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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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10/28/2005 - Andrew writes:
This book is on of the cleverest scams I've seen! After watching the info-commercial on T.V. and being impressed with what Kevin Trudeau had to offer in this book, I decided to order it. As indicated on TV, I expected to read about "natural cures" for various illness and ailments (IE; taking vinegar for acid reflux disease as state in the info-commercial) but when I read the book I found NONE! All I found was mostly conspiracy theories, and referrals to other references pertaining to the information I was seeking and expecting to find in Kevin's book; There was even a referral to a web site and news letters, which or course, are both available at a price.  In Kevin Trudeau's book he indicates that he can not list natural cures to specific dieses because he would be violating the "law", however if you SUBSCRIBE to his web site you then become a private member and this supposedly allows him to exercise his First Amendment right to free speech and he could then give you this information. But wait it gets even better! Now Kevin Trudeau has come out with a second edition which now allegedly, (and I say allegedly because I haven't read his second book) but allegedly list specific dieses and natural cures for them; (as I understand in his latest info-commercial.) Why wasn't this information published in his first edition? What laws have been relaxed that would now allow him to publish these "cures", when he could not publish them in his first book? Well, maybe like the drug companies as he describes, Kevin Trudeau wants you to continue to buy his products by not providing you with the cure but only a taste so you become hooked and will pay more to receive little in return.

10/18/2005 - Marcia writes:
I ordered the book off of the TV info-mercial.  I spend a long time on the phone as they tried to sell me more stuff.   I continued to say no.  I finally ended up ordering 2 books, one for the regular price plus shipping, and the second for an additional $15.00, free shipping.   They were both to come with the free weight-loss CD and some newsletters.   Well weeks, 4-5 later, I finally got an envelope in the mail.  It contained 1 book, nothing else.  It has been months now and many phone calls later--long distance mind you, over $20.00 in long distance bills, still have not received my second book or the "free" stuff.  The last time I actually spoke with someone about this was a week and a half ago, and after a long time on the phone and 3 people deep, ending up with a "Manager" I was promised that they would 2 day delivery it (no extra charge) and after pressing and pressing to find out how it was to come, was finally told that I could call back in two days (it was the weekend) and get a tracking number.   Well, I felt that finally I had the problem solved and did not call back to get the tracking number.  Still no book.  I just tried to call and of course the "system is down-call back".  After reading some of the other complaints, I am now going to go back and check my credit card to see if I have been charged anything else, and perhaps consider myself lucky if I have only spent $54.90, although it is just for one useless book!  I agree with the others on the content.  Other than I should go out and pay a lot of money to get my fillings removed, I don't think there was much that we don't already know.  Also, the book has has a lot of "narrative" much like what you hear on the info-mercial, and just a few pages devoted to "cures" and no index, so you pretty much have to read through the whole thing to see if perhaps the one thing that you are concerned about might be mentioned in the book.  Not worth the money, and defintely not worth the stress and the newly acquired heartburn that you will definitely have if you have to deal with customer service even once!

10/16/2005 - Peter writes:
We received the books after ordering from the infomercial and found them to be filled with not much of anything.   No answers it just made us have more questions.  The book tells you for cures you must subscribe to a web site that is another $9.95 a month.  Then we receive a newsletter stating they would be charging our credit card another $71.40 for the monthly newsletter.  Now all I want is out because I feel like this a big scam.  Don't get involved!!!

9/25/2005 - Michelle writes:
I bought this book 2 months ago, after ordering the book, I spent 15 minutes being introduced to other products to buy.   I agreed to the receiving $50 giftcard from Walmart if I agree to try the DealPass Promotion at $12.95 per month and could cancel if I am not satisfied.  The deal pass is you are to buy giftcards and receive 5% credit towards your purchases from the gift card at $12.95 per month,  I have cancelled this, yet, still am being charged. I never received the $50 giftcard. I also was told I would receive a newsletter that would be $5+ per month, I told them I was not interested.  They continue to tell me about other deals, after 20 minutes I had had enough.  I received the book 4 weeks later.   I received recently a charge of $71. 40 for the news letter. I DID NOT ORDER. I have not been successful in contacting them, but now plan on closing my checking account before they charge me a $500 life time membership fee. THIS IS CLEARLY A SCAM.  THE BOOK IS BULLSH$#%$#%.  I am very upset!

