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Murad Acne Complex
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2/9/2007 - Katie writes:
Sadly, I have always had acne. When I started getting to that age where it mattered, I started using acne medications. Everything I tried gave me good results for a week or so, but after that it seemed to go back to normal.Finally, I gave up and decided to buy Murad.Little did i know that it would be the WORST mistake of my life! Like everyone else, they told me my face would get worse before it gets better. I definatly got worse...but NEVER did it get better! My face used to only break out on my forhead, but after using Murad, I now have huge breakouts on my chin,nose area,back,neck,and all around the sides of my face including my cheeks. (basically i break out everywhere now!) I got acne cysts and they tend to itch and never go away. I would give anything to have the skin i had before using this product. I thought it was bad, but it really wasnt noticable at all. I now have to deal with the cysts left on my face , and the scarring it's left me. The worst part about Murad was not only them taking my money for this crap, but taking my self confidence away as well.MURAD SUCKS!!

1/31/2007 - Cecelia writes:
I have used proactive for a long time it works but makes my skin dry so i thought i would try murad. My skin went crazy with tiny bumps that developed into large acne breakouts all over my face. I stoped using it and went back to proactive but the damage was done. More than 5 months later the acne has cleared although I still have red marks from where the acne was. I hate this product!!! Any product that claims to make acne better by first makeing it worse is CRAP!!

1/19/2007 - John writes:
I've used this product for almost a month and a half, it's been terrible at best. The informercial was so believing, I decided to the try it out. I had minor acne, but decided to have clear and smoother skin. It smell a little wierd, but who cares. Within one week I notice a lot more breakouts with larger proportions on my skin. I was astonished, the company sent an email specifying that it was just normal "purging", give it another 2 weeks or so. So I did. After one month, it got more breakouts and I felt alone. I decided to wait another 2 weeks to see if it could be get better....guess what....it didn't. I finally stopped using the product near the month and a half time period. My skin stings and I'm filled with breakouts around my chin and the side of my face, it's cyst size, which I never had before. I mean this ridiculous. Now, I am going on the regime of the OTC products like I had before and I'm at least trying to get back what is left of my skin! This products is pathetic. I don't recommend it!

12/30/2006 - Ia Vang writes:
This product blows. With the infomercial, the product looked like it would really work but don't they always work in the infomercial? I used this product for three weeks and it gave me a chemical burn around my mouth area. Obviously this product was not tested enough or was blindly put together thinking that throwing enough salicylic into the mix would do the work for them. What a joke.

12/17/2006 - Kinsey writes:
So i just bought the product at my local [] store thinking that it WOULD clear up my acne during the time of my period. So when i got home from the mall i decided to test the product before going to a party. The stuff tasted like crap so i decided to spit it out and i hardly ingested any of it. But nearly 4 hours later i realized i had a big red splotch on my left elbow and that my acne had was forming on my forhead... which was unusual because my period had just ended and my acne would be clearing up intead of getting worse. Im SO glad that i only took ONE or things would have gotten much worse... and i hope i can get my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/15/2006 - John writes:
The Murad Acne Product not only did not work it made conditions worse. To compound the problem when I first called to order the product In October 2006 the customer representatives would say they are out of the $29.95 version advertised on TV and that I had to order the $59.95 version. I knew they were scamming me so I went onto the Murad's website and placed an order. My son had warned me to be careful as they try to dupe you into joining a club that delivers the product every month. Even though I took every precaution not to sign up for monthly delivery of the product Murad claimed that I need to go back and read their disclaimer because just by buying their product I automatically signed up for monthly delivery. I called them and they agreed to refund both the shipping charges and the cost for the product but I believe that is because I told them that I had filed claims with the Federal Trade Commission at (www.ftc.gov). I also filed complaints with the Federal Drug Administration, (www.fda.gov) and at the Better Business Bureau, at (www.labbb.org) servicing the area that Murad is located. Today I received my refund for the additional products that they billed to my bank account. The problem is that most people are not as insistent as I am and will end up paying for products they didn't want. I highly recommend that any one getting scammed contact the above agencies and let them know as they need to document these problems before they can take action. The Better Busines Bureau currently gives Murad an "A" rating and claims they have no complaints against Murad.

