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John Beck Free and Clear Complaints
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9/2/2006 - Paul writes:
When I saw the JB free and clear system, it caught my attention. I ordered the dvd and books to see what it was about. When I played the dvd I knew right then and there I had wasted my $39.95 plus s&h. That guy couldn't make a simple explanation of just anything. After I watched the whole thing, I knew I was not going on with that. So, as most of the people, I got my call, from Madeline. Madeline greeted me pretty gladly and everything, then she wanted to make sure that Mr. Chad was available, that if I was lucky, I could speak with him that same night. 15 minutes later I got a call from Mr. Chad, who was about to leave, but didn't cause he wanted to give a warm welcome to the team. Then mr. chad started asking me about financial info, like yearly income, what I did for a living, and how I could turn all that into finalcia freedom, then he started asking if I knew i could use my credit to make money. I agreed with everything he was saying, cause it all made sence, he was asking quiestions of "yes" and "no". The He asked me to write some things he was going to say down so I didnt forget, I thought he was gonna tell me some tips. Anyway to shorten the story up a little, after trying to make me believe I was lucky they were interested on helping me, and that I shouldn't waste a chance like that. He mentioned some features that were offered in the package. He asked my shipping address, and then he had the cojones to ask me for my credit card number, when I asked what for, he said to charge the $14,997.55 the coaching program and the whole package was gonna cost me. I said I didn't have that money, and he started some bullcrap about investment and dividends, that he was going to turn that 15ks into 150 ks in 3 months, guaranteed. I don't know what they think, but the way this guy (the closer) handled everything made me suspicious. After I said I could afford that, he had the huge cojones again of telling me that he saw that I was not really serious into that. I told him, that what I was not really serious on, was getting scammed. He instantly hung up on me. A week later he called me back offering an apology for his behavior, and tried to convince me of the same crap, and finally when he saw he couldn't get me, he got pissed off and hung up on me again!! I had another call, and just to be an a-hole I told the guy I had already become a millionair workinf the system by myself, and if we really wanted to make money, he should join my team, he got pissed off and hung up on me, too. I love these people!!

9/2/2006 - Laurie writes:
I have ordered the John Beck Free and Clear program. With the program was a notice that I would receive a program called the "vault" for a charge of $39.95 monthly, if I chose not to keep the program after a 30 day trial. First of all, I never agreed to this. I of course called the number given to me. After a very long wait period it hang up shortly before telling you to try you call again. If you choose the option to cancel it directs you to a number that is not valid. I took down the web site they gave. [email protected]. I cancelled the program on the site, so I though I did. That was in February. Here it is in Sept. And I am still being charged for this. My credit card company is going to dispute the last three months, so I am out quite a lot of money already. I am having the credit card number changed but I'm told there is a way they can still bill my new account, not to mention all the hassle of changing my account. Has anyone thought of taken up a class action suit against the company. I am furious they are getting away with this kind of fraud. Laurie, Never again will I buy a product from TV.

9/2/2006 - Joe writes:
Tyler Truman from Mentoring of America has been responsible for cheating several people out of thousands, by promising they will make back an investment and large profits in the next 90 days, ect. He also told a woman he signed up for more than $14,000 cost, that he had a piece of property in her town that she would be able to sell for huge profits, once she finished her coaching calls. He told her that she would make her $14,000 plus investment back plus another $20K in the next 90 days. He failed to deliver. He is accused of lying. He is responsible for a Florida woman being over 15K in credit card debt. She is about to have a baby and is struggling to pay the huge credit card bill Tyler Truman caused her. Truman is accused of coercing people without disclosure of a no refund policy into this mentoring program for both guru's Jeff Paul and John Beck. He determines the price based on people's available credit line, coerces people to put the price of the program on as many credit cards as it takes, and then refuses to give these same people refunds under any circumstances. You can reach him at []. It is because of people like him that Mentoring of America has been facing legal lawsuits since the last 5 months. One of his friends and former employees was jailed and charged for insurance fraud last year. He faked his own death and was tracked down to Australia by local authorities.

