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Dean Martin Variety Hour Complaints
Total Complaints: 2
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2/7/2006 - Jennie writes:
I tried purchasing the product they have been charging me yet no product received yet.  I don't know how to get ahold of anyone nor will the bank stop the payments. Help me....

1/27/2006 - Brad writes:
I had seen the numerous late night infomercials for the DVD collections of the 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In' and the 'Dean Martin Variety Hour' on just about every other TV channel from 1AM to 6AM. I was interested; I loved Laugh-In (I used to watch reruns as a kid). However, as with anything sold on cable TV at 3AM, I was highly suspicious about it. Then one day I received an ad for the DVD collections included in a credit card bill (why do the credit card companies tempt us further towards bankruptcy by including  6-9 ads in every statement?), and as it was offered at an 'introductory price' of $5.99 for the first two DVDs of Laugh-In, same price for the Dean Martin Hour. I thought, heck- $11.98 for 4 hours of DVD formatted laughter, why not. However, I decided to use a prepaid credit card I had that still had some credit on it. The prepaid Visa card I had bought at a nationwide pharmacy chain so I could make a purchase from a little know electronics firm in Florida. They were the only US company that had what I wanted, but I wasnt about to let some strangers in a start up company max out my good credit cards. Anyway, I ordered the DVDs; they arrived in less than 2 weeks (the order form advised up to 6-8 weeks). The price was right on. How ever, after reviewing the bill, I realized that after the 30 day trial period, I would be shipped and billed for 4 new DVDs- two Laugh-In, followed 2 weeks later by 2 Dean Martin show DVDs. The billing price would be $19.95 EACH, plus $5.95 S/H. That would total to $103.60 every 4 weeks for 4 single 1 hour DVDs. If you watch the infomercials, they allude to the fact that additional DVDs cost more, but they dont tell you that you have to pay almost $104 a month for 4 poorly made DVDs.  I immediately called the customer service number for Gunther-Renky, the company offering the DVDs. I was repeatedly asked to reconsider, told I could always return future DVDs for a full refund (even though the packaging the trial offer DVDs came in said that I couldnt return if opened), I was even transferred to 2 other people, one a 'fellow associate', the other a 'supervisor', all of whom tried to convince me to not only continue receiving the DVDs, but to also sign up for other classic TV collections. (By the way, when talking to someone at a call center, if you are transferred to a specialist, supervisor, team leader, group leader, manager, etc, that is complete crap. All they do is transfer you to another CSR, Customer Service Rep, who claims to be the person of authority. I worked at a call center for a year, and 3 of my friends work for competitors of the company I worked for.) I repeatedly declined, and after getting nowhere, I finally informed the 'supervisor' that it did not matter if they cancelled my order or not, I had paid for the trial episodes with a prepaid visa that had a zero balance. I told him to go right ahead and continue sending me the unwanted DVDs, and to send me any DVD collection they had, as I would get it all for free. At that the 'supervisor' became angry and belligerent, insinuating I was a thief and a scam artist. I eventually just hung up on him. The funny thing was, I received 5 more shipments (of 2 DVDs each) from Gunther-Renky, 3 Laugh-In and 2 Dean Martin DVDs - it took them almost 8 weeks to realize I was not kidding about the prepaid credit card. I even tried to return the shipments, I wrote 'Recipient refused, return to sender' in big black letters like the post master told me, and with in 3 weeks, I received all 5 shipments BACK from Gunther-Renky. According to the post office, they had refused to accept them at the Gunther-Renky warehouse. The post master told me to just keep the DVDs, which I did. I suspect what this is about is they don't have to issue refunds for the returned DVDs if they refuse to accept them. So, while I am somewhat upset with Gunther-Renky for misleading me (and countless others) as to the real price of the DVD collections and how hard it is to cancel the reoccurring shipments, I feel I should thank them for shipping me so many free DVDs (which, by the way, I copied to VHS then sold to a pawn shop for $3 a piece, it was nice to get 30 bucks for free from Gunther-Renky) 

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