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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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2/5/2007 - Lisa writes:
I was curious why I hadn't received my books. Well, I found this website. I know why now. I just called my credit card company. I have been charged for 3 books. I even told them I wanted the books delivered 3 to 5 days. I have not gotten them. So, my credit card company is going to try and resolve this...........although, it could go on for months from my understanding. Now, I wish I had bought the stupid book at []........I wouldn't have to worry about this situation.

2/5/2007 - J. Lang writes:
Only wnated the book, and specifically said I do not wnat the newsletter. Was told first 4 come free, and can cancel anytime. Was charged on credit card and attemts to reverse have failed and charging continues

2/5/2007 - Tracy writes:
Kevin Trudeau implies on his infomercials that his Natural Cures books include all the info. he discusses and promises. They don't. You have to pay for a website membership to get all the info. he discusses and makes you think is in his book. Also, a customer is not allowed to cancel an order even minutes after it's been placed over the phone. You have to accept the delivery and return it and lose the S&H. There is no mention of this policy on the phone when ordering, or on TV or in fine print anywhere. A person should be able to cancel any order shortly after it's been placed by phone with a full refund or alerted to this unethical policy. Kevin Trudeau's company needs to correct their customer information regarding the number of days it takes for "rush" delivery for an extra/optional charge of $9.95. The ordering dept. quotes 3-5 business days. Customer service dept. quotes 5-7 business days. There is a very long wait by phone to speak to customer service. I assume it's because there are an infinite number of returns, unhappy callers and misunderstandings because of their "shady" and dishonest wording selling and returning their product. Companies with integrity and legitimate quality products don't have to resort to trickery and loop holes and "an absolutely no cancellation" unmentioned process. Tracy

2/5/2007 - Edith writes:
i ordered and received the first two books advertised on tv. a couple of months later a charge of $5.95 has appeared on my credit card. i did not order anything else and i haven't been able to talk with anyone about stopping the charges. i see severl hundred of complaints about this matter. why hasn't anything been done yet?

2/5/2007 - Evelyn writes:
I ordered JUST the Natural Cures book and now they keep charging my credit card for a "newsletter" that I did not authorize them to do. I do not know how to stop them from billing me. I called the company several times and they told me that they were going to cancel the newsletters but I keep receiving them. I've already billed in several months of newsletters. Does anyone here know how I can cancel it? I disputed it with my credit card already. Thank you.

1/31/2007 - Marcy writes:
My story is pretty much the same as others. I ordered the books from the informercial free, just pay shipping and handling 19.90. I gave them my credit card number. When I received the books the invoice receipt was for at total of $54.90. For 2 friggin books that were to be 20 bucks. No wnder it scams a "As seen on TV, Over 5 million copies sold." isn't anyone going to help all of us. I have yet to get anyone to help me, or to get my money back. I am one of many pissed off consumers...

1/31/2007 - Wendy writes:
unable to cancel newsletter membership- they keep billing me on my American express card. What can I do to stop this? Please help

1/30/2007 - Lois writes:
When ordering the books or the shipping for the free books you are coerced into taking offers for other things. I had no problem cancelling the entertainment pkg they offered since it was from a different company but the newsletter which I told them I did not want - has been sent to me and continues to be sent and billed even though I have also tried to cancel the "subscription" Reading other reports of this show that it is difficult to reach the ITVDirect customer support by phone and it directs you to the [email protected] email to get your issue resolved. As this did not work last month I doubt it will work now but I am trying since I am being charged 5.95 every 4 weeks for a product I have not agreed to accept.

1/30/2007 - Lisa writes:
I had ordered the book and was told that I would recieve the newletter for Natural cures on a monthly basis automatically. I told them that I didn't want it and they told me that I had to contact customer service to cancel the subscription. I had called immediately after haning up the phone. The $5.95 charges started hitting my bank card and so I e-mailed them to tell them that I had already cancelled the subscription and to stop charging my bank card. They hit it again the following month, so I e-mailed again. This time I told them that I was going to turn them in to the Attourney General. This time I actually received a response back telling me that they have cancelled the subscription and that I would no longer receive charges on my acount. Well, three weeks later I have another charge on my account. I am at the end of my rope and don't know who to talk to to take care of this matter. This is fraud!

1/29/2007 - Tim writes:
My wife ordered this product one month ago, and have yet to receive anything. My story is the same as everyone else's except that we are getting charges now from American Leisure, Easy Saver, and Priority One, which are also frauds. American Leisure and Easy Saver have hit our account for more than 15.00 each, and Priority One for nearly 4.00. These companies simply nickel and dime you to death, hoping you won't catch on. Beware of more charges to your account other than just Natural Cures. Natural Cures is more than likely selling your card number to these other outfits, who then fraudently charge your card without your permission.

1/29/2007 - Milana writes:
I ordered the books over the phone. They tried VERY HARD to upsell and would not stop. Well they charged my card immediately and it has been a month and I still have not received the books. I will have to cancell the charge. It has all the markings of a scam.