8/30/2006 - Steven writes:
I had the same experience that they started charging me $39.95 for something called the property vualt and would not stop charging me even after I attempted to tell them I did not want thier services.

8/30/2006 - Lois writes:
I also fell for the infomercial By John Beck and purchased the program. I began to get suspicious on my first class with the Mentor when he suggested i sign up with the Tax club to get my License and from there it was something else to purchase. I resd on the internet that this was a scam and requested my money back and cancelled all the services that i purchased by calling them and e-mailing also. I called my credit card company and cancelled the card so they could't take any more money out. I requested a refund on my card from them and still waiting to hear from them. I should have checked them out before , but this is now what can I do to get refunded?

8/28/2006 - Patricia writes:
I bought the cd's to buy homes for next to nothing. Than I found out that they are charging my credit card $39.95 a month, I didn't agree to that at all and want to stop the charge. But I can't speak to acustomer service rep. Should I call the credit card company to tell them I don't want this charge on my bill anymore?

8/24/2006 - Adrienne writes:
I purchased this product back in May and finally(just about 5 minutes ago) I have been able to get someonone on the phone to return this crap. They customer service reps are very rude and stick to "yes" or "no" responses when asked questions. This is ridiculous. I have found that they have been charging me $39.95 for something called property vault that I did not elect to have. This really ticks me off. Please, please, please, don't waist you time or money on this scam. The properties and tax sales can be found by yourself without people calling you to invest thousands. There are so many rules to purchasing tax sale properties, that it is not worth the time or effort. Basically, the buyer (you/I) only get to put a lien on the property for a number of years and the owners still keep the properties. You never own them!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful, best of luck to you all.

8/14/2006 - Venita writes:
I am really concerned about this product. I have been trying to reach someone at the telephone numbers given without success to advice them that I want the "passport to savings cancelled" and that I am returning the product "John Beck Free & Clear System". I have been trying for 10 days, without reaching anyone, and have found the e-mail address, [email protected] to lead me only to this website, full of complaints. I'll follow-up if I am able to get the desired results, namely, a refund and no further withdrawals from my account.

8/12/2006 - Uriel writes:
I too got coerced into John Beck's expensive bogus mentoring program done by Mentoring of America LLC out of Utah, but I got all my money back. They call you after you buy the initial infomercial program. No mention of a coaching program is ever made. This is what they really want you to buy, and they base the price of the program on how much credit cards or line of credit you have available. The more you have, the higher they price it. That's why you see such a wide variation of price that people have paid for the same exact thing. It's fraud and a complete rip off. To get your money back, you need to file a consumer complaint form against John Beck's Mentoring of America LLC with the Utah Divison of Consumer Protection. I got my $7,000 back from them as soon as I did this. John Beck's Mentoring of America LLC was sued for the third time recently and has been on the news. The Utah Division of Consumer Protection is taking action against them for continuing to viloate consumer protection laws, and is doing an investiation on them. File your comsumer complaint agains them with the Utah Divison of Consumer Protection.

8/11/2006 - King writes:
I bought the John Beck Free and Clear system back in February 2006. I paid the initial $39.99 and realized that it did not give enough information, so I called the 800# for more information. I spoke with Jeff who made me invest $14685 with the promise that I was going to make enough to pay off that debt plus an extra $20000 to deposit in my banking account in less than 90 days. Now we are in August, I'm left dead broke and in debt. I went through all ten coaching sessions, put in several hours every day trying to find cheap properties through tax sales and have been unsuccessful. John Beck and his Crew need to be stopped. They are scam artist!

