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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
Total Complaints: 269
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12/21/2006 - Ron writes:
I sent for the John Beck Property program in February 2006. But upon receipt, and after careful examination, returned the program and requested a credit of the initial $69.77 posted against my credit card on 02/09/2006. Said credit has never happened, and I have been receiving monthly charges of $39.95 for every month to date. Ron 21 December 2006

12/20/2006 - Patricia writes:
I received the product and after installing the discs I was lead to links that cost more money! I cancelled the "Locker" and my credit card is still being charged! I sent emails to them with a read receipt to discuss this matter and no one has contacted me yet! I've asked my credit card company to take over now.

12/16/2006 - Joel writes:
What I recieved from this course was useless First off the $39 deal cost me $79 and $39 per month then the part which really got me was then they want you to pay $15 to $30 for a report to see what it is they are selling someplace across the country. Now did I hear right when the add said for $39 one can make millions. BS But the best part is when they want to know if I could invest 10-30 thousand dollars to get mentored by a professional. Just another good ole scam they sell old out dated knowledge, garbage. Remember their is know free lunch ANYWHERE!!!!!

12/11/2006 - Rex writes:
I purchased the Free and Clear plan for a one time charge of 39.95. This month I noticed they are charging me for 2 other plans I did not authorise on my credit card. I just called them and they said they would reverse the charges and I called the Discover customer service and they said they had seen this befor from the same company and they advised me to wait to see if the refund the money back to the card with in the time alloted. If not they would assist me in a dispute. I had been called by a telemarketer regarding investing in forclosures I told him I had no interest and he never called back. I guess form reading the letters for others I was lucky. RG

12/2/2006 - Char writes:
I read the good and the bad posts. I will just tell my story for the sake of others. In 9/06 I purchased the course which included 10 coaching sessions for around $9,100, because I was told that they were only looking to work with people who could make an investment around this much! (I thought of it as taking "risk" as they also said in order to succeed. My coach was very knowledgeable, but after only 7 sessions he stopped calling, (we had gotten along and I did not know why this occurred). My calls and many e-mails to him and the company's websites were not returned! (and my return of investment guarantee was now over!). When I called, I would just be left on hold. I knew something had to be wrong, as I was left hanging with no help! After looking up info. on the Internet, I found out how people paid different prices for the same thing, which is shady. I also found info. to aid me in getting some type of reimbursement by contacting investigator Al Pauga 801-530-6601 at the Utah Div. of Consumer Protection. I have already incorporated my company and I am not going to let this stop me to continuing on my own, with some of the good info. I did receive. I will not let the negativity stop me. Although this has been a downer, if others have made a profit, I am determined that I will ultimately do so too.

11/27/2006 - Lillie writes:
I have tried to call the customer service number at different times of day to request a refund of the $39.99 they have deducted from my account twice without my permission. No one ever answers. I talk to one of the mentors for the company who said she has nothing to do with that end of the business. This is theft and I told her if it continues Iwould report them to the attorney general's office for my state. Still it hasn't stopped.I have contacted my bank to get them out of my account and will still persue them for a full refund.

11/24/2006 - Patrick writes:
I boght the free and clear program just like everyone else. Was charged $39.95 every month. I spoke to my attorney and it suck's but the only way to stop the charges is to close your bank account!

11/23/2006 - Jeanne writes:
well i don,t know how i stumble on your site ,because i was looking for the website that was givewn on that john beck 1877 636 2014 number ;; i saw this comercial several months ago and being a single mom i thaught it would be a good idea so i called and ordered the item. when it came to my door it was nothing like they explained in the commercial after to hours straight of trying to grt on the stupid website,i gave yp and retured the pacakge for my refund on my credit card..I am yet to get my refund and what is worst they sent me this blue card yesterday in the mail talking about billing me for 39.95 for what ;;;;;;; they give you a web site to cancel the order and you cannot even get in........fist of all i live in canada second of all it list only usa ....i tell you these people are getting away with professional crime while they are no better than the bank robber ,,,shop lifter of gangster;;;;;;;;;;i need help to get my money back and need these people to stop trying to continue to scam me ..

11/14/2006 - Lashaun writes:
I order the product on 9/17 and 9/19 I called to cancel and a Rep told my order was already shipped out and to refuse the order. Well I refused the order my card was charged $54.45. I have emailed them over a dozen time and not one CSR has responded. I have called and got the run around. This is one of the reasons I am so skeptical about ordering off T.V. It hurts to take chances on bettering your life and loosing money in the process. I will chop this up as a lost.

