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Lens Dr. Complaints
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2/12/2007 - Anna writes:
I ordered this prduct and never recieved it but was charged over $50.00 to my credit card when Iwas told it would be $14 95 plus shipping. I then called them and they said they could not refund me .

1/27/2007 - Charles writes:
i purchased this product at [], the "original lens drx" and followed the directions. like most everyone here has stated, it smeared the lenses and made my prescription worse. i have made an appointment to get new lenses now, as the prescription was old anyways. the kicker came this morning when i tried to clean my glasses with professional [] optical cleaning pads, which are specifically for eyeglasses and which i know for a fact to have worked before. i was shocked to pull the pad away and see that the front of my lense was now opaque! i couldn't even see through the left lense any more! luckily, i still had the product, and if it's any help to anyone out there, you can actually use the "step 1 cleaning solution" to remove the "step 2" treatment gunk from your lenses! it seems like the "treatment solution" is just some kind of crap that dries over the lenses, hiding the scratches! now i can use my lenses again. they are just as scratched as they were before i used the "treatment" but at least they are clean and focus correctly again!

1/24/2007 - Paul writes:
To anyone considering purchasing this product; PLEASE do yourself a favor and don’t do it. This product has been one of the most successful scams in the history of internet and TV infomercial scams. They claim that this new “space age polymer” can eliminate scratches from any lenses you use it on. I have documented numerous reports from victims of this scam. So far there hasn’t been one single case that this product has ever worked as advertised. In most cases it has actually rendered the lenses un-usable. This was actually documented in a case study with the Lions Club in Virginia where they receive thousands of pairs of glasses with scratched lenses each year that are sent in for recycling. They had more than one person testing several lens over a period of weeks and never was able to salvage even one pair of glasses. I personally ordered this product in order to perform my own tests. My problems started with the order itself. I placed the order on December 20, 2006 at 8:40am. The reason I know the exact time is because I copied the order confirmation page and saved it for reference in case it was needed. Well, good thing because I called the company on January 24, 2007 at 11:00am. It took 10 minutes on hold before I could talk with anyone. Once I had a live person on the phone, I asked them to check on the status of my order. The individual I spoke with told me that I would receive my order in approximately 4 weeks. I asked what was taking so long and he said that the order was only placed on January 18, 2007. I said that was impossible and that I have proof to show when the order was placed and confirmed. He then changed his story somewhat and stated that the Lens Dr product was on backorder and that I would have to wait. I asked him how long it had been on backorder and he avoided my question by telling me once again that I would get my order in approximately 4 weeks. I repeated my question and he finally answered that it had been on backorder since December 2, 2006 and that they did not expect to get any new product in for another two or three weeks. Needless to say, I checked my credit card statement and they had not yet charged my card so I called back and canceled my order. This company is obviously in the business to lie to you about you order status and if you hang around long enough to actually get the product, you will end up having to buy new lenses because the product itself is a lie. In my opinion, The Original Lens Doctor is not a legitimate company. It is a group of scam artists trying to make millions and they are succeeding. Please do not become their next victim. Do the research for yourself and you will see that there are literally thousands of complaints about this company and yet the company has never once tried to defend themselves.

1/21/2007 - James writes:
When I seen this pr4oduct on TV. I order the product as it sounded great. I was even talked into several other products to review and could cancel within thirty day with out any charges to my credit card. I first notice the charges to my credit card with out receiving the products that was promised. When I inquired I had to call customer service a number of times before I was able to reach a rep. When I finally reached the rep. I was told that my order had been canceled with out notice to me. This made me mad, however I reordered the product via the computer and even paid the $2.95 for rush shipment. I received an email from the company stating that my order had been received and was being processed. This was on 01-05-07 and as of 01-21-07, I still do not have the product. I wave now written the company via email (and saved the email for further procedings) and told then to cancel the order and do not bill my credit card for any thing or the would be reported the the Federal Trade Commission. Thanks to my credit card service which is American Express, The charges that they did bill to my card was disputed and the credit card service reversed the charges to them.

1/3/2007 - Don writes:
the commercial advertised Buy one and we will send you two for $14.95 plus shipping..I ordered it and got two. they charged me $47.70 and the junk ruined my glasses...it desolves the shim tape used to keep the lenses in the frames..The company does not answer the phone and it is a hassle to get the credit card company to take care of this. RIP off.

1/3/2007 - Janis writes:
I ordered the Lens Dr. RX (professional kit)several weeks ago and paid $2.95 for rush delivery. In checking on status of order for the 2nd time, I found out that you wouldn't get it any quicker by paying for the rush delivery. I was told two weeks ago that it would be shipped last week; however, today I was told it would be another 4-6 weeks before delivery. Was told the delivery would be the same whether paying the $2.95 extra or not. I can't imagine the number of people who pay the $2.95 thinking they would get rush delivery (which means a lot more in this company's pocket!). We cancelled our order and glad to know we didn't get taken in by this company. Hopefully, people will think twice before ordering this product.

12/31/2006 - Bobby writes:
A Plain word cover this product - SUCKS Don't buy it or you will be sorry you did. It will ruin your glasses, as the other complaint states.

8/18/2006 - Melanie writes:
Just one use of Lens Dr. on my progessive lenses rendered the lenses virtually useless. It somehow smeared the lenses and the prescription no longer works. I used the product on lenses that were only 6 mos old and now I have to go out and purchase new lenses at a cost of $150 (for the lenses alone). DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT!!

8/17/2006 - Scott writes:
I was taken by this one too. What was I thinking? Not much I guess. I didn't try to return it I just sucked it up and scored one for the bad guys.

6/1/2006 - Rebecca writes:
I bought this pricey little bottle of Lens Dr. hoping that it could extend the life of my young daughter's expensive glasses but what a mistake! It did nothing but make it worse! After I saw what it did to the lenses, I had to scrape and scrub to get it off! I hope that noone else will waste their money on this worthless product.

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