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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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7/18/2006 - Barbara writes:
I heard about this book from a friend and bought it at the health food store--paying full price. I kept reading and reading and realized that there was absolutely NO information of use in this book. Anyone can write this information. I then watched the infomercial and know that this is very misleading to all who desperately need help (or not). The store pullled it from their shelves after other complaints.

7/17/2006 - Doug writes:
My wife and I also have the problem of not being able to contact this company not only did they Steal $71.40 from our credit card they released the number to others causing us to close that account for security reasons. is there no way to get help recovering this money I guess they have done this to many many people?? send me a message on what to do if anyone knows anything.

7/17/2006 - Patricia writes:
I received my copy of the June 2006 newsletter(Natural Cures) and on the back page was an article "Leard the secrets of losing weight faster and easier than ever before". It had to do with a seminar that was to be held somewhere at $1000.00 per ticket. In the article it stated "I am professionally taping the entire seminar and offering the CD package for $250.00. I will send you the CD package of the entire seminar, as well as the secret weight loss miracle formula included absolutely free." Of course I called the 1-800-748-9901 number and was told it would cost me $250.00. I read the article to her and she knew nothing about it. She gave me a customer service number and I was on hold for an hour. I got on this system and am now expecting some kind of response. If this is the way the business is being run,,no wonder Mr. Trudeau is always looking over his shoulder for the Federal Trade Commission. Is nothing honest in this world anymore? I can honestly say my name is Pat

7/13/2006 - Carol writes:
We are at our wits end. My husband ordered the Natural Cures book and cd's to listen to in his car which we paid for. He did not sign up for a membership or continuing charges. We were charged $69 on our credit card. We tried to dispute it with the company but they don't have any contact info on their website. They don't list a phone#..nothing..zip zero...we are going to report them to our attorney generals office and hope others will do the same. We are extremely disturbed by this mans way of continuing to make $$$ off of not allowing people to dispute charges put on their credit card.

7/6/2006 - Brian writes:
Well here i am with the rest of ya'll with the infamous 71.40 scam. When i first ordered the book off the phone i told the girl that i only wanted the book and absolutly nothing else. well a few days later i check my bank account only to see that i was charged an extra 71.40. so i called the number that they gave to me and the guy was apologetic and said he would issue the refund and i should recieve it 7-10 days but up to 30. That was back on April 4th! Here i am 3 months later and 50 phone calls later with many promises that i would recieve my refund. I try to call the number back today and its now disconnected. what kind of crap is that? And then i try searching for a number to call.... there is absolutly nothing on the web site or any other way to find that number out. so if anyone has the number by chance i'd love to recieve an email from ya [] well thats my fun story. what a SCAM!

7/3/2006 - Darren writes:
Ok this is sad! ALL the phone numbers I have found, tried to call and been redirected too, do not work. I cannot get any help in canceling my very sad subscription! I am getting VERY upset here, mostly because I trusted Kevin, and I do not enjoy being jearked around! This guy is a SCAM, and has totaly got us in a red tape pinch! What can we do to get this fixed??? Anyone? Is there a real customer service #? Good luck every one

6/30/2006 - Bud writes:
Don't bother calling the 847-777-7147 phone - it's disconnected. Is there any other proof needed that this operation is a scam. Like several others, I too have been charged. My credit card company says they will "file the complaint" with Natural Cures and wait their response. Right!

6/30/2006 - Polly writes:
I came across the infomercialscams.com web site today and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read all the terrible stories about Natural Cures and I realized we weren’t the only ones! In spite of everything, I really believe the book is a great product, but unfortunately, Mr. Trudeau is using the same conventional means to market an “alternative product” and that is really the problem. He is doing “business as usual” with an alternative approach and that is what really bothers me because I really believe in alternative medicine, but I also believe in an alternative system, an holistic new approach of doing business, something that he does't have, and is discrediting his work. My husband and I were also victims of the $71.40 additional charge on our credit card and we were so upset with it that we cancelled the original order, which consisted ONLY of the book+CD ($34.85). We sent the book and CD back, as son as it arrived in the mail, without opening the box. However, it took us about 4 months, and weekly phone calls to the customer service department of Natural Cures (who in this world has the time for that?) to get our money back. In the meantime, we also started to get 3 different magazine subscriptions in the mail for which my husband never signed up, and which were also charged to our credit card. Whenever we called, (again to the Natural Cures Customer Service Department) trying to cancel those unwanted subscriptions, the people who answered our calls were not very helpful; they always claimed they couldn’t cancel the subscriptions and that we should call another 1-800 telephone number. That 1-800 telephone number didn’t work either; the lady who answered our call, gave us another telephone number, and was very rude the second time I called and complained to her because it was an automated system that didn’t allow me to completely cancel the different subscriptions. Finally after two or three days of trying to figure out the automated voice system of the magazine company (again, who has the time to do all this?) I was able to bypass it and talk to a real person, who promised me to cancel all three subscriptions. Needless to say, we will NEVER recommend this site to anybody, nor we’ll ever buy any product directly from Natural Cures. What a shame!

