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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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1/9/2006 - Karen writes:
I am so upset!!!!  WHAT A SCAM! On January 6,2006 Kevin's infomercial was on TV offering the "wonderful price" of $14.95 for his book and $9.95 shipping. I called and ordered this book as a gift for my mother thinking this was a great deal!  Well, I  checked my account today, January 9th and they have taken $71.40 out!!!!!!!!!!  I did NOT authorize this! THAT IS SO ILLEGAL!  WHAT A SCAM....I WILL NOT ORDER ANYTHING ON TV AGAIN!!!!!!! This guy should really be ashamed.  He says that our government is conning us and covering up the truth and that the pharmaceutical companies are scamming us...well no, it's actually him! I cannot believe that I fell for this!  It won't happen again!

1/9/2006 - Frances writes:
Ok,I have filed a complaint with the link to BBB in Chicago.  I have some information, Shop America, is a big corporation, and there are other numbers I found..847-545-8173, 770-772-1952,217-545-8173.  I read the BBB in Illinois recieved 430 complaints on the Natural Cures's Book...I suppose mine was number 431..If you want to stop his scandal, then continue to report to the BBB, and the FTC..Free speech is one thing, selling a lie is another.

1/8/2006 - Caroline writes:
This natural cure has stolen money out of my account $71.40 which i did not authorise to do. They promise to refund me.. i will never ever order anything on tv again..

1/8/2006 - May writes:
I am in the same situation. $39.90 for the book and $71.40 for the newsletter (which I did not request). Have called the 847-777-7132 many times and still no refund. I filed a complaint withwww.ftc.gov,www.chicago.bbb.organd my credit card company. I strongly encourage everyone to do the same ASAP. The company name and address is: Shop America 1462 Elmhurst Rd Elk Grove Village, IL 60009 (847)545-8173 Good luck! Let's all do this.

1/7/2006 - Mel writes:
Natural Cures has shafted me as well.   They charged me $24.90 for the book w/shipping plus $71.40 for their stupid news letter (unauthorized).  I cancelled the order but have not yet refunded me.   Please be sure to file a complaint with the better business bureau of Illinois.   Their website iswww.chicago.bbb.orgWhen filing the complaint file under Natural Cures or Shop America.

1/7/2006 - Andy writes:
On December 6 I did the stupid act of purchaseing this book. On December 7 I called and canceled the order. There were hidden prices to pay for things you do not want. The person on the phone said that all I would have to do was write 'ADDRESSEE REJECTS' across the mailing package that this book was in. They would return my money no questions asked. I wrote across the package and left a note for the mail man so he would understand the situation. The book was taken by the postal service back to Natural Cures delivery in Elk Grove Il. Three days later I received the same package in my mailbox. When I came across INFOMERCIAL SCAMs and saw what crap was going on with this company I covered my address on the package with a black marker so the receiver of it would not know where to send it back a second time. I called my credit card company and told them I had know idea what this purchase was and to cancel that credit card. They did that for me. Once again I will put the unopened package in my mail box and send it back. I also wrote 'return money back garentee''cancel order'and the books phone number 1-847-777-7132 across the package. I also put this scam website address on the package. I hope they will get the picture. Dont buy this book.

1/6/2006 - Frances writes:
Hi I am a mental health therapist, and I watched several times the infomercial for Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures.  I was lucky enough to read it at a local book store.  Hello, there is NO index..Strange he claims to have the cure but can't even organize an index??? I believe he suffers from the most severe personality disoder:  ANTISOCIAL, Mr. Trudeau has no cure, nor does he have morals. In my OPINION he needs to be on an antipsychotic, and a mood stabilizer for his grandoise ideas, and his paranoia that the government is out to get him.  I am not a doctor, nor have I played one on TV as Kevin has.  HE is not a man, he is a liar, a thief, a felon, and at his age, he won't change...he bows to money, and does not care if he helps one person.  I hope he goes where the other 80% of antisocial people go..PRISON..He should be ashamed...I frequently call the number and complain, for the rest of those that believed. Call and complain to your state attorney general, to the better business bureau, to newspapers...anyone and everyone who will listen. Trust science, trust your heart, your instinct, and remember, if it sounds too good to be true, its TRUDEAU!!...

1/6/2006 - Carole writes:
I bought the book on the recommendation of someone else. It is a complete waste of money and encourages you to visit the naturalcures.com website.  I foolishly joined the website only to find out after paying that there is nothing of value on the website.  I've been trying to get a refund for the website membership for four months.  They promised a refund within 7 to 10 days and they say the same thing every time I call or email them.  I am ready to take other action because I know they are never going to give me a refund.  I've asked their customer service operators if they are just saying they'll give me a refund, but they really won't and they act indignant, like how could I suggest such a thing.   I'm disguted with Kevin Trudeau and his company.  Consider yourself warned!!

