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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
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10/1/2006 - Henry writes:
I am telling you right now that EVERYONE on this forum who is defending the John Beck program works for the company or just got the book. I work at the company and its my job to say how great the free and clear system. It is an amazing system to fool stupid people into releasing their money however, but I dont think it does much for real estate.

10/1/2006 - Karen writes:
I bought this product to at least read about it. I kept getting solicitation calls to buy more lists for real estate sales. I told them I didn't want to. Next thing I know I am getting scammed out of $39.95 a month without authorization from me. Has anyone thought of contacting the FBI and reporting this as internet crime? Especially since you can get no answers from his company and they continue to deduct money from our accounts and charge our credit cards.

10/1/2006 - Nancy writes:
We've had the same experience with John Beck. My husband stupidly sent for the book and we've been charged monthly 39.95 on our credit card ever since. When I call I'm on terminal hold and they don't respond to email.

9/29/2006 - Eileen writes:
I ordered John Beck and got the bullshit in the mail. It did not work. I paid about $55.00. After that I noticed on my credit card $39.95 being billed monthly for items I did not get. I never agreed to anything and do not know what it is I should be getting. I tried calling many times and tried the web site. Nothing. I would like to know if everyone would like to file some kind of class action suit. My credit card company back charged them and I had to cancel my card as a result.Now I know why he is rich...he is master scam.........

9/29/2006 - Timothy writes:
I signed up for the John Beck free and clear for a one time charge of 39.95. Since then i have been chrged every month for the same amount. Attemps to contact them are useless. Either no one answers or I am put on permanant hold.

9/27/2006 - Anthony writes:
well i have heard all about how the company is ripping people off and its all a scam so I just want to say that I want a refund

9/25/2006 - Jessica writes:
my story is the same as everyone els I cant find the web site I try to call but cant get any one to answer I want to cancel this but cant I have a kid and I cant keep being charged 39.95 how do I get them to stop!

9/19/2006 - Danis writes:
I ordered a one-time product, before I got a chance to fully investigate, John Beck representatives start callin to sell more programs, they were pushy and short on the phone. I decided not to investigate further. Then the extra charges began to appear on my Capital One Credit statement. When I call the number to cancel or complain, they cut you off or are not in. Cannot leave message. to date they are still charging my credit card! Somebody Help me!!!!! The credit card company tells me, inorder to stop this unauthorized robbery, is to close the card and order another one.

9/19/2006 - Gerald & Lois writes:
My story is similar. We purchased the program in June of 2006. They charged our card for it. Then in August they charged our card for an additonal $39.95 for something called Property Vault which we did not order or authorize and I was able to get through to an agent and they assued me they would creditmy account. Now in Sept of 2006 there is another charge for $39.95 and the website is invalid and I cannot get through to any of the numbers they have listed. As a result I am out an additional $80.00, (rounded off figure), and am having to cancel my card to insure no more unauthorized charges.I would sincerely like to have my money back and also would very much like to see this company stopped from continuing their fraudulent practices on the innocent public.

9/19/2006 - Janetta writes:
Product does not include what is promised in the Infomercial. When you call to try to get what you ordered, you get nowhere. Then once they have your credit card, they bill you for additional services you did not authorize. When you call the phone number on the VISA statement, you cannot get through, then after numberous attempts you are put on hold for 15 minutes while YOU are paying the long distance charge. My advice is to stear clear of John Beck.

9/18/2006 - Linda writes:
I have tried to get ahold of them several times. they gave me a e-mail address to cancel my order but to no aveil it doesn't work I have cancelled my order twice on my credit card.. If youread this please stop all orders and stop charging my credit card or i will report you to better business burear..

9/18/2006 - Lola writes:
We, my husband and I received this box of tapes in the mail that neither of us ordered. He sent the product back. Then we received a green card saying the free trial period was almost up and if we wanted to cancel, please call the number and it had a website address to cancel. My husband tried calling several times and tried signing on the website and there was no such site. We have tried to notify this company to tell them we did not order the product and have not even been in town. My husband is working out of town and we only come home every now and then for a day. Can't contact them and they have taken money out of our account. I do not know how the got our information to our bank account. This withdrawal caused a check to bounce because we were not aware the amount had been withdrawn. I am going to try and contact the bank and see if I can stop this. If anyone fiqures out how to contact them please let me know or post it on this site. Thank you, Lola

9/17/2006 - Sandy writes:
I ordered the John Beck program for my daughter and son-in-law. They became very frustrated with it. I authorized no further charges or services. Yet on my last credit card statement, there was a $39.95 charge for John Beck Program. I have tried to call repeatedly, but only get recordings...no matter what day or time. I tried going to the website suggested and it doesn't exist. How do I get the addituional charge off and keep other charges from being added? Help!

