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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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2/7/2006 - Michael writes:
I am so very very angry now. I ordered the Natural Cures Book a couple of days ago by calling the phone number on the infomercial and I specifically said no to all of the other products that they tried and kept trying to push upon me. I told them I only wanted the book and only the book and That I better not be charged for anything else, Ilooked at my checking account and they took an additional $71.40 - looks like that was for the newsletter that I made sure to tell the cust service rep, I do not want this several times and that I better not be charged. I just called 847-777-7132 and a lady said they will refund me in 7 - 10 days and I did get my refund, but it put my credit limit over and was charged over the limit fees from my credit card company , thanks to the Thief Kevin Traudeau (Not Spelled Correctly, but you all know who this thief is). I had a bad feeling about this and should've trusted my instincts.. We all need to get this guy thrown in jail!!! What is happening here in America People...Theifs are every where and the law is allowing it.

2/6/2006 - Sabrina writes:
To start with, I wish I knew of this website BEFORE I purchased the Natural Cures book.  My husband saw the infomercial and said he wanted the book.  I ordered it at the beginning of November 05.  I phoned them on Dec 22nd to find out where my book was.  I was told that the website order form had problems and that they now had my order and would ship the book.  I phoned them again on Jan 17, 06 and was told the same thing.  Well guess what, I still haven't received the book.  I called again on Feb 03 and was told they had my order, but no proof that I paid.  I was informed that I HAD TO PROVE the book was paid for by faxing them a copy of my statement showing the deduction.  Once they received that they would refund my money, because I told them I do not want the book now, I wanted my money back.  I am also filing a complaint with the BBB in Illinois.   They have to be stopped.  Thank you for letting me vent my frustration.

2/5/2006 - Paul writes:
I bought the book and then subscribed to the website for one month for $9.95. I cancelled my subscription within the first week because I found no value in the subscription.  They continued to charge my credit card $9.95 per month for October and November.  I complained and they promised to fix the problem, and they did refund to two months to my credit card... but now I find they charged my card for December and January.

2/3/2006 - Dee writes:
I too was scamed I bought the   book Natural Cures.I was told my Total was $38.40 I charged it on my debit/credit card. I looked on my online bank acc.the next day a Extra $71.40 was charged.I was told by the operator on the 1-800 # for the News letter you would be billed monthly at $5.95. "wrong scamed" I called my bank to help me resolve this charge. I called Natural Cures line you just sit on hold no person Kevins scam voice just talkes about selling you more books to you. I went on line and was shocked pages and pages of cunsumers have the same story to tell about this $71.40 Scam.I too have e-mailed News, Trade commission,some other people. Kevin should not be on TV Scaming American Cosumers. Thanks Dee

2/3/2006 - Christie writes:
After ordering the book for $14.95 and agreed to $5.00 per month to charged to my account for a monthly newsletter. I was charged without consent $71.40 on the same day I called the order in. I could not locate a correct phone number on my bank statement the numbers were wrong however i did find the correct number on this site called and demanded a complete refund. This company is definetly a scam and I will join the fight to end the terrible scams that they do to people that have hope to be healthy. We shall see if they actually refund the money and how can you trust the product if you cannot trust the people?

2/3/2006 - Cathy writes:
I called the 1-800 number and order the book for $14.95 and $9.95 for shipping and handling but when I went online and look into my bank account I was charged: $24.90 by Shop America and $71.40 by Natural Cures Newsletter. I told the lady I wasn't interested in anything but the book. I haven't been success of recovering my money yet. If anyone that can help please feel free to e-mail me.  AT

2/2/2006 - Kari writes:
I suffer from depression, stomach, and allergy problems and was dumb enough to purchase the Natural Cures book. After the $25 for a $15.95 book, 3 weeks of waiting to get the book, and it has been a month now and I still haven't received my $71.40 for his newsletters I didn't want.  I was promised 10 business days for a refund...then 30 days for an "immediate refund"  I called today and they said another 10 days!!!  It was made on a debit/credit card and the charge was done just after New Years what can I do?  Any advice out there?

1/30/2006 - Mico writes:
Well I ordered the book from his marketing organization. I ordered 2 books and I did return them in the way they asked for, but so far have not heard anything back from them. I was charged a significant amount on my credit card and have not approached VISA. I suppose I could request a reversal of the charges. I guess I am looking for some advice. Thanx

1/28/2006 - Michael writes:
I TOO.. was sammed by the extra charges on my debit/credit card. $71.40??? For what?? I was told byt the operator on the 800 # that it would be billed monthly at $5.95, but alas, it appeared on my card the next day as a complete 71.40 charge. I was P---ed!! I called my bank and told them this was NOt authorized by me. My bank is good at helping me resolve a dispute and I expect the money to be put back in my account shortly, But BEWARE. These people at the 800# , which was my own fault for NOt writing it down make their money by just charging your card!!!

1/28/2006 - Dora writes:
"These people at the 800# , which was my own fault for NOt writing it down make their money by just charging your card!!!" This is NOT TRUE. Those people are paid by the minute. They get NO COMMISSION. They are a national teleservices company that take phone calls for SEVERAL HUNDREDS of products. They read what populates on the screen. That is it. You know how much they make? 17 cents a minute ONLY IF THEY ARE TALKING TO SOMEONE. Yes that book is a scam. Plain and simple. KT is the con artist. Not the people at the 800 number. The 5.95 is monthly but is charged ANNUALLY.  5.95x12 is 71.40. This is stated in the script. KT keeps changing the script. He is the one who writes them and hands them to the company. If you want to be angry at someone be angry at the man making millions upon millions with this scam. NOT the people who make 17 cents a minute ONLY if they are on the phone talking to people.

