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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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10/17/2006 - Pam writes:
I have the same complaint as I have read many other on your site. This is almost word for word my problem "I bought the book and then decided to sign up for the website. From the first day, I could never access the site but I kept being billed $9.95 a month. I went a few rounds of being polite with their customer service emails, asking them to please stop billing me or at least give me access to the site." I have tried repeatedly to contact someone and all you get is waiting for someone to answer the call... they say to wait for the next customer service person who never appears. Is there a way to get back all you have been billed for and never recieved?

10/14/2006 - Joyce writes:
HI I Order Two Books Off ITV direct ,When He Was on ,You Could Get Two Books Just Pay Shipping , So I Payed $19.80 with Money Order And Have Not receive them yet,You would think hes all up to up , since he was on tv . I want my money back .

10/13/2006 - Susan writes:
I ordered both books for my mother and the company that sells his books has been telephoning me daily 2 to 3 times a day to try to sell me additional products. I have told them no and they will not stop calling and have even started calling and hanging up on me. When I do get a person I ask for a supervisor and then they hang up.

10/11/2006 - Casey writes:
I ordered this natural cures book about three months ago. At that time, I was dealing with the failing health of my grandmother, I rush ordered the product (3-5 days) for that reason. Three weeks after my grandmother had passed away is when I recieved the books. So, they charged me a lot of shipping and didn't send the books to me until 2 months after my order. I called the number and finally got a hold of someone who couldn't help me... he gave me the other number to call and suggested that I keep hitting 0# 0# 0# (which would confuse the server and I could talk to someone) which worked and they promised to give me a full refund. I sent the books back about 3 weeks ago.... this morning I had a credit on my account for 9.99 - not the 29.95 I was suppose to have... and now I can't get a hold of anyone to correct the problem.

10/10/2006 - Mayra writes:
I made the mistake of buying this book. I was trusting everything Kevin had to say. I Cancel my subscription the same day I got the book and still was charged on my credit card. When I called to cancelled they assured me it was taken care of. Today a few months later again I have the damn $71.40 charge on my credit card. What the hell is wrong with this people. I detest this guy now and the BS he talks and stand for. I hope the government really shut him down and put him in prison for being such a damn lier and for taking advantage of people.

10/10/2006 - Flower writes:
I saw the infomercial for Kevin Trudeau's book natural cure's and more natural cure's. I wanted to read the books so I ordered them that was 7 weeks ago. I still hve not received my books or the CD's which were supposed to come with them. I am so mad. The Cd's was to be a gift for my ailing grandmother. I too repeatedly told the operator that I was not interested in the many clubs and "great offers" they continued to push. I have received my bank account statement and was shocked at the amount charged. I would like to have the books I ordered as well as the Cd's The money doesnt bother me as much as the fact that I feel angered at not receiveng my books. I feel used and that upsets me more than anything.

10/10/2006 - Mary Ann writes:
I signed up for the [] website for $9.95 per month a while back. I have been trying to cancel my membership for a year now. You will never talk to a real person...everything is by email. And you never get a response. I guess I need to close my bank account to stop the charges. What a scam...

10/9/2006 - Denise writes:
Last year I ordered kevin trudeau's book natural cures. They signed me up for a free month newsletter. I was billed, after paying the bill I made a call to cancel. Everything was fine until today 9 months later when going through my checking account I noticed I was charged for $71.40 I have no idea why. Nothing has come in the mail for me from this company they are just taking my money out. I have made two calls and have yet to hear from them.

10/7/2006 - Katie writes:
What a pity, to sell yourself to a bunch of crooks,of Kevin tredue so called natural medicine, where are thier hearts? I'm 71 years of age I wanted to give my children, and friends a copy of a postive blessing in thier lives! So beath.. friday On 3-25-06 I did a check elec.$133.00 to natural cures.. for 9 books at thier special rate. for this years xmas gifts. In the meantime I found most of my list had ordered the book also..As of 7:55 03-27-06 I called Mon. morning and requested a cancellation. I talked to a Markis he stated that it had't been processed and it was confirmed to be cancelled. On 03-30-06 My checking account had it with drawn..I made daily phone calls.I spoke first a Ryan He refered me to his lady boss Dana Q. she requested proof. that I did by faxing a copy of Natrual cures on my bank statement, 4-04-06 I talked to Jimmy ext.6651 he said he would check into it No return call 04-06-06 Jimmy stated it was approved for refund on 04-25-06. No check. )5-06-06,,I spoke with lorie, she put in another order for refund. also refered me to the esculation desk. again I spoke to Jimmy needless to say 05-25-06, 06-07-06, on and on. And it was one excuse to another! and then all the phone #'s that I aquired were all disconnected..encluding the credit card co.that worked with them..Kevin and his book is all a scam..I saw him yeasterday on t.v. trying to endorse a young ladys skin care..Please advise other's in this man's schem of aquiring his fortune at other's emotional health, He need's our prayers and his dishonor to others and thier effort of becoming well...concerned!

10/7/2006 - Darlene writes:
I ordered both of Kevin Trudeau's books "Natural Cures", the $19.99 was deducted from my checking act. and It has been about 5 weeks ago and I have not recieved any books. I am trying to locate the 800 number to talk to a representative but haven't had any success.Any suggestions as what I should do ?

10/6/2006 - Ron writes:
I ordered both books,natural cures and more natural cures for 19.99. The money was taken out of our checking account, I never received the books, this was 2 months ago. I was told it would take about 4-6 weeks. How do i contact them with this complaint? Iam very disapointed with all the scams people taking the money and not sending the products ordered.

