband saw the infomercial late one night when he was away on a business trip and feeling blue about the amount of hours he was putting into his job. I am a stay at home mom, and homeschool our children. We're like most people, we're not looking to get mega-rich, we just want some cushion. We want to have a little money left over every month to put into savings, take a nice vacation every year, and eventually put our kids through college before we retire. Anyway, we received the materials in a timely manner, but we really didn't have time to sit down and read any of it. What my husband did look over quickly seemed extremely confusing. We just needed to really read it closely, so we thought. Then the phone calls started. "Nick" called several times, and when he finally reached my husband (at 8:30 at night), he kept him on the phone for almost 30 minutes asking all about my husband's job, what kind of money he makes, what do I do, etc. Then he had us both on the phone for another 30 minutes, asking even more personal questions about our debt, how many credit cards we have, what kind of limits we have, etc. He gave us the whole pitch about Other People's Money, and I have to admit, it sounded so good! Funny thing is, my husband and I have worked so hard to get out of credit card debt, we are finally down to one card, with an extremely low limit. Because we were being cautious, we told Nick that we didn't know what our limit was off the top of our heads (we knew exactly what it was). Immediately, he insisted we call our credit card company and have our limit increased. The whole time we're on the phone with him, he's giving us the same pitch: "I may end up recommending you for our team. I think you may qualify for our team. You guys are awesome candidates for our team, you just need to pass one more test." At this point, I'm embarrassed to admit, we were totally roped in, hoping we would be good enough to qualify. We hung up with Nick and called our credit card co to get our limit increased. Turns out our cr cd co is not increasing limits for anyone right now. We call Nick back with this bad news, hoping we're not disqualified. Oh, no problem! Nick declares. Simply go towww.forcards.com, request an American Express Blue card, for which you will receive an immediate confirmation. When you see your account number on the screen, write it down then call this 800 number to activate it (which he happened to have right in front of him). Do this immediately and call me back within 15 minutes. In fact, don't just apply for the AmEx, get as many cards as you can while you're on that site. Praise the Lord, this is where we had our eyes opened! AsIsaid, we've worked too hard to get out of that kind of debt. And why on earth do we have to do it all right now? A very wise gentleman once advised us to live by this when making financial decisions: "If we have to answer you right now, the answer is No." High pressure sales tactics usually work because they get you swept up in the moment. At this point we were both so uneasy. We just kept going over and over the conversation we just had. Why do they want us to do it all so quickly, and so late in the evening? What happens if we're saddled with huge credit card debt? At this point, "Nick" just kept saying our initial investment would be $8000 - but only implied that our initial investment would be on a piece of property. After having read through this site, we now know that our credit card would have been charged, and we would have been left high and dry! Thank you for the community service you have provided through this web site!! Because of the horror stories we've read, we decided to cancel the credit card that we used to purchase the kit, just in case! Needless to say, we feel foolish but so grateful that we had the wisdom to sleep on it. The Lord was definitely with us, and we believe it was his hand that kept us from making any hasty decisions that we would later regret.

5/8/2006 - Sylvia writes:
I am totally disappointed with this so-called comanpany. I like everyone else on this site experienced the same  I am being charged monthly after e-mails, phone calls (disconnected) and the total frustration of knowing they are taking $39.95 out of my account every month :(I also had a $32.00 overdrawn charge from them taking the money out... The worst feeling is that my fiancee told me it was a scram and I told him no way, it was convincing I was sure it was going to be a wonderful investment. I also would like to get in the lawsuit if it  happens. It's a shame we all have to cancel our credit cards to get this charge to stop. I don't know about everyone else, they turned me off the first time a rep. called and called etc. I was so upset after reading these complaints I too have never opened up the box. I am tempted to mail it back, but I am afraid they will let it mysteriously disappear.......