6/27/2006 - Susan writes:
His infomercial stated the book/cd gave natural cures for many diseases. In the chapter that he is suppose to give the cures he tells us he can't because he will be arrested if he does. I think he has been in prison before, he needs to be again!! Lies

6/22/2006 - Colleen writes:
I saw the informercial for natural cures on a local home shopping network. I called in and paid for the book and shipping costs, and was informed that Shop America would charge me $24.90. I specifically requested to not be charged for the newsletter or all the other extra promotional offers they kept making over the phone. I asked and they verified at the end of the ordering process that the total amount I would be charged for was 24.90. Later I checked my account status, and found that Natural Cures charged me an additioanl $71.40. I called the 877-777-7131 number listed with the payment in order to request a cancellation on the entire order. However, I found that the number was disconnected. So I called the number I had written down the day before when I had made the order, and the recorded message indicated that the number was for a conference center. I have just finished talking with a banker, and they stated that since the amount was "pending" I could not put a stop on the payment. I will have to file a dispute on the claim, and then another part of the bank will do an investigation. I may be refunded the amount in a month or so. Since they have my account number to charge to, and from seeing the stories on this website, I have decided to change my bank account number. In the past I've had my card stolen, and found that this is one way to guarantee that when your card or bank account information is being used for unauthorized electronic payments, further payments cannot be made. It's a drag, but I'd rather not be charged again for this mistake. Definitely the last time I shop that network.

6/22/2006 - Linda writes:
What a crock this product is. He repeats himself over and over He will start a chapter and say "see yada yada" where he mentioned it before. It is just terri ble. It is all hype..no new information if you are a reader at all you will recognize the stuff in the book as old hat info He offered a free CD also which never came so I reported him to the Better Business Bureau.They responded it will be shipped but i doubt it. if you MUST buy this go to [].com, or [].com, or [].com and get it used...it is trash, really

6/20/2006 - Melissa writes:
I guess I'm now joining a large group of irrate victims of the Natural Cures newsletter scam. I ordered the book several months ago from an infomercial. I received the book, and was not impressed at all. It didn't even include the information that was advertised, which was why I ordered it in the first place! Then I began receiving newsletters, which I didn't want or order. I called to cancel and thought I had been successful, but they just keep coming. I was charged the infamous $71.40 on my original credit card, and tried again to cancel. I could not get through to anyone to do this. Yesterday I received my credit card statement and there is another charge for $71.40 that I did not authorize. I get the newsletter, but dont want it! Today I found this web site, and was amazed to see how many others have been duped by this scam. I am never responding to another infomercial! Kevin Trudeau should be legally charged with fraud!! Shame on you Kevin! Thanks to Michael, 6/19/06, who provided the cancellation phone number to the rest of us! Bless you. Melissa

6/19/2006 - Michael writes:
I purchased the book and the newsletter from the infomercial phone line 8 months ago. The book has alot of common information. Like, eat organic foods. Chemical additives are bad. Although I did not find the book to be a SCAM, I believe the newletter is. When I started getting the newsletter I expected some cures or at least advice. I read a few of them, and all they seem to be is a couple page rant about how the FCC, food and drug companies are trying to silence him and defraud us. I canceled my subsription. BTW the correct company phone number to cancel your subscription, which is very very hard to find, is 1-847-777-7147 as of 6/19/06. It seems that the other numbers on this site are disconnected.

6/7/2006 - Monica writes:
I orderd the book and never recieved it and cancelled as soon as I could get a legitimate number and speak to a human. I was charged 54.90 reimbursed 44.95 then charged 71.4, I called every month for 8 months and was promised a refund in 2 weeks which never came. Today I am told I will not get a refund because I did not cancel the newsletter in 60 days, which I never ordered or received in the first place. Now he says he can send me the newletters. I have set up an email account []@AOL.COM I will be looking into reimbursement. If you have a legit case and would be interested in going in on a group lawsuit "if my attorney feels it worth the time" let me know. I thought after Hurrican Katrina it couldn't get worse, but it did. THIS IS A TRUE BLUE SCAM THAT MUST BE STOPPED.

6/3/2006 - Jerry writes:
Called the TV's 1-800 number to order the book. The rep taking orders asked 3 times about the membership and additional new letters. I should have had a clue at this point I'd be chalking up another one for a learning experience. I receive the worthless book. Save your money people, he likes to hear his own voice. And the information that's in the book, I thought when I purchased it I was going to be add to my knowledge of holistic health. He has nothing in the book I didn't already know. And the amount of times he repeats him self, is unbelievable. Billing is where they will get you. I received the book, newletters that were to come with it and his lovely LOL Cd saying the same thing he has in the book. The shipping manifest was correct and what I agreed on in the amount of $42.52. My charge statement on the other hand was not, the amount of $71.40 was not what I agreed. After calling the charge company a number of times, I finally spoke with a real nice women she even tryed calling the 1-800 number a number of times while I was on the phone with her getting the same response I had. She then put in a dispute. This all began November 2005. Finally Feb 2006 I got a letter from my charge company showing the dispute claim was valid and credit was issued to my account. No consumer should have to go these lengths. I'm still receiving the newletters which when I return to sender. I've written notes on them, I've wrote a letter stating I did not order this nor do I want them, I still continue to get them. And they will get the damn things right back. Hope this gives you some insite. Save your money. It truely is not worth a cent.

