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Nads Hair Gel Complaints
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2/14/2007 - Karen writes:
NADS is total garbage. It definitely does not work like they show on TV. All it did was melt all over my legs and not remove any hair. The strips they sent were junk as well and didn't hold up to the NADS gel and pulling. They literally disintegrated as I pulled. I've gone back to my []. This gets the hair, let me tell you!!

8/30/2006 - Diane writes:
I purchased this product at a local drug store, for my son, who is a hairy guy. He is very self consious about this hair problem. I paid 30 bucks for this stuff, Nads for Men. It is a sticky gooey mess, the strips that came with it were fraying and falling apart. I followed the instructions to the letter! Let me tell you, what a disaster! All this green crap, stuck all over his skin, he said it felt like his skin was being ripped off his body, and to top it off, there were about a total of 12 hairs that came off. Considering the hundreds that should have come off, this is obviously a sub-par, POS product, and I feel that it should be considered dangerous. What a mess to clean up! I thought I was going to have to use battery acid to get it off him. I tried this because of the infomercial I saw on TV, with the inventor and her daughters on the beach. Well if I ever see that ugly whale woman and her hideous hariy offspring, I will harpoon them all. Anything sold on informercials should be mandated to have FDA approval before they can broadcast about how wonderful it is. Buyer beware! My son will certainly not let anyone get near him with any hair removal product again, he is accepting his hairyness, and is practing Chewbacca sounds to make at anyone who teases him! I will blog the hell out of this company, this bogus product, they will never hear the end of it from me.

5/31/2006 - Stephanie writes:
I was 8 months pregnant and decided to purchase NADS after seeing the infomercial many times. My belly was big so I thought this would be the perfect alternative to shaving my bikini area (since I could hardly see it LOL). Well, I tried it once and NEVER again....it basically ripped skin off...pain and blood. They made it look and sound so easy & safe...no way!! It's just another silly gimmick product...these people think they're so smart when they scam..then they get to laugh all the way to the bank. These products start out 'not available in stores' for a reason!

12/6/2005 - Kathy writes:
It's nothing but green goop!   They should sell it in the toy section for kids to play with. The commercial lady said-- and I quote-- "You'll never need to shave again".  She claimed that it's permanent hair removal.  It didn't even remove the hair the first time!  I just got messy sticky stuff on my legs that is an act of congress to clean. Save your thirty bucks and spend it on an electrolysis.

12/3/2005 - Delilah writes:
It's not that bad, but not as good as promised. The only thing that's totally true about it is that it tastes sweet. (Yes, I tasted it.) It's horribly sticky like syrup and it doesn't get the hair off unless you have someone else do it for you. If you're like me and need to do it yourself, by the time you get SOME hair removed, your skin is red and stinging from all the numerous attempts. I tried it on my eyebrows and my upper lip fuzz (yeah, I have upper lip fuzz) and by the time I gave up I had puffy red eyelids and a sore upper lip... oh, did I forget to mention that the hair was still on the area I was trying to "zip?" Don't buy it unless your sole purpose in getting it is to eat it.

Kathy writes:
After seeing this infomercial on almost every channel I purchased this product from Eckerd's Drugs.  I followed the instructions, which said that the product needed to be at room temperature to work and spread easily.   Yea, right.  It was about 75 in the house and Nads was pretty hard.  You can't leave it on more than 15 seconds or it will melt.  I put it on my legs, which was pretty painful since the stuff was all hard and had to wait more than 15 seconds for it to be spreadable.  I put the cloth strip on it, and ripped it off in the direction they said.  Through my tears I noticed that hardly any hair had come off, just skin, and I'm not kidding.  What is the room temperature they use in the commercials?   You can microwave it but then it would be too hot.  Don't buy this.  It is a real rip-off.

Tina writes:
This product is a COMPLETE rip off! You need to let your hair grow out at least 3/4 of an inch. It is estimated that it will take 22-26 days for your legs to do so! DON'T BUY IT!