5/5/2006 - Teresa writes:
All the number for customer service and billing inquires are bogus or disconnected.  They continue to bill you for service not rendered or requested. Their website doesn't exit.  I've contacted my credit card company about fraudulent activity.  This guy is a total rip off and should be in jail.

5/5/2006 - Ryan writes:
I ordered John Beck's product hoping for an education forclosures.  I was greatly mistaken.  I was harassed by one of his marketing people.  They wanted me to invest 5000$ over the phone, but I choose not that route.  I have also tried to cancel my product order, but again this month another 39.95 has been charged to my card.  I now have to cancel my card to ensure this will not happen again.  I am also interested in a class action law suite.

5/5/2006 - Joy writes:
Same thing, we ordered the CDs for the 39.95 then got a lot a pressure from their sales people to "close the deal" by simply giving them as much as we could afford. They promised to pay off our mortgage, college loans, etc. - anything that would hit the heart of any hard working person looking to get ahead. They asked for a minimum of $2330.00, and when we said we had to think it over, they basically hung up on us. Problem is, they still are taking out the $39.95 every month. Once they caused my account to be overdrawn which cost me $180 in overdraft fees. This should go to the local TV news wherever we all live. Bad publicity will put them out of business faster than a class action suit, although I'm all for that also. They (John Beck LLC) are the worst of the worst type of "humans" and they should be made accountable.

5/5/2006 - Barbara writes:
I order the above product this morning,and i was trying to find out more infro about the product and found where there was some complaints,I called their toll free # and it is disconnected so I know this is a scam,I called my credit card company and asked them to not to accept this charge,they said I could cancel only after the bill has actually charged to my account.

5/4/2006 - Larry writes:
I ordered the John beck's real estate system program and charged 70 dollar on my credit card,2 wks later received info in the mail about this product and received a call from one of john beck's special coaches but never returned his call since I really did not have the investment money for what they were advertising for. I called customer service and did speak with a rep there and she gave me a toll free number so I can cancel my membership. The toll free number has been disconnected with no further details. I recalled 1-888-225-4928 that was also disconnected with no further details. I tried one other number I had 1-888-733-7615 and that too is disconnected, so there is no possible way to get in touch with anyone to disenroll your membership. I called my credit card company and they will stop the billing of the 39.95 a month that they charge for this bogus program. Thank goodness that I did not call my special coach because I feel I could have been out of many thousand of dollars like some of these complaints were. I so far lost alittle over 100 hundred dollars but feel that this issue will be resolved since my credit card company is aware of this rip off company.

5/4/2006 - Ned writes:
Similar complaint as others I have read.  Received the DVD and CDs and then when I attempted to call the 800 lines to get more information they were disconnectedor continually busy. I want my money back and will follow through to make sure I get it back!

5/3/2006 - Danny writes:
i checked my bank account online and notice there was a charge of $63.95 from john beck.  i thought that was fishy because the product was only $39.95.  i should have known that it was too good to be true.  through out the whole process that when i purchased the product, i never got to talk to a person.  everything was automated.  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OVER THE PHONE WHEN IT IS ALL AUTOMATED..that should be the 1st clue that something is wrong.  so i called the customer service number and it was disconnected.  i went on the internet to look for more information on how to contact someone at john beck.  that was when i bumped into this website on SCAMS.  i was so sick.  i called my bank to get this reversed.  hopefully my bank will take care of this.  i agree, lets do a class action lawsuit.  someone should be this john beck guy out of business and in jail.

