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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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4/15/2006 - Tyrone writes:
I use to be a telemarketing agetn and one of our products was the natural cures book. We the sales rep do not lie about the newsletters nor do we lie about the charges that people incur for ordering. Everything that we read from our screens comes from the product itslef and the people who work for the person in charge of the product and tells them what to write. The natural cures is a big scam and I have actually told people in not so may words when they have doubts to really think about those doubts ebfore orering. I couldn't tell them blatantly not to order because ALL of our calls are recorded and I could've lost my job if I did. Right now if you call he is even saying that he has a new sequel to his book and a to get one signed by him he is charging you an extra $25.00. If that isn't a scam i don't know what is. If you decide to order things from television you are taking a big risk. they always state that it is not sold in stores but I assure you that it is and if you really wnat to try soemthing buy it first ahdn in the store before byuing from an infomercial it will save you in the long run. I don't understand why he isn't in jail. He is really scamming alot of older people who are on fixed incomes and I really hate to hear that from them and some won't listen when I say take time to think about it or talk to your doctor first. so what can you do? be careful everyone and protect your crdit card number and don't fall victim again.

4/11/2006 - Cindy writes:
I ordered the Natural Cures book in Aug. 2005 and told them at the time of the order that I did not want the newsletter that they $71.40 to receive.  They assured me that I would not be charged for that and would not recieve it.  Within a month I received a notice that my newsletter was on the way unless I cancel by Sept.21, 2005.  I called again to clairfy that I do not want that newsletter and not to charge my credit card.  They went ahead and illegally charged my card (which I did not authorize) and sent the newsletter.  I have been trying to get a refund every month since then and they keep claiming they will.... but never do.  This is fraudulant use of my card.  I have been working with my bank, but Natural Cures simply denied the dispute and kept the money.  It is such a small claim that it costs too much to fight this legally.  I will press charges with the police however.  If we want our money back, we will have to get a class action law suit with a large group of people envolved.

4/9/2006 - Barbara writes:
I ordered the book "Natural cures they don't want you to know about" and told them on the phone that all I wanted was the book. I began recieving the newsletter, and was billed for them on my credit card. I was a bit mad when I recieved the bill. So I called to cancel the newsletter. They did in fact, give me a refund. But, I am still recieving the news letter. I'm curious to see whether or not they bill me again. I keep checking on my statements, so far they haven't billed me again. If they do, am I responsible for it? The way I see it, I did what I was supposed to. I shouldn't be responsible for any more charges. By the way, I cancelled my newsletter about 3-4 months ago. The way I see it, I better not be billed for it.

3/23/2006 - Mona writes:
Do not buy this product using the infomercial number.  If you want to read the book buy it from some other source - I have only read a little bit of the book so can not really comment on it.  The operators on the 800 number will charge you for the newsletter in a deceptive manner.   When I saw the $72 charge on my account I was shocked and called right away.   I was told I would recieve a refund in 7-10 days - that was three months and eight calls ago.  Last call they told me that they are a middle man and their hands are tied, but that I will recieve a refund.  I am giving one more week and then will be filing complaints right and left.  Kevin has a responsibility to his costomers to use a reputable order taking service.  This is the first time in my life that I have had a problem like this with any company and it is very frustrating!

3/22/2006 - Craig writes:
kevin trudeaus book offers very little information, in my experience, and is only a teaser to entice you to spend a few hundred more for his website  to get the same breakthroughs advertised to be in the $30 already purchased book. He also charges your card for the newsletter when you decline it. There is no real cancellation or refund. I found no integrity in the guarantees . The gov't will file your complaint, tho we can all guess where- because no followup or action ever transpires against these info-frauds. Bancard disputes have no teeth and various banking law stiffening could put a big dent in these activities.

3/13/2006 - Jackie writes:
I read the book and was receiving the newsletters, and realized that Kevin has nothing to say that I didn't already know. I saw that he was offering the newsletter for free if you sent a message to his website [email protected] claiming you wanted it to be e-mailed to you and not sent thru the mail. I have tried to cancel my newsletter thru this site, but you can't even get to it. The site doesn't even exist. So Kevin is again scamming us!

