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Leg Magic Complaints
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2/18/2007 - Dianna writes:
My order just disappeared alltogether. I saw the infomercial and was really excited about this product, so I called to place an order. Everything seemed fine, and I chose the option to make one payment which was supposed to make my item ship more quickly, with no additional fee. It's been 6 weeks, and I have not received anything. When i checked my credit card statemtn, nothing was ever billed to me. I guess I should be thankful since most people seem to have been over-charged. Unfortunately I still like the idea behind this product and wish there was a safe way to order one

2/5/2007 - Michen writes:
I saw the product on TV and wanted one! I ordered it without any problem. (12 Jan) it says it takes 2-6 weeks to arrive. I called their customer service number and the rep hung up on me three times. I do not want to be charged $164.80 for something I will not receive. I am going to do my best to stop this charge!

2/3/2007 - Elaine writes:
I ordered this product really excited to get it. Everything in my ordering process when fine. I recieved my confirmation order and then today about a week later I was looking at my bank statement online and noticed that $56.17 is going to be pulled out of my account monday. Okay, I have not recieved any notice that my order has been sent yet. And even if they have there only suppose to charge $14.95 when the item is shipped, then the $49.95 30 days later followed by the other two payments. I found the customer service e-mail on here by what another person left and I e-mailed them wanting to know the status on my order. By the way, has anyone even recieved their leg magic machine yet?

1/28/2007 - Julia writes:
I read these complaints and decided to order it anyway. Stupid! Exact same thing happened to me: ordered one, declined the 2nd, declined the upgrade, tried to decline the extended warranty and when it wouldn't let me, I just left the site without completing the order. And was charged anyway! For 2 machines! I will try to cancel the order, but certainly will refuse the package, and will report this as internet fraud. These are words to the wise, which does not include me at this point!

1/27/2007 - Erin writes:
When I place my order, it ask you if you would like a second one I press 0. When I hit enter I was charged for 2 machines. I call costumer service they said it takes 24 to 48 hours to download into there system.

1/18/2007 - Heidi writes:
The web page order invites you to order additional upgrades by agreeing to the selected yes box or you can change your selection to zero. The setting is defaulted to 1; it ignores your input. The web page ignored my request to not order the trial fee as well. Instead of an order of $149 plus what I would have expected to pay for shipping, around $15.00 for $164, my web order came to $284.65. There was no entry for me to cancel the order. I called up customer service number given (1 877 206 6760) immediately and the representative said that the order would not be downloaded for 24 hours. This meant I could not immediately correct the order. I requested their email address ([email protected]) and emailed my complaint with my order number.

1/4/2007 - Lynn writes:
I saw the infomercial and went to the web site. The front page claims an introductory offer for $14.95. I clicked the place order now and completed the purchase information fields. It then asks if I would like an additional one for my friends for $149.00 and defaults it to a quantity of 1. I replaced the 1 with a 0. It asks me again, how many I would like for my friends at $149.00. Again I changed it to 0. When I hit enter, I got a confirmation for a purchase of $164.80..for one machine!

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