5/3/2006 - John writes:
I ordered the program and when I did I got some girl who was new and didn't know anything about the program so I asked to speak to her trainer to make sure I was getting what I ordered.  Once I confirmed everything I did get the program about 2 to 3 weeks later.  I like many of you did get a phone call and at the time was unable to talk so I asked him to call me at a later date and he said he would and never did.  To say the least I watched the first video and thought he was the most unprofessional, unmotivating and full of crap individual I have ever seen.  On 4/28/06 I was making a payment and while on-line on my bank account a charge for $39.95 came up.  I called the bank to find out who it was and then called the customer service number of 888-461-9029 and talked to someone who gave me a cancellation number.  Never mind the fact that she was one of the rudest "Customer Service Reps" I have ever spoken with, but that she would not even let me get a word in at all.  On 5/3/06 the charge was still on my account so I contacted the "Customer Service" department number that was listed on the charge 818-464-1650.  Again, the lady I spoke with was far from having any customer service skills and was just as rude as the first one was if not the same one.  I then tried to do a search for John Beck so I could let him know about the "Customer Service Reps" he had working for him and found this site.  After reading many of the listings I became ill and called the bank and cancelled my credit card and filed a fraud charge against it.  I wonder if there is anyway to let the television stations who are broadcasting this crap know what is REALLY going on.  If there is anyone looking to go at it for a class action law suite let me know.  To those of you who are looking to purchase this program save your money and take someone to dinner and a movie and forget that you may have this dream because it TRULY is a bunch of crap at least from his prospective.

5/2/2006 - Linda writes:
In late March 2006 I saw the John Beck infomercial and purchased initial materials for $39.95.  About two weeks later, I was contacted by a representative of John Beck and after an initial conversation, he forwarded me to Khristian Leslie who told me basically what everyone else who filed compalints heard.  I purchased the John Beck materials and coaching for $7510 in early April 2006.  When I objected to the cost, he said I was paying for 10 coaching sessions, bank vault, contact numbers and mentoring all the way through the program.  The money was not for the written material. Now on May 1, I have yet to see any coaching. In essence I paid for two binders, one DVD and three discs which is the most expensive binders in history. I tried to contact Khristian Leslie on several occasions for an explanation or refund of my money.  He has not returned my calls.  Based on previous complaints about this program, I assume I will not see my money again in this lifetime.   I am retired so this is not a blessing for me. I will gladly join a class action suit if one is initiated.  I think this company needs to be held responsible for their business practices.

5/2/2006 - Pamela writes:
i see im the latest victim! he charged he shipped i called no answer i cancelled still gettin charged still no answer. I have called my bank and have requested a dispute in which if John Becks cust svc does not return call in 5 days i will be refunded through my bank.  and of course i have to cancel bank card. hopefully not change accounts numbers.  im all with the class action law suit

5/2/2006 - Kerri writes:
I purchased this product in January 2006.I never had the time to view it.When I realized that I was being billed $39.95 a month I tried to cancel.Every phone number I've gotten has been disconnected!!Even the website and Email address are supposedly under construction.(ha!!)I am 100% convinced this is NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!!!As I am writing this I am still being billed.IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME PLEASE,PLEASE EMAIL ME @ [].

4/26/2006 - Tari writes:
I ordered the John Beck program. My credit card was charge twice for the same product. I took 2 month to have the money replaced in my account. I have just now been chaged again for this program and the card number i had originally use (debit card) has once again been charged without my permission. this is beyond fraud, it is theft of my money, unauthorized use of my credit card.

