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Leptopril Complaints
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12/10/2006 - Ollie writes:
TO NOT BELIEVE that hag in the commerical saying when this shit is worth $153 dollars a bottle....This product is complete bullshit, followed everything the guidelines said even seek medical advice for it. I myself and my father have both tried this loosy shit for nothing sugar pills to only feel hyper during the night and DEAD tired during the day. DO NOT !!!!I REPEAT!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!! This crap is not worth the price a Willie WONKA candy pills are and that says alot.. I have gotten from weird headaches, to having to shit in the bathroom like it was my job (please excuse my language), to COMPLETE appetite lose, to unusual urges to consume everything in sight....my life has been down hill. Besides the fact and the actual truth i was hospitalized when my symptoms worstened due to bloody stoolsi in month period using it......the story does not end there, the billing and other problems they've caused for me and my card company is unbelieveable but i do not feel like its that important compared to the health problems it has caused for me.....PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT I RATHER BE "CONSIDERED" OVERWEIGHT BY THEM THEN TO EVER TRY THIS SCAM PILL AGAIN DO NOT BUY!!!!!!! DO NOT TRY!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO LISTEN TO THAT SCAM COMMERICAL!!!!!!!!

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