9/22/2005 - Manuel writes:
The book is a complete fraud!!   I watched the entire infomerical, and like so many people I assumed that the book had some kind of information about "Natural Cures".  Kevin Trudeau misleads the public by making people think that if they buy the book you will have information about natural cures that you can start using.  The book is just repeating everything that Mr. Trudeau says on the infomerical.  While I agree with the information that Mr. Trudeau talks about in the book (i.e. the government's fraud) it is completely misleading.   You are not interested in the Government's fraud, but in the knowledge of the natural cures that he promises in the infomercial.  It makes me upset that this guy is stealing money from the public.  Mr. Trudeau should be prosecuted for misleading the public and fraud.

9/15/2005 - Debbie writes:
Save your money!!  The author's infomercial leads you to believe the book will contain the 'Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About'.  This book tells you nothing more than the infomercial.  The book should be called: "Natural Cures I Won't Tell You About"!  The book, not unlike the infomercial, claims the cures cannot not be published in the book because of the "FDA" (the infomercial states he cannot tell you on television... because of the FDA); in order to get the "secret" information, you are referred (over and over and over again) to his website.  For a kick I checked it out.  Sign up to be a (lifetime) member; the price for that priviledge?  $499.00 U.S.  Funny, Mr. Trudeau doesn't mention THAT in his infomercial!  Keep your money folks -- if you want to learn about alternative food choices or health care - use the internet, it's free!!

9/13/2005 - Sonja writes:
All I want to say if that I agree 100% with all the comments I've read here about Kebin Trudeau and his book, how in the world does he keep getting away with this.  And how does he sleep at night knowing he is stealing money from a lot of sick people.  His infomercial is downright fraud and misrepresentation.

9/7/2005 - Nancy writes:
I bought this book and found it to be a waste of money. I am now being charged 9.95 a month for something called a news letter. I have tries to unsubscribe to and have never got any answers on.  What a rip off this man is.  He claims to want to help you but all they do is steal you money.

9/3/2005 - Ann writes:
I ,like so many others ,are looking for help with health problems. To spend money on the "Natural Cures" book and to be scamed is criminal! It's one thing to buy a book and the solutions in it don't work as well for you as they have for others. But to buy a book in good faith and there IS'NT any solutions, just a scam to get your money...we'll if anyone out there wants to start a class action lawsuit be sure and let me in. Also, believing that there might be something on the web site, I subcribed to the monthly scam and it's being deducted off my VISA, to say I was stupid is mild. I can't find a way to cancel so ...if anyone can help me please let me know...KEVIN TRUDEAU, what a JERK!

9/3/2005 - Rick writes:
Save your money.  I have a terminal illness and I am reaching for straws.  I saw hope in the Natural Cures infomercial.  Boy, was I wrong! It's a $40 rip off.  $30 for the book and $9.95 for membership to the website.  I wish i would have visited this website before purchasing the book.

9/3/2005 - Vearl writes:
I ordered the book natural cures $29.95 +$9.95 postage.After I ordered before it came i tried to cancel the order and they said i had to get the book and then send it back. they put $39.90 on my credit card.   in less than a week i got a big envelope from them with some brocheres in it but the package wasnt sealed and there was no book in it. i spent 17 minutes long distance on the phone with them and they never made sense,  they kept saying to send the book back and they would take it off my account.  How could I send it bck when i never received it?.They never gave me a straight answer.

8/23/2005 - Mary writes:
Read between the lines. He talks about all of these treatments/organic foods etc. Kevin is taking people's money; traveling all over the world receiving the most expensive "treatments" and the best of everything else that money can buy for none other than himself! Mary

8/23/2005 - Sara writes:
Kevin Trudeau is an arrogant, slimy, uneducated sob who does not learn from his mistakes.  He is an ex-convict, people.   He actually posed as a medical doctor when he cashed $80,000 in fake checks in MA.   He used customers' credit cards for personal use and got two years of jailtime!   No wonder he's so reluctant to refund money these days.  It's his character.   And the guy never even went to college.  He has no authority to dispense medical advice.  I'm in disbelief that stations are still running his filthy infomercials.  Newsweek just ran an ad for this book in July 2005.  The book is a POS.

