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Luminator Sunglasses Complaints
Total Complaints: 11
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9/20/2006 - Rob writes:
I purchased this product on line and they were very happy to respond to some questions I had. The next day, I decided I didn't want them and used the same email address to cancel the order. I sent 3 emails requesting cancellation, with no response. Four days later, they charged my credit card. I did receive the product, but didn't think it was worth the $$. I returned them via UPS and they have had them for a week. I have sent 3 requests asking for the status of my refund - NO RESPONSE! I will be contacting my credit card company about a dispute. DON'T DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!

9/5/2006 - Brenda writes:
I did not order these sunglasses because I have a complaint against them that starts at the order process level. Everyone who believes they have a 6 week warranty should go to the Luminator website and read all of the "small print" in the FAQs section. It does say you have a 6 week warranty and the returned product must be received by the company within the 6 weeks very clearly. But if you read on, it also states that the 6 week warranty is calculated from the ORDER date (and delivery can take up to 4 weeks!!!). So what happened to your 6 week warranty?...up to 4 weeks of it can be eaten up in delivery time. This in itself seems to be a clear indicator that things aren't on the up-and-up and to me, speaks volumes about the commitment level of customer service.

8/26/2006 - Russell writes:
I bought 2 pairs, they do not work as sold,they do not provide enough protection on my face,they do not have wrap around protection,they do not enhance colors,they add a rose tint,they are not worth the $$$ and the $ 12 warranty talk about scam,,,i am trying to return them, but can not find thier site

7/31/2006 - Peggy writes:
These are a scam. They do not do what the infomercial says. You can buy the same glasses at []! We returned the glasses the next day after receiving them in the mail. The charge on our credit card has still not been reversed nor can we get a hold of the company!

3/9/2006 - Allan writes:
I bought 2 pair after watching the TV infomercial. I liked the glasses but both pair broke at the top frame close to the nose bridge.  This was after about a year and a half. I emailed Luminator (no phone number or mailing address).  I got a quick response from the new president who took over in Nov 2005,  They state that since I didn't purchase the extended warranty the glasses were only guaranteed for 6 weeks.  I never would have bought the glasses if this fact had been mentioned in the infomercial .  RIP OFF

1/19/2006 - Lawrence writes:
Rip-off Luminator Sun Glasses. I saw the infomercial on TV when I was in Reno, Nv. and when I gor home from my trip I order two pair of the clip-ons to help with the morning sun driving to work. I NEVER recieved them. They Charged my crit card with no problem. You can't contact them, only auto response emials and a busy signal on the phone. When I did get them thay said the order had been sent and that I was past the dead line to do any thing about them. Don't Purchase from These RIP_OFFS

12/29/2005 - Rick writes:
Attention! These people are thieves, they will steal from you , rob you , take from you, and not worry too much about it. They refused to refund me my money on these glasses, they claim that they did not get it in their return department, when in fact all they did was resold the item when they accepted the return and falsely claim that records show that it never arrived. These are crooks who think that the public are stooges. F-- em .  Call the Better business bureau, the attorney general, and whomever will listen to you. Thieves are to be punished.

12/28/2005 - Vicki writes:
I ordered two pairs of sunglasses and an extended warranty and they arrived and broke the first week.  I have not been successful in returning these or honoring the warrenty, which included replace of broken up to 5 years.  I would like to be reimbursed for the full cost.  They do not return calls.

11/28/2005 - Frank writes:
I purchased two pai of the sunglasses from a T. V. infomercial in August of 2005. The charged my credit card. The glasses were delivered about three weeks later. I returned them well within the alloted return period but never received a refund. They also overcharged my credit card. I tried reaching them in Draper, Utah which was an address given to me by their former indenpendant customer relations company, NovePointe, LLC, located in Ontario, California. They directed me to a P. O. Box number 125 in Draper. All indications are leading me to believe they are a scam, and I wonder why the States Attorney and the U. S. Attorney General haven't been involved up to now. Frank

11/20/2005 - Richard writes:
Rip-off Luminator Sun Glasses. I saw the infomercial one morning and thought that I would order a pair of the clip-ons to help me see during my morning flying lessons. I NEVER recieved them. They charged my Debit card with no problem. You can't contact them, only auto response emials and a busy signal on the phone. I have tried a dozen times. Don't Purchase From These RIP_OFFS

11/9/2005 - Amanda writes:
I bought these sunglasses off of TV, but now I can't even contact the company to return them.  They said they were money back guarantee, but they didn't send me any information when I recieved them and there is absolutely no number.  I feel like I have been ripped off big time! 

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