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Leak Ender 2000 Complaints
Total Complaints: 5
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12/13/2006 - Jamie writes:
The order took 3 weeks to get the spray to my house. Once I got the leak ender I had already gotten the plumber to fix the 1st issue. A few months later I discoverd a small leak under my sink, so I shut everything off sprayed the leak area and waited 30 minutes then turned the water on. Was the leak fixed? NO! A matter of fact not only did I still have a leak, now I had a mess from the HOAX SPRAY! Don't buy this crap!! Hairspray would have done just as good...

11/28/2005 - Fred writes:
I purchased this product, and received it within a reasonable amount of time.  I have tried it on several occasions and this product sucks.  It dosen't do the job as advertised on TV.

8/23/2005 - Patty writes:
I placed an order for this product in April 2005.  The check cleared the bank but as of 08/23/05 I still have not received the product.  When I called the 800 number I was told "they" did not have a phone number to call re: this product & they had a different PO box in a different state.

Jennie writes:
What a joke!! This product took over 3 weeks to finally get to me and I used it exactly to the instructions. When I was ready to turn my water back on to see if the miracle Leak Ender fixed the leak, water shot all over and it was apparent to me that this product is a hoax! They did not send any return address or phone number along with the product. I have been trying desperately to return this horrible product and get my $20.95 back. It had a 30 day guarantee but it has been over 30 days since I cant get ahold of anyone! I have no phone # or return address. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it. LEAKENDER2000 does NOT work. Oh I did call the number on my credit card when it was charged to me, but the number is no longer in service. I have my credit card company investigating this matter. 

David writes:
Label says "Immediately seals air and water leaks from just about anything." I shook the can up completly as the insructions said, then sprayed on the leaking part. It went on no thicker than a coat of paint, nothing like it showed on TV. I waited 24 hours and I could wipe it off with my finger. It was no way it could stop a leak!!

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