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Miss Cleo Psychic Scams
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1/5/2006 - Nicole writes:
regarding the miss cleo story. i also called. after researching, i found out that she was not the scam artist, it was the company that she worked for (the psychic friends network owned by mr. feder).  she was the scape goat in the end.  she was an employee that was told to be the spokes person and to do a job.  she is a psychic in real life and that is why they used her to plug their show and boost their pockets.  it was an unfortunate situation, especially for the people that lost their money.

12/4/2005 - Lila writes:
I called once and when I realized that the first free minutes were being taken up by getting my name, credit info, etc.. I just hung up. Now that I've read what's on this site, I'm glad that I did. So much for curiosity... when you get the feeling something is NOT right, don't even bother with telling them you changed your mind.. just hang up or they'll end up transferring you to someone else that'll try to change your mind (thus running the minutes). If you want a good reliable reading, go to the...

Glori writes:
Do not be fooled, if you see her infomercial, change the channel!  Like most people, I became very curious and made the call. Mind you, the offer is first 3 minutes are free and a small minimal amount  for every minute thereafter. Well, when you call you will hear a recorded message from Ms. Cleo offering the free minutes w/any of the many package plans they have. And when you do sign up for a plan,  you won't get Ms. Cleo, you will get someone but never her. Please folks, don't do it!!!! 

Boni writes:
I got curious from seeing all of the infomercials about Miss Cleo, so one day I called that 800 "This call is absolutely free." Yeah it was free! It was a receptionist type person who in turn gave me a number to another number a 900 number. The first three minutes were free, but the first 5 minutes the "psychic" talked very slowly, shuffling and cutting the tarot cards. I talked to the lady for like 15-20 minutes and was charged $125, way more than I calculated. She knew nothing, and was giving me vague revelations of my life, that could have fit almost anybody.

Susan writes:
My sister used to work for Miss Cleo. MY SISTER IS NOT A PSYCHIC! Shows you how big of a scam this is. She had a supervisor she would have to report to before she got on the phones and she would have to meet a certain "time quota" per day. It was pretty much her job to keep people on the phone for as long as possible to run up the bill. That job din't last long, but it paid well.

Andrea writes:
If you want to pay a bunch of money to hear, over and over again, for 15+ miuntes, that "you hold the key, and the power is within you"...call miss cleo.

Jeff writes:
Do not call Miss Cleo! Its a scam! And its not a "Free Readin baby!" its a call that will set you back between $50 and $200 or more. I got curious like most others who call her and called. They don't tell you that the first 3 minutes are the only ones that are free. Or its in very small print and is hard to find during the bells and whistles of the television commercial. Anyway For the first 3 minutes I thought I was going to be able to talk to someone. But all they did for the first "Free 3 minutes" was talk to me and get my contact information and such and credit info. I thought those minutes did not count toward the bill but the 10 minutes I was on with the operator counted toward the bill! So I was charged an additional 8 minutes. Then another five while they switched me over to the psychic. Then the psychic tried to make small talk with me "trying to find out more about me." This took about 10 moreminutes before she even began the reading. Then she took like five -10 minutes to go through the tarot cards and even five minutes to shuffle thorugh them talking more small talk. We didn't even get the reading started until like 20 minutes into the call. And the reading was ok, but it was stuff anyone could have revealed about me. And I doubt she really knew much honestly. She might not even have been psychic. I fell for it and was doen $80 bucks. DONT GET SCAMMEDBY MISS CLEO She won't solve all your problems kitties!

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