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Motor Millions (Dean Graziosi) Complaints
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2/15/2006 - Christopher writes:
I purchased Motor Millions in October of 2002. I received a package of very thin books and various literature which explained the basics of the used car business. In the books I was under the Impression that this was a sure fire method to sell cars. A day or two later I received a call from the Motor Millions Office and they told me that I would sell cars faster if I had my own website. I took a bite on the Platinum Level of websites and got absolutely no explanation from them on how to manage or even how to attract potential sellers to the site. They did not give me any indication on what search engines they were to use. I had spent nearly $5000.00 spread out over 4 credit cards that have since gone way past charge off. I had tried at least 3 times to get a refund on this program. I had only received a partial refund. When I tried to get a full refund the accounts manager there was abusive and rude to me. He was also very condescending of the fact that I have a handicap which prevented me from communicating with him on the phone. I was advised after all of this frustration and pressure to file bankruptcy and to notify the states attorney generals office which I did. I did make contact again with the accounts manager at Motor Millions in September of '05 and again he was rude and abusive when I asked him for a refund. I have not sold one car on the site nor even looked to see if the site is still on the net. By the way for the $5000.00 platinum level website package their only guarantee is hits and  not actual sales. My health condition has worsened through all of this credit card debt and collections company calling harassment. If anyone has purchased this product and has received any sort of monetary refund please post it and please let me know how you had resolved your bad experience. Thanks.

1/11/2006 - Gary writes:
Motor Millions is a scam.  They bilked me out of about $900.00.  I purchased their program in 2004 and although I have asked for a refund many times, I have never seen a dime back.  Further, they won't return my phone calls.  They have been reported to several agencies.  I am fed up with them and I hope the law gets Dean Graziosi and his Motor Millions Company.

12/31/2005 - Derrick writes:
I purchased the so-called motormilions course back in 2004. It spoke of how you could make tremendous money by listing cars on this website. Well, i did just that and let me say that if you look at the bottom of the listing's page, they ask for the "sellers" credit card info. Naturally, i found that to be strange. But nevertheless, i continued to find car and listed them on this website. And after about 6 months or so, i finally gave up cause i had made "NOTHING". I called my "coach" and was basically told none of the cars i had painstakingally  went out and got were not there. After that, i said f**k this. So i started investigating this home based business opportunity. First i did a search on yahoo for Dean Graziosi and was led to this site: []. In closing, check out this site: EVERYTHING IS SELF EXPLANATORY.

9/1/2005 - Jason writes:
After watching a late night infomercial about motor millions. I called to check it out. It "sounded" like a good product so at that time I ordered the package and the website.  After receiving the package I learned that the key to the business was to find people who were selling a vehicle, ask them to list it on my website where there would be thousands of car buyers who would be able to view this car.  Which actually didnt sound that hard, where I would make my money would be when the car sold I would receive a 5% commission on the sale price.  Then I got a call from a Motor millions rep, who told me that if I purchase this "special package" they would guarantee over 3000 visitors to my website, and if at any time I wasnt happy I could ask for a full refund as long as was by my 11th month. I thought, hey its guaranteed what can I lose, I paid $2250.00.  Now shortly after this I recieved another call from Motor Millions explaining a TV commercial package to promote my website, again I was given the same guarantee. I paid $1500.00.  At this point I said okay, I really dont have the money to do this but I have purchased everything you guys offer.  They said dont worry your success is inevidable.   Six months later I had not made a dime, I called and said I wanted my refund. They then informed me that their refund policy was not what I was told but rather, refunds will only be issued when requested "IN" your 11th month.  I of course tried to argue which resulted in nothing and argeed to wait until my 11th month.  I waited and then requested a refund. My 11th month was in September of 2004, today is September of 2005.  I have recieved a check for $100.00, (one hundred dollars).  They wrote me a letter stating this is their slow time of year and that my refund may be broken up into several smaller payments over the next few weeks.  This letter and check was sent in July of 2005.  Its been more then a few weeks and still no cash. They are lucky that they are in Arizona and Im in Kansas. Im half tempted to take a road trip and beat it out of them. I hope this helps someone,,,,DONT GET INVOLVED.

8/23/2005 - Stephanie writes:
DONT DO IT!!! We were with Motor Millions for one year and made nothing. We put all our efforts into it and nada! Not anything on our own or with the lead package that we bought as well. CROCK and CROOK. We called as specified and did all the things they required to be qualified for the one year full money back guarantee and we have still not gotten any answers and have not seen our money back. We keep being told that there is NO MONEY coming into the business and they are backlogged on refunds. I fear we will never see our money...I cant even get a call back. I keep leaving message and no avail. I even called Arizona and asked to speak with Dean and I was told that it is his office I called but he is never there and does not speak to customers. The receptionist has never even met him. It has been 6 months I have been trying to get our money back. DONT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!

David writes:
Never in my life have I been tricked into anything, but with the economy the  way it is I thought I'd give buy into one of these infomercials to make a business of my own (Motor Millions-Case in point). These clowns have been giving me the roun-around with my refund totaling $900. It's been a week and no one ever returnd my endless calls and telling me they refunded my credit card. I sent back their program and called to cancell my account. Here it is two weeks after buying their program and returning it. I believe with a gut feeling I'm being scammed. So, I say this--they don't credit back my account, world war III will break out. I have a plan to call the U.S. Atterney General's Office, The FTC, the Better Business Bureau and my local TV station's trouble shooting division and I will send these clowns to hell in an express elevator. They better return my money or they will have scammned the wrong person. I'm ready for battle. BEWARE, people of infomericals. They are the scurge of the earth. 

Anne writes:
This is a total rip off!!!  The materials arrive quickly, but then you are bombarded with phone calls to purchase a program to help you set up a website. Cost? $1,000-$4,000 PLUS $1.50 per "hit" (MM keeps records of the "hits")  Basically they guarantee that potential sellers will look at your website and decide whether they want to sell via your website.  No response when I asked where the BUYERS come from.  Save your money!

Frank writes:
Motor Millions used high pressure sales tactics to scam me out of almost $5000.00. After requesting a refund for what I saw later to be fraud, they offered a partial refund to my AMEX card. They never refunded me. After repeated attempts to get my refund, I finally thought it was just easier to file Bankruptcy. Motor Millions and their deceptive business practices has been reported to the better business bureau. Frank

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