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MyGym Fitness System Complaints
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11/5/2006 - Nancy writes:
I ordered this product in June of 2006. In July I received only the board portion of the product. I called and asked for the crossbar and handles over a two month period, I was told many times the missing pieces would be shipped, but they were never sent to me. In September I returned the portion of the product I received to to the company with an agreement that becuase I had not been able to try the product I would not be charged and receive a refund for what I had paid. After a month I did not recieve a refund on the charges that had been made to credit card, The company denied recieving my return. But I had confirmation from the USPS that it was delivered. During Sep. and Oct. I made numerous calls to the company. On a few occassions I have been hung up on before I even spoke. I asked to speak to management many times, but they were not available and the call backs that were promised never came. I was refunded money in Oct. I beleive this is becase I complained to Visa and the Better Business Bureau. A finance company has called to collect payment on a product I was never able to use and have returned to the company almost two months ago. It has been a nightmare to deal with this company. I have never had problems like this before.

10/28/2006 - Christopher writes:
This company is a total nightmare. I ordered in Sept 06 and was told that the product was on back order, well I finally received it on Oct 23, 2006. I like others on this site received damaged and scratched dvd's and a box that look like it had already been opened once and taped closed again. On top of that these Bastard's charged me 55.20 for S/H and said that it was processing fee's. Well, i called and called and called some more. I've talked to Lisa, Emily, and a few others who don't give their names. There is a supervisor named Sue and another named Sharon who apparently feel that they should not have to deal with customers or complaints. I did get $40.25 refunded by Emily back to my card but it took a lot of complaining. Lisa is a liar and will tell you anything, she told me on several occasions when I called about the overcharge that she had forwarded that to her supervisor (I'm guessing the Highly qualified SUE) and that it would be taken care of. LISA YOU ARE QUITE THE LIAR, BABY!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I called customer service on Friday Oct 27 and reported the damage and was told that I would have to send back the shipment and they would send me a new one. Right, these people are so poorly trained and so inept they can barely answer a question. What a bunch of robots!! So, now I'm told that I have to pay to send back the damaged product and then for another new shipment. ARE THEY KIDDING? I' ve dealt with pre-schoolers who were more capable of handling problems than any of these nitwits. They could barely get my order to me and are going to charge me my first payment on 11/9 because their computer says the order shipped on 9/6 even though it was on backorder. Don't think so guys, I will be stopping payment on this the fee will be worth it. As far as I'm concerned they take take their gym and stick it up thie asses at a 45 degree angle. What a bunch of ignorant, rude, non-trustworthy, greedy, lying, lazy, grunts they are. I'm contacting the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU about this crap and plan to do whatever I can to have them investigated because they are obviously a very corrupt company. They need to be shutdown. SAVE yourself the hassle and go to your local and reputable home gym equipment store you will be much better off.

10/25/2006 - Suzanna writes:
Advertised as costing $15.00 to try it for a month but actually costs $50.00 because after you send it back they charge you another$35 for shipping even though it also cost me the shipping to return it. I was told on the phone there would be a "restocking fee" of $35 but when I said I would not pay it they changed it to a shipping charge which they charged to my charge card 30 days after I returned. It was an expensive trial for a piece of cheap plastic.

10/24/2006 - Jerry writes:
Like so many others, actually obtaining the MyGym Fitness System was a nightmare. It took 8 weeks to fill the order. The msnufacturer claimed to have shipped the order but it was never received. I had to make a second request for them to send the MyGym to me when the first order was never received (even though the U.S. Postal System Tracker said it had been delivered). On the plus side, the MyGym rep never questioned my honesty when I told him the shipment had never arrived. The method used to actually deliver the MyGym leaves a lot to be desired. No one has to sign to receive the product. It would be better if, in shipping out the MyGym, the manufacturer used UPS or FEDEX or some other reliable form of shipper. The company is very difficult to contact by phone. There seems to be no distinction between the sales department and customer service when you call them. When I called to ask some questions about the unit the phone represenative (who basically is a salesperson responsible for taking your order) had to put me on hold to get a copy of the manual that comes with the equiment in order to answer some questions. There are pieces of equipment, bands of varying length, which were included in the shipping butthe DVD seemed to me, unclear, about how to use these bands. In fact the DVD is not at all helpful. I have been able to figure out how to use the MyGym on my own. It works well enough, but with no help from the manufacturer.

