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Lazer Storm Vac Complaints (Formerly by Singer)
Total Complaints: 203
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3/20/2007 - Cheryl writes:
Apparently, like so many others I went on line after seeing the TV ad for the Lazer Storm Vac on 8/30/2005, got through with all the ordering on line, got an order number as confirmation, yet with no final total. Printed out the last page the internet gave me, had the 800 number from TV. After my credit card was charged and I received no further notice, I called the 800 number and received notification that there were back orders and it would take at least 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. I called up after that but got no answer. I still have no vac and am out $151.27. Is everyone just writing these emails to complain about Igia for nothing. As far as I am concerned, The "as seen on tv network" should be held responsible.

3/6/2007 - Charlotte writes:
I ordered the Singer Lazer Storm Vacuum in September of 2005. I was billed $313.17 and have never recieved the product, so I suppose I do not own the product but I guess you can say I attempted to try the product. Why is this type of scam and ripoff allowed be profitable? The television stations should be more responsible for what they allow to get aired. If the stations had to make good on any advertisment I bet scam and ripoffs like this would cease. I wonder if the television station was paid for their airtime. I am now trying the 800 # but I am afraid they will bill my account again if I should happen to reach someone. Can someone tell me how to get my money back or am I just venting to make myself more upset aboutthe $313.70 I NEED!!!!

2/26/2007 - Debbie writes:
August26,2005 $313.70 was deducted from my account, twice the agreed upon amount. I canceled immediatly. Customer service said I would get a full refund. Almost two years have gone by. I have sent many emails and called many times now there numbers have been disconnected.

2/22/2007 - Kathleen writes:
The stories are all the same . I ordered and vac. and get one free also a free hand held steam cleaner, filter etc. I was never given an amount total which I did not like. The box arrived and there were 4 vac's and then I returned one set. Well as of Feb 22, 2007 I am still waiting for my refund of 238.00 . Not to mention the numerous hours that I have spent on the phone. All I have every gotten when I have spoke to someone is lies, lies and more lies. LET'S DO SOMETHING !!!!

2/21/2007 - Niccolette writes:
I had order 2 sets of vacums since december 2006 and had spoken to someone about my order They told me that i would get my vacums within two weeks And still waiting yet I had also paid by visa card I'm been calling the 800 number but no one ever answer Can someone help Niccolette

2/20/2007 - AnaRosa writes:
On November 2005 I ordered online my new vacuum which I had paid a total of 208.16 That amount that was charged inmediately to my debit card. Since that time, November 2005 I have been patiently waiting for my storm vacuum but never arrived. I placed so many so phone calls and wrote customer service a few times and I was told I was going to receive my money back since the vacuums and filters where in backorder. They never did! Can someone please take charge of my claim? I am a single mother of one, money is tight and these people are the worst ones I have encountered in my whole life! Thanks! Ana Rosa

2/14/2007 - Amy writes:
I feel everyone's pain and anguish with this bogus company. The only nice thing that came out of the whole ordeal, is that my bank, (Wachovia)put the money this stupid company stole from me back into my account. (I used my debit card)I had to fill out alot of paperwork, but I did get my money back. I have even gone as far as contacting my local cable company to warn them that they are airing a bogus infomercial, but they don't seem to care. My advice is to call your banks and credit card companies. Hopefully you all will eventually get your money back. Good luck!

1/25/2007 - John writes:
I ordered 3 vaccums, and some extra filters for $199.00 in sept 2005. I have yet to recieve a vaccum or have my money returned. i have e-mailed them several times. and as of today i haven't heard anything from them.

1/19/2007 - Karen writes:
I ordered the Singer Lazer Storm vacuum on-line on August 11, 2005. My credit card was charged in the amount of $201.11. I cancelled the order that day by phone. Today is January 19, 2007. I still have not received a refund nor has my credit card been credited. I call, phone, e-mail constantly. Each time I call and actually get to speak to a live person, I am told a different (oftentimes conflicting) story. I don't know what to do now.

1/10/2007 - Dawn writes:
I ordered one of this product based on the infomercial July 2005. If I made 1 payment, I was to receive a steamer at no charge. I have received the vacuum - it does not measure up to the advertisement. The steamer I was told in November 2006 is still on backorder. Besides not receiving the steamer yet, I am not pleased with this company because my account was debited over $400.00. Because I used a debit card, charges cannot be disputed, as with credit cards. I spoke with Anna/Tactica on 12/14/06 and my refund (long overdue) was to go out week of 12/18/06. I have received nothing to date. Has anyone gotten any satisfaction from this company yet?