5/29/2006 - Harriette Griffin writes:
On May 1, 2006, i sent a money order for these books from shopamerica, they told me it would take 6 weeks for delivery, and have not yet received the books. Finally I checked because of not receiving the book, then heard other people complaining about not receiving the books either. I learned about it on the television. If you can help me, please e mail me. It was advertised on the t.v. for $24.90, and I sent a $26.00 money order .

5/21/2006 - Kate writes:
I allowed myself to believe ordering Kevin Trudeau's book over the phone was going to be a simple task. I called last night to order ONE book at $14.95 which includes a free CD and a free newsletter for a limited time (this is how it was presented on TV). While in the process of ordering over the phone (I had been on for almost 7 minutes and had already given my credit card number), I was asked to purchase several other products, which I declined. I was also told that I was being subscribed to the newsletter and that if I didn't want it, I had 30 days to call and cancel. After this point, I was so annoyed. All I wanted to do was buy the book. I decided it would be easier to just buy it from a bookstore and told the woman on the phone that I was going to cancel and did not want to move forward with this purchase. She told me there was NO way she could cancel my order at this time. She went through the process of acting like she was trying to find a way to cancel, but could not. At this point, I requested a number for customer service and SHE DID NOT HAVE ONE?! I was referred to the web site, which I immediately pulled up after hanging up the phone only to find that if I want to access information such as a customer service phone number, I need to pay to join the web site! That is completely ridiculous. Upon doing some research online, I discovered purchasing this book would be a mistake as it is. I also stumbled upon the number 847-777-7132 which I will attempt to call to cancel my order, assuming she went ahead and processed the order regardless of what I wanted to do. I called my credit card company to inquire about a stop payment, which they cannot do. They can only dispute the charge once it's posted to my account. I'm upset because I've been reading that it's difficult to obtain a refund or even reach someone for that matter to request one. So, my advice to those who want to buy this book...don't or simply go to your local bookstore. You may spend a little more money, but it's worth avoiding this extremely customer unfriendly experience.

5/18/2006 - Barbara writes:
We are being ripped off by a mighty clever thief.Natural Cures is a fraud. What adds insult to injury is the fact that they charge $71.40 for a newsletter that you never ordered and will never receive.

5/8/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Do not bother to buy the book. It seems like alot to read but mostly it his ramblings that tell you nothing you don't already know. He the type of person that loves to hear his own voice so he goes on and on about nothing. He likes to refer you to his website it which does not provide you with the info unless you join. What a scam

5/3/2006 - Eernest writes:
Well I purchased the book online 2/11/2006 because my mother has some stiffness in her body and is also a heart patient. I was told that i would receive the book in 7 to 10 days! I waited and waited and got tired of waiting so, i called 2/25 to find out whats up! John took my call and told me said don't worry its on its way i said OK! 3/8 i called and spoke to jennis explaining to her what is the hold up and she says it must have gotten crossed in the mail. She apoligized for the mix up which is not her fault. So, jennis said hold on for a moment because she wanted to see if they could send it express. She come back to the phone and says her Boss said, it had to be the second time it was sent out before thay could express it!!! I said that it scem to me that he would've OK'd it because of the time i've been waiting, she said again i'm sorry. I then decided that i didn't want the book and that i want a refund, she said ok it should be in your account in 7 to 10 more days. 3/22 i called because i didn't receive my refund yet and it was stated that it wasn't handled properly and she would take the complaint to her supervisor personaly herself and the person at coorapate accounts name is Cristina whom would be taking care of the refund.Still nothing! was taken care of. I called back around 4/5 because now i'm upset with this hole thing. I ask to speak to the supervisor and I was connected to Vilet, I explains and she said she is going to refund my money and give me the book for free for just waiting so long. I ask her how long would this take, and she said I will try to get the money within a couple of days and the book 2 weeks. Today is the %th of May still nothing back so, I call this morning at 9:00am and luckly was connected to Vilet again. I asked about the book and the refund she don't know what happen.I ask for coorapate office number, she didn't have it so, ask for an address which she was 810 Greenleaf ave. in Elk Grove Village ILL. 60069. This is Crazy that i have to go thru all this hassel to get what belongs to me!!!!!!!!!!!! This kevin should be investagated and thrown under the jail !!!!!!!

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