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Matthew Lesko - Free Money Complaints
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1/25/2007 - Kevin writes:
I bought these books a while ago. The infomercial made it sound like the government has secret programs giving away more money than there's gold in Fort Knox. Well... if you want to quit working and go on public assistance you could qualify for some of the programs. I figured out that by keeping your job you could get more money than the programs offer. I chalked it up to a little lost money on a poorly written work of fiction.

8/7/2006 - Bambi writes:
Do Not Buy These Books. Everything listed in them is public information. Most libraries have copies on hand anyway. Even the piddly little library in my old town had a copy and there was very little info in the books that were useful. Some of the addresses and phone numbers were even out of use.

6/18/2006 - Dale writes:
I bought Lesko's books several years ago. When ordering the books, I was told over the phone that I had to also order the tapes to go a long with the books. Well I ordered the tapes and found out when I did receive the book and tapes that they were basically telling you the same thing as the book. The book itelf offered no information that a person couldn't find out at the library or thru the pamplets offered by the goverment in Pueblo, Colorado. Being 100% disabled by the Veteran's Administration, this was very hard earned money to take away from my family to buy these materials hoping to make a better life for us. There should be a law about these con men ripping the public off. The TV stations should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this. They too will do anything for money.

4/30/2006 - Jim writes:
Ditto everyone else, just a waste of time and money, I got it [], so no problem there, just the same there isn't a single usable page for 99% of the people who buy it.Lesko is rich you are out your cash. It is really a shame that television stations allow this scam and others to be run knowing they are rip offs. I really like those stations that have a consumer investigator on their news shows, then accept money from these scams an hour later

1/27/2006 - Brad writes:
I had always suspected that a large majority of what Matthew 'The Riddler' Lesko sells is complete and total bollocks. Seeing as I am one who rarely orders ANYTHING from late night TV or the internet (ok, Im guilty- I did sign up for Time Life 70s AM GOLD, and they are great; and I did buy several of the Laugh-In DVDs, also great) and seeing as I am normally a rather suspicious person, I had a lot of doubts about the claims in Lesko's books. However, I was delighted to find that copies of ALL his books where available at several branches of my local public library, all but the newest two where available for 10 day checkout. Even better, I started perusing the selections at various local used bookstores, and I was able to find several of Lesko's books. I traded used books I had for credit, and was able to get Lesko's latest snake oil cure for $10 in credit. As I had suspected, it was full of info that I already knew. This is info anyone can find out easy and free by simply visiting or calling the welfare office, HUD, the job service, social security, the neighborhood action program office, a veterans service office, or a local charity office. I already knew the supposedly 'secret' info Lesko presents, and more. Being a person that is partially physically disabled and was out of work for 3 years (due to an injury) I had participated in a number of the programs Lesko describes. Programs such as job retraining and placement, SSI, Medicaid, food stamps, and energy assistance. I even went through 4 years of college for free at Uncle Sam's expense, thanks to the US Dept of education's free financial aid for students. However, Lesko wasnt the first person to tell me about these programs. Any graduating high school student knows about financial aid, any poor person knows about welfare. Its a real shame that this man preys on the unfortunate and the impoverished, as its obvious these books are designed for people too poor, uneducated or naive to realize its a scam. I found it even more interesting that in his latest manic outburst on late night TV, Lesko claims to have a 100% satisfaction rating with customers, and that he has never had a single complaint lodged against him with the BBB or a government agency. Yet, I have seen numerous reports online about him being investigated by the FTC, the FCC, the BBB and even various local news stations. Any one who wants to read these books full of obvious, already well known 'secrets' should save themselves the money, and just check out the book from the library, or get it from a used book store.

1/17/2006 - Claudia writes:
Lesko's books are USELESS. All the information contained in them can be found FREE just by going to the US gov's website, your state website or the local library. Much of the freebees he tells you about can be obtained from the US Gov Printing office in Pueblo, Colorado, and a good search engine on the internet will find everything else too. Remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch, despite how convincing Mr. Lesko's ads may be. He make ac like a clown in his commercials, but he's a rich clown at our expense

1/9/2006 - Richard writes:
I bought the book and while I am suggesting that it is a rip-off, if you are a male and white, the book is totally useless.   It is based on government programs for the poor and minorities.  But then again, aren't ALL government programs?

11/23/2005 - Bryan writes:
well, i aquired his book for free. i read some of the nonsense and found out california was not in this book. i found programs for other states but not california. most of the info was useless and sounded like a rip-off to me so i put the book down and read Harry Potter instead