1/9/2007 - Debra writes:
I purchased the vacumes and did not like them. I returned them in April of 2006 and never got a refund. I have sent too many emails with no response and too many phone calls to not get my refund. I hope I get contacted if there is a class action law suit. It is truely unbelievable what they can do to people for this useless product. I believe they will reap what they soe but it will take time........Deb Washington, Ct

1/6/2007 - Geri writes:
i had ordered the singer laser storm vacuum on july 5/05. i have never received the order or my money back. i have called so many times that i lost count. i talked to jessica who asked me to fax her a copy of my credit card that shows i paid for it. i did this and she called back and left a message saying it would be taken care of right away(i have been told that a few time)- well here we are in january 2007 still no refund. i thought this would be a good vacuum for me not only because it has the singer name but it looks easy to handle and light weight. i have a really hard time vacuuming with the heavy vacuums and not being a well person i thought this was the one for me. i just watched a program on cbc tv called the underdog. i was so excited to see a couple who had been fighting for 1 1/2 years and they got their money back thanks to this show. i'm hoping all of us can get our money back as well. i spent so much time and energy trying to get my money back and i can say it really hurts to be sucked in like this.same on you singer.

12/27/2006 - Don writes:
I bought two of the Lazer Storm Vacs when it was the old Singer line. Never received the order but was billed on my credit card.

12/10/2006 - Miriam writes:
A year ago this month (12/05)I ordered the Wind Storm Vac from TV infomercial and would receive one free vac for placing order along with free S & H. After my credit card was charged $418 for a $120 order I returned (unopened)the vac and attachments. That started the year long phone calls (being on hold 30-45 minutes)and them cut off. When finally talking to many reps with names starting from A-Z I was told the refund check was in the mail. As of today 12/10/06 this company has the equipment I paid for and $418 of my money. How can this be prevented for future buyers and how can our money be refunded?This is straight out Robbery to the American public!

11/29/2006 - Mandy writes:
I thought I was the only one! I have been trying to settle this for a little over a year. I returned everything and no money returned. They kept telling me I should be getting my refund and now they put me on hold and then eventually hang up on me. This is not right, I am going to get my money back if it takes me two or three years. I dont know who this company thinks they are. I plan on taking action and if anyone else would like to please let me know the more the better.

11/21/2006 - Lorena writes:
I purchased the Laser Storm Vacuum back in July of 2005 I purchased one vacuum and they would include the second one for free. The pachage arrived and it had four vacuum cleaners in it, I called them to inform them of the mistake and I was told to put the two vacuums that I did not order back in the box and place it on my front porch so fedex could pick it up, and they would refund me my money for that extra order as soon as they recieved it. A month went by and I never noticed a refund on my bank statements. I called on october 10 2005 and spoke to a lady named Niurka and she said I should recieve the refund within the next 14 days, I never did. I called again on December 14 2005 and a girl named Gloria said someone would call me back, Gloria called me back later and said I would recieve the refund in the next 14 days, that never happend either. When she called me back I wrote down the number that came up on the caller I.D. and when ever I call they say it is corporate office and transfer me. I called today 11-21-06 and they transfered me again the catch is nobody never answers and of course it is not a 1-800# and I don't know what else to do. Its been over a year now and they owe me over $150.00, we need to stop this.

11/10/2006 - Leslie writes:
I ordered 2 vaccums, but they sent me four and billed me for four!!!I returned them on aug. 2005. I can not get through on the 800 number!. I did receive one e-mail stating they would refund me but here it is Nov. 2006 and still no money!! As far as I am concerened they are thieves!!! They stole from me!!!

11/4/2006 - Susanlynn writes:
I will be brief -- look at other postings to see what is obviously going on. Ordered and received vaccums. Returned product with UPS receipt confirmed. IGIA (after sending it out months after the order, yet charging us immediately) kept promising refund. Dates were even given for refund to hit card. After trying to work with IGIA I finally went to my credit card company and they said it was too late to get a refund thru them. Now everytime we call IGIA we are on hold forever and then get dropped by them. Maybe they realize that the world is on to them. Unfortunately, I have no idea what we can do. How pathetic.

10/30/2006 - Cassandra writes:
we bough this product on 8/12/05 with our credit card and tried it for 30 days call the customer care number, used the emial adress they gave use got a return adress abd sent the two back that they sent us. and as of 10/30/06 we still have not got a refund. on the copy of our invoice and the response of the email from the custome care I have the different 1800 numbers with operators names that now are no longe in service, or we get disconnected, do to the overwelming response. I am still trying to get our $190 credited to our credit card.

10/23/2006 - Angie writes:
On 6/2/06 I purchase the Lazer Storm Vac and I also was charged for 4 to my credit card. I called the 1800 number and was assurd that I could send the vaccums back and I would be reimbursed my money plus shipping. After much run around about what to do, my 60 days had elapsed to get a refund from American Express. I have sent numerous letters and emails and phone calls like everyone else. I wish that I had read this before buying. Now, after waiting for the refund, it has affected my credit. Thanks a lot!!!

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