10/23/2006 - Jeff writes:
This company has been one of the worst I have dealt with on the internet. I ordered "Mygym" almost two months ago and have yet to receive it. After the first month I attmepted to contact them via their website but after I tried to submit my complaint to them it came back stating, "System error." I then tried to call the number on the website and it simply rang and rang. Finally I called another number attached to my electronic invoice and had to leave a message, which was not returned. I called a second time and again had to leave a message. Three days later I was contacted and told that they were unprepared for the success of the infomercial and were backlogged and that I would receive my order in October. Shortly after that conversation I received another email telling me that the product had shipped. Since the 30 day trial begins on the day it was shipped my credit card was billed for the first installment. It has been two weeks and the product is still not here yet!! I tried to track the order with the shipping number provided and the USPS has no record of that number. When I tried to reply to the "Shipped" email with this information my email was returned as undeliverable due to "User unknown." I again attempted to contact them via their website and again got the "Systmem error" message after submitting my complaint. The bottom line; Even if this product is real, this company is an absolute joke!! My suggestion; Don't waste your time or money on a company that cannot deliver what it promises no matter how slick the infomercial. Still waiting in Arizona

10/3/2006 - Suzanna writes:
Ordered product and when it arrived the dvd stuck in my machine and would not come out. The mygym platform is too small to accomodate anyone larger than about 5' 6". There was no phone number to call to talk to anyone about the product and the sales number could not give me a customer service number. I found the company online and returned the product with delivery confirmation. They are still trying to charge my credit card and without a delivery confirmation number I would never get them to stop. I have alerted my credit card company and they will deal with them for me - I am really glad I am out only the initial payment for the trial. They were not willing to do anything about the dvd destroying my machine and I had to buy another dvd player which had never had a problem before. The item is overpriced and the customer service geared toward keeping your money despite any problems.

9/20/2006 - Ven writes:
I bought this product a month ago. I paid in full amount by credit card. All pieces were not delivered. A damaged DVD was thrown into the box. Like other buys I had the same experience. The customer service sucks and I never received the rest of the items. Donot buy this product.

9/5/2006 - Sarah writes:
Like the others here I got ripped off. I ordered one on the 30 day trial and two showed up, they even billed me for two. I tried to send it back and they wouldn't respond to my messages until after the 30 days so I was supposed to be stuck with 2 at full price. Also they like others just through the parts in there likea child packed them. I finally got my credit card company to take the charges off after getting the post office to send the gyms back saying I was rejecting delivery so they couldn't refuse it. These guys are crooked, save your money.

6/18/2006 - Carol writes:
I purchased because it looked pretty good.When my package came it was damaged, the dvd's were THROWN in the box one was lose and bouncing around in the box, there were SEVERAL pieces missing.I ordered the "deluxe" kit that was suppose to have the carrying case and additional dvd's etc. The number to customer service which was a LONG DISTANCE call was DISCONNECTED!After looking on they cheap looking website I found a number to place the order and ask whatever his name was that I have SEVERAL pieces missing and he told me after he was WRITING it down that it would be sent in the US MAIL! I called in the FIRST week of MAY and have NOT seen a piece since!! I am glad that it was only 14.95 that I was out of. I'm still fuming at that JUNK and the horrible horrible customer service!! DO NOT BUY

6/13/2006 - McKinley writes:
I saw the infomercial on T.V. It said try MyGym for 30 days and if you do not like it, please return it for a full refund. I ordered the system, tried it, did not like it, so I call for an authorization code to send it back. I got the code, sent the item back and the company refused to accept it back and started billing my bank account for the monthly fees. So far they have billed me for one payment of about $45.00 plus tax. The total cost of the equipment, if I recall was $279.00.

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