10/5/2006 - Mary writes:
I purchased the book and made the mistake of looking at the web site. I find my card charged on a monthly basis for membership for which I have never received any kind of return. I requested that my name be dropped from their mailing list and/or membership list. Guess I'll have to speak to my card company. Lesson learned--- never access a site and make any kind of inquiry.

10/2/2006 - Sheila writes:
I am being charged $6.95 on my credit card for something I haven't received. This was suppose to be for a monthly news letter via email. I haven't received it, nor do I want to now. The books I purchased through him were a scam and now so are the news letters. How can we stop this guy?

9/24/2006 - Lucy Ann writes:
I am being charges $9.95 a month for the newsletter and another $19.90 a month for I am not sure for what. I have emailed to cancel the $9.95 newsletter and aked the question what was I recieving for the $19.90. I have not recieved an answer to my question or cancelation. Also tried emaiing [email protected] about the offer of only $9.95 a month for newsletter via e-mail and free access to the naturalcures.com web site and came across this page. Not a happy camper.

9/18/2006 - Debra writes:
Hi again. I wrote on 8/8/2006. I have not received my money yet. I called the number AJ gave and got someone on the phone, and was told I would receive a refund in the next 2 to 3 weeks. No, I did'nt received one. Called back and talked to a Johnny this time, he would talk to his supervisor and I would receive my money back. No I have'nt recevied anything yet. I think is probably hopeless.

9/17/2006 - Laury writes:
I am so embarressed to say that, I fell for this one! I am an intellegent person, I am very much into organic and natural foods, I am educated on detoxing, nutrition, the whole bit (It's what I do for a living) I belive we can prevent disease, in most cases...sometimes we are not so fortunate. I never read Kevins Trudeau's books, and was always interested in seeing what they were about, and this is why I feel even more foolish that I almost got completly scammed. I saw the infomercial on TV and that he was giving his books away for free! Now, I thought there had to be a catch so I called, and the only obligation was to try the newsletter, I said no to the 7 other thngs she tried to sign me up for "free trial" (added up to over 150 a month after trial). I wrote down the date I ordered it and the 1800 # and made a note to call 1-2 weeks before I would be billed to cancel to avoid charges. So I called on 09/12 to avoid billing on 09/20. I got a young girl that said it may take vey long to "process" b/c she had to give it to her supervisor whom had "so much paperwork on her desk" that it may take over a week to get to, but she would put it through??? What is that? So she gave me the email to also do it myself, and I got an auto-response that said it may take 7-10 business days for them to even read my mail!! I was charged on 09/01 for the books, for $29.90 I ordered 2, and they said 7-10 days I would recieve them-NEVER got them! Never recieved news letter, so I googled the number and found this site with 177 complaints! WOW! I called my bank today and had them place a freeze on my card and will be re-issued a new one, but what a hassle! I have to call other venders and give them new account info, I really can not belive I fell for this scam, the funny thing too is when I said to my fiance that I was getting the book for shipping, he warned me, and said you know better than that, you better make sure its not a scam! Shame on me for trusting the name brand, Shame on them for scamming hundreds, maybe even thousands of innnocent people. Hopefully changing my info will save me, thanks to all of you who shared your experience, if not for this I would of been raped out of more $ that I can not afford to throw away. I am sure that no one here wants to see there hard earned dollars go to a scam artist. I will absolutly stand up for and petition, class action, write to congress whatever it takes to get you all your money back. I hate when innocent people are taken advantage of. It's ashame that you can not trust one other than yourself anymore...its a bitter way to live. I feel more sorry for the people that are doing the stealing, what a waste of human being.

9/15/2006 - Terry writes:
I bought the Natural Cures book and got the newsletter. Butb when i tried to cancel it I have had no luck. We need someone to straighten these people out .

9/15/2006 - George writes:
Signed up for the subscription website in November of last year. Quickly realized it was BS, sent an email to cancel. They didn't. It's been ten more months, one more email, a letter, and finally after an interminable wait on hold, a phone call to their customer support number. This is the number listed with the credit card charge, but they insist that they CANNOT cancel the online subscription. I haven't seen a runaround like this since AOL in the 80s. Where are the class action lawyers? Sign me up!

9/13/2006 - Ellen writes:
July 26, 2006, I ordered two (2) books of Kevin Trudeau's "more Natural Cures". These books are "free" as long as I pay the Shipping charges of $19.95. The charges were billed to my credit card July 28, 2006, but, as of this date -- no books. A recording gave me an e-mail address which was invalid and no one answers the phone. I was left on hold for more than ten minutes each time I called. It was not a toll-free number. If anyone has any information that will help me get my books, it would be truly appreciated.

9/9/2006 - Anonymous writes:
This ENTIRE book is a rant about the FDA and medical establishment. Let me sum it up for you: the Government, drug companies and medical establishment are bad bad entities conspiring to keep profits high. Then the book has 111 tips (paragraphs) like (and I quote) Breathe, Take Digestive Enzymes, Don't Eat in Fast Food Restaurants, Eat an Apple a Day, Smile, Get and Give Hugs, Drive Less, Do Dianetics/Scientology. All range from totally unremarkable to ridiculous. All of the reasonably good info contained is common sense stuff you can get for FREE on ANY alternative health website. Also Trudeau has in-famously been outlawed for selling his "snake-oil" products, however, he has moved to selling books as they somehow do not fall under the "products" definition he is legally refrained from selling. Someone who has absolutely NO knowledge of alternative health may glean some slight conceptual value.

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