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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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1/21/2007 - Teresa writes:
I ordered the 2 "free" books. I was supposed to only be charged 19.90, because of a typo, I was charged 109.90! I contacted the customer satisfaction group ( that's also a lie), I recieved e-mails saying a ticket was turned in, and my money should be returned in 1-2 billing cycles. What? I have copied every email address I have for ITV. They also said my ticket was closed. this is terrible what these people are doing. Now i have anxiety and anger...do they have another book I can get ripped off for?

1/20/2007 - Rachel writes:
I also fell for the "free trial" newsletter scam. After the first month I called the 1-800 number to ask them to cancel it. I tried three times to get through, each time sitting on hold for 20 min. or more. No one ever answered. I then noticed that there was an e-mail I could write to. Well, I wrote to it twice in two weeks asking to cancel my newsletter with no response what so ever. Then the next month, there was the next newsletter. So, i sat down, wrote a short letter stating that if they did not remove me from the list as asked, I would have to pursue legal action. I then attached the two e-mails I had sent, put it all in an envelope with the new newsletter and sent it all back to the address it came from. A week later I got a brief e-mail from the company "You have been removed from the newsletter list, thank you." And that was that.

1/20/2007 - Grizel writes:
i order in dec 2006 and still no book it was on the tv free book pay shipping only now it is jan 20 still waiting hope to get it soon they said wait 8 weeks max

1/18/2007 - Joseph writes:
Twice I notified Natural Cures to cancel the newsletter that costs $5.95 a month. Yet, I keep getting money taken out of my debit account every month(sometimes twice a month). I'm contacting the Illinois Attorney General to report this fraud. I encourage others to do the same. Kevin Trudeau seems to have not learned his lesson when he was busted for fraud years ago; now he seems to be committing fraud again by taking money out of peoples accounts after cancelling the newsletters.

1/17/2007 - Terri writes:
I too bought into this stupid scam of Kevins 13 months ago, and for the FULL 13 months I have been trying to get my money back that they over charged me on my credit card. I have called them every other week for over a year now and have had every person under the sun promise me my money back. They all say the same thing...the check will be there in 7 to 10 days. I should probably give it up but its the principal of the whole thing. Does anybody have any ideas to help me?

1/17/2007 - Walda writes:
I ordered three 2 volumes sets of Natural Cures on Nov. 24, 2006. They took the money out of my debit account on Nov 29 and I still haven't received the books. On Jan. 7, 2007 they took $5.95 out of my account for their News Letter, which I know I never authorized them to do. I called and cancelled the News Letter, but after reading this site, I decided to call my bank. They said to come in and fill out a fraud claim form and the bank would not only reimburse me, but they will check into the outfit that cheated me and sic the law on them.

1/17/2007 - Nadine writes:
they offered free books on tv, cost only shipping and handling. called tryed to sell magazines, other books etc. said no,no,no... asked for express shipping on 12/29/06. total cost 29.85 still no books today is 1/17/07.

1/15/2007 - Dave writes:
Add me to your list. Ordered the "free" books months ago, even with the absurd shipping fee and am still waiting. Tried the customer service on the phone and refused to wait over 20 minutes to talk to someone and get the same unhelpful responses.

1/15/2007 - Kay writes:
I ordered these books, back on Dec, 1 2006, I still have not received them and they have charged my checking account another 9.95 on January 2,2007. I have emailed them several times and have received no response. I want someone to tell me what my legal right are.

1/13/2007 - Sharon writes:
OK I'm an idiot and ordered the book without checking on the company. Ordered 12/5/06 it is now 1/13/07 and no book, but my credit card was charged. I have disputed the charge, but I'm hopping mad. Anyone want to join me and go through the court system? Lawyers are always looking for something to do.

1/12/2007 - Pat writes:
I ordered two sets of the books back in November of 2006 and ordered them express and was charged December 3, 2006 and have called several times and left messages and no one has called me back as of today January 12, 2007. This is really no way to do business. And with everyone else who has to work hard to earn a dollar it is upsetting to be scammed like this.

