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Mega Memory Complaints
Total Complaints: 9
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1/26/2007 - Ken writes:
That fool should be locked in jail!, Lemme tell ya I ......this so-called memory course is a........I forgot what I was gonna say.

8/12/2006 - Emanuel writes:
I ordered this product 10-15 years ago. I paid over a hundred dollars for it or maybe more. I remember this product well. I bought head-phones and religiously went over the books that came with it. There are some techiques using mneumonics to remember lists, information you could get over the internet. I also remember Kevin Treadau(?) parading around like he was an expert. He's an expert con-artists. The guy sells everything from memory tapes to fake books on healing. Everytime I see his face on TV, I'm amazed that a person can sell so much junk repeatedly and be a millionaire. Oh by the way. MEGA MEMORY is still sitting on my shelf like an ornament. Scammed by Kevin Tradeau.

4/6/2006 - Shihaam writes:
I used Mega Memory and found it quite silly, but it did allow me to remember lists, but not much else.  Even remembering the lists came to an end when I forgot to use the system!  It should show you a way to remember to actually remember to use the system.

Alex writes:
This product claims u can boost your memory up to 500%. Ya right that's why he's not around anymore trying to sell this scam. He claims that after listening to these tapes you'll have a better memory. But the only thing you'll remember is that this product doesn't work. After you listen to the tapes u probably think it would be over. Wrong. He wants u to keep on reviewing the tapes and doing his exercise for like a month. So their is no quick fix with your memory like they lead you to believe. To make a long story short stayyyyyyyyyyy awayyyyyyyyy from this product and the other ones he sells. My mother bought this and 2 other of his products for a special price. Got triple ripped!!! Another product I should of returned!!! 

John writes:
After order Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory from the Infomercial, I asked for express delivery of the cassettes (3-5 days, but no indication of who was delivering). After a week, I called to make sure things were all right with my order, and dispute my "express shipping" fee. I was only able to leave a message. Well, it has now been three weeks, and I've left a couple messages, giving all my phone numbers, cell, home, and work. The charge of $69.85 is on my credit card, yet no such product has been received. No such phone message has been returned. For the past few days, I have been researching this company, and ways to get in touch with them (it is 2002 right?). I have discovered that Kevin Trudeau has been convicted of fraud.  I have also found additional numbers for Shop America, that all lead to the same message: (847) 545-8173, (847) 647-9000 [both in Elk Grove Village, IL., (630) 548-2048 [in Naperville, IL]. I am also, now trying to dispute this with my Credit Card company. I have also sent e-mails to a website Trudeau.com, who sells Kevin Trudeau's products, but they deny having connections with Kevin Trudeau and Shop America. I believe Shop America is linked with Shop America of Australia, and is a publicly traded company- Named: Shop America (Australasia) Ltd.  (not misspelled).  Trudeau's name is all over this too. Trudeau is all over Illinois, as is Shop America - I'm trying to make connections. SCAM! Do some goggle searches, andwww.phonebook.comsearches with these names in Illinois, see what you can come up with.

Paula writes:
A few years ago, in desperation to help our son do better in exams at school, I ordered him and received the Mega Memory tapes. I am a teacher too, so I felt REALLY silly when we went through them and my kid said to me, "Mom, I think you've been had."  He was right. They were next to useless...unless, of course,you WANT to screw up your eyesight and are dying to know why Kevin Trudeau does not eat shellfish (bad for the brain!).  The entire last tape was his rant on, of all things, diet...and it was pretty odd.  Almost had a religious edge to it. I had taken a class on speedreading, which had helped me tremendously through the years; I mistakenly thought this would be the same sort of course.  Boy, was I wrong. I think they have discontinued this offer, but it has made me wary of any informercial stuff.  I see things that make me want to leap to the phone to order, but I always remember my Speedreading experience, so I don't.

David writes:
I ordered Kevin Trudeaus Mega Memory course and found him to be very unprofessional and hard to follow.  His course is obviously a cheap imitation of courses that came before his.  He also has a deep relaxation CD that comes with the course that also sounds like a cheap knock off of Dr. Suphten's Relaxation tapes.   Also the course has not been updated since 16 years ago, so he makes references to things that younger people can not relate to.  The info is OK if you want to learn lists of words but other than that its useless info.  Best to search for the original creator of the course that Kevin stole his ideas from.

Ricardo writes:
I have order the Mega Memory CD pack + Advance Memory on Sept. 14 '04, I've waited for a month and call a number that the customer service gave me (847) 465-3770 and told me to call this number if any questions, When I called and automatic answering machine was giving me different option that no mega memory was in the list, so when I waited for customer service suddenly goes to a answering machine that I have to give the produces name and a number sow they can call me back as soon as possible; Up to date ! I never did receive that call! I call back several time the same deal, on Nov. 15 04 called again more than 20 calls to this stupid Phone number, The number was unavailable and has been disconnected, So no CD Mega Memory yet, this is a rip off a TV Scam that I fell for it. If some can provide a phone number to report and to find out watts going on with mi product (mega memory).

Alex writes:
Update on first post. Just to prove that his products are scams the government finally had to step in and protect the people from his crap.  If you bought any of his products you've been had.  Hope you read the complaints of the other people on this great site to confirm.

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