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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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1/22/2006 - Barb writes:
There are no cures in this book, just a lot of talking.  I feel this is a total scam.  He should not be allowed on the air anymore.  I want a refund.  I bought 2 books and the CD's

1/21/2006 - Olga writes:
Not only are unauthorized charges being applied to our credit and debit cards, but now some say there are no real "cures" in this book, its just a bunch of mish mosh. I'd like to ask these people that defend this book: If this is not a scam, then why is there absolutely NO contact information on this website? No phone number, no email address where we can write comments or ask question, no fax number, NOTHING! Any website that is legit will have some sort of contact information. I'll tell you why. They charge these monies to your account and hope that you didn't watch the infommercial and write down the number. The number is 847-777-7132 for those of you that didn't. And for those of you that are fighting for your money back, has anyone had any luck yet? Also, lets not forget, this Kevin has played with the law before. He's posed as a doctor, credit card frauds and not new to him, he's hired people to write fake positive comments on one of the sites. This guy is nothing but FAKE.

1/21/2006 - Dora writes:
I have not bought this book nor will I ever. I just wanted to let you all know that this IS a scam plain and simple. I work for one of the companies that takes phone calls for this scam. Trust me when I tell you when you call the telephone number from the infomercial you are getting some poor person in a call center who takes orders for literaly hundreds of other products. When you call in, a script pops up and the poor schlub reads what is on their screen. The book is deceptive and I have quit working for this particular section of the company.I refuse to take any more calls for it. The newsletter is the biggest source of angst. The operators barely know what they are selling because Kevin keeps changing the scripts. One time it was you DONT have to take the newsletters to get the free weightloss cd. The next script you do. Then there was the script that you can decline the newsletters and still get the cd, then all or nothing, It was so confusing and trust me noone likes these calls. Then the upsells that have nothing to do with the book. It is not the person that is taking your order thats trying to scam you. ITS KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! The customer has to say no once, then you are to give a rebuttal, then if they say no again you are allowed to bypass that one, BUT YOU STILL have to read the next one and the next one. The only time you can bypass them is if the customer gets mad and threatens to cancel the order. So in other words if you call the number that is seen on tv then you are getting some shlub that knows nothing but what is on his or her screen. If you need answers from customer service you have to dial 1-847+++++++ and yes you will wait and wait and wait. Its another deversion tactic. Kevin is nothing but a scammer. He needs to be jailed.

1/20/2006 - Olga writes:
Like many others, I decided to order this book when watching an infomercial. Little did I know, I was being charged for not only the book and S & H., but also for some newsletter which costs $71.40, for which I didn't authorize charges. I was promised this money back in my account within 10 days, lets see. Also, this charged resulted 3 overdraft charges in the amount of $30. Now I have to fight for this one too. Has anyone gotten anywhere with these charges?

1/20/2006 - Hannah writes:
i bought the natural cures book, and the operator kept trying to get me to buy all this b.s. that wasn't related to the book at all. i got charged an extra 71.40 along with the 24.90. i want my money back!!!!!! i called the customer service line, and i was waiting for a half an hour.

1/20/2006 - Yuri writes:
I recently bought a book: called Naturel Cures,i'm horribly mad and want to say that this is just a scam PLEASE Dont buy!!!!!!! they would tell you its only 14.95 yet they end up charging you 71.40 and 26.21 for some shop america, who knows what it is... i will never buy anything advertised in T.V ever again!!! before i do, i make sure to do some research.. its not worth it to lose almost $100 for nothing..

1/20/2006 - Sean writes:
Hi, had recently bought kevin treadu's Natrual cures book out of intreauge at a local [] When i got it home I coulden't wait to read it But to my disbelife I found This: A real nasty soundig disclamer[MY COMMENTS WILL BE IN BRAKETTS]:"It's unbelevable to me in this day and age that the world has come to this i must wright a disclamer at the beginning of this book imagen a person who is suppost to be allowed free speech is to put a disclamer as a preface to his   words,thoughts,&opinions. Hevan forbid  somone reads theese words and claims to be advesely affected, thus ensureing a berrage of lawsuits filled under the guise of protecting the unknowing victem WHO WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO READ & BELIVE THIS BOOK [ BASICLY HE'S CALLING US(THE READER)STUPID]! in reality,theese lawyers are squashing the rights of people,like my self, from freely expressing their ideas." And that was just part of it. it's Not only the disclamer but for the cures he gives Are CRAP!!!! Beleve me i tried apple cyder vinegar for hart burn but instead of helping it just made me more misrable. MR.Treadu needs to be stoped before his natrual cure therapys hurt someone irreversably. I advise anyone thiking about buying this book not to this book is a scam

