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More Natural Cures Revealed - Kevin Trudeau
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2/15/2007 - Rebecca writes:
I have received my book and have not been charged for anything additional so far. I did spend 20 minutes on the call turning down all of the extra things they wanted me to buy. My problem is that I keep getting phone calls now from some company trying to sell me things. I have asked them to remove me from their list but they have not and they continue to call several times a day!! If it continues I will pursue legal action against them.

1/14/2007 - Cathy writes:
I ordered the 2 books by Trudeau in July, 2006. My credit card was charged, as well as $5.95 per month-for what, I don't know. I have complained, even to the Illinois Better Business Bureau and have not yet received any books-only the newsletters. I did not order the newsletters. I have contacted my charge card company and told them to refuse any more charges from this outfit. Not only did they do that, they also refunded the monthly charges made so far. Otherwise, I am out the $19.95 for the 2 books. Calls and emails to Natural Cures have gone unanswered.

1/4/2007 - David writes:
I paid for the book back around June or July of 2006, I still have not received the book. I've written to customer support at least eight times, I've received only one reply and that reply turned out to be a lie. That reply I received was in the first week of Sept. 2006 in which I was told that the book was shipped out (past tense) and that I should receive the book in about a week. Here it is Jan. of 2007---still no book. I have since written them every month and they do not even write back. When I originally purchased the book I paid extra for what was to be fast shipping? All I've been shipped is a lot of lies from them. I am an elderly disabled man that lives on very, very little social security money, in fact I run out of food money each by the third week of each month. For them to obviously rip off an elderly disabled person is the lowest of lows in my opinion. My last two letters to them was that if I did not at least hear from customer support (ha) that I would contact consumers affairs, so here I am not knowing which avenue to take. It is beyond the money now, it is an issue to not allow these people to just ignore and rip people off, especially disabled elderly living on social security, that is real low down and dirty, and something should be done so that they do not just simply get away with it. Thank You for any help. David

12/20/2006 - Rachele writes:
I wanted to order Kevin's too "free" books for my mom for christmas. Well I ordered them over a month ago and there are still no books to be found! But of course, the money has been withdrawn from my account! O yea and there's definately no number to call and report this issue. I called my bank to track the check and they told me that it went to the Federal Reserve Bank and they can't disclose that number. I just want to find out where my money is going if I'm not receiving my books!!!

11/17/2006 - Mildred writes:
I was listening to the Kevin Trudeau infomercial this morning and they advertised the book "More cures not revealed", free for calling in the order. All it was supposed to cost was the shipping and handling. I made a stupid mistake of giving them my debit card number, I specifically told them all I wanted was the book and did not order any of the other things they tried to sell me. After hanging up I decided to cancel the order but could not seem to find a number to cancel. I decided to check the internet and found where they had charged 71.40 among other charges to people for things they did not order. I live on a fixed income and cannot afford these extra charges. I called and tried to cancel the book but got the runaround, Seems the phone numbers were not the right ones. I called my bank and cancelled the debit card so hopefully this stops anything from taken out of my account.

11/9/2006 - Lorna writes:
I received two of his books today with a "free" 30 days before I am billed. I did not order these and do not know how they got my address. This is a scam and becausence I have had surgery and will have great difficulty getting these returned at the post office, and it is stated that I am responsible for the postage. This is an outrage. I do not want the first or the second book and I have received both and did not call nor order online. This is a crooked scam order through another website maybe--Dr. Leonard's products? I have no choice but to return theswe I guess and pay the postage???

10/17/2006 - Charles writes:
like others i have read about, i ordered kevin trudeau's book, more natural cures revealed,from an infomercial.it was "free" if you paid shipping and handling. i paid by credit card. it would be delivered in six to eight weeks. it's been three months and no book! i am also being charged for his news letter at over five dollars a month and have not even recieved one copy. i hope to clear this matter up soon. maybe it was an oversite, maybe not. you decide before ordering.

9/16/2006 - Mary Beth writes:
I have the first book Tredeau came out with about a year ago, then saw his new infomercial for his "updated" book. Due to my husband's HBP and cholesterol I ordered it, we want to try to get him off all the meds he's taking. Book was ordered 8/13/06, I was told we'd receive it in 2-3 weeks. It's well over a month now, still NO BOOK!!! By reading all of your complaints I'm not surprised. I originally was looking for a customer service # or web address to voice my complaint, but all I found was the dozens of dissatisfied customers like you. Funny how they're so "eager" to take your call when you buy, but when you want answers no contact can be made. I will definitely be reporting this scam to the BBB and taking steps to be refunded every penny I'm owed. Thanks to all of you for letting me know. He's lost another one!

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