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Lint B Gone Complaints
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2/23/2007 - Mike writes:
My wife got a set of these a year ago. It was pretty crappy but she kept them. A few months later another set arrived without her ordering them. She sent those back but we never received a credit. Today another unordered set arrived. Once again no paperwork. I had her credit card canceled and reissued. Don't buy this product! The company cannot be found (the return address doesn't exist according to Google). It is a complete scam and who know's what they'll do with your credit card info. The return address appears to be in Connecticut. I suspect it's a fullfillement house. Tomorrow I will see if this constitues postal fraud and if the USPS will do something about it.

2/20/2007 - Holly writes:
I ordered the "Buy one, get one free" version. First, they made it unclear on the website whether you needed to order two or if by ordering one you got the free one automatically. I ordered them on Dec 1, 2006. It is Feb 20 and am still Lint B Gone-less. I did place a call about two weeks after I ordered to verify the status of my order and found out at that time they were poised to charge my card a whole lot more because I had ordered two (meaning four total). I explained that I only want two total and she supposedly changed it. She also told me they were out of stock because "they were sold out" and waiting on new products to come in. Hmmm...it's been almost 12 weeks....how long can it take to make some overgrown pipe cleaners???

1/5/2007 - Opal writes:
Lint-b Gone advertised for $10. Will throw in a second set free which you can give as a gift. Plus $7.95 shipping & handling. Was charged $25.90.Had no e-mail confirm, or invoice. Upon calling 1-888-474-9371, Toronto Canada, I got a run around statement which the operator in which the operator sais the additional $7,95 was for an 'upgrade'! WE have ben taken.

9/14/2006 - Alice writes:
I received the lint b gone brushes. They looked like branches off an artificial Christmas tree!!I was charged 37.86 for this "crap" on my credit card,however,there was not an invoice with the items NOR did I ever receive an invoice in the mail.There also was no way for me to speak to them.I did return the brushes to the address on the package,however,there has not been a credit of 37.86 on my credit card account yet. Do you know "how" I can speak to these people?

9/4/2006 - Susan writes:
I bought lint b gone from Eagle Eye Marketing. The total charge was suppose to be under $20.00. They charged me double at $39.00. They did not include any shipping documents. If you want to pay double the quoted price than the product is O.k. I would not have purchased this product for what they charged me!

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