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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
Total Complaints: 293
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12/27/2005 - Jennifer writes:
My boyfriend and I bought the book for his mother for 14.95 we paid the additional 10.00 for express delivery so that we would have it well before Christmas. The rep on the phone told us our total, which was correct. The following day we saw that we were charged 71.50 and 42.00. We waited for the infomercial to come on again and we called the number. We asked them about the charges and the rep told us that we were charged for two books and a newsletter. We cancelled the newsletter and the rep took off the extra book and shipping. The book still has not come and we ordered it over a week ago, we were told that it would be here before Christmas (between 2 to 5 days). Even if the book is good, this company is rediculous; it seems like this happens to people all the time and they purposely do not put the customer service number online.

12/21/2005 - Donna writes:
I ordered the Natural cures book and it was suppose to be 14.95 I looked on my bank statement and they have charged me 71.40. I do not have the phone number to call and tell them how I feel about this scam. Does anyone have the 800 number?? Thanks Donna

12/21/2005 - Eric writes:
As a former cancer researcher, I cannot tell you how aggravating it is to listen to an uneducated dolt sit on TV and tell millions of people, many of whom are desperate and willing to shell out money for anything they fell will help, that there is a 'cure' for cancer. Folks, please, please heed this advice - the man is a con artist, plain and simple.  This book contains no 'cures.'   Eat well, exercise, get plenty of fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and you'll give your body the best chance it has of staying healthy 'naturally.'  Don't spend money on this.

12/21/2005 - Dani writes:
I saw the informercial, and while I was fortunate enough to have bought the book at a book warehouse, I was suckered into subscibing to the website...SURE that I would get my answers there, as that is what the book "promises".   Well, I have news for you...there was NOT ONE product review, most of the cures are simply "cleanses" and some other nonsense better covered in a newsletter rather than an entire book.   BEWARE:    I am having the worst time trying to CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP...it's impossible!!!   There is NO place on the website, even if you do their google assisted search, to cancel your membership.   So I wrote a short, but polite email requesting what steps I may need to do in order to cancel my membership.    No answer.  Wrote a second, more curt, email.   No answer.   Wrote a third email threatening contact with the BBB and an immediate response confirming cancellation.   Still no response!    For someone who complains of the government's corruption and lack  of recourse...isn't he the pot calling the kettle black?     If his information was in fact so informative and useful...wouldn't he let it stand for itself?   Why sucker people into the website, only to find a maze of worthless information and recipes, and no way out????    I am disgusted at the whole thing...but I am going to attempt to call the Natural Cures number (847-777-7131...for those of you who need it) to see if I can get satisfaction...wish me luck!

12/20/2005 - Vanessa writes:
I ordered the book, i've been charged $39.90 and another $70.91 i would like to know what for.  How can i contact Shop America to find out? Help

12/20/2005 - Phil writes:
Crazy! Well I looked on my bank statement today and natural cures charged $71.40 on 11/24 and an ADDITIONAL $49.85 on 12/17!! Searched through the site and how "convientely" it seems they left out a "contact us" button which should be standard on any legit web-site. Disgusting. I ordered the bull-shit book the other night after seeing the informercial only because I convinced myself that this book would actually compensate for the lack of pathetic substance the first one had. Where's the so-called cures? Even worse when I called to order... I thought I was buying a book called natual selling, after some lady tried a flurry of sales tactics to upsell, cross-sell, and side-sell me into other things completely off the radar of what the book is about.

12/20/2005 - Eugene writes:
I ordered Natural Cures using the 800 number on the infomercial. I ordered two books using my bank card. The next day I noticed an additional charge of 71.50 was charged to my account. I'm going to have that charge taken away hopefully. This guy is a scammer.

12/20/2005 - John writes:
I am totally blind. I managed to find the Natural Cures book on bookshare.org, a website that makes books available to people with print disabilities once you prove you have the disability and pay them your $50/year fee. Anyway... I found the book, downloaded it, and started reading. Kevin never actually tells you anything. He just directs you to his website, which you have to pay for access to! That's the last time I ever trust him. I'm so not getting the new version of the book if it's ever posted.

12/17/2005 - Dawn writes:
I ordered the natural cures book over the phone. The lady tried to get me to buy, subscribe to and join about 6 or 7 other things and I kept saying no I just want the book. I specifically said "just the book" 3 times, whick is $29.99 and $9.95 shipping. Looking at my bank account today and I see that they charged me $71.40!!!! Now it's like pulling teeth to find a phone number for this company. There's no number or contact us or anything on the web site! I hate getting scammed!

12/14/2005 - Angela writes:
I too got scammed, Iactually cancelled my entire order 2 hours after placing it and still got charged the $71.40. I am refusing payment through my bank. Whether Kevin's company actually take the order or Not they still represent his company and therfore should be more involved on who he subcontracts. SCAM.......And P.S I will let more people know.

12/8/2005 - Pam writes:
Like many others I purchased the Natural Cures book and received the newletter.  I called immediately and cancelled the newsletter and was told it would not be charged to my account.  Three weeks later (yesterday) I received another newsletter with a correspondence that my account would be charged for $71.40.  Why is it every time you purchase  something from an infomercial it is such a hassle and you have to deal with so much incompetency?  This was the final straw for me I won't ever purchase from an infomercial again.

12/6/2005 - Dave writes:
The book does not have anything to do with actual cures written in it. I expected that it should have. but was misled again. This man is just like the fda, and ftc, NO BETTER!!!