1/26/2006 -   Mary writes:
I am so mad right now. I ordered the Natural Cures Book a couple of days ago by calling the phone number on the infomercial and I specifically said no to all of the other products that they tried shoving at me. I told them I only wanted the book, but I just looked at my checking account and they took an additional $71.40 - looks like that was for the newsletter. I just called 847-777-7132 and a lady said they will refund me in 7 - 10 days. I had a bad feeling about this and should've trusted my instincts.. We all need to get this guy thrown in jail!!!

1/26/2006 - Chuck writes:
I ordered this book just last week for $14.95 + S/H as advertised by Kevin Trudeau on TV. Today my wife called wanting to know what I bought for $71.40 (Natural Cures) and $24.90 (Shop America), which both have the number: 847-7777 131, no area code or 1-800, 877, 866, etc. I tried to look up a number on google search and found this site. Let's start a class action lawsuit with all the people that have been scammed, national media blitz, etc.; I'll bet bet Mr. Trudeau will get to the bottom of it then!

1/25/2006 - Andy writes:
When your book comes to you don't open the package! Write (ADDRESSEE REJECTS)in large letters across the top. Cover your mailing address with a black marker so they cant send it to you a second time. When I got the bill I told the CC company I never bought it. Close the account and get another CC ! I left a message to the Chicago News. Please do the same so we can stop this son of a bitch!

1/25/2006 - Nora writes:
I called and order this product in late October.  I still ahve not received it.  When i called to inquire, they gave me a non-800 number (1-847-777-7132) and no one answers. I tried calling back the "order" line which is quick to answer but they only repeat the above number.  AFter my fifth call, they gave me an address of ShopAmerica, po box 516, Elk Grove Village, IL 60009, which i tried to locate on web page and i cannot locate.   Meanwhile my credit card has been charged and the 3-week delivery never came thru.   I am extremely frustrated that these types of scams are allowed on TV - milking hundreds of viewers. This needs to be seriously looked at.  I will be filing a complain with the BBB as well when i write to the Shop America corp.

1/25/2006 - Rebecca writes:
Well i've already complained but i'm doing it again. I'm so pissed that the 71.90 was taken from my account. My bank replaced it because I told them it was a unauthorized transaction. I still can't get a hold of anyone from the natural cures place, and believe me I have a whole lot to tell them. I'm calling the B.B.B. and channel 3 news with the consumer report. Im so angry that I want to get a lawyer and sue kevins ass!!!!!!

1/24/2006 - Julie writes:
I have been reading these sad stories, and I am a sucker, too.  None of the entries I read talk about the monthly memnership fee of $9.95.  I was stupid enough to join, but now I can't cancel.   I received an email saying I wouldn't be charged after January 1st, but of course I was charged the 9.95 on Jan. 6th.  Nice, huh?  Did anyone else sign up for this membership, and if so, how can we stop the payments.  Do I just need to talk to my bank? WARNING! Don't ever sign up for an automatic deduction plan from an account!!

1/24/2006 - Virginia writes:
I saw Mr.Trudeau's infomercial last July 2005. I ordered the book which was to have included a free Cd on losing wait. I had $39.90 charged to my credit card on July 21,2005. The book didn't arrive until Sept. or Oct. Minus the Cd. Well, I started calling in August for the book. I was told that I would receive it in 2 weeks. I kept calling every 3 weeks until I received the book. I didn't get the cd. So I started calling again. I had to pay for these calls because the company that I orginnally ordered the book said they didn't have anything to do with the shipments of items ordered. Yeah,right, but they took my order and my money. To this day I still haven't received the Cd and since it's been over 30 days I can't return the book for a refund.I have called and sent emails and they don't bother to answer. I'm angry,what else can I do. Virginia

1/24/2006 - Diane writes:
I saw the infomercial a few nights back and thought this sounded like something I'd like to read, having a nutritionist background. I have one little hint about infomercials...before purchasing ANY book, I check with my local library first...and sure enough they had Trudeau's book, "Natural Cures..."  This book is a scam! Kevin Trudeau is not looking to help consumers...there is nothing in this book that tells about any sort of natural cure for anything. It is only an advertisement to purchase memberships either by the month, or a lifetime membership for around $500! Lifetime??? are you kidding...he'll be put out of business the way he's going! I've read the other consumer's reports about how the products are ordered and paid for, but never delivered. No wonder Trudeau can afford his trips to China and reverse osmosis pools and hot tubs. The guy is living a life of luxury at unsuspecting consumer's expense! The REAL lessons to be learned here are "BUYERS BEWARE" and "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" And a FINAL lesson, check out the book at your local library first and get the real info before plunking down money to a fraudulent scam like this! The only person benefitting from all this hype is Kevin Trudeau!

1/23/2006 - Rebecca writes:
I ordered the book a couple of days ago from tv and forgot to write down the number. There is no contact number what so ever and no way to get a hold of the idiots. I'm very upset because not only did they take the $24.90 out of my account for the book, they took an additional $78.00 out for god knows what. Someone needs to do something about it!

1/23/2006 - Margaret writes:
The only comfort I have is in knowing that I was not the only intelligent person who got scammed.This is my 1st & last infomercial purchase. We waited some time between our initial desire to purchase and actually purchasing.I was talked into a 2nd book for 1/2 price ($14.95 I think) then cd's, bringing my bill total with shipping to around $90. Like everyone else, was disappointed to discover there was really no information in the books or cd's. I didn't expect miracles, but I thought that there would be some small ailment remedies that would work. He did steal, because he promised something that was not in the book at all. His advertising is deceptive and misleading. He is a crook, fraud, theif, and other names I won't state, because I am better than him. Shame on you Kevin Trudeau.

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