10/4/2005 - Mike writes:
I don't understand how this man is allowed to parade himself around like a banana on national television when his 'recipie for fulfilling your american dream' is a criminal con act.  Anyone remember Miss Cleo?  Somehow the illusion of legitimacy is born if you present yourself in person on air, even , in Lesko's case, as a circus freak posing as a lawn gnome suffering from dementia.  And people buy this stuff.  I bought this book, drunk, and in need of paying for my car, my house , my school and my beer,  thinking that I would get precisely what is advertised 'free money to pay your bills' nothing can be further from the truth.  its sad and twisted what people in this country will do to fulfill their own personal capitalist dream, usually the catalyst to someone elses financial nightmare . [ENRON]  it's just second nature now to lie and to believe what you are being told without question, you see this trend in all facets of life here.  What happened to the 'Great American Dream?'  Was there ever such thing?  Why has it been corrupted? Because greed has become a virtue, not a sin. Why is this man  not in jail?  or in a zoo?  Forty Bucks for a list of your local government services.   The ironic part is he scams you out of money by making you think you have encountered a too-good-to-be true get rich quick scheme, only to fulfill his own b.s. get-rich-quick scheme.  Only this is a blatant lie.  This man is cheating ordinary folks out of hard earned cash , and he should be ashamed, and prosecuted.   In an attempt to refund, I was gutted further when the company refused to believe I had even purchased the book in the first place.  I can see here on this site this answer has become commonplace business practice in LESKO corp.  I would like to know what we can do, as vigilant American citizens, to stop this man and his vile, criminal and downright bizarre and dangerous behavior  .  He looks like a child molester from the abyss of my worst nightmares.  At least he shows his handicapped mug on air every other commercial so he's just asking for a random curbside controntation from some disgruntled customer [does he dress like that in real life? or does he get ralph lauren to customize those batman villian suits?  i know i'm not supposed to insinuate the prospect of physical violence, but... ].  what are the resources regular people like me have to stop this man, short of hiring some muscle or a hit man?  who can you call to get your money back at this point"?  ive owned to godforsaken book for longer than the required 90 days to qualify for a refund, but thats only because they refused to hear my case for months.  This is a sick, disgusting and corrupt joke/scheme  + matthew lesko will be sucking his thumb in a front row seat to hell .  DAMN YOU LESKO, DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

8/14/2005 - Arianna writes:
After receiving the Matthew Lesko Book I realized that I wasted my money. Returned the book the day after it was received. As of today, over 5 months later, I have not received a refund. Called the company several times without any satisfaction. One time I was told they never received the book; Which was a bold face lie as I insured the book and had a delivery confirmation # put on the package. Well on my last call, I was told they finally received the book and that my refund was on the way. Almost 6 weeks later I am still waiting for a refund.

8/10/2005 - Derek writes:
i ordered the matthew lesko book and quite frankly i thought it was a rip off  if i had known there wasn't really a grant  i wouldn't have ordered it   why pay $39 just to find out stuff   u ALREADY knew? like for example  the webpage stated  u could get $1000 a month for your mortgage payments  i didn't really want a grant for that  but i was shocked when i read that it gave a phone number/address for HUDD  and the 1 for $1000 to buy groceries  i was shocked on this 1 as well when i found out it gave the address/phone number for the foodstamp office and  i know alot of ppl on foodstamps   but don't know a single person who gets $1000 the most i have known someone gettin from foodstamps was $300 a month  and that's with  2 young kids and a mother   and let's not forget    $25,000 to buy a new car..... ya where u gonna get that from?  a car wasn't even listed in that book.    i read   on 1 of the defenses where some person said they got a million dollars from this book ..  ya right sure they did and i'm the pope John Paul the 3rd

Tristan writes:
I called the service line and waited 20 minutes JUST to get someone to talk to me.  The infomercial said the book costed 19.99, yet the service rep said that the book costs 24.95.  I stupidly accepted the price and ordered the book.  They said, "allow 2-4 weeks for the book to arrive" yet I got the book 6 weeks later.  I read through most of the book and everything's just common knowledge or bull.  When I checked my bills, I noticed that my bill was double what they said I would have to pay ($49.90).  This is just a huge rip-off/scam... don't buy the books Matthew Lesko provides! 

Richard writes:
I ordered the book, Mattew Lesco' free money to pay your bills, from the web site and recieved an invoice of #147328 on Oct 27 2004 and I'm still waiting for the book. This Is the third time I have tried to order it and never recieved the book, but I have been billed once. So watch out it is an InterNet SCAM!

Karl writes:
I was double billed by LESKO; did not receive what was promised. Then returned the shipment for my promised "money-back-guarantee" I never received my money and was unable to get any satisfaction. I'm out more than $120.00 THIS IS THE WORST INTERNET RIPOFF I'VE SEEN IN MY 10 YEARS OF BUYING ON THE INTERNET. It is people like these that create problems for honest companies

Bernie writes:
Hi, I too have a complaint & no one seems to wanna fess-up !!! I had ordered the book (Money to pay your bills) Well I orded it on April 7, 2005 and they seem to have cashed the check on June 29,2005. I tried writting to the website that I ordered the book from and they emailed me saying that they weren't the one I ordered from.But it was I have kept the email address on my computer just incase. They said they can't do nothing. I asked if there was a follow up person that I can contact and they said "NO" These people also clame that there were people trying to scam other people with lesko's books, "Com'on, how true is that ??? There must be some personnel that can help me take care of this situation, But it seems I'm at a dead-end street with this B.S. Mr. Lesko if you get this message I still would like to get your book, if I may. if not I am out $44.90 in which I could a used for something else. Sincerely Strucked,(Bad Luck !!!)  Bernie-

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