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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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9/3/2006 - John writes:
I ordered both of his books on 8/13/06, plus an additional book. I thought I would be charged $29.90 because his first book was "free" and the second book was $10.00; the shipping and handling would be $9.95, and the third book would be $10.00. A few weeks passed. I called 1-800-480-1433 to inquire about the delivery of the books and to obtain a confirmation number. I was directed to call 1-800-240-3417, and I got through to someone. I was told the cost was $39.95 and that there were no refunds. I also was told the books were on back-order and that I'd receive them in not 2-3 weeks but in 6-8 weeks. I reviewed the video on the Web site and it is slightly misleading: Kevin said the second book is free; you just pay for the shipping and handling. Okay, a case can be made that S&H was $9.95 PER book, but then why is the third book $10.00 but there is no S&H charge? I received my credit card statement on 9/2, and I have been billed for the books at $39.90. I plan to dispute the charge to MasterCard based on the fact I haven't received the items. To anyone wishing to report complaints about consumer scams, misleading advertising, or illegal billing activites, go to your state's attorney general's Web site and get the form to report it. Also contact the Better Business Bureau in your state.

9/1/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I bought the book and then decided to sign up for the website. From the first day, I could never access the site but I kept being billed $9.95 a month. I went a few rounds of being polite with their customer service emails, asking them to please stop billing me or at least give me access to the site. After about 9 months, of being nice, I finally got mad. When I received another statement from them saying I was being billed for another month of no access then got billed twice, I replied, gave them a good cussing out, told them to stop bleeding me and the next email they got would be from lawyers whom I was sure would be able to find them. Well, they heard that one and finally stopped debiting my account.

8/29/2006 - Sam writes:
I have paid for this newsletter last year and they charged me again on my credit card.I cannot get hold of them at the 978-299-2298 no.They give an email address that is no good.I want my money credited to my card and I don't want the news letter.

8/28/2006 - Sandy writes:
"Natural Cures" by Kevin Treaudeu...a book loaded with nothing but BUNK; lots of space spent railing on conventional medical practices (which may indeed be pharmaceutically driven) BUT he offers no real evidence that what he states in his book has any credibility. Every paragraph ends in a disclaimer that states his information "may not work for everyone". Much of what he states in his book is so ridiculous I don't know how the publisher of the book could have read it before publishing it! To add further insult to potential injury, his company continues to bill me for a newsletter that I do NOT want and can't stomach to read, but I can't even CANCEL the 71.40 charge because nobody ever answers the 1-800-240-3417 number even when I have waited a full 45 minutes for someone....ANYone to answer the phone; all I get is music, pleasant music, but certainly NOT placating my ire. If, indeed, any of you out there know of a way to legally squish this snake from our midst, I'm all in favor. FCC where are you when we need you??! My advice to any of you, if it has Kevin Treaudeu's name attached to you, RUN, don't walk, away from it! Anything that sounds too good to be true, IS too good to be true. The only "miracle cure" he's been able to identify is how to "live life high, wide and to the hilt on other people's money and misfortune".

8/23/2006 - Wuff writes:
First off, I'll be blunt. I work for (one of?) the company that takes orders for this natural cures books. It is a third party teleservices company, which has nothing to do with the actual content of the book, nor do we write the scripts or anything along those lines. We are given a limited amount of information to read to the customer, and are provided with a customer service number (which I have never called myself, but I have had numerous complaints about no one answering or hour long hold times), and an address out of a post office box in Spark, NV for 'customer service'. Every day I am greeted by poor confused old men and women, and even some middle aged/younger people who are fooled by this fraud's claims on his infomercial. They claim they're no longer going to see their doctor or taking their medications anymore for things like cancer and diabetes, because Kevin claims the cures are in those books. Let me be honest with you. THERE IS NO CURE FOR CANCER OR DIABETES OUT THERE. Kevin is NOT a medical professional, he has been arrested for committing fraud with banks by falsely posing as a doctor, and he has been arrested for credit card fraud numerous times. He is a twice convicted felon who is banned from making infomercials on anything other than reading materials. He is what they call a confidence man. His products are scams. He has no training in medicine, real natural cures or anything other than frauding people. The people at the call center are not scamming you. We read off of a script, including all those additional offers, and we're paid a very meager 17 cents per minute of talk time. Meaning when you're not calling, we do NOT get paid. I guess what I'm saying is, don't believe this fraud. Kevin Trudeau is a registered felon who is out to scam you out of your money, and you will have an incredibly hard time reaching customer service or being able to get your money back if you are charged. I personally do not add anyone to anything they don't want, but for all I know, they may just use your information and charge you for it anyways. As always, please be careful when giving your credit card information to someone whom you can't see, and be extremely careful what you buy from the television.. Remember, he's there to make money from you, not to help you out. If he was there to help you out, you wouldn't be getting charged almost 10 dollars for shipping and handling on a book. And also remember. Blame Kevin, not the poor telemarketing employees who are just trying to earn a living. - A disgruntled former West @ Home employee