Joe writes:
I bought the Nad's gel for my girlfriend because she didn't like using a razor.  The infomercial claims that Nad's is not as painful as wax and is easy to use.  Well, I helped her with it and that stuff is very sticky and messy.  And when you apply the stuff, you have to act quickly to get the cloth strips on and set it in place.  My girlfriend said that it was very painful.   So, I tried it too see if it was that painful...and yes, it was pretty bad.   In fact, it removed like only 75% of the hairs.  I think using maple syrup would have been just as effective.  When I tried to return it within the 30 day money back guarantee, the customer service guy told me to ship it to this address he gave me.   However, they never credited me my money back.  So, I called them repeatedly...they told me they were going to credit my money back after they could have "proof" that I bought it.  So I busted out my bank account record that showed a $60 or so purchase to Nad's and had it faxed to them with the paper of my postal confirmation.   They said ok and they would refund my money.  The next 6 months, I never got a check.  So I argued with these people for another 6 months, had to fax that "proof" again, talked to a whole bunch of managers/supervisors, I was told that their company moved and that's why there is all this confusion, and finally, after about a year from the initial purchase date, I got my money back...well, actually they only refunded me like 49 dollars...so I still got ripped off.  So, DON'T BUY NAD'S or any other stuff from the TV, it's mostly junk.

Karen writes:
I bought Nads at Walgreen's and believe me it did not work as they show on the infomercial.  It was sticky and messy and removed very little hair. It was painful and WORTHLESS! My only salvation was that I had kept the receipt and was able to get my money back without any problem.

Sara writes:
Like the other consumers have mentioned, the claims about Nad's are completely bogus. I followed all product instructions and found no temperature was ideal for this product, which only made a slimy and goopy mess all over my bathroom. Doesn't remove hair, and it is not easy to get the goop off of your face. Do not buy this product. I would take it off my medicine cabinet shelf; but it is stuck to it.

Julie writes:
I purchased nads gel from the drug store Walgreens. I was compelled to buy it due to the claims that it was not painful, it was not sticky, and that it required no heat and was easy to remove with a damp rag. WRONG, the product was very sticky and got all over my bathroom. This product makes false promises, and it really is a waste of time and money.

Brandy writes:
Oh My Goodness.. Nad's was the worst experience I have ever had in my life.. Like every other woman in the world, when I first seen the infomercial for 'Nads" I "had" to have it. So I diddy bopped to my local CVS store and purchased the kit and went back home to use the "painless" miracle in a jar.. That is when the horror began.. not only was it very messy.. but when I spread the gloopy slime on my leg and placed cloth strip over top of it and followed the directions to a "T" I then yanked the thing off.. I thought it had taken my leg with it.. People I kid you not... And I had witness to this horror.. It left a bruise on my leg the length of the cloth when it came off. So now.. not only was my leg still hairy.. but it was bruised.. the bruise was there for several weeks.. I guess it broke some blood vessels or something.. Do your self a favor.. Just shave..

Suzie writes:
The only thing going to get ripped off is the poor fools who wasted their money on this jar of green syrup (Me Included), I have to say it may have been a great topping for my toast or bagels, and forget the expensive facial peels this will do it in half the time and for less, takes some hair a whole lot of skin and your money.....as for ease of use OH YEA...! it slips and slides all over your warm skin so fast you don't have time to get the fabric strips on it and you have to fight the sheets your laying on to keep from becoming entangled in them, now picture that for just a minute..? & that's providing you did place something under you before you began this dance of the sugar NAD fairy..! what a mess not the easy clean and effective product I was lead to believe it was. good luck getting your money back too..unless you bought it from Walgreens like I did they we very polite and happy to keep me as a customer..with money in hand I left a wiser albeit a sticky paper magnet DON'T BUY ANYTHING AS SEEN ON TV it will suck.. That's the only GUARANTEE you will get...!!!!!

Michelle writes:
I purchased NADS based on information I received during an infomercial. Not only was the product messy, it didn't work. Additionally, the infomercial claimed I would receive FREE a bonus of a 30-day supply of vitamins. There was no actual charge for the vitamins, but I was charged a healthy shipping and handling fee for the vitamins...on top of the shipping and handling for the NADS. I was disappointed with the product and with the sneaky charge on the bonus product that I didn't want nor need. I wish I had purchased from a local store because I'd march right back and demand my money back...as it is, it's still under the sink just waiting to be thrown away. I think I'll keep it as a reminder.