8/8/2006 - Mimi writes:
I too got seduced watching the John Beck infomercial about buying tax lien properties for pennies on the dollar. What really set me off though was during the ordering of the Free and Clear. It was all a recording, and after entering my credit card number and code on back, "she" kept asking you to buy something else. That raised a red flag with me and I started to get real nervous that these people were scam artists getting people's credit card numbers with some phony infomercial. I said "no" to all the extra offers, and afterward the recording was finished, and hung up on me, no way of getting a real person to answer after saying "representative" or hitting the "O" button. I got on the internet and looked up the website for John Beck free and clear. I found all these complaints listed here and just about freaked out knowing that this guy and his group had my credit card and secret code on back. I immediately called my credit card company, only the Stolen and Lost cards was open at this time of night (After 1 am), and told the girl on the phone at Visa the entire story of the John Beck infomercial rip off artists and how people had written all these complaints about having their credit cards charged for thousands of dollars. 39.95 was not such a big deal to lose but an open credit card with $10,000 free on it scared me badly. The lady at Visa checked and saw that John Beck had not yet charged my card (luckily) and she recommended that I just block my card and they would issue me a new card in about 7-10 days. So, John Beck cannot charge my Visa now, not for 39.95 and especially not for the thousands that all these poor people here have lost to these creeps. What I want to know is, why hasn't anyone called the Attorney General's office? They handle scams and grand larceny (over $5,000) that these credit card rip offs are. I wish everyone the best of luck, a class action lawsuit is in order, but someone who has had their credit card charged for thousands fraudulently needs to call the Attorney General for either your state or federal. Im very sorry for those of you who have lost so much....just horrible.

8/5/2006 - Carolyn writes:
My husband purchased 2 lots in Texas from the land bank. At first we were really concerned of what we were buying. The gentleman that sold them to my husband made it sound like those were the last of the lots in Lake of the Pines in Texas. My husband felt pressured but was reassured that we would double our money back in just a few weeks. Well its 4 months later and we are still sitting with these lots. We were going to try [] like we were told but we noticed other people were selling the same kind of lots at Lake o the Pines too. They had been on ebay for several weeks and or months. I contacted a realestate agent in Texas where our lots are located and were told they were in the most Undesirable location and the lots had no restrictions, which meant that any kind of housing can be put on the lots including old beat up trailers. Which most of the lots have. We are wondering if anyone has contacted an attorney or maybe even Primetime or 20/20 to do a news story on this SCAM? We are interested. We need to stop John Beck and his vultures!!!

8/3/2006 - Pat writes:
I was returning real estate system named John Alexander System and discovered that both the Beck System and the Alexander Systems have the same e-mail customer service address. So, perhaps they are linked. I discovered the Beck customer service e-mail address for John Alexanders system, trying to return Alexanders system. I have alerted my credit card companies and changed my numbers so that these two do not have access to closed credit card numbers.

7/29/2006 - Leslie writes:
i also ordered the john beck product it was a monday by wednesday i was contacted by phone and told about the coaching i was told 3 days after receiving everything i could cancel so i said ok. then i thought more about it and called friday a.m. and cancelled, i also called my credit card to let them know.. by monday still no-one called me and i found out they charged my card 10,565.00. i had a few words with my credit card company and am still calling the 877-704 #'s that get you no where and no-one. i am definitely going to a lawyer and anybody interested let me know.

7/24/2006 - Dan writes:
I ordered John Beck's "Free and Clear" the other week. That was before I went on the internet and read all the horrible experiences. I was able to get my bank to immediately cancel my credit card number and issue me a new credit card number. I'm sure the crooks tried to debit my account, but they couldn't get a penny.

7/22/2006 - Uriel writes:
My story is almost indentical to the many below. John Beck's Mentoring of America ripped me off for $7,025.00. A guy named JAYDER SALAZAR gave me a fake money back guarantee to trick me into enrolling in this bogus course. The two coaches I was assigned where MICHELLE MOTA and DAVE YATES. I have these coaching calls recorded on tape and I can prove how this program is of little value and a complete rip off. I am going to send copies of my tapes to the investigator at the Utah Division of Consumer Protection.