8/22/2006 - Lori writes:
I only ordered the book and cd's. I ordered nothing else. Received news letters monthly and did not mind that. However as of 7/24/06 I was charged 71.40 our of the blue? I have not been able to get through to the number 978-299-2298. I want this charge taken off of my bill!!!

8/21/2006 - Bob writes:
After signing up for the newsletter in order to get the free weight loss CD advertised on the TV (and being told not to worry, I could cancel at any time) I found myself stuck with the newsletter. I got charged two days after placing my order (the very next business day) I found out about it when I got my credit card statement. I tried calling the 847-7777131 number on my statement but was told their hours were 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Which is impossible for me to make with my work schedule. I tried again on my day off and the number was not working. Meanwhile I got billed for a second month. I tried the other number I found on this site 847-777132 but that number didn't work either. I ended up having to close my credit card account that I've had for seven years in order to avoid another charge. There is no place on their WEB site to contact them or any numbers you can call to cancel. What a scam!

8/19/2006 - Christina writes:
There should be a class action lawsuit. For the second time I had $71.40 deducted from my account-- 2 months before the newsletter subscription ran out in Sept.--I called 1-978-299-2298 on 7-27 and cancelled the subscription--they have not returned my $71.40 and it is 8-19 I have incurred bank fees -- this practice should be illegal. They are using the funds for the interest--I was doubly upset to read notices of no refunds sent ever.

8/15/2006 - Stephen writes:
I too am bipolar on this one! Of course I am thoroughly embarrassed to admitting that it is yet I, one more dumb American dufus who has been fooled by a true con of the "cons." In September of 2005 I ordered the materials etc. from "MR. Natural Cures" himself (Hey, it was easier to spell). After various attempts using the infomous "toll free numbers" etc. I still have not received my materials nor have I been refunded my $$. If anyone ever wants to start a lawsuit for damages etc. include me pleeeeease! I'm in the military and if I had been around I might have started one myself. Laterz. Zac

8/8/2006 - Debra writes:
I order the books and was told I would get free newsletters also. The women on the phone said I could try the newsletters, for a month and if I didn't like them I could cancell. I got the free newsletters and also a month later got my first newletter with a letter saying if I for any reason I was not thrilled with this newsletter simply call (847) 403-7498. Guess what it has been disconnected. How do I call this place to get my 71.40 back?

8/3/2006 - Veronica writes:
I have repeatedly attempted to stop the Natural Cures fees of $9.99 a month from being charged to my credit card. I spoke with someone at Natural Cures sometime back and was told they would cancel my membership. This did not happen. I called my credit card company. I need a cancellation number according to them ...in order to have the charges stopped. This is bizarre. I cannot reach anyone at Natural Cures. Non of the phone numbers are valid. If anyone knows how to stop this please post. Sincerely, Veronica

8/3/2006 - AJ writes:
Yesterday (8/2) I noticed a $71.40 Natural Cures charge on my account. There was only a partial 800 number listed on my statement so I tried to locate a number on the web when I came across this site. I was quite surprised to hear the same stories being repeated. I contacted my bank who held my card. My bank connected me w/ the company's customer service department. The representative I spoke w/ advised that Natural Cures had been bought out by ITV Direct. They have assured me that they will process my credit and it should be resolved w/in the next week. Their contact number is 1-800-215-0063 (Supervisor Kathy, ext. 2516). I was assured they would not be changing their telephone number. I trust that this matter will be resolved as promised. I'll keep you updated and encourage you to contact this "new" company to resolve your issues.

8/1/2006 - Sam writes:
We got ripped off for the $71.40 scam as well and they have our bank info. The web site has no phone numbers, we are cured from this scam and never again

7/31/2006 - Daniel writes:
Just wanted to let you know that I opened an e-mail from Natural Cures on 7/29/06. It was from [email protected] titled "Loyal Natural Cures Customer" All I did was open the e-mail and I was automatically charged $9.95 to my credit card account that I had used to purchase some of this useless merchandise in the past. Just wanted to warn everyone.