3/8/2006 - Darlene writes:
The book I purchased from Kevin did nothing but discuss what I could find on the internet for free I can't believe he copy what was on the internet and put it in his book just about word for word the rest of the book is non informated does nothing for you

3/7/2006 - Anne writes:
While this book may have some worthwhile suggestions which most are common sense, exercise regularly, drink water, limit fast foods, I think overall it is untrue information.  On page 148 he says not to use non-stick cookware, but then on page 414, he writes twice that he uses non-stick skillets. Is he not practicing what he preaches?  He is not a doctor and should not be telling people to stop taking medicine!

3/4/2006 - Tena writes:
we bought this book and return it coz' it didn't meet our expectation. they ask us if we want the extra news letter for extra cost and said no, they still did it. we return it as soon us we recieve the product coz' we heard about lots of positive side of the book. it's been almost 2 months already and we didn't recieve our money back. as seen in tv it said 30 days money guarantee back. all bullshit. we call the number to inform them that we want to return the book and they connect us to another number which we have to pay for long distance. all scam!!!

3/4/2006 - Ryan writes:
Kevin Trudau is a fraud and a con artist. He is an expert, but only at parting you with your money. In his book he does nothing but whine about how the government censors him, while all the courts ordered was that he stop selling products. He was NEVER forbidden from recommending products or providing nutrition information (though, in my opinion, he should have been). He lies about this blatantly in his book and says that to obtain this information from him (which, in theory, you spent $30 on the book for in the first place) you must subscribe to his website and pay a regular due. Think. If he isn't allowed to make recommendations in a book, why would he be allowed to do so online? It's a scam, and taking some of the little advice he does provided can be very dangerous. He suggests that the sun doesn't cause skin cancer, sunblock does. Aside from this some of the things he propounds are simply ridiculous (wear white clothes in the house, acidity and alkalinity of the body, etc). He also repeatedly states that the food industry wants people to be fat. This makes absolutely no sense. WHY would the food industry want people to be fat? The fatter people are, the more likely they are to try to eat less to improve their health, and thus buy less. Roughly 70% of Americans are fat because (a) they don't exercise enough, (b) they want good tasting food and the best tasting foods are nearly always fattening and (c) various other reasons such as dehydration and stress. Mysterious "chemicals" in the food (which Trudau never identifies) have nothing to do with it. This book is too expensive to be a door stop, too cumbersome to be a paper weight, and it sure as hell isn't good for anything else...

3/2/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I enjoyed the book as I have always been very interested in natural health.  There were many good suggestions for preventing disease which were generally regurgitated from the true experts, but if the word was getting out to the public about pesticides and contaminants and healthy living, I was glad.  I also joined the website hoping to find "consumer report-like" information on natural products.  Unfortunately, the site did not have much information on it.  I attempted to cancel many times, but they kept charging my card anyways. Very frustrating!  I don't like being stolen from!  So, I sent a complaint to the BBB(IL) thanks to this site, and I have another suggestion as well.   Donate your book to your local library. It will help the library collection, and maybe prevent another book from being sold and prevent someone else from being scammed.   Just remember to write on the inside cover not to join the website he mentions so many times!!!

2/25/2006 - Leslie writes:
I came across this site while researching another product. I recently got the Natural Cures book, with emailed newsletters - though the CD never arrived. Just got the credit card statement but had not opened it yet. So when I read about everyone getting charged for a full year of newsletters, I immediately opened up the statement and - Voila - there it was I must be an idiot, though, because I don't remember the commercial or the CSR saying I would be charged for an entire year of newletters, but I suppose I could have missed that. I called the number and got through very quickly to someone who said the newsletter would be cancelled and the charge refunded in 5-7 business days.  We'll see on that. But here is the interesting part.... I wanted to go an extra step so replied to the [email protected] address, with a cc to [email protected] that explained I had just cancelled the subscription over the phone and requesting a confirmation of cancellation. A couple of minutes later I received a generic message we received your email message that said my concern, comment, etc would be addressed soon. Only it was not from Natural Cures. Check this out - the sender was bhg.com. As in Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, etc. I have not sent any other recent messages that could have prompted such an email, so at this time can only conclude that somehow Mr. Rebel Kevin Trudeau is linked in business to Better Home and Gardens. How wierd. Will update if I find out more.