11/9/2006 - Susan writes:
Like everyone else who wathed the infomercial, I thought "what have I got to lose"? When I ordered the book via the automated voice line, it kept trying to get me to purchase additional products. The book arrived and wihtin a few days I received the first call trying to solicit $5,000 to $20,000 for a personal trainer. Although the callers (two separate salesmen)were polite, they were agressive and were not willing to take "no" for an answer. I have now received a postcard stating they are billing me for the property vault which I did not order. I guess I'm going to have to cancell my credit card as may others reported doing. These people are bottom feeders and should be ashamed of themselves!

11/8/2006 - Glen writes:
I ordered this mess in 9/18/06. I tried to enter the supposed code they sent me to access the site. The only thing I could get is a bunch of garbage about paying more money. I found out that imformation he offers can be found free on the internet and []. I cannot get anyone to return my calls and the billing is still going on. I strongly urge everyone to avoid this scam and maby we can put this scam artist in jail.

11/7/2006 - Robin writes:
I attempted to order this system in April of 2006 but due to my miscalculation, my Visa debit card rejected the purchase. I didn't think anymore about it until a charge for $65.00 showed up out of the blue on my statement in October of 2006! When I called to question them, they were very rude to me and told me they keep all debit card information in their system and continue to run them until they clear. I was outraged and demanded my money back. I returned their product unopened at my expense but I was only refuned $45.00 and no one will give me a straight answer as to why this is. Now to add insult to injury, I receive a green post card in the mail telling me I am going to be charged a fee of $39.95 every month for some kind of membership unless I go to a webpage and cancel. But it is worded in such a way that if you don't pay attention, they will catch you for at least one month's billing cycle. He is very devious and sneaky I can tell you that.

11/7/2006 - Robin writes:
I purchased the product from the infomercial. I received a package and then several "sales" calls from them trying to "upsell" me. I called back and told them to stop harassing me. I let them know I was not interested in their product and to take me off of their call list. I have been billed $39.95 each month for the past four months now!!! I have asked AMEX to get involved, at this point. Run, do not walk, as far away as possible from this "company."

11/4/2006 - Ronnie writes:
After ordering the product, i received a phone call from John Beck staff wanting to mentor me for the next infomerial. He talked on for about 20 minutes wanting to know if i was qualified to be in the mentor program. Then he recommended me into the mentor program where i received another phone call. This is where he told me what the cost was going to be. It was $10,000. They wanted me to put 10k on my credit card. I told the guy I was not interested and I was not going to put 10k on my credit card. This is where i lost my temper. He called me a "ignorant, closed-minded fool". I said something i shouldn't have and hung up. Then he called right back and asked if he could speak to "Lick my Nuts". I hung up again. These guys are totally unprofessional except for the professional scam artists that they are. Stay away from these guys.

10/31/2006 - Brenda writes:
i ordered the program for 39.95 from a infomercial he said nothing about auto bill for 39.95 a month i called to get a refund on the auto bill i was told no refund and any time you order the program you are automaticly billed every month i was hung up on i called credit card co got a refund this is pure fraud don't order it's a scam!

10/28/2006 - Michelle writes:
Actually this was my third, and last week, working with "Mentoring of America", llc. There is no John Beck Real Estate Office. What everyone says is true. Working there, I call people and try to qualify them. Anyone that is willing to tell you their financial situation is qualified if you have credit. I am a real estate agent. I went there hoping it was legit. It's not. The place is just very sleazy. Most of the workers there are drug addicts. They are just the scumiest lowlifes you can think of. I believe in ethics and customer service and this dump is just the opposite. The "star" salesman is Bobby []. He's an ex-con that got out of jail about six months ago for nonpayment of child support. He comes to work high. He's completely unethical and will say literally anything to get a sale. He lies through his teeth. The Chaz guy someone referred to is Charles [], a 21 year old boy. He has never had any schooling, but is quite a charmer. He also lies pathologically and tells customers he has Beck houses and employees, when he actually still lives with his mom but drives a Benz thanks to all of you. Then there's Debbie, a 53 year old meth addict with the maturity of a kindergartener before naptime. I hate her. She rifles though other's desks and listens to other's phone messages to steal their "deals". They never refer to people as people. The refer to them as "eight pounders" for those that spend 8000, and so on. 12 G's is a "12 pounder". When they are talking to customers, they actually make fun of how stupid they are and laugh like idiots. Bobby is shameless. They lie so much it's nauseating. These losers are taking your hard earned money. Please do not buy. I intend to turn them into the real estate division for calling themselves a real estate office and the commission. I hope they get raided and shut down. They are located in an almost abondoned building in Las Vegas. They don't use computers and have no paper trail at all. The people in my office aren't even rude, compared to the main office in Utah. You should hear what people on my call list say about the Utah offices. There's three of those. The Florida address is a post box. Please don't buy from these scumbags.

