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Lauren Hutton Face Disk Complaints
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1/12/2007 - Pam writes:
I ordered Lauren Huttens face disk with the 30 day trial for $29.95, was billed $90.00 right off and after a week called on it because I had not received the product. I called on it and I was told it was back ordered and I was billed all at once for the make up discs. I said I wanted to cancel my order due to the poor business it was doing and they refused to credit my account. I was told it would be in route to my home shortly. I explained to the customer service girl that I was talking to that the product would not be opened and sent right back. I hung up when she was telling me I was missing out on Good Stuff.

4/28/2006 - Janelle writes:
I heard about Lauren Hutten's makeup on a TV commercial this morning.  I thought it sounded like a great deal for only $29.95.  When I called to order, I found out that I could try the product for 30 days and then either send it back or be charged additional money.  I said "no thank you".  The sales rep. tryed to convince me that I should try the product.  I said I thought the ad was misleading.  I don't like being misled by a TV commercial.

4/14/2006 - Janice writes:
First problem, I was misled to believe that the Lauren Hutton cosmetics were only $29.95.  They were in fact 3X$29.95.  I decided to let that slide as my mistake in not listening clearly to the TV info commercial. Second problem: I received additional makeup about 3 months later and was billed $28.90. I called and was scolded by their customer service because I had opened the box.  I opened it because I didn't know what it was.  I insisted they take it back that I did not order it.  They said that I had agreed to this shipment/purchase when I placed the original order. They took it back but only credited me $19.95.I called them for the entire credit and was told that they wouldn't credit the $8.95 shipping.  They said I had joined a club when I placed the original order.I told them I never joined a club. I was directed to leave a message with a "supervisor" on voice mail.  I did so and do not yet know whether or not I will need to escalate this further in order to receive the $8.95.  I liked the makeup but won't purchase this again due to the scamming nature or their marketing.

4/9/2006 - Gina writes:
I saw the infomercial on tv and thought this product seemed 2 good 2 be true.  $29.99 for makeup - the face disk, brushes & bag with a 30 day money back offer if not satisfied.  I was ready to order 2 for myself (I'm 37 years old) and 2 for my mom (68 years old)... so I jump on-line and read through all the information to find it's $29.99 for the first month and if you don't return it you'll be billed for two more months! This make up (since it's all inclusive: foundation, blush, cover, etc.) may be worth the price; however there is NO WHERE at ANY TIME do they advertise the additional payments.  I only found it because I was going to order on line instead of calling in.  So - no I DID NOT order anything. Buyer BEWARE!!  If it seems too good to be true - it probably is!

2/15/2006 - Francoise writes:
In December, I purchased the Lauren Hutton make up for woman over 40 (advertised on her website for $30.00). A real deal, it cames with a video on how to use her products. I bought it because it was Lauren Hutton and I really liked her (see the "d" at the end of "like"?). Anyway, to my surprise, I saw a $29.95 charge to my credit card on February 14th (Valentine's Day!), and was sure I did not purchase anything from Lauren Hutton. Convinced that someone was using her name to cheat and steal, I called the customer service number of her website. I started to explain that someone was using her name with my credit card number. At the end, to my surprise, I was told that the price was $90.00 and was billed monthly for three months. I replied that I was sure that I never saw or heard that. A very firm and slightly defensive voice answered: "The price is very clearly indicated on the website!" I realized there was a problem, said "Thank you" politely and went back to the website. Surprise! It had changed. Not the same presentation, and of course, the $90.00 was displayed indeed. Was about that? Oh well, I guess Lauren needs money. Lets hope she will not get herself in too much trouble over this!!!  Good luck to her. Bad luck for me. (PS. Her products are ok, luckily).

12/24/2005 - Gwen writes:
The T.V. ad for the face disc seems so wonderful; Now make-up for us women over 40!!! Only $29.95. But when you call to order, you find out that that you will be charged $29.95 2 MORE times. $90 plus. Nowhere in the long TV ad does it even mention the additional charges. Ms. Hutton seems so sincere about trying to help us, the over 40 group that main stream cosmetic companies have forgotten. She goes on & and on about bucking the system in her career and in developing products that work for us. I don't know if it works or not, I was not going to spend $90 to find out. If she knows about the marketing "strategy" (deception) she should be ashamed. If she doesnt know then what type of Business Woman is she? SHAME ON HER EITHER WAY!!!!

10/8/2005 - Marianne writes:
A couple of weeks before that, I attempted to order  Lauren Hutten make up from an infomercial and they said they knew I would like the product so much that I would want to have it coming to my home on a regular basis and they would add that to my order and charge my credit card. I said I wanted to try the product first and don't want any purchases added to my credit card without my placing the order. They said you can cancel whenever you want. Then the salesman told me that was the only offer they had at the present time. That was false advertising as the product was advertised in the informercail for around $30 and no mention was made that you had to purchase more over time. So, I hung up. what is up with this? Does Lauren Hutten know this is the way they are trying to push her product? 

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