1/6/2006 - Manny writes:
well, to say the least i am hugely disappointed with my purchase of this so-called life changing book.  i was also charged two amounts 24.90 and 71.40 on my credit card when the book was only supposed to be 14.95 unlawfully. so this is why i called my credit card company, told them thses were fraudulent charges based on this web-site and thy said i wouldn't have to pay these charges and that they were going to run an investigation.  don't even bother calling thier "customer support" line, just call your card company and file a fraudulence claim. Thanks to all others for thier comments, it really helped me out.

1/5/2006 - Mike writes:
Short and simple from a real person, Kevin Trudaeu is a CON and a FRAUD, I had to call my credit card in a stolen to cancel my order - if you order the book, you will read some truth, but be ready to subscribe to the website and gripped to.

1/4/2006 - April writes:
I was scammed into signing up for the web site with monthly payments of $9.95 taken off my bank credit card.  No relavant information is on this website, and no contact information such as a phone number to cancel.  I've emailed 4 times with no response.  It took 5 months to find contact information for this company.  After being on hold 4 times for a total of 35 min, I was told they would not refund my 4 months of payments, and then hung up on me!!!!!   I don't even know if I will still get charged next month.  Like a dumby I used my bank visa card so they can not stop payment and dispute it like a credit card!  I am highly upset, and the only way to resolve this is to change my checking account at the bank! Refund for every month charged, except initial month of sign up, although I would like that refunded also.  Today is 1/3/06, and I was charged $9.95 for August 2005, Sept 2005, Oct 2005, Nov 2005, and December 2005. And if more charges occur I will need refunded that also.

1/4/2006 - Maria Lu writes:
I also, was one of many who believed in trying Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures"  .   .    . To my surprise, it is the most uncolorful, boring, book of information I have ever read. It is dull, uninformative, and an outright scam. Kevin must have copied pages of natural remedies from hundreds of copies of other nutritionists, and reworded the material. The only good news that I have to report is that the Book "Natural Cures" by Kevin Trudeau was sold at "LINENS N THINGS" for $14.95 + Tax.   So, I was one of the lucky ones who DID NOT GET ZAPPED for the monthly newsletters or other products, nor the official selling price of $29.95 + Tax + ship & handling. Guess what?  I've have lost all respect for this man, after reading all the customers who were defrauded by this scam. Also, his past behavior and convictions turned a deaf ear. No more infomercials will sway me to buy someone's "OPINION", (Kevin, uses that term over a thousand times in his TV commercial) I now also have an "OPINION", .  .  . You Kevin, are a poor excuse for a role model, a man, and even a convict.

1/4/2006 - Lonnie writes:
I ordered the book so that I could find a cure for my grandsons' ADHD.  I ordered it back in August, and received the book in a timely matter.  I told them that I did not want to receive the newsletter and they said that I would not be charged for it.  After reading the book for 15 minutes, it made no sense, just babbling... and to get any 'cures' you sould have to subscribe to the website.  About that time I was hearing reports on the news and the computer that he was a scam artist.  After checking my account I noticed that I was charged $5.95, so I called them and told them that I did not subscribe to that and she said that she would be refunding my $5.95 within 3-7 days.  I have still never received it.  The next month, I was charged another $5.95, same story, they said they would refund it, still never received it.  The 3rd month, the exact same story.   They told me that they do not have cancellation numbers to prove that it was actually cancelled. I told the lady on the phone that I was not going to yell at her because it was not her fault, but that she had to know that he was scamming people, all she said was "Yeah, I know".  She assured me that my money would be refunded this time for sure.  The last time I called in I talked to Habib, he told me that none of the other people I talked to had the authority to refund my money, but he would.  He said that I would definately recieve my refund.  He even gave me a number to his boss in case it was not refunded, when I called the number, IT WAS DISCONNECTED!  After it was not refunded again, the only option I had was calling my bank and changing my account number.  I thought there were laws against fraud.   How can he keep doing this to people and not be BACK in prison!?

1/3/2006 - Cheryl writes:
It is a shame that we havent got to read the natural cures book and i only say that because we ordered 2 copies of the book after we saw it on tv dozens of times and after paying express shipping to rush it to us we have been waiting 2 months and still havent recieved our order. I dont know if the book helps or has cures as it claims but i do know that this company has a problem with holding up there end of things. my husband called the number to order the book early morning while getting ready for work one day they kept him on the phone for a long time trying to talk him into other things in fact they kept him on the phone so long that he had to give me the phone to finished call so he could leave. i got on the phone only to spend the next 10 mins arguing with a woman about not wanting to pay for a 2 night stay in disney world for 200 dollars. She actually asked me if i had a problem with florida because i didnt want to buy it. So i had to reply that florida is my home state but i have a 4yr old and was 9 months pregant and lived over seas at the moment being my husband is in the navy. She sounded very upset before hanging up that she didnt talk me out of 200 bucks. I guess alot of people have had problems with what was supposed to be a simple book order. we are calling them tomorrow to see what is going on with our order and try to get our money back for that express charge that we obviously didnt get. wish us luck!