11/25/2006 - Dina writes:
I was having a sliight problem with acne when I was on my period. After using Murad my face broke out more and I developed cysts.I called and complained how my face looked and how painful the acne andf cysts were and they sais it was suppose to do that but I would soon see clearer skin. I am a disabled vet and I live on disability from the VA. I think itv is sick that I was taken advantage of and lost my money on a product that produced fasle statements. Do not believe everything you hear or see.

11/11/2006 - Maddy writes:
I sent my Murad crap back after using it for a week. It gave me such severe cystic acne that I cannot believe it's a product FOR acne. The customer service lady told me that you're supposed to get worse before you get better because it brings up impurities. DUH???

11/5/2006 - Marie writes:
The infomercial for this product really makes you believe that Murad will finally be the miracle-worker for acne. Throughout the 3 months I used this product, my acne became worse than EVER! I held out hope during these 3 months that it would get better, but finally I said, forget it!! My face was covered with acne, and after TWO days of DIScontinuing the use of Murad my skin cleared up dramatically! Stay away from this evil product!!

10/11/2006 - Cliff writes:
I recently had the opportunity of viewing the infomercial for Acne Complex one night. During the commercial I was amazed at seeing the before and after footage of regular people who had acne. I thought to myself, "This is different from Proactiv because it has ordinary people WITH acne." It didn't have any celebrities like P Diddy who only explain what there regimen was." I have used Proactiv in the past with good results but after several months usage it seemed to loose it's "magic." I would get pimples again (nothing severe) and decided to discontinue the use because it wasn't worth blowing the money. The Acne Complex system seemed to be a good alternative. I myself had mild acne and just wanted to clear up a few pimples and a few blemishes. So the next day I decided to order Acne Complex. I usually order on the net but noticed that their website didn't have the "s" after http which means secure. I thought that was sketch so I decided to just place a phone order. Long story short a few days later I received the pack. Looked through it and read the directions. I followed everything to a T. Keep in mind that at the time I was under the impression that once I began the regimen that I would soon begin experiencing clear skin. Boy was I in for a surprise. After a week I woke up and looked in the mirror and noticed a face full of acne!!! I was in shock and disbelief! This was the worst that I had ever had it. I had bad one's in the past (after being in the field for weeks with camo on my face and without bathing on active duty Army) but none of them compared to this! Now being a man I'm always confident and have a high self esteem. But with the shape my face was in it all came tumbling down to a crash and burn! It's been a week now since I have a face full of craters. I'm embarassed to go out in public. I'm too shy now to APPROACH the girl I've had a crush on. Thanks Howie Murad. You not only ruined my day but my entire month. I'm definitely going back to Proactiv to clear this mess up!

10/10/2006 - Anne writes:
I had very mild acne before trying this product, only some redness i wanted to get rid of. I used this product for about a month and a half and will never try it again. I've never had acne this worse in my life. And my skin has never felt this unclean. Even having been in the military and been without baths, I've never felt this unclean!!! I thought people would be giving me compliments after using this product but all thats come from it has been embarrassment!!!

8/31/2006 - Ricky writes:
well i tried this bullcrap cream and it made everything worse i now have pimples on my neck, under my jaw when i never had pimples there and also it gave me a lot of pimples on my forehead when i never had them there. when some of my friends came over they always said "damn!! whats up wit your face!" and that always took my self esteem down well now i am very upset because i used this crap and now i need to deal with all of this acne! well you people who are thinking of getting this product dont think of getting it it really SUCKS!! and a waste of money!

8/24/2006 - Katie writes:
This product is a JOKE. Before using Murad, I was skeptikal because I have tried everything from differin gel, to benzaclin, to pro activ and I still struggled with acne. I have been using it since June 14, 2006 after seeing the info-mercial for how AMAZING it is and "You have nothing to lose!" Yeah, nothing to lose but my money and confidence. Like most of you, the acne I had was pretty bad...but now it's WORSE. I've never had acne underneath my jaw, but I do now. Also, like most of you, I have those "cystic" pimples coming from underneath my skin. They're like tumors, and they're painful. I'm very beyond disappointed. I'm going to go to a dermatologist because I have given up on advertised acne products. I wish that they would show OUR stories on those damn commercials instead of everyone all pimple free. MURAD IS A JOKE. Thank you, Dr. Murad!