2/24/2006 - Victoria writes:
I bought this book and was extremely disappointed with it. I never attempted to return it, but it is a definite attempt to rip  people off. It never contained the cures to anything. All it did was invite you to find out more on his website(which you must pay to become a member of). He justified having you do this by saying that government agencies where censoring him, so he couldn't say all he wanted to in his book...what makes the book different from his website anyways? I was interested in the cure for diabetes, as I and most of my family are afflicted with this disorder. I was told that I needed to use many different vitamins and minerals, but was never told what these vitamins and minerals were nor in what dosage they should be taken. Also, Mr. Trudeau spends a full three quarters(or more) of this book trying to convince you that every government agency in the world is after him. He is most definitely truly paranoid. This book is truly a big scam, and I suggest that if you   have thought of buying it but haven't done so that you don't.

2/23/2006 - Theo writes:
I purchased the book several months ago. The day the book came I called and told them I did not want the new letter. They said they would refund the 75.00 each month the news letter has came and each time I call them say said they would credit my account, which ofcourse has not happened and I keep getting the news letters. I am unemployed and am tired of waisting my money on phone calls. PS. I wish I had returned the book but I did not. But I would like to be refunded for the new letter that I do not Want. Thank you Theo

2/20/2006 - Tracy writes:
I ordered the natural cures book hoping there would be an answer to cure my mother diabetes. To my surprise when I recieved the book I found none of the information to be helpful. It seemed to be a good idea at the time to purchase this book considering how diabetes was affecting my mother. I trusted this company to help with my mother's condition, but instead I was scamed. I feel that this infomercial should be banned from television. I also was charged $71.40 for a newsletter I did not order, but after calling I was given a refund. However I am still waiting for a refund on the books I returned. Just remember DO NOT order anything from television until you find out what everyone has to say about the product good and bad. And to everyone who has been scamed by this prooduct do not give up until they have refunded your money to you, it is your money, fight to get it back.

2/11/2006 - Paul writes:
I tried a remedy EXACTLY as instructed with ZERO results.  I bought the book for myself and then accepted the 5 books for $25 "deal" over the holidays.  I also purchased a $200 lifetime membership for the website.  ALL THIS IS BOGUS!  Is there a class action lawsuit being filed anywhere?

2/11/2006 - Odie writes:
I ordered this book from shop america on jan.5 /06 today is feb. /11/06 and check long cleared bank and no book or notice.please

2/11/2006 - Terence writes:
I purchased the book in December 2004.  I read the book for a couple of days when I realized he had no secret to tell.   He did have numerous reference to join his website to get more information.   The worst thing of all - the government knows about this sam but does nothing about it.  It seems odd that we have millions of dollars to help countries around the world, yet they let this con-man to contiue selling his snake oil. I returned the item on 01/10/2005 and now as of February 11, 2006 I have not received a refund to my credit card.   No help from the BBB or the federal government.

2/9/2006 - Anne writes:
I ordered Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" book on an on-line bookstore for a discount.  Thank goodness I did not order it from the infomercial. [I have read the horror stories.] I found the book somewhat helpful, but the scam started with me by subscribing to the NaturalCures website for $9.95 per month.  I got all the information I needed in just one month.  I tried to cancel the subscription, but I could not.  E-mails and phone calls were of no help.  The only way I could cancel was to call my credit card provider and report my card as stolen!!  So, shutting down your account is the only way to stop it, as far as I can tell.   Bottom line- do not order products through infomercials, and do not subscribe to websites!

2/7/2006 - Tiffany writes:
i order the natural cures on the tv commercial, they charged 24.90 on 1/30 and the next day they charged 71.40, i told them all i was interested in was the book that was it. and the lady told me my total would come to 24.90 and i wouldn't be billed anything else, now they won't return my money, and now my checking account is all screwed up. can anyone help. today is 2/7 and everytime i call the cistomer service line the keep hanging up on me, what should i do. keven needs to make all his workers quit lieing

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