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My Lil Reminder Complaints
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2/6/2007 - Shirley writes:
i also ordered the my lil reminder and was charged 16.95 over the amount it should have been, two for 9.99 plus 6.95 s&H, my credit card was charged 33.96, where is the 16.95 going to? it is not what i expected for the amount of money it cost, you can bearly hear the recording, and i think we wer all taken by this scam, it should be reported to the conn bbb asap.

2/1/2007 - Theresa writes:
well, i just tried to locate my order no. and could not find out anything!!!then i read all the other complaints and i too think i have been scamed. i also think i have been charged twice. my bank statements show i have overdrawn and charged twice for a fee for an overdraw. i now have to go to my bank, find out how it happened, and cancel my debit card and wait for another one which put's me in a bad situation, as i will have to carry cash on me til i get a new card!!!! this really ticks me off. those people need their own reminders that they shouldn't be doing this to people. a lot of us are on fixed incomes and cannot afford this sort of crap. i planned on giving one to my son, because he has a bad memory and sometimes loses notes, so i guess i will have to do him like he was in 1st. grade and pin the notes on him.a box of pins and paper will be a lot more cheaper than what this has caused me and i haven't even seen one yet,except on their stupid commercial. i too will call bbb and let them know what a scam it is, then i will e-mail everyone i know and tell them not to fall for it. i do hope i can get my money back, or i will use upcoming tax money to get a lawyer.thanks to all the complaints or i would still be waiting.

2/1/2007 - Maureen writes:
I ordered this product as buy one get on free for $9.99 plus $6.95 s&h. On my bank statement I have been charged $23.95 and I have tried to contact this company unsucess fully and am always told they will reply within 5 working days and i have been waiting since 12th January. I do not have a telephine nimber where I can speak to an actual person. This is SO annoying.

1/31/2007 - Sandra writes:
This company commits fraud everyday and gets by with it. I ordered by phone a set of reminders 6 weeks ago. They were suppose to be 2 for 9.99 plus shipping. They took 14.98 out of my account that day. I said no to the pitch for a club plan, batteries, extra sets etc. It took one hour to get off the phone with the fake salesperson. They don't have a real person because then they can say "Oh, it was a computer glitch that you ordered club plans." Or extra batteries. They took an additional 24.00 out of my account 1/26/07 and 16.95 the next day for a club plan all unauthorized. I finally reached a live operator and asked her what this charge for a plan was and she said Walmart and other businesses offer their club plans. Walmart is Passport. I asked how did Walmart get my credit information and charge me for something I never ordered?? She said Lil Reminder forwards our info to these companies. I am furious and called the postmaster. They said it is definitely mail fraud and I am filing a complaint and am contacting a lawyer about a class action lawsuit. The public's credit info is being jeopardized by this company. Never again will I order anything by phone or on the internet. I canceled my card. Also, I contacted our local news channel about uncovering their get rich quick racket going on. Think of the thousands of elderly people getting ripped off by this fake company. Take my advice and do not order anything from this company. Buy a notebook and pencil. It is cheaper.

1/30/2007 - Bette writes:
Like everyone else, I was ripped off. I ordered 2 sets and was charged $47.94. You cannot see the billing info at the time you order. I usually don't fall into scams like this one -- but I sure did this time. I should have researched further and found this website. I know the product has been around for years, though, so I wasn't really that concerned. I'll mark this off as a learning experience since the S&H isn't refunded when the items are returned.

1/29/2007 - Kim writes:
My husband purchased the $9.99 BOGO promotion on TV. Not only can you not hear what you record unless you scream into it, we were charged a total of $43.95 for the item and shipping. I have written the company twice, and am still waiting for a response. I did tell the company my next step is reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

1/29/2007 - Eunice writes:
I sent for and received two Lil Reminders, however, I also paid for and did not receive extra batteries. Any calls to their toll-free number are for orders only. Any calls to ther non toll-free number are put on hold for hours at a time. No response to any e-mails sent. No response to repeated letters. Can i get my money back?

1/23/2007 - Patricia writes:
i ordered two sets of my lil reminer which should have been $9.99 for each with shipping and handling @$6.99. the total should have been $34.96. When i checked my bank account, they had taken $125.00 and change. i called them to report this manner,and they told me that i had ordered this amount and they send the recorder to me. i had my bank look into it but that takes time.i'm not able to get into their web site.i realize that this company is a rip off. now i will not order anything else from t.v. i should have given them a check, at lease i would have been able to cancel it. i advise anyone who see their ad,do not buy from them. 1/23/07

1/21/2007 - Debra writes:
I placed an order with this company. The web site did not give you the total, the total was given to you when they email you. When I saw the total. I went back to the web site and that same day cancel order. I kept on checking my credit card to see if the charges were placed on it. A month later they charged my card...so I called them ...they said they never got the order to cancel it and they already shipped it. Meanwhile i called the credit card and told them I had cancel this order and had proof of this...so I faxed them the proof, which they put the charged under investigation. When I received the package I sent it back and they had to sign for it. Now my credit card company put the charges back on my credit card...after I gave them the proof I cancel order and the company shipped it anyways and they know I sent the package back. Now I am having to deal with my lil reminder and credit company to get my money back. Help!!!!!

1/16/2007 - Jackie writes:
Simple: Advertised: $10 but an extra unit free. But: S&H is almost $14 AND the $10 version gives only 20 measly seconds of recording. Anyone with a brain will prefer the 60 second version they push, so I ordered it instead. Bottom Line: This "only $10" deal showed up on credit card as OVER $40.

