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Magic Bullet Blender Complaints
Total Complaints: 9
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2/12/2007 - Kira writes:
I bought this [] so I didn't expect to be able to return it easily. I was fairly disappointed in that it is only good for those items you want minced. No good for chopping. I can only use it for protein shakes, coffee grinding, and chopping herbs. The blender and juicer attachments are a complete joke and useless. I just think of it as a useful personal blender that's easy to clean when I want to make a shake or smoothee.

2/8/2007 - Sharon writes:
You'd be better off investing in a good set of knives rather than buy this. I cook a lot and I thought this would help me in prep work. Everything that I put into it was pulverized. The only thing I found it worked well on (until it broke within three months), was protein drinks and grinding coffee. The infomerical uses many of them at one time, which leads the consumer to think that you really save time, but actually it works against you because for each different item you chop, you have to either use a new containter or you have to wash the blades, which takes more time than it's worth. The blender and juicer are not worth the plastic they are made of. It's cheaply made, and you are better off buying chef's knives or a mandolin to slice. Don't bother!

1/2/2007 - Keri writes:
I bought this product from a store and got it pretty cheap.. It has worked ok but i was very disappointed when the commercial shows it chopping onions and other smaller vegetables perfect and when i do it no matter how many times it ends up in mush and the onions never get cut all the way...I still use it but only to grind my coffee it works ok for that other than that i use my blender or knives. I definetly wouldnt suggest anyone to waste their money and buy it online or tv.

12/30/2006 - Lindy writes:
Well it wasn't me that got this product, it was mother. She was exited to get this product. It only made one severing and kept locking up and then the lid would come off. She was so upset with it she took it back to the store. That was sad that it didn't work like the TV said it would.

12/12/2006 - Camille writes:
I ordered the bogo free...this product did not do that...it cost way, way more than they quoted on TV... The plastic bands on both sets have broken almost immediately...In fact one of the bands was chopped in with the food and I am sure I swallowed some of those pieces, thinking it was some coconut flakes I had added. Though I have made some successful,frozen fruit desserts...chicken salads, etc,it is much more difficult to use then the demonstrations show... I would not buy this item again, even though I have seen the same product in stores and it was priced much lower... They packaging they used was heavily saturated with chemical odors that made me quite ill...

12/10/2006 - Donna writes:
My friend and I went in on the bogo offer. She used hers right away and after using it 3 times the rubber spinner on the bottom started to come apart. I used mine a few weeks later. It is starting to do the same thing. I tried to make smoothies for my kids and it started to leak all over the base. My friend tried to send it back, they told her there is nothing they can do and the warranty was up after 33 days. It was just past the 3 month mark since we bought it. They also told her that the product was not purchased on the official website. This is the site that comes up when you type in Magic Bullet. It has EVERYTHING the "official Magic Bullet" offers.

12/2/2006 - Laura writes:
well we bought the magic bullet for christmas '05 and we were all realy excited because the ad made it look so great. We opened up the recipe book and decided to make the egg salad sandwich. We followed the instructions perfectly and the onions (which we pre chopped) didnt get any smaller so we added the eggs and in two seconds they were liquified. It does not work!!!! to everyone out there dont waste ur money on a piece of crap get a blender and get a food processor or just buy some good knives because the magic bullet sucks!

11/28/2006 - Jen writes:
Bought product with special on buy one get another free, w/ the special juicer attachement and extras. I haven't tried the juicer but have to say, the blender alone is not what it is cracked up to be compared to the infomerical. First of all, it mushes your onion instead of chopping, not matter how hard you try to keep from doing it! Second, you have to use 2 hands to run this thing, one to keep the cup in and turned counterclockwise, the other to push down to get the motor going. Third, when the cup clips into the base, not all the time can you get the motor to turn on, then it has a plastic piece with 3 blades to clip into the bottom of the cup to get the blade to spin. You tap it once, like the infomerical says, and it spins but it sounds god awful, like that little plastic blade is spinning on the underside of the cup, but the cup has detached itself from it. When I first got it, for some reason the milkshake I was making leaked every where into the base, and it's not that easy to clean the base, which is never explained in the infomerical that there are 3 plastic things inside, I guess used when the cup is pressed down on to turn the motor on. The milkshake leaked out in through the base and out the bottom of the motor!! Granted it's nice and fast, convienent with lots of cups, but probably better for a single person and not a family like mine. It's a pain and not worth the amount I paid which was $120 for both sets, shipping is outrageous! They did get it here surprisingly fast. I much rather have used the money for a food processor and blender. I bought this to save some counter space, which it does do in a certain sense compared to 2 big appliances, but the cups do not stack together so it still takes up just as much room in my cabinets. Top all this off, I don't see the motor lasting very long. They send you an extra offer, pay more and get an extended year or 4 year warranty compared to the auto 90 day they initially give you upon buying it. It says in the manual, you can not keep the motor going more than 60 seconds or it shuts the machine down. Then you have to wait forever and a day, unplug it before it'll run again because of some safety mechanism. I haven't had this happen yet, but I don't want to take a chance. It's got a fast motor and powerful, but it nearly oblivates everything you put in it. If you want something quick and don't mind mush, then this be okay, but the cups don't have a large capacity. So making drinks for 4 person family or 2 kids, well your gonna be standing for a few. I rather just dumped it into a blender and get it done once than stand there and hand make drink after drink, grrrr!! Hopefully this helps, save your money and just go to wallie world and buy the 2 seperate units, you'll get better quality and better warranty.

11/16/2006 - Meng writes:
Ordered and 20 minutes latter asked cancel. Told had to call back next morning. Called back @ 6am - thet told me was on the truck - only thing was for me to receive and return forfeiting $40 shipping and paying another $15 in return freight on a $120 total order. These people are dishonest - do not buy from them. Also if you look at ratings on line many people say product does not work and is of very poor quality. Wonder if they write the good ratings, Beware, Beware, Shop elsewhere, Dishonest, Rip off artists,

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