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Lipozene Complaints
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11/13/2006 - Donna writes:
I ordered lipozene with my bank card the company placed me on the continuous order list without my authorization I acalled them and they were evasive and didnt want me to recieve a refund they said it would be 30-45 days I made myself very clear and they ignored me they wanted my card number before exlaining the program to me I told them I was in a fixed income

11/2/2006 - Heidi writes:
I recently had my son and Lipozene promised to burn "FAT". Thats what I needed to lose...Well, it's been a month and a half and NOTHING has happened. On top of the dissapointing results, which would have been better dealt with if I wouldn't have been charged over $50 6 days after recieving Lipozene, I was told by their customer service rep that they could not refund my purchase price... even though I was guaranteed that and did NOT authorize the 2nd transaction! A huge RIP-OFF!!!!

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