10/27/2006 - Ryan writes:
I purchased the product in March of 2006. The information is just a repeat of the infomercial. It is very difficult to deal with the attorneys and government sites to locate tax sales. Also, John Beck's mentors tried to squeeze over $2,000 from me, but luckily I saw through their scam. If I paid them all that money, I told them I wouldn't have much to invest afterwards. Anyway, I know folks are also looking for ways to cancel the monthly membership fees John Beck charges without propery permission. Go to this link and complete the form to stop the monthly bills.
http://www.johnbeck.tv/JohnBecksPropertyVault.htm -Ryan TX

10/18/2006 - Mike writes:
I ordered the materials from free and clear. When you watch the infomercial, you are led to believe that you will be getting all the material needed to start up this so called "Business". I recieved a phone call with in a few days after I had received the material wanting me to buy a coach for about 10 grand. When I told them I didnt have the and after several hours of haggling, they miraculously found a "scholarship" to where I could get on for $4500. The sales person tried to humiliate me, feel stupid and ignorant. Thankfully, my mom raised me better than that. After I hung up the phone I tried to call back the numberfromwhich they called me. This number does not take incoming calls. Hmmmmm. Since that time I have been contacted two ore times. Each time the salesperson has cursed at me. Is this professional? I read some of the defending arguements and to be honest with you, I dont believe a single one of them. The material is so vague.... it is by no means what is advertised on T.V. I do Air conditioning for a living. Send me $50.00 and I'll tell you how to save thousands by installing it yourself. After recieving your $50.00, I send you a piece of paper that says, remoe the old Air conditioner and then put the new one in its place and hook it up. For an additional $1500.00 I'll come out there and show you how to run the piping, the wiring,recover the refrigerant, etc. How wrong !!! You went me the $50.00 believing that I would inform you of the proper way to do the job. You believed the material that I would send you would explain the wiring and so forth. I used this example to some guy named Simon who called me today... he cursed at me and hung up. If John Beck's free and clear works so well, why is Simon working as a phone salesman. It is a scam. It is misleading and the info you recieve in the mail, is not what they lead you to believe it is. Thankfully I only lost $79.95. I knew something was up when they wanted me to put all that money on my card with their HIGH pressure tactics. I feel for those of you who have lost more and I wish you success in recouping as much as possible. Class action suit? Count me in. Success stories? Nah. Those stories are a farse, just like Mr. John Beck....... the only one getting rich. He's got your money....free and clear.

10/13/2006 - Ileen writes:
I was also taken by the product. I was charged the same $39.95 per month and my credit card was gracious enough to reverse the charges and cancel my card. They reissued me a new one and I promised myself I will never be taken again....I also tried the website and sat on hold for 30 minutes trying to talk to someone. In both cases nothing happened, no people, no help, only complete frustration. I happened to get a call earlier tonight from the Beck man again........ this time I called the # back and when I pressed customer service, a human answered but I did not speak. The # I called was 818-205-0600. I do not know if you will get anyplace but at least you are not on hold and a person answers, unlike the # on their monthly charge to my account. I think that this is sad, but what is sadder is that we are not the only ones to be taken and the saddest is that nothing is being done to stop his scamming.

10/10/2006 - Ahmed writes:
I ordered this John Beck program and it was suppose to be a fee for one time, but I have been billed for $39.95 for the last two months. This is not what I was told, and the product does not work either. This is a deliberate SCAM and they should be investigated by the State office of Better Business, or the Attorney Generals office. They should also stop them from doing those infomericals because they are very misleading. You never get to talk to a person on the phone and you can never get to the website either. They are ripping people off from all over the country and they should be stopped. How do you go about getting a class action law suit against this company?

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