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John Beck's Tax Lien Course Complaints
Total Complaints: 12
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2/12/2007 - Anna writes:
I purchased it and they charged me $64 and now they are charging me #39 every month, im trying to contact them to cancelled but haven't been able to. They have been calling me in the begining to start the bussiness with them saying to open a credit line to pay them $5000 because i had another credit card, luckliy at the time i wasn't able to do that. But i want all the money i paid back.

1/28/2007 - Eric writes:
The product is NOT as advertised. I looked it over carefully, there is NO known number to even complain to this company...I was too humilated to tell my parents ( I am college student) I was bilked 4,000... Buyer Beware!!!

1/27/2007 - Odaiah writes:
Hi I saw advertisement about the Tax lien properties given by John Beck's. He said intial it is only for 39.99$ but he added on to 80$ saying so many things in the phone.It is fake. He sent me some CD's which are useless. Regarding Speech is in the CD it not clear. I realised that all these are fake. Why these people deceiving the innocent people in the blessing country. Does God will allow to deceive the people.Will God not punish such people. Regards Odaiah

12/20/2006 - Clarence writes:
I was hooked into John Beck's infomercial on tax lien property sales. When I called 18004615629 I was coerced into paying an extra $10 for cd's. Then another $6.50 to ship sooner than 30 days. They kept assuming my answer was yes on everything with no option for no. They kept trying to get the money owed up up up. I kept saying no no no. My credit card was fraudently charged $71.44 I had to destroy my credit card and order another. I called 18184641650 to get my money back. John Beck Co. hung up on me. I would also like to enter into a class action suit. Search for john beck program on google.

11/15/2006 - Lucy writes:
Hi, I just wanted to say that after reading John Becks dvd's, I had a serious migrain for about 1 1/2 weeks. I was very upset when I noticed that the information was repeated over and over again..I couldn't even begin to utilize any of what I read. It was very stressful to me. So I returned it on time and now its been almost 3 weeks now,today, that I haven't seen any of my $39.95 and $14.95 shipping. They said I would receive it minus shipping as soon as they received the product. I am sure they have received it. What about me..?? Where's my product (my money).

10/13/2006 - Kevin writes:
John Beck's Mentor Program ripped me off for 2,200.00. I had a mentor in Texas, I'm in California. I'll tell you the tax sales and recovery is totally different in Texas. I also was told as a guarantee that after the eight weeks I would have a tax sale here in my area, There has not been a real estate tax sale in my area for years. I complained to the mentor office as I was teaching the mentor how tax sales work here in California. They said that there is nothing they can do, i was also told to get my money I guess, That they guarantee I would get a tax sale property or I would still get mentors help till I did. The mentor group changed there address and name, So, The BBB said there is nobody to go after. I have a detailed goings on of what happened to me. John Beck took $2,200.00 from me and his thugs will take from you too. Mentors are a true waste of money, If you need someone to read to you or tell you what to read next email me and for a hundred dollars an hour (After you send me a copy of what your learning, so I can truly help you) I will help you. Other wise just read for your self and you will see you saved a lot of grief and money. I would like to see John Beck and his thugs in the hot place, or a refund plus interest; Like that's going to happen. No Mentor Program Thieves Needed. If you still need to wright the big fat check, send it to me, I will try to really help you and for the big money I will fly out there and go to an auction with you. But, you Can do it on your own. No Mentor Needed. I would like my money back John Beck.

8/26/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Mentoring of America ( the company who does John Beck mentoring program) was sued. They have more active consumer lawsuits against them right now. They always determine the price of this mentoring program based on your available open credit or credit cards. That's why everyone has paid a different price for the same thing. I was cheated for $7,025 by John Beck's Mentoring of America. A Jayder Salazar from the offices of John Beck gave me a false money back guarantee to get me to give my credit card info over the phone. I got all my money back only after filing a consumer complaint form with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection against Mentoring of America. You can go to their website for a comsumer complaint form and get your money back no matter how long ago it was.