7/16/2006 - Jay writes:
I ordered Murad after seeing the informercial. I've tried many products, but not this one. It made my acne worse - much worse. When I phone them I was told that it usually gets worse before it gets better. I asked how long it takes to work, and they said it varies from 3-6 weeks. Well I used it for 6 weeks, and my acne is still worse. This product is bullcrap. Also, it makes you look like a greasy pig, and it smells bad.

6/22/2006 - Mike writes:
Well, Like many of you i have watched the infomercial, and from what i seen it looked pretty good, I have been using pro-active for awhile but just got bored and was looking for something new (should of never!) Well, the "product" came in and i started using it..first of all i have to say this stuff makes your skin feel unclean and very sticky! feels really gross on your face..THEN instad of clearing up the little mild acne i had it turned into 50 tinny little pimples and also some huge cystic ones..which i NEVER had in my life...my face has never broke out like this ever! this stuff claims to make your skin better but it only makes it extreamly worst!! DO NOT buy this product and use it cause you will be sorry...Im going back to pro-active quickly! unlike this DR Murad crap it does not make your face feel sticky and unclean and it does work...this Murad stuff SUCKS! and its not only me that has broken out like this i have spoke with alot of people that has tried this product and the SAME thing has happend to them...waste of money and just messed up my face!

5/8/2006 - Jennifer writes:
Complex ComplaintsThis product is absolute crap. I wish that I had taken the time to do my research before I placed the order. I had mild acne, my face at this point is probably 10 times worse than before. In the first week of using the line as directed, I had absolutely no results. I found that the exfoliant felt very sticky and made my face look unclean. During the end of my second week I was finding new break outs, but what was more annoying is that it is in places I never had acne before - my forehead, my chin & jawline. In addition to these newly affected zones, was the large cyst-like acne that I have only ever read about. At the end of the third week I had a face full of thousands of tiny under surface pimples and large acne. I actually have had to consult a dermatologist for serious medication...thank you Dr. Murad.

3/21/2006 - Kamaria writes:
murad does not work, it made my acne worse. i now have bumps all over my forehead that i didn't have before, i used proactiv solution before and it worked great but i wanted something better to get rid of the pigemenatation. before i used murad i had about 2 or 3 bumps, i now have about 50 little ones everywhere, i do not reccomend this, it is terrible, my face feels like really rough and bumpy and my skin has never broke out like this before, i'm returning this product tommorow and i'm going back to proactiv, i hope my skin clears back up! i reccomend proactiv to anyone that has mild to moderate acne. murad is terrible, i wish i never used it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/28/2006 - Jessie writes:
I ordered the Murad Acne Complex system and used it as directed for almost 4 weeks. All it did was add to my acne. I got little red bumps all over my forehead. I returned the product and got my money back (minus S$H), but a week later I began developing painful cystic acne all over my jaw area (something I had never in my life experianced prior to Murad). I had to spend hundreds of dollars in prescription-strength medications and treatments at a dematology office to get rid of my cystic acne. Unfortunarely,the cystic acne left my face scared.

10/4/2005 - Eunice writes:
I Tried The Murad Acne Kit And all it did for me was give me red little bumps all over my face. I spent a load of money buying it and it gave me no results. I dont Recommend this product to anyone.

8/12/2005 - David writes:
I went into this product expecting great results, but instead it made my skin even more horrible. The system takes a long time and doesn't work at all. You first have to wash your face with the cleanser, then put a nasty smelling exfoliant on it, then put a greasy lotion on top of that. The lotion really makes your skin look oily and the exfoliant has a slight burning sensation. I tried this product for a month, and followed every single step. Even when my skin started breaking out, I wasn't worried because a paper in the package said that it was normal. Well two weeks later I noticed that my skin was getting worse. I started getting big painful pimples that I never had before and also small bumbs in the middle of my forehead. I also got painful acne around my chin that I've never had before. All in all, this product does nothing to help acne, but only worsen it. I'm convinced this product is a scam to get you to buy the rest of their products. I'm happy to not though that after swtiching back to my old acne routine (St. Ives Med. Apricot Scrub, and Neutrogena Face Wash, most of my acne has cleared up. At 1/3 the cost too!)

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