1/10/2007 - Mark writes:
I placed my order for the "Natural Cure" books shown on the infomercial. These were charged to my credit card on Sept. 27, 2006. I waited the eight weeks--no books. I called, spoke to a rep that told me the books were shipped on Nov. 27, 2006. I was to return call if I did not receive them, and I'd get a tracking number. I called after another two weeks and was told the books were shipped on Dec.5, 2006. To date, I have received no books, no refund. I filed a complaint with the BBB, yesterday. I sent an e-mail to ITV infomercials, yesterday and they e-mailed back saying that the books were free, but I was charged for shipping & handling and they do not refund shipping and handling. What can we do about this?

1/10/2007 - Anonymous writes:
Hi, I am quite apalled with this whole thing actually. I was just trying to find the number to the infomercial and stumbled upon this site. It explains why I have not received my books as well. I cannot believe that he is still making money to this day! I made my order almost two months ago and yep, you have guessed it! NO BOOKS! Wowee, how do we put a stop to another dispicable varment?

1/10/2007 - Michael writes:
On 12/27/06, I listened to an infomercial on latenight t.v. regardind Kevin Trudeau's books on Natural Cures. I called the 1800 number, listened to the prompts, and entered my cash card number to purchase the books. I was informed by the recording that the books will arrive within 3-5 business days. Today is now 1/10/07 and I still haven't received anything at all. There was no problem with them taking the money out of my account, so there shouldn't be an issue with the delivery. I am going to my bank tomorrow to try to get a reversal. I am very disappointed, but I learned a valuable lesson to share with others.

1/9/2007 - Diana writes:
Well after arguing with my husband I ordered the book NC- Kevin Trudeau. I was told the cost of the book. I said well the infomercial said something different. The bottom line is I got ripped off. He is NOT to be trusted. He is on lots of infomercials. And I for one think he's a rip off, He's a liar. A Cheat, A con and I know the day is coming when he will have to atone for his actions. I am no angel but, I have never ripped people off. I wish the FCC would drop these idiots. They may be helping the TV stations pay for their programming etc.. but, they are also ripping off the public. I never did get my money back. Like they say... if it sounds too good to be true then it is......

1/9/2007 - Chuck writes:
What a sucker........I bought the book....and the next....and the newsletter....all was actually very good at the begining...then I paid the lifetime membership..$999.00 oh what a deal...then poof...nada...no more access to website....password /email does not work...no free gifts as promised....no seminar as promised....no books as promised..... I have bought his infomercials in the past and always been satisfired..... now I'm pissed....no responce....no way to make actuall contact....I guess its time to have him hunted down like the rat he is....Atourney Generals need to earn their keep !!!! if anyone has a good contact number..please share Chuck

1/8/2007 - Bridgett writes:
I ordered the book off of the infomercial.then;on december 2006 there was a charge on my bank debit card for $71.40. I did not authorize this charge. any further charges made to my visa bank card will result in action taken.

1/8/2007 - Jean writes:
My mother purchased Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures" book. Guess what? It is a bonafide treasure hunt! To find which foods offer a nature cure for cancer...the book finally tells you to purchase a group of CD's, which of course cost LOTS of money. Trudeau says with these CD's you WILL finally discover HIS natural cure for cancer...ARE YOU A GAMBLER...DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? I did not risk paying over $100.00 (cost of CD's) to find out that the cure is right around the corner hidden in some expensive ready to purchase VIDEO!

1/7/2007 - Jessica writes:
i ordered the books around thanksgiving of 2006. i seen the infomercial and it looked very interesting and it was a good deal that we would have to only pay for shipping.its now january of 2007 haven't recieved anything. hopefully he would never bump heads with people he done this to. he thinks he's a good scamer...we'll see!!!!

1/7/2007 - Karen writes:
I bought this book (05). This is a classic case of a 'bait and switch scam'. I saw the infomercial (I wanted a natural cure remedy), I bought the book. However the book did not contain the natural cure remedy or any other remedy either. In the book you are referred to his website to get the information. I went to the website and found out I would have to pay to register to get access to the information. I was smart enough to pursue it no further. I was furious at myself for paying $39.95 for a book that told me absolutely nothing. Please don't waste your money on this con. I think he is a brilliant, legitimate but unethical salesman who is making millions of dollars by using the media, TV, Books and the Internet. I think he is also exploiting people who are sick and ill. If you are looking for a natural alternative try your local library, the information is free.

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