6/3/2006 - Beverly writes:
My saga is similar to most of you who, unfortunately, purchased the John Beck "Coaching Program". They got me for $7,040. I was spending at least 25 hrs. a week researching different websites. There was always some obstacle--either state laws, availability of property anywhere near my price range or a $5,000 registration fee to bid at on-line auctions that were the most desirable. Each week my coach sent me off in a different direction until I was going around in circles, accomplishing nothing. On my last session, my coach said I should just start researching Raw Land in various parts of the country--which was very scarey to me, considering the fact that there were no utilities (water, electricity, phone lines, cable, roads, sidewalks, etc.) )on or nearby these sites. I asked how I could actually determine value just by looking at maps---He told me to CALL the nearest neighbors by phone to gather information--Need I say more... Eventually, after 6 wks of this insanity, I realized there really is no "program" and informed them by e-mail to remove me from their coaching calendar! Also e-mailed the Mgr of the coaching program all the details of my experience and requested a refund-- no answer of course. After they get as much of your funds or credit as you have available, you won't have anything left to invest in properties that would actually benefit you. The Tax Club called me also about the 2nd wk and I told them I didnt need to form any corporation because I had not bought any property yet and did NOT give them any of my financial information!!! I cancelled my credit card account that they had access to. I found out that the State of Utah has an impending Law Suit against the John Beck Corp. because the "Mentoring Program" is conducted from that state. You can contact the UTAH DIVISION of CONSUMER PROTECTION in Salt Lake City and ask for an Investigator. Their number is 800- 530- 6601. They don't promise to get anyone a refund--but their suit, along with many of our complaint forms included, might possibly Force them to make some kind of restitution or partial refund to all of us. At least, if we get enough attention (because there are so MANY of us) it could very well attract an Attorney who would like to benefit by representing us in a class action...Class Actions don't just happen---it takes a lot of people complaining to the authorities of the same injustice! Let's get this story out there every way we can until these people are exposed to the point where something has to be done!!! It may take some time--but the time will pass anyway and when some Lawyer picks up on this, we will all be on record. What could be more rewarding than John Beck being forced to return at least some of our money---other than perhaps seeing him led off in handcuffs.

5/27/2006 - Albert writes:
To anyone that is reading this that has not already ordered it, take my word for it as well as everyone elses underneath me and do not let yourself be caught up in there lies. about three months ago i bought into the infomercial and spent my 39.95 to get started, i then received some dumb little pamplets and a couple of dvds that seemed to just repeat the commercial over and over. Within a week i received a call from a rep named Deano who seemed to promise me all kinds of money that was guranteed to come within 3 months if i payed another $600 to cover nothing more than the coaches pay to help me reach my goal, well needless to say i havent heard from anybody in about a week so far regarding my refund or personal coach as promised. The worst part is i am still trying to be billed 39.95 every month. If anyone decides on filing a lawsuit heres my number and my email get me in on it. 209-681-3935 or [email protected]

5/24/2006 - Gary writes:
I ordered a single product from The John Beck Program. I was called by a sales rep of the program, before I received the ordered product, asking if I wanted the monthly mentoring product too. I emphatically said NO I did not want the monthly product but only the initial program - which had not even arrived yet.

Now I am being charged 39.95 every month for something I have not received!

It is a scam!!

2/22/2006 - Pat writes:
like everyone else i called the toll free number could tell from the very beginning that it wasnt for me sent it back right away  now i cant get through to any one i am going to the better busines bur. and tell them about this guy and that they are doing and hope they can stop this  so this wont happen to any one else.

J. Rodriguez writes:
I placed an order for the John Beck's Tax Lien course on September 2nd of 2001, and I was charged the $49.95 for the entire course plus shipping about a week after. After endless calls (10 mo.) to their many defunct 800 numbers, I decided to place a complain with the Better Business Bureau of the many states John Beck operated, and I was promptly contacted by the BBB representative regarding John Beck. With all the information at hand, I personally contacted John Beck via e-mail, and he politely replied stating that he is in NO WAY personally responsible for the distribution, shipping, or collecting funds for the courses. The issue of the matter is that Mr. Beck has had bad luck with his many advertising companies, and one of them I believe was called Genesis Media or Genesis Intermedia.It is not Mr.Beck's fault or responsibility to make sure those troublesome advertising companies are not in tuned with customer's inquiries regarding shipping or collection of money. To make this short folks, I was told by Mr.Beck himself via e-mail of course that the only way WE could have his knowledge of real estate Tax Liens is through him personally. If there is any trouble with an advertising company that has taken advantage of Mr.Beck as well as US the customers, then the appropriate way to settle this is by politely e-mailing John Beck and by asking him where could we send the money in order for him to personally make sure we get the course. Once again folks, it is not Mr. Beck's fault for all that is happening to us regarding the ridiculous delay in the shipping or collection of this course. PS... I do not know his e-mail, but try this website own by him...www.johnbeck.netorwww.johnbecks.net 

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