12/4/2005 - Janet writes:
Back on July 23rd I ordered from SHOP AM/NATURAL CURES with a complete understanding that if for any reason I do not want this $39.90 book  that I can return it at my expense, and with no further commitment to this company. I mailed this book back within the 30 days, received the credit back to my card on 10/03 for $29.95 and now for some other reason  on 10/21/05 they charged me $71.40 for nothing. The rest of this letter was sent to the credit card company and to the State of Il Attorney General Office

11/30/2005 - Bill writes:

11/29/2005 - Phyllis writes:
I bought the first book after hearing the infomercial, thinking it contained the "natural cures" talked about.   Did not.  Then I bought the second book thinking this one would have the "natural cures".....same song second verse.  I sent the second one back immediately knowing that the shipping I was paying would erase all but a few dollars of the $39. I had been charged.....never got the refund and cannot find the source.  I found one "Shop America" source that said was not connected????   I sent the book back as the packing slip said...to Shop America LLC 810 Greenleaf Ave. Elk Grove Village, IL.  I want my refund.  I sent it back August 11, 2005.   Thank you

11/28/2005 - Herb writes:
His book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About" is totallyuseless. In fact the title itself (as well as his infomercial) is one big misrepresentation. The book is full of accusations of drug companies ripping us off and alleged cases where Government agencies shut down businesses, but I did not find one -NOT A SINGLE ONE- cure listed in this book! There is no telephone number, address or e-mail address to reach him, to tell him, even his web site hasn't got the usual "Contact Us". The only way to communicate with him is to subscribe to his (probably also) useless report / news letter for a monthly or yearly fee. After being conned into buying his worthless book, I will not buy anything else from [email protected]#$%*& guy! Herb Kuentzel Guelph, Ontario, Canada

11/24/2005 - Anonymous writes:
I sure wish I'd found this website before purchasing Kevin Trudeau's book! When I received the book I was informed that I would also be receiving the monthly Newsletters for a subscription fee of $71.40/yr. When I got the email asking to confirm the electronic newsletters I immedicately responded and told them I DID NOT want either version and used the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the webpage. That was in Aug /05 and not until this week Nov /05 did I think anymore about the whole deal. However, this week I received a hardcopy newsletter with a notice saying my credit card account had been charged $71.40 and Thank you for your subscription. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO STOP FRAUDLENT practices like this? I want everyone to know the guy is a fraud and to stay away from him or anything to do with him. How do I get my $71.40 back? Any ideas?

11/10/2005 - Justin writes:
I obtained an audiobook copy of Kevin's book.  I will say that the information contained in the book I believe is pretty much correct for the most part.  But if you're looking for natural cures (which are out there) then you don't need this book.  Just do some searching around on google and some health forums and you'll get the information you're looking for.   If you're interested in government conspiracy theories or would like to be more healthy in general, then his book DOES contain some good information about that, although the health information is probably stuff you've heard before.  I think the general idea is that if you followed all of the health guidelines that he set forth in his book, then you generally would be disease free and would not be getting sick in the first place.   (Which I believe to be true).  But if you're looking for a specific natural cure (THEY DO EXIST!) then just do some google searches and you'll find the information you're seeking.  This book I believe is worth the price IF you're buying it for the right reasons (general health), but unfortunately, most of you were mislead by his infomercial stating the cures ARE IN THERE.....  They aren't.

11/1/2005 - Chris writes:
Thank God I ordered this book from [], so I didn't have the luxary of dealing with this losers credit scam tactics on top of already reading the natural cures book that surprisingly enough...contains no natural cures. It might as well have not had pages. The information contained in the book is basically Kevin being paranoid in 200+ pages. And in the book he states he can only give you the cures on his website if you become a member (for a massive fee). That's nice, could've told me that in the informercial and not lost all your credibility, Kev. Now he has an "Updated" edition of the book, Kevin Lying part 2, where he lists a few diseases and some ways to "naturally" cure them. Keep in mind he left out many diseases probably to have a 3rd edition of the book where he lists 15 more, but not all. Just to give you an example of the book, his cure for asthma is a webpage that tells you how to control asthma...not cure it..control it. I didn't pay for control, I payed for cure. And his response to people that have diseases such as cancer.."Make your body alkaline and see a healthcare provider." See, I thought he was against "healthcare providers" yet he's condoning seeing one because he knows his crap isn't going to cure cancer. Don't buy this book. Eat healthy, exercise, visit your "healthcare provider" for check-ups, and don't listen to this moron. You'd be better off paying me 29.95 for the information I just gave you than buying this book. Hope I helped someone.

10/31/2005 - Drew writes:
To anyone who has had the misfortune of buying Kevin Trudeau's book: Natural cures they don't want you to know about, may I first say, you have my condolences. I also ordered this book, that seems to be a forum for Trudeau to mostly rant and rave about butting heads with government agencies and you are probably a good 75 pages into the book before he actually spews forth with a lot of hogwash and websites for you to waste even more of your money. I would like to believe that some law enforcement agency will soon put a stop to this scam. For anyone that feels cheated and would like to return their product, please, I implore you to call that customer service line; 1-847 777-7131 don't push ANY buttons, you may have a bit of a wait to speak with someone. When you actually reach a person, tell them you DO NOT want the book and want a refund of not only the cost of the book but the Shipping and Handling charges as well. Then, if you ask where and when you should return the book, they'll probably tell you to keep the book as a free gift. Believe me, if this book had any credibility at all, they would not be telling you to keep the book as a free gift. I wish everyone good luck in getting ALL their money back for this book, that should be renamed: Kevin Trudeaus book of rantings and websites to blow your money.

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