1/3/2006 - Connie writes:
I called the infomercial 800 number to order the book at $14.95 plus shipping and the next day checked my account online and discovered they charged me for $71.40! I specifically told the woman that I did not want anything other than the book. Now he is resorting to "Robbing" people of their hard earned money.

12/31/2005 - Joe writes:
My wife and I bought Kevin Trudeaues book for her mother to have delivered before Christmas.  On December 16, my wife called the Infomercial number and was pressured into buying multiple other products, and had a hard time conveying to the service representative that alls we wanted to purchase was the book as a Christmas present.  The following Monday December 19, we checked our account and found that we where charged the 50 for the book and the rush delivery, and a second charge of 72 for something else.  I called the number back and was transferred to there Customer Service group.  I spoke with the rep and received the refund for the 72$ newsletter which I feel was a fraudulent scam, because we never agreed to buy anything but the book when we called in.  The rep said he would refund the 72 and cancel the newsletter.  When I inquired whether this happened often, the Rep admitted to multiple people calling in to cancel the fraudulent Newsletter charge. Then on the 23rd, we called again because the book had not shown up and I was told it would be there before Christmas.  I then spoke with a Supervisor "Dale" about the problem and he said if the book did not come before Christmas I would get a complete refund, and could keep the book (which I could careless about).  The following Monday we found out that my wifes mother did not receive the book. We then called Customer Service again on the 26th, and they said that the first refund should be in our account any time, and that they would refund the 50 for the book and the rush shipping.  The following Thursday the 29th, I contacted them back because the money had not been posted back to our account.  The rep had no way of speeding up the refund and said that it can take up to 30 days.  30 days!! I wonder just how much Kevin Trudeau is going to make off of the interest of my 120+ dollars, and everyone else that was scammed and signed up for a newsletter illegally.  All this after finding out that the FTC has gone against him to stop making any Infomercials.  Kevin Trudeau is a scam artist, and I feel even sorrier for the people that bought this book for themselves hoping that it would help.

12/31/2005 - Elaina writes:
I finally broke down and ordered this product some time in early December, as the price had went down to 14.95.   Unfortunately, after calling to order I had many other products attmpted to be pushed upon me finally only agreed to 14.95 and a one month newsletter for 5.95 that I was told had to be ordered to get the book at that price.  My order came to 24.90 and immediately the following day they took another 71.40 out of my account.  I researched on the natural cures web site and found that exact figure for a yearly news letter.  It's a good thing that I follow my bank account daily online or I never would have discovered the unlawful charge.  Before the item cleared my bank I called the 877-777-7131 that was listed on my bank account and spoke with representative who related that the money would be refunded to me but it may take one to two months to show up in my account. This rep did not want to further discuss how they illegally debited the 71.40 from my account.  I will be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau and to the FTC.  Thank you for  listening and oh by the way it is now December 31, and I stll have not received the book.  I think I will refuse it at the Post office if it does arrive and then they will have to refund the 24.90 as well.

12/30/2005 - Jacque writes:
CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND STOP PAYMENT- I did!! Ok- wow! I logged on and saw that everyone here had the SAME story I did- ordered the book through Shop America, and an unauthorized charge of $71.40 was also charged to my credit card. I also called the 847 number, and guess what? Same thing! I was on hold for 30 minutes. So, I called my bank card company- and they told me to file an "Affidavit of Fraud" and a police report, and that they will cancel the payment. That's it! I encourage everyone to do the same. I have also generated a forward to warn all of my friends about this offer- and I sent it to over 550 people on my personal contact list.  Good luck to all of you!!

12/29/2005 - Brenda writes:
it is all so sad that some people pry on people who are so desperately seeking some kind of relief some kind of help, after much pondering my friend persistainly asked me to order this book he had seen so many times suggesting a cure, well i can't testify as to whether the suggestions in the book work or not because I have not yet received the book I ordered on-line nov.2 .2005 and the monies were debited out of my account dec.03,2005. I have e-mailed the web-site representative about 5 time . I called the 800 number that was on t.v. as of dec.29 I still have not got an respons. so this morning I tired for 30 minutes to call 847-7777131 and the only response i have gotten was the recording of kevins' voice telling me infomercially of how well his book is doing and how because of such high volume of purchasers, that after 30 minutes of listening someone would be on the line to help me shorty. you know no one ever answered, next time i will listen to my instinct and not waste mt monies no matter how desperate we are for a cure we ordered the book for two resons one i have diabetes and high blood, alittle over weight, and other multiple illness, my partner has health issues hisself along with impotency which we thought we could find some cures

12/29/2005 - Diane writes:
We recently purchased the Natural Cures book from a Shop America infomercial (against my better judgement).  Over the phone I was told the total of all my purchases would be $59.75...SURPRISE!  My bank reflects two different debits a day after each other.  One is for $73.65 and one is for $71.40.  I'm currently on hold and have been for 15 minutes now-no human yet.   How can I get my money back!  Whether it's a good product or not is irrelevant to me at this point!

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