1/18/2006 - Johnnie writes:
I was very interested in the book. But, the person on the other end of the phone definitely scammed us. We told her all we wanted was the book, nothing else. We immediately called back to cancel the order. Were told everything would be taken care of. The following day, my bank account was drafted 71.40 to Natural Cures and 34.85 to Shop America. I can no longer find the phone # I ordered from. HELP

1/18/2006 - John writes:
Hello Friends, Me and my Wife had ordered the book 4 days ago. I was hassled about a whole lot of mumbo-Jumbo I had no idea of. I ordered it finally, then I go online to check on my checking account and I have 2 charges of 24.90 and 71.40. Ihave no idea where the 71.40 charge came from. Trying to get in contact with these people is terrible. They must have bankers hours. I'll give Treadu a Natural Cure, A bump to the brain. Now I need to go to my bank and fix it. Thanks Buddy.

1/17/2006 - Frances writes:
I would like to say to those of you who lost money on this "book" that my heart goes out to you.   That being said, here's what action's you may take.  Contact the FDA 888-463-6332 and file an online complaint form.  Contact the FTC and fill an online complaint form, contact the president at 202-456-1111, and complain that this "book" is not what is advertised.  I have filed complaints with all of the above and the BBB agency in Illinois. I have some questions, why does "Kevin Trudeau" think he can justify saying that he has a cure for a VIRUS...He has had no medical training.  He is an ex-felon, he posed as a doctor..Ah yes,he pretended to be the enemy.  He downplays this in his book, yet repeats, "I am mad as h^&& and I am not gonna take it anymore," as well as, "It's all about the money."  He is too arrogant to realize he is talking about himself, he is angry that he can't be a real doctor, that requires medical school.  He is angry he can't pretend to be a doctor on TV to get rich, so he resorts to his most known practice, DECEPTION. No, I didn't buy the book, but I have read it.  He has a very unsavory past and has not learned his lesson, work to express your opinion in a kind, professional manner.  I truly want you all to get your money back, and I believe you all deserve an apology.  It is not your fault that he decieved you, he has had years of practice in multi-level-marketing scams.  Just do not forget that he is a con artist, a fraud, and if it sounds too good to be true, it's TRUDEAU...Everyone fight for your money, your dignity, and the respect you inherently deserve as a tax paying citizen.  Remember, as a health care professional, and working for others, they do recommend proper diet and exercise.  They even told me to take cranberry pills to avoid a UTI, so I wouldn't have to take an antibiotic.  His "information" is not backed by science, and yes, any company can and will make a mistake, but when that happens, it is balanced out when the people, sue the company.  No one in Ameica is being mistreated by "them"...You are being mistreated by Trudeau..United we stand, Divided we fall, don't be silenced, be outraged, and get what you deserve.  I will not only wish you all the best, but keep you all in my prayers.  I work to help people, and let me tell you, I am not as rich as Trudeau, and I don't want to be, money is the root of evil.   I will not compromise my morals for any amount, Kevin will for 14.95...SHAME on him.  He is not a man, he is a fradulant theif.  Now, I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore.  I am asking you, the masses to tell everyone you know to follow the steps to stop him, once there is no more money to be made on his book, he can market some other scheme, scandal, aka JUNK...Thank you Trudeau, you opened the eyes of millions of people of why they should not trust you!

1/16/2006 - Michael writes:
This is a total scam. My credit card was fradualantly charged $71.40. No one answers the 1-800 # given out. My bank had to refund the money but I had to go through a long process. Please spread the word. This is a scam artist. Everyone that sees this must report it the more complaints the better.