7/16/2006 - John writes:
We were scammed on June 1, 2006 by John Beck Mentoring in the amount of $8,499.00. The charges came about when we purchased the John Beck Real Estate Information that we saw on an infomercial. When we received the packet it stated we needed to call the company within 24 hours. We did and we ended up speaking with Charles (Chaz) Lane. He is apparently a supervisor at the John Beck Mentoring Company. We spoke with Chaz for about 2 hours. He told us about purchasing real estate and having pros work with us, people who have the knowledge that would help us succeed. He told us we had nothing to loose. We would have 3 days to look over the information. He told us to write down “ROR” right of refusal. We were told we had 3 days to refuse and get our money back and that was AFTER we received the product. The next morning after the phone call we looked up John Beck Real Estate on the Internet. What a shock!! So many complaints! Most of the complaints were so severe that they were contacting the Better Business Bureau, Utah Attorney General's Office, FBI, and other legal entities. On June 2 at 6:03 PM we left a message for Chaz Lane. (800-508-1835 x 246) We stated were exercising our right of refusal and canceling the program. We expected our money to refunded to our credit card. (Note this was about 21 hours after the order). We left another message at 7:00pm. We sent e-mail to Chaz Lane. On June 3 we sent a registered letter to John Beck. We also spoke with Chaz Lane directly and he stated that he could refund the money and that he/we didn’t need to go further in the company. We followed this phone call up with an e-mail outlining the phone conversation. On June 6 two packages from John Beck Mentoring arrived at our house via FedEx. Our daughter accepted the packages not knowing we had canceled our order. When I got home I took the unopened packages to the nearest FedEx. Office and returned them unopened. These packages were sent with signed receipt requested. I contacted our credit card company and gave them the tracking numbers. We have the proof that John Beck Mentoring received the product back. On June 12 at 4:30 pm I received a phone call on my cell phone from Julie Moore (866-373-4363) She was calling for our first mentoring session (which had been scheduled for 6:30 p.m., we told her we had canceled the program. She stated that she had just gotten her paperwork and there was a note that we had canceled. She apologized for calling. The entire call lasted less than two minutes. On June 14 at 4:36 we received a phone call from Brady Williams (800-864- 9688). He was calling to either see if he could sell us more stuff or to see how we were doing with the program. When we told him we had canceled the program he stated that he was unaware that we had canceled and that he’d make sure we would receive our refund. Along with contacting Chaz Lane and John Beck via phone, e-mails, and registered mail we have also been in contact with our credit card company. Our fist call to them was on June 2 I spoke with the agent and he was going to note everything. He stated it was to soon to dispute the charge that the retailer had to credit the money back within 30 days. On June 5 at 9:45 am I spoke with another credit card agent. I explained my concern that I didn’t trust this company and didn’t feel safe that they had my credit card numbers. We canceled the first account an opened a new account. I did not write the date down but I spoke with the agent at 8:22 a.m. and he suggested when we get our statement to mark the 8th bubble or that we could go online and dispute the charges. I have spoken with several credit card employees and they were all very helpful. On July 7 I spoke with yet another agent for the credit card company and she told us to put our papers together and send in the dispute. She stated that if we have no product there shouldn’t be a charge. The only reason we authorized this charge was based on the 3 day right of refusal they stated we were entitled to. Otherwise we never would have authorized the charges and wouldn’t be writing this letter. We have contacted John Beck Mentoring, as well as every other variation of Mr. Beck’s companies that we could find, numerous times. The times we spoke to a representative of John Beck Mentoring, we have been promised a refund. On July 14,2006, we received our credit card statement with the $8,499.00 charge on it. Thus far we have no product, have received no services, yet we have been fraudulently charged $8,499.00. I am looking into a classaction as well as a personnel lawsuit asgaiinst this unscrupulous fiend.