9/13/2006 - Augustine writes:
I ordered the free and clear program rush deliviery and still have not recieved it! and I found out they chared my credit account twice for $61.44 I say lets do something about these people HELP!contact me []

9/13/2006 - Veronica writes:
Well hello everyone I would just like to thanks this sight because I had ordered this stupid program wishing it would work and I could own my own properties but as i kept reading I realized I had been scammed so the first thing I did was call my credit card and report the issue my first bill came and the program that I had ordered in August never arrived and it was suppose to get here fast but it didn't and they charged me 81.00 but no program. Called customer service and they stated that it was recieved but I did not recieve nothing so I started getting suspecious and I found this sight and before they charge me anymore I decided to cancel my credit card because I do not want to get scammed anymore. Also a man by the name of MARCUS MACOY called me yesterday telling me all the fabulous things that I can get with this program and that they wanted to know if I could do some credit crap and also to get started with a coach to get 2,000-5,000 to the coach he also stated that he wanted me to talk to his manager. I am so glad I found this website he supposely will be calling me to talk about the program but I know his scam now thanks so much for haveing this sight. I was looking foward to it but forget that. They did not get to scam me quite well but they where close to getting me into giving them that kind of money and the program the US postal service said they could not track it without a tracking number a tracking number I never recieved. SO I Know it a SCAM DO not trust it I have to pay my credit card 81.00 dollares but I am sure it is that and not 2,000.

9/12/2006 - Janie writes:
I purchased the John Beck Property Vault and was disapointed. On the informercial it shows a man and woman in their ketchen on the computer clicking on the state of Navada and a vedio listing of the properties available in that state. When all they really show you is a Spreadsheet format of properties you have to download to your computer. I've tried without success to find anyone who can tell me why I can't access this video format of the properties and I keep getting shifted from one place to another. Has anyone else seen this informercial.,and have the same concerns?

9/8/2006 - Diane writes:
I think this product is misrepresented from what i saw on tv commericial. information is very incomplete for what was promised on the commericial. i am upset that a scam such as this on can be advertised on tv. poor or not rich people try to get ahead and listen to a thief such as this is not an AMERICAN just a thief. i think charges should be filed on this guy. i would join any such procedings against him. diane, kansas

9/8/2006 - Kelly writes:
I like all the others watched the infomercial and thought what a great idea. I spent 6,000 that was suppose to be for my own assigned coach to help and teach me what to do. My coach ended up leaving the company and I was promised a new one. Never happened so here I am stuck not knowing the next step I was suppose to take and out alot of money. I have tried asking for my money back but like usual I get the run around. There has got to be something we can do?? Help

9/6/2006 - Samuel writes:
I have been duped by this kind of informacial before by a named Kevin with Natural cures out of the state of Illinois. He promised to send your money back as a guarantee. I have sent the book back for over six months and have not gotten my money back. All efforts to contact them have proven negative. He is a liar and cannot be trusted. As at this moment he has my book and my money. This is scum should be exterminated from the media and punished for fraud.

9/5/2006 - Doug writes:
I like everyone else watched this and thought, "Hey this might work" after talking it over with my wife we ordered it and like everyone else I got a call some 2 days after I got and they wanted to talk about us getting into the "program". Well ater talking with the guy for about 2 hours, we told him to give us 24 hours to decide, he called back ecactly 24 hours later, during that 24 hours I forund this site and my iwfe and I both said "No WAY IN HELL" and when I told "Randy" there was no way we were going to this, he of coursed asked 100 questions as to why, when I finally told him what I had read on a "few" websites (more like 30) that it was "not for us" before I hung while he was yelling at me he said "ENJOY YOUR POVERTY BUDDY!!!" at the top of his lungs think I pissed him off by not doing this SCAM???!!

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