4/26/2006 - Timisha writes:
My boyfriend told me about the John Beck free and clear program.  He had ordered the $39.99 package, but because he didn't really have the credit (credit cards) to go all the way, they told him it would take two weeks to get credit cards and encouraged him to start applying for as many as he could.  In the mean time I got on the phone with an associate named Tyson McMillan.  I had some questions and he quickly assessed my financial situation.  He told me how much money I could make on the program and they would walk me through the entire process.  I stupidly decided to join for the crazy amount of $10,000.  Well at work the next day I decided to google the complaints on this product. The complaints were overwhelming.  When I got home that day the FedEx package was on my door step. I immediately went to UPS and overnighted the unopened package back to Utah. I called to cancel immediately.  I then begin to get the run around, never speaking to the same person twice. I was told by one person that finally answered the phone that I would need to speak with Jeff Garfield who was supposedly in charge of refunds.  I called him, to no avail.  So I faxed him a letter and Tyson a letter stating that I wanted my refund and I had not even opened the package. I knew I was still within my 3 day right to change my mind.  It had only been two days.  I called my credit card company who told me that the money hadn't gone out yet, but had a reserve on it through the John Beck company and the only way to get my money back was for that company to release the fund reserve.  I told my credit card company to note on my account that I did want a refund.  On the evening of the third day I recieved a call from Michelle McMillan claiming to be the manager.  At first she was kind and praising me for my initial decision to join.  After I didn't back down from my wanting a refund, she became rude and nasty.  She told me I would never amount to anything because I lived my life in fear. She told me not to worry about the complaints on the website, those just represented a few angry people.  Then she proceeded to say some other ugly things and hung up on me! I was furious. Tyson later called to try to convince me to just give it a try.  I told him no and I didn't want to go past the three day right to change my mind.  I told him how nasty the associates had been to me.  He then offered me the same program for only $5000.00.  I asked him how this was possible and he claimed that he had the right to give out a certain amount of scholarships.  (total crap)He told me only a few people would be able to get this opportunity. (yeah right)  I told him no thanks.  I ordered the program on April 10.  I asked for a refund by April 12.  Now today, April 26, I just got my refund. Whew!!  Don't invest in this company.  There customer service skills are terrible.  They don't answer the phone!  Wow I am glad I got out before I lost all of that money.  Good luck to those of you who let it go past the 3 days of ordering the product.

4/25/2006 - Alan writes:
I purchased the John Beck Tax lien program. About a week later I was contacted by a salesmen. His "pitch" was:  we're trying to create success stories to use in our next informercial. Some of the lines that were used to make it sound like a great deal were; "We will hand walk you through the entire process to ensure your success." "We are giving you the equivalent of a college degree in real estate investing." "We instruct you on all aspects of real estate investing such as, pre foreclosures, apartment complex purchasing and management, our course contains all the information that the Carlton Sheets course contains and more". I was told that the $8499.00 fee I was being charged included mentoring by a real estate professional that was financially free and doing the coaching because they loved to teach others how to become successful. It also included incorporating me and doing my taxes at the end of the first year. I was told over and over that only 50-60 people per year get this chance. Here is the reality of it. I received the initial package with two three ring binders, each about 100 pages single side, Tax Vantage software and a short DVD on internet success which has been copied so many times the graphics can't be read.  I called my salesman to ask if this was all the material I would be getting and I was told "we don't want to overwhelm you, more will be coming later". Now that I have signed the release and my three day recision period has passed I have discovered that the two binders (average typo rate is about 1 per page and they read like they were written by high school drop out) are all the printed material that comes in this "college degree program". My coach has never worked the program because she doesn't have the finances. It will cost me another $1500.00 to incorporate plus $50 a month for membership to the tax club to qualify to get my taxes done at the end of the year. When I scheduled my coaching sessions I made a few phone calls to different departments and discovered that they are running in the neighborhood of 10,000 people through this program a year! I've read all the material in a week and there is no information on pre foreclosures, apartment complex purchasing nor anything that remotely resembles the Carlton Sheets program. I've spent close to 40 hours working the system over the past 8 days and have discovered that unless you have the means to travel to every county that is having a sale (most of them happen in the fall so you better be fast) you can't inspect the properties and will by buying a pig in a poke, IF you can successfully bid on it. In all fairness the information will be useful on some small level but it is no where near a college degree in investing like they claim. At $8499.00 it is the single most expensive 200 (single side) page book in the world even if it does come with 5 hours of coaching from a novice. I have only used one coaching session which was merely an introduction and stopped the program. I asked for a refund but have been refused (my credit card company will dispute it). My contention is if this is a reputable company they would have no problem refunding the money. I've used no consumables. What would the cost to John Beck be to refund my money? Lost revenue, it's as simple as that. You be the judge, in my book it's a well organized SCAM!

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