1/14/2006 - Kathy writes:
I got his book and was so mad about it, because when i started to read it, the madder I got. I have a lot of things wrong with me, and i am in pain 24/7 and when I heard about this book i had to go get it, Then when i would get to were its to tell me how to get read of whats wrong with me I had to go to the web page. and i was not going to pay again when he said that everything we needed to know was in the book. you realy are a bad man. How do you sleep at night. Kathy

1/14/2006 - Mahesh writes:
I'm updating my previous post. I'm suffering from gastritis and GERD and am looking for a complete cure. So, fooled by his TV infomercial, I ordered the Natural Cures book on 1/1/06 using Trudeau's fake website, but haven't got it yet and don't think that I'll ever receive it. The shipping charge was high and my credit card was charged for a total of $24.90. I should have better read reviews on this webpage before doing this mistake. The Company Representatives never pick up phone calls and you are kept on hold for a long time. Besides, the book is a complete fake with no specific natural cures, which I found after reading some pages of the book from a bookstore. I've closed my credit card account, and have ordered the same kind of credit card with a new account number, whereby my previous card won't get charged for any additional expenses by this scamming company. Kevin Trudeau is an absolute liar and should be sent to jail for a lifetime.

1/13/2006 - Laurie writes:
I ordered the natural cures book. The next day I changed my mind, but when I called they told me it had already been shipped. Shop America told me to just write return on the package and mail it back. I did. I was never credited for the book. I called and they said I would be receiving a check for the 39.99 in the mail. I never recieved it. When i call now, all I get is a recording tell me how important my call is. Why can't someone do something about this guy? Who should we call? It is too late for me to call my credit card company.

1/13/2006 - Mahesh writes:
I ordered the Natural Cures book on 1/1/06. I should have better read reviews on this webpage before doing this mistake. The Company Representatives never pick up calls and you are kept on hold for a long time. Besides, the book is a complete fake with no specific natural cures, which I found after reading some pages of the book from a bookstore. I've closed my credit card account, and have ordered the same kind of credit card with a new account number, whereby my previous card won't get charged for any additional expenses by this scamming company. Kevin Trudeau is an absolute liar and should be sent to jail for a lifetime.

1/13/2006 - Don writes:
I believe that there is merit to some of the alternatives to conventional medicine.  However, Kevin Trudea's book is not going to advance the case for alternative medicine.  This book is a compilation of the author's unsubstanciated allegations about some supposed conspiracy involving conventional health care.  What little of value that the book does contain is buried in garbage.  Instead of presenting information that is useful to the reader, the author makes a claim and then says -join my website and get the full story.  Of course, you have to pay more to join the website. While I don't have any specifics about the number of books published, I suspect that the number was small and the original plan was to keep reselling all the books that were returned after the buyers discovered what garbage they had purshased. The author does promise a full refund if you return the book within 30 days.  However, the shipping and handling charges are quite high and not refunded if the book is returned. I kept the copies of the book that I purchased.  I figure that the money spent would be a reminder that no matter how convincing someone may appear, they aren't always what they seem.  I also plan to share my copies with as many people as possible to reduce the number of people that waste their money on this trash.

1/12/2006 - Michael writes:
I ordered a book for $14.95 and an additional book for $9.95 from the Natural Cures infommercial and was charged $71.40 (as were many others) by Natural Cures and $38.80 by Shop America. This is a total scam, I am in the process of getting my money refunded through a bank dispute. I wish that someone would organize a class action law suit against this company for robbing the citizens of this country and getting rich off of our desire for healthier lives free of ailments.

1/11/2006 - Jason writes:
i was charged 71.40 in addition to the 14.95 and did not authorize the charges. i called the "customer service" number and was told the charges would be removed in 7 to 10 days. we will see.  it is a sad country that lets individuals continually manipulate and at times even break the laws that were instituted to protect us. i hope for Kevin Trudeau that there is a natural cure for being a con artist. i would hate for him to have to support the lying pharmaceutical companies in his efforts to become a better person.

1/11/2006 - Barb writes:
I ordered this book and never received it. However I was charged for the book. I called the company literally 20 times to get my money back since I never received the book and they kept telling me their computers were down and they would call me back. I never got a call back from any one. They told me they would credit my account and never did.  They refuse to give me the book or my money back. This guy Kevin who is selling the book is a complete scam artist. Do not order any of his products.

1/9/2006 - David writes:
They advertised the book "Nature's Cures" for 14.95  I called the 800 number and had to put up with all the  other "specials" which I declined and told the person that I only wanted the book. O.K., the book plus shipping and handling came to just under $25. I was billed for over $73. I called the 800 number and was referred to a 847 number for customer service which is not a toll free number. I never could get through. I suspect that they make a person wait and run up a big phone bill IF they ever answer the phone. Over and over they play the message that "the call is very important and someone will be with you in just a few minutes" I'm afraid that the phone bill will exceed the amount that I am trying to get taken off my credit card.

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