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Memories Direct Complaints
Total Complaints: 10
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7/14/2007 - Donna writes:
I order the scrapbooking kit several months ago. I recieved the product it was suppose to be buy one get one free. Well i got the 2 of them and when i got my credit card bill. I was charged for 10 of them and no way of getting ahold of anyone. No invoice no telephone number or address to be reached. To this day i still have the 300 hundred some old dollar on my credit card. This makes you not want to order anything again from a TV show. It has hurt my credit cause i can't afford three hunderd dollars at one time. i am disabled and on a fixed income.What are we suppose to do about this. Does anyone have and idea. I would like to know. I would like to have my MONEY back. The product was not worth it was either 29.95 or 39.95 for 2 scrapbooking kits and you could order a set of scissors for 5.00. boy was i screwed.

7/11/2007 - Stacy writes:
I called to order the scrapbooking product. When it arrived, the bill was $100.00 more than it should have been but there is no invoice and no way to contact the company. I will never order from an infomercial again!

6/21/2007 - Mina writes:
I ordered from this company almost six months ago and have not recieved anything!!! My card was charged and the phone number attached to the charge was completley wrong. I had to go online and find the correct number to which had me go to costumer service. They assured me back in March, April, and May that my package had been shipped or was being shipped. Still nothing happened. It is the end of June and now I can't a find a number to call anymore. Thier website hompage is with alother site and no phone number. I will not order anything from this site again!!!

6/19/2007 - Jules writes:
When ordering by phone I accidently stated the color (green)rather than the number of scrapbooks I wanted to order. The automated system interperted this as three books ordered. There was no opportunity to correct this. I thought there would be a human to talk to at the end to correct the mistake, but at no time was there a chance to review or revise the order. I was unable to speak to anyone. Memories Direct website is not active, it has been removed from the "As Seen on TV" site. I cannot find any other site they are associated with. No phone number to call. Once the items arrived there was no invoice with the box so I don't know who to return the scrapbooks to. They sent the deluxe kit that I did not order not to mention all of the scrapbook covers were dented or bent. You cannot add or remove the plastic page sleeves either. One of the sticker packages was bent thus removing the stickers from the backing. I'm upset that I was charged for three items when I wanted one, charged for an upgrade I did not order and all of the books were damaged.

5/17/2007 - Mary writes:
Bought this product, I thought these would be nice gifts for Christmas. When they arrived, the quality was poor. No invoice, No phone #. I had to go online to find this company. Called the 800# and they were rude. Said they would send return label. waited 10 days, nothing. So I shipped them back by UPS. My credit card was charged 399.99, for 4 books, which it was buy one get one free, ya right! The credit I received was 319.00, they tell me I received 8 books, each pkg was 1 book & 2 little ones, not even close to what they were advertising. Shipping was advertised as 7.95, they don't give credit on shipping, which she tells me is 9.99. After a long conversation, telling her about this site, I did get my credit & shipping. Beware of this company. There are alot of nice Scrapebook Stores around I will use & alot cheaper

3/14/2007 - Leanna writes:
I saw the informercial on tv late the other night, and didn't want to get up to go order it, so I looked for it online the following morning. The Home Page immediately asks you for your credit card information, if you want to place an order. I filled out the information and it took me to multiple other pages and offers of additional sets, extras, etc. I actually ordered some of them! Then, I got to the checkout page - where I thought I could review the order and make any changes, etc. That was the first time I realized that something was wrong with the order, and my bill totalled over $100 more than what I thought it would. Instead of being charged $39.95 for one set, and the second set for free...of which I ordered 3 total, as I was trying to get a jump start on Christmas presents... I was charged $79.85 each for the "DLX" or deluxe sets. I specifically decided I did NOT want the deluxe sets, as I felt it was not worth the extra money.... The site confirmed my order, but offered no opportunity to revise or cancel the order, so I immediately tried to call their 800 number to either revise or cancel the order. Once I got through I was told that I had to wait 24-hours because they would not have the order up on their computer yet. I received an email confirmation of my order a little later, so, not believing them - because I had an Order Number, I tried calling again and was told the same thing. Well, I waited the 24-hours and just called again. This time I was told that the order was already "shipping" and that there was nothing they could do about it, and that if I did not want it, I would have to refuse the order when they delivered it, or send it back at that time. Then, thinking that I could call my credit card company and just dispute the charge, I was told that since I placed the order and gave them my credit card number, there was nothing my credit card company could do about it either... I had asked to have it shipped to my office, so now I am going to have to ask the receptionist to try to refuse the delivery - and just hope it works - but I'm not convinced that my credit card will actually be credited if I do this. Believe me, I will never order another thing from this company!

2/24/2007 - Cheryle writes:
I want to return it no invoice included and the product is terrable the plastic covers for all pages are dented and scratched. I dont know how to return it. I was charged about 500 for 50 dollars worth of crap.

12/23/2006 - Diane writes:
I purchased Memories Direct and received my order. The order was fine, no complaints. Later, they sent me a additional set which I did not place another order for. Someone in their customer service was not doing their job right. I later called customer service, I had a hard time getting a hold of them but finally did and complained that I already got my order so the woman in customer service told me that she would not charge me on my credit card for the additional set I didn't want. I did however get to keep that additonal set for free. No complaints on that!

11/12/2006 - Julie writes:
My husband bought me this product as a Christmas gift. He said he even bought an upgrade which cost $64 total for everything. When the package arrived I only recieved the regular package and definetly not work all that money. He got scammed to spend more money and get the same amount of product as the minimal cost.

11/8/2006 - Tiffany writes:
My complaint is not with the products, although they are not as quality as they seem on TV-big shock huh?!?! My complaint is as many others, I cannot talk to a human and the only number for the company is the order number. I did find a number on the website after I ordered and they have since changed the website to only show a blank screen when you hit cutomer service. I only ordered the two kits for $39 and had to listen to many other offers to which I hit zero when asked about how many I wanted to order. I should have recieved ony two kits but recieved 8 packages of the scissors, not 8 scissors but 8 packs of the scissors and two othe paper kits I did not order and my debit card was charged $164. I called and the indian woman said I could send them back to the address on the box and my account would be credited. I am almost afraid to send it back because there is no invoice as others have mentioned. I don't know what to do!! I am only ordering from [] now, they are very reliable!!

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