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9/21/2006 - Ernest writes:
I returned a duplicate product that was sent to me and requested that a refund be made. Three weeks later, I emailed asking when I would receive the refund for the unordered, second shipment. Three days later, I received an email saying that they had no record of receipt but that they would refund as soon as they received proof of delivery. I faxed a copy of the USPS proof of delivery card and called to see that the fax arrived. I was told they could not access faxes for 48 hours since the machine was in another building. When I asked to be transferred, the customer rep hung up. I called again and asked for the name on the email and was told no such person worked for their company.

7/30/2005 - Shirley writes:
Product did not work, I called to get a refund and was told no!  I was told I did not respond within the 30 days, which I did.  Every time I tried to called  they were closed. I asked if they were a rip off company, and I was told yes. 

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