1/11/2007 - Toni writes:
orded 4 lil reminder 2 months ago called and they say i am now on a waiting list. it is very very obvious that these people are crooks and trying to rob senior citizens. where are the bridgeport police?? these thiefs should have been locked up weeks ago. toni

1/11/2007 - Patricia writes:
Our experience is like the others up to a point. We were given a statement of the charges (still without a total) only after the order entry was finalized, no withdrawal possible at this point. We immediately contacted the company and requested a cancellation. For days we were given a runaround. They said they couldn't access our records but they had no trouble charging our credit card $95.88. We did finally get the charges cancelled but the most outrageous part was yet to come. They just sent us a message saying that they have reprocessed the order, shipped the merchandise and charged our credit card a second time. I have demanded that they explain how this happened but have not received a reply yet. Is there any possibility of criminal prosecution? Does anyone have a suggestion how to make this happen? Anyone interested in joining me? I would be willing to invest some time and money in justice (AKA revenge).

1/9/2007 - Janis writes:
I knew seconds after pressing "order" that this was a scam. How could something that costs $9.99 total over sixty dollars- without the upgrade and/or the batteries offered. I do worry that my credit card number is in the hands of some unethical people, but will monitor my account carefully and let the credit card company deal with these jerks. I don't understand how that commercial continues to run on network television. Maybe we're paying for that!

1/9/2007 - Leonard writes:
I ordered 2 for 9.99 each & 6.99 Shipping fee. I also was given the buy 1 get 1 free deal, so I was to get 4. They all came in one package. However they cherged me 13.98 x 2 for shipping. Total should have been 9.99 x 2 + 13.98= 33.96 not 47.94.

1/9/2007 - Donna writes:
I'm sorry that all of you have had this horrible experience but it is nice to know that I am not the only one who fell for it. I have always prided myself for being a smart and savvy shopper. For the life of me I don't understand why I fell for it. I have reported this company to the Connecticut BBB. They have a website that you can report them to. There are other complaints there besides mine. A half dozen or more in the past month. Anyone who reads this and has been scammed by these people needs to contact the BBB. It might further save someone else from getting ripped off and maybe teach 3PL Worldwide to keep their business to themselves!

1/5/2007 - Diane writes:
My story appears to be the same as most already listed. I thought purchasing this product would be a wonderful stocking stuffer for my elderly parents. I ordered 3 'Upgraded' sets and my ordered ended up totaling approximately $138.00! I don't understand how shipping a product so small, all of which were shipped in 1 small package by the way (6" x 8") could be $60.00. How can they get away with that? Until you finish the check out process on-line, you don't see any order details, and once you click on the finish the order button it's all over!. I called immediately, then every morning following my order just like everyone else. I found it amazing how my order wasn't in the computer 1 minute and then shipped the next. The customer service rep told me that I could refuse the package (as long as I didn't open it first) so I wouldn't have to pay return shipping. They have me a totally different address than the one the product was shipped from..so...now when I go to the post office they say that it probably won't be returned 'Refused' since I had to tape on the return envelope and there is no way they can verify I didn't already open the package. So, guess who had to now pay $6.50 to ensure this package gets returned. I can't believe they're getting away with this scam. I only hope that future customers see this website and a weary of ordering from this company.

1/2/2007 - Margaret writes:
On Dec. 18, 2006, I placed an online for My Lil Reminder. I order 2 of these. I was not given a total until the order was finalized. When I immediately called to cancel the order, I was told that the order doesn't show up in the computer for 24 to 48 hours. I was asked to call back on tues. or Wed.(Dec.19 or 20th). I did this.
I sent a cancellation request 12-19 06. on 12-21-06, I spoke with Monique and was told that she would cancel the order immediately.
By the way, the total order was 95.89,which was far more than I expected. Today, Jan. 2, 2007. I received an email stating that they attempted to cancel this order. However they received confirmation that the order had already been sent to Lil Reminder. They told me to contact their company directly by calling 1-203-561211. They said that the company would be happy to assist me. They also said, remember it may take several days for customer service computers to be updated with my order. It's funny, they had no trouble giving me an outrageous order total (after the order was finalized). I pray that others will read this, and be wise enough not to order anything from this company. In my opinion this is a SCAM. I have contacted my bank, since this order was with a debit card.

12/28/2006 - Shelley writes:
I ordered 2 sets of My Lil Reminder on 12/12/06. For one set, the cost comes to $23.97 (cost of gadget (buy 1, get 1 free) = $9.99, postage for the 2 = $13.98). Total costs for 2 sets should be $47.94,(my own computations as I did not receive any confirmation number or invoice to inform me of the cost), but I was charged $95.89. Money was immediately taken out of my card. I have yet to receive the product. I have tried on the get-go to contact this company through email, and the advertisers but to no avail. When my Card statement became available, I noted a phone number but I could not get through at all. I have tried over a dozen times to get hold of them via this phone number, and I have also emailed as many times, also no response!! This company is a scam company big time. I have now filed an Affidavit against them to get my money back.

12/23/2006 - Sonny writes:
This is the biggest piece of crap I have ever been scammed into buying. I pride myself in good online buying habits, but I fell for this one. I ordered buy 1 get 1 free and upgraded to the so-called 'Deluxe' model. The total came to $43 and change. When it came in the first thing I noticed was the cheap plastic case and ultra-light weight. Then when I tried it out I had to hold it right next to my ear to hear at all. Sound quality is unbearable. I was going to use these as Xmas gifts, but would be embarrassed to hand them over to anyone for any reason, much less as a gift. I could have found a better made product at the local junk store for a buck. I wish I would have found this site and read the reviews first ... well, live and learn, I guess.

12/22/2006 - Marc writes:
this company sucks and is a big scam artist. they could not do better if they robbed me with a gun. they charged me for an upgraded version that was not authorized and after 4 attempts they told me i could not cancel the order even though it was not processed yet. I have enlisted my cc company to help in this matter

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