7/29/2006 - Catherine writes:
I too was charged 71.40 last year during Hurrincane Katrina. We were without power for two weeks and internet service for over a month. As soon as I realized what Natural Cures had done, I called and cancelled the newsletter and was told my money would be refunded. It was not. I just discovered they billed me another 71.40 yesterday. I called a 1-800 number and was given a number that is not toll free to call on Monday. I'm calling my bank to see if they can do anything too. My advice: Don't get mixed up with these people. It's too expensive. It's also worthless.

7/28/2006 - Daphne writes:
I ordered the book a year ago and was also tricked into subscribing to kevin's newsletter. Today, I called 1-978-299-2298 a customer care number I was given, when I called their 1-800 number. Supposedly my account was cancel and I was going to be given a refund of $71.40 if my credit card had been charged. I will keep writing to you guys to inform you of what is happening with the cancelation.

7/28/2006 - Terri writes:
I too was fooled into buying Kevin's Natural Cures book. I told the operator when I order that I did not want anything else, only the book but Lo and Behold I was charged an extra $71.40 on my credit card.I did this Last December and have been calling every 2wks since then to try and get my money back! Every time they have told me not to worry they are so sorry and my check is on the way, then I will call them back and they always say "so sorry the person who was supposed to take care of that is no longer here but this other person will take care of this asap" still no check 8 months later. I know I should of given up by now but it's the principal!! Can anyone tell me if there is a class action suit against him that I can get onboard with? I feel like such a schmuck falling into this infomercial crap! I hope that others will read this before they order his useless piece of garbage!

7/25/2006 - Magali writes:
I wnet to the naturalcures website and register to the "free trial" memebership for seven days. When I tried to login in to the webite, all I got was a msg. saying that my username does not exist. i did emai lhte customer service dept. and the answer will be given between 7 to 10 days? then someone email saying they could not find me on their data base, but yet, when I checked my credit card sure enough there was a charge from naturalcures. Sad, very sad, I am disputing charges right now, and had to cancel my credit card to protect my self. Shame on you Kevin.

7/20/2006 - Larry writes:
I suppose it is true misery loves company. After seeing all these comments I don't feel so bad! I ordered the Natural Cures book back in Aug of 05. When I saw the very first infomercial for Natural Cures I was interested, but I waited saying this sounds too good to be true (Always listen to the inner voice)! I waited and had seen numerous more infomercials and then time started to pass; However I didn't hear anything negative on the news or elsewhere(I should have checked the web)! Finally 20/20 did a story about Kevin Trudeau but that was several months after I cracked and made the error of purchasing that good for nothing book(doorstop). I was fortunate to only be charged that $14.95, just to think, I though about buying multiple books for my parents and other relatives(listened to the voice this time)! I received the infamous news letters and I am still getting them, at $5 a pop. I called the notorious customer services numbers and each time they had system issues! SYSTEM ISSUES!! Long enough for them to disconnect their lines! I called my bank and asked them if the monthly charge could be blocked since at the time I didn't use credit cards, just my debit(I do now)! I was told I could, but it will cost me $30. Why must I pay for this inconvinience? Trudeau just does not quit! Once Kevin knows he can make a buck off you, he keeps trying. I also received a letter inviting me into this exclusive secret society called the Nouveau Tech/Group, which I researched online and found it to be another scam linked to Kevin! As long as you ordered a product directly from one of his infomercials your name is probably on a list hidden somewhere marked "Suckers" along with mine. Normally I'm a nice person, but if I ever run into this KT guy, I am returning this book to him... Right where the good lord split him! I need to get info from Monica 6/7/06 on a class action lawsuit. P.S. Make sure you watch 20/20 this Friday (tomorrow), there going to talk about how gullible we Americans are, and if your on here like me you better believe it! Reality is sour and at times it hurts.

7/19/2006 - Mary writes:
I seem to be in the same boat as everyone else...luckily not with the extra charge on the book...I was stupid enough to join the monthly website...I tried to cancel for at least 3 months and finally they have stopped deducting from my checking account I was told over the phone that I would be credited my $9.95 charge within 30 days...that never happened I have been waiting I am now at 40 days and the phone numbers I call are disconnected...if anyone is currently paying for the website through on automatic deduction on your bank statement there is a phone number to call...I did get through a couple of times...We need someone who is currently having deductions from there account to give us that phone number it is probably current...please help

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