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Miracle Blade Complaints
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4/24/2006 - Ted writes:
My Chop & Scoop got dull and started to have rust spots here & there, so I emailed them about it and they gave me a number to call.  I called it in and explained my situation to customer service. They apologized and informed me that a replacement blade will be shipped out, then proceeded to ask if I would like to purchase another set. I waited 3 months and no replacement.  I emailed them and the reply was the same as the first: call the customer service number.   I called and the lady promised to ship out a replace and wasn't sure why the first one wasn't shipped out. I waited 3 more months and still no replacement. I emailed them again to tell them I will be informing the Better Business Bureau. They replied with the same old message to call.  I called, same schpeal, "...a replacement is being sent out right now..." To date, no replacement. Now, I have a set of rusted and dull Miracle Blade IIIs. I hope no one gets suckered into buying these...

11/22/2005 - Sean writes:
My Mom purchased these miracle blades at a flea market (I'm glad she didn't buy from the infomercial).  She gave me the Slicer and the Rock n' Chop.  Were they sharp....you betcha!  But they didn't stay that way and when I put them in through the diswasher.....they rusted!   These things are piece of junk.  Don't be swayed by the fat chef with the quick hands on TV.  Save your money.

11/22/2005 - Jody writes:
We, too, fell for the infomercial promises based on the demonstrations. How disappointed we were to learn how quickly the Miracle Blade knives become dull. One even snapped under no pressure at all when being gently wiped with a cotton towel to dry it after being washed. But performance wasn't the most lack-lustre issue with Miracle Blade knives. We've been waiting for over 6 months for a replacement set of 6 "utility knives" because they tarnished and dulled so quickly and also for a replacement "Chop n Scoop" - the one that snapped in half. The company charged a replacement fee to my credit card, but we still haven't received the replacement items. I've contacted them by phone and e-mail and get feigned concern at best, then a promise that the shipment will be sent right away, then a contradictory follow up stating that the products are on back order, and so on and so on and so on. As far as I'm concered this is fraud. It's one thing to sell a crappy item (caveat emptor), but it's another thing to charge money and send nothing! What a rip off. I would be more than happy to share my story with the media - better yet, why not share it with a consumer advocate "watchdog" group?

8/11/2005 - Mena writes:
My dad purchased this product after falling for the flashy Miracle Blade infomercial. We cook a lot in our family and he thought he was making a wise choice to save us some chopping/ slicing time with these so called "Miracle Blades". The infomercial claims that the blades will stay sharp forever, even after major abuse. Needless to say, these miracle blades were dull after only a few days of gentle use. Don't waste your money on this! 

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