1/27/2007 - Angela writes:
It is A rip off. They took my money but did not send the books,charged me rush shipping and i am still waiting. They wont answer calls. i am trying to take some sort of action...any info on what we can do will be appreciated. Beware if your thinking of buying this book.

1/24/2007 - Jose writes:
The fellow is doing it again! Like many others I have been billed for those infamous $5.95 u.s. for things I never ordered. Going to the credit card provider does not help (how well the banks protect themselves and the crooks) I phoned their billing department and after waiting on line for more than 20 minutes I succeeded talking to a fellow called Thane( I wonder about the name)who promised my money will be refunded. I found the following in the web: Misleading infomercial driving sales of junk book. Infomercial scammer Kevin Trudeau, who signed a court-approved consent agreement prohibiting him from selling health-related products (except publications), has continued his longstanding patters of deception by selling a book called Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. In a frequently aired infomercial, Trudeau falsely claims that government agencies and the food and drug industries are conspiring against "natural cures" and that people who want such information should buy his book. Although the infomercial suggests that the book makes specific recommendations for specific problems, it actually does not. In the book, Trudeau claims that the FTC censored the entire chapter titled "Cures for All Diseases." However, Daniel Kaufman, the lead attorney in FTC's most recent case, told Dr. Stephen Barrett that as long as Trudeau is not promoting brand-name products, he still has the First Amendment right to claim that various methods or product ingredients are beneficial. Frequent airing of the infomercial has driven the book to the #8 position at [] Books, but many of the buyers are highly dissatisfied. As of February 2, 2005, more than 60% of the 188 posted reviews have characterized the book as a ripoff. Trudeau has been the target of several FTC regulatory actions and has served time in prison for credit card fraud.....

1/24/2007 - Erin writes:
My story is pretty much the same as everyone elses only I have been waiting 2 months for my books and in the meantime the company is taking an additional bogus monthly fee of 5.95 US for a monthly newsletter that I have yet to receive. We have tried to cancel this online through the Natural Cures website but to no avail. Our Visa won't process stop payments so we are getting it from both ends! When we suggested to cancel the credit card our company told us we could do that but that we would continue to received a bill for this monthly fee and if we don't pay it, it will affect our credit rating. Stuck between a rock and a hardplace!

1/23/2007 - Wesley writes:
ordered the two books that were in the infomercial for l9.95 and agreed ot pay for rush shipment for a total of 29,95. Was very infatic that no other options were needed and was informed that nothing more would be added. When the shipment arrived the box contained some DVD'S and a letter of information. ADDitionally was a highlighted paragraph stating a letter would be sent each month with a charge of $5.95 to be debted to my account which was not authorized. SEveral attempts to call the company only results in phony phone numbers or computer messages that do not mean anything. No resolution has been reached. I would not use these services again and would not recommend them to anyone so beware of the obvious.

1/21/2007 - Lynese writes:
I am furious like others listed here. I order the book after watching the infomerical where you get 2 books & just only pay shipping & handlingm back 12/03/06. Of course my credit card is showing the $34.90 charge but still no book. It is now near the end of January & still no book I did receive the newsletters the operator promised. I immediately cancelled the the letters. I will be report this to our Attorney General as well as the Better business Bureau. All I can say now, "Buyer be very Aware"!

1/21/2007 - Teresa writes:
I ordered the 2 "free" books. I was supposed to only be charged 19.90, because of a typo, I was charged 109.90! I contacted the customer satisfaction group ( that's also a lie), I recieved e-mails saying a ticket was turned in, and my money should be returned in 1-2 billing cycles. What? I have copied every email address I have for ITV. They also said my ticket was closed. this is terrible what these people are doing. Now i have anxiety and anger...do they have another book I can get ripped off for?

1/20/2007 - Rachel writes:
I also fell for the "free trial" newsletter scam. After the first month I called the 1-800 number to ask them to cancel it. I tried three times to get through, each time sitting on hold for 20 min. or more. No one ever answered. I then noticed that there was an e-mail I could write to. Well, I wrote to it twice in two weeks asking to cancel my newsletter with no response what so ever. Then the next month, there was the next newsletter. So, i sat down, wrote a short letter stating that if they did not remove me from the list as asked, I would have to pursue legal action. I then attached the two e-mails I had sent, put it all in an envelope with the new newsletter and sent it all back to the address it came from. A week later I got a brief e-mail from the company "You have been removed from the newsletter list, thank you." And that was that.

1/20/2007 - Grizel writes:
i order in dec 2006 and still no book it was on the tv free book pay shipping only now it is jan 20 still waiting hope to get it soon they said wait 8 weeks max

1/18/2007 - Joseph writes:
Twice I notified Natural Cures to cancel the newsletter that costs $5.95 a month. Yet, I keep getting money taken out of my debit account every month(sometimes twice a month). I'm contacting the Illinois Attorney General to report this fraud. I encourage others to do the same. Kevin Trudeau seems to have not learned his lesson when he was busted for fraud years ago; now he seems to be committing fraud again by taking money out of peoples accounts after cancelling the newsletters.

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