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Mega Speed Reading Complaints
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Alex writes:
Ok this is the 2nd of three products I got from Kevin Trudeau, by Howard Berg. This was purchased a few years ago and these clowns aren't around TV no more. That just proves their products are flops. Mega Speed Reading is a 4 hour program they say but just like mega memory they have activities your suppose to to do for like a month. I listen to this product and my reading is still the same. I'm not flying down the pages or anything. Their skimming doesn't work for me and u can't even skim novels. So their so called speed reading is limited. If u see this product for a special price or anything don't buy it. The retailers are just trying to get rid of it because it's collecting to much dust. Do not by mega speed reading, mega memory or mega math. 

David writes:
MegaReading does not live up to the claims it makes. They said on the infomercial that the 4 hour MegaReading course would immediately speed your reading with no exercises or practice needed. I took the course and the claim is a complete joke. The course also has many questionable claims in it. They teach a technique where you quickly scan a page in both directions. Howard Berg claims that people can read text right-to-left because Hebrew is read right-to-left. Well, that's because Hebrew is *written* right-to-left, unlike English!

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