Tammy writes:
I too bought some Nads and used it to try on my arms it worked pretty good the first time but YES it is painful you MUST hold the skin TAUGHT while QUICKLY jerking off the strips-- BUT after the first time it won't work anymore it is like it lost it's super stickiness and now it won't "grab" anymore and YES it is still very messy--so better not to waste the money on this one.

Marykay writes:
I've always hated shaving, but other hair-removal products are messy, smelly and hard to use. After seeing many ads for this product I happened to see it in CVS and decided to try it. The first thing I noticed was that the cloth strips provided were *half* the length (or less) than the ones shown on TV. But I pressed on, and read the directions fully. The gel is a bit slimy, but that was tolerable. What wasn't tolerable was the extreme pain I was in after ripping off the strip. They call this painless?!?! I don't know how those folks pictured in the ad were able to keep from flinching. I was almost in tears. Not only that, it didn't remove all the hair from the area! After that it just sat on my shelf. I accidentally discarded my receipt so I wasn't able to return it. Eventually I tossed it out in the trash.

Connie writes:
Please don't ever buy NADs. It was the worst experience I have ever went through sometime last year.  I have never ever used that product ever again nor will I ever recommend it to anyone I know or don't know. The slimy gel is extremely sticky. The cloth strips are not even sewn together so they start falling apart string by string. Anyways, this is what happened to me:  I followed those damn directions (I didn't shave for about 2 months, so that I would make sure my hair was long enough) I put the slimy gel on my legs applied the cloth strips like how they said on tv and on the directions.  And BAM! great PAIN came along.  My leg was red (the directions say I may incur redness) I thought it was nothing. I tried to use the same strip again, while we know how that went: IT DID NOT WORK! So I applied more slimy stuff and started all over with a new cloth strip. Needless, to say I really want to make a long story short.  I ended up bleeding and left with bruises for the for a very long time and they weren't small ones either (they were they size of the cloth...grr.  Also within those bruises I had lil blood clots everywhere.  It wasn't a pretty sight to see.  My boyfriend also tried to help me after because he thought I was probably doing something wrong, but with easy direction like that how can you go wrong.  So, I ended up crying from all the pain, bleeding and and hour after plus the next I saw the horrible marks it left.  I also tried the microwave directions too. I recommend the conventional way of shaving: it's nice and safe for all!

April writes:
I bought Nads of the T.V. infomercial.When I recieved it, I only got half my order and got billed on my credit card for twice the amount I was supposed to be billed for. I called customer service numerous times and each time they told me they would fix it. Needless to say they never did. So I tried the wax it was very messy, and didnt pull out one hair I tried it in different places on my face and body.So I returned it only 4 days after recieving it. I never recieved credit back on my credit card. I was billed for $80.00. Returned it and never got back a penny. It was the worst $80.00 I ever spent!!!

Melissa writes:
I dont think this product is as bad as some of the other reports here, but it barely works at all and it does sting. You have to clean out the cloth strips in hot water every time you use them, and they fall apart fast. The gel is sticky, but it doesnt grab the finer hairs, and even leaves some of the full grown hairs. I do have to point out one thing... its safe, non-toxic, doesnt stink (smells sweet in fact) and at least it works some times, which makes it one of the top products in the As Seen On TV hair removal line. Sad, huh? My biggest complaint is the hidden charges they hit you with. "Shipping" for your "free" vitamins, and all those other offers they bombard you with when you call.. dont you dare try a "trial" of anything or you will be stuck getting it (and getting charged for it) for months! I tried a "trial" 30 days to some stupid coupon club and was immediatly charged for it, with the customer service rep claiming I would be refunded after I cancelled. So, I cancelled on the spot. Guess what? No refund, continued billing. I had to cancel the credit card!!

Ana writes:
Buyer beware!  I purchased Nads a few years ago.  I received the "free" vitamins and was billed for it too.  I thought my nightmare was over.  I occasionaly receive telemarketers telling me that I have a "free" gift coming to me.  Sure... I got a call a few days ago that I had received a free gift for using my Visa card.  I figured oh wow I may have won that contest that was announced on tv.  No!  After asking a few questions I found out this company had received my personal information INCLUDING my CREDIT CARD # from the same company I had purchased Nads from.  I no longer feel safe in making purchases through the phone or online.

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