7/11/2006 - Leslie writes:
I have also been ripped off. Just recently i purchased the CD which was soppouse to give you all the information about how to be "Free and Clear" on the properties you purchase.I should of listen to my husband. He usually is better than me in analyzing these situations. He went over the CD and said the information was vague, so he purchase a book about real estate and tax sales. Then we also received a phone call stating that we are chosen for the Success Team and that we will be aired on the informecial as a success story. We would have a mentor guide us all the way and we can speak to them 24hours a day if we needed assistance. He finally convinced us that we are the ideal couple and that we would be taking other people money (meaning the credit card company) and within 60-90 days we would recuperate our investment on education tools. We also need to invest at least 5-10 hours a day and that they will help us get 3-4 deals of $4,000 or more so we can pay off the debt of $14,995. Yesss we where scammed that amount of money $14,995. I should of known when he asked me my credit limit. They always say never to give your credit card information over the phone to anyone not even for guarantee of a product unless, you have the product first than you pay for it. Come to my surprise the first session started and they called me about 20 minutes giving me information to go to a website which anyone can go and freely subscribe. Also the next day when i joined i called the guy Richard Baugh and said to him that I think that amount is ridicous for just an educational tool and he said that this amount will be part of the investment and not to worry obviously a couple of days pasted. More than 3 days after receiving the phone call on friday from the mentor he said he will be emailing me some homework assignment we looked at the email and again realized that the information was not given or instructed on how to go about searching. The mentor was not a mentor beware of TYLER DIXON he hanged up on me and i inmediately told him off and said that it is enough. We want to know the procedure of refund and how we can get our money back. He laughed at me and said you are willing to risk all your money because you do not want to learn. I said i am not learning anything, the information you give is not complete and you are not a mentor. He it will be hard for you to get your money back since you did sign the enrollment and "you can return a pizza after you have bitten it"I said you do what you have to do for me to get my refund back and I will take care of the rest on my end. So far this lady from Mentoring of America said I will get refund back only $5,000 out of the $14,995. Because they had a 3 day policy which they never informed me when they where recording the conversation.I have made a dispute today to the credit card company and they said they will try to see if they can get at least that amount since they wrote it on my email. I am shocked to see that there is companies like these and I feel so naive for not doing my research of this company. My spouse and I where even told that we should do this program so we can be financially free of debt for our children. They have the right tactics and they are sales people.They do not care for anyone and lie in order for you to believe what they are saying. Now i am just thinking what else I should do in order to get my entire money back since I never used there product and i do not pick up the phone because they keep on harrasing, calling and calling. I think i will contact an attorney and if anyone knows what else i should do please inform me? Thank you all for your time and I just hope these people be sent to jail for fraud.

7/11/2006 - Jackie writes:
I purchased the product June 23rd 2006. None of the material made any sense. I read all the material that came with the kit. Almost all of the websites they give you don't exhist. The ones that do you cannot use without purchasing the property vault program which they bill your credit card for every month. I want to point out that if you log into the property vault they bill your credit card automatically. Lucky for me I smelled a rat when I tried to cancel the property vault before they billed my debit card for the $39.95. I tried repeatedly to call them to cancel, no matter what time I called the answering system said call back later.Finally I tried to find their website for customer service, which of course,doesn't exhist.Instead I found this website with complaints against the john beck system. I was horrified at the number of complaints and the amounts of money some people lost.My heart goes out to the people who lost thousands of dollars in this scam.After all we are just working class people trying to make our load a little lighter. The fact that this con artist is allowed to operate on television still to this day is criminal.Fortunately, I only invested $63.34 for the kit $39.95 plus shipping and handling. I thank all the people who have complaints on this website. As soon as I read your complaints I cancled my debit card to make sure I wasn't charged that $39.95 indefinately. Hopefully this crook will be brought to justice.

7/2/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Bought on informercial Feb 2006 and was overcharged on the postage. I did not request rush. For several weeks I was hounded by someone name "JT" who luckily was calling my voice mail. Insisting he could make me MORE money if I would only call him. I didn't. I already looked through my package and discovered the lack of quality and lack of attention to details. Clearly a worthless product. Not only to mention did I not get a value for my money, now I am having to contest $39.95/mth recurring billing which I did not buy authorize. This is a time consuming and annoying process. This is alledged fraudlent activity and this merchant should be considered for the TMF list (terminated merchant file) so that this merchant cannot accept credit cards for at least the next five years. The bank that has authorized their merchant account can surely do it if enough people complain through their credit card company. At least 100 cardholder complaints a month for 90 days to make this a possibility. This merchant is likely laughing all the way to the bank with us.

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