8/22/2005 - Roman writes:
Buying this book was the biggest mistake I've ever done with the money I own.  I plan on attending medical school, so I thought this was a great book to purchase and enhance my knowledge.  The commercial and all the information Kevin presented on his commercial looked great.  Too bad the man is not a doctor and has no degree or any education in that area whatsoever, so how could he put this book together and sell it?  The scam began with the phone call.   They tried to get me to agree to three other products that had nothing to do with the book at all (example:  wal-mart shopping card).  They even said they could not ship out the book without agreeing to a "free" third party product.   The scam did not stop there.  I received my book almost a month later and you are supposed to receive one newsletter free and to STOP receiving them, call a number.   Devious, but innocent enough.  I called the customer support number and after waiting an honest 15 minutes on the phone, someone tells me they are having troubles and an operator will contact me tomorrow if I leave my information.  So of course I do that, and no one calls... ever.  I call back and went through the same thing, except now all operators are busy (the message changes daily).  I finally get ahold of someone, a real nice individual, and he tells me I won't be charged for the newsletter and will receive no future newsletters.  About 1 month later, I am charged nearly eighty dollars for something I did not want in the first place and was told would never be charged for.  I've been trying to call for two weeks to get this straightened out, even had customer support hang-up on me, or never actually talking to anyone.  I ended up having to go to the bank and filling out a fraud report, and getting a new card number.  The book itself sucks.  It offers no real answers or cures, but instead he plugs his website at the end and beginning of every sentence, where the "real answers" can supposedly be found, but you have to pay to see anything on the site of course.  Anything he does tell you is commonly shared information.  Eat right and exercise.  Some of the things he says are so far-fetched, to follow everything he tells you to do, you'd need to go live in a sterile bubble in the middle of a forgotten woodland.  Don't waste your time or money, I hope Kevin and all of his customer support team of fraud / scam eats something rancid tomorrow.

8/15/2005 - Paul writes:
I have been genuinely interested as of late in alternative treatments for illness and disease. I am a Type 2 diabetic as of a year ago and was convinced there are natural remedies out there for the disease.  I have found many that are truly reliable. I then saw Kevin on TV hawking the book indicating that it was full of absolute natural cures for diseases including diabetes so I bought the book.  What a mistake. Almost the entire book is dedicated to his forum for spouting off about the government and the FDA.  I don't have any love for the FDA either, but to spend $29.95 just to hear his opinions is ridiculous.  There are no natural cures in this book.  You are directed to some natural cure websites, that's all.  I can do that for free.  He is a nut.  According to Trudeau, I can be disease free if I have all the fillings removed from my head,throw my microwave oven out the window and don't eat anything that comes in a box, can or bag. Save your money!

8/14/2005 - Alexander writes:
Kevin Trudeau has got to be mentally ill since now he believes his crap.  He claims to have the backing of a doctor, but the trouble is that the doctor died in July 2001 well before Trudeau became a medical expert.  He reminds me of the conartist McCorlkle from Orlando who got 25 years for his fraud.  Trudeau is hiding behind this "free press" by writing a book, not selling a product which he is the first made to not sell by informercial by the FTC in history.  But the thing that is going to get him in prison this time is the fact that none of the things he promises is in the book.  That is Fraud in the inducement.  Call the FTC and your Attorney Generals.

7/30/2005 - Dool writes:
Kevin Trudeau must be one of the most ignorant, idiotic person i have ever met. He claims all doctors are tought is to "cut people open and give out precriptions".He has no medical background whatsoever and should be hit in the face for making such a disrepectful and ignorant comment. His book does not give the natural cures as everyone else has stated. He is a very, very sick person. He gives people hope saying he has a cure for cancer, diabetes, others giving older people dying so much hope only to find out he was lying. He is seriously a person who i see should burn in hell. He says stories as the FTC came in with guns drawn and other stories which i beleive are complete B.S. His book is TERRIBLE all he wants is to make you sign up on another website so you can lose more money. Please, do not buy this book. I hope this man loses all his money and receives all the diseases he promises he can "cure". and i almost forgot. this sleezy man claims things like anxiety disorders, depression, acid reflex, and other to not really be diseases and disorders and they call them that only so you can pay money to buy his product. omg this man better hope he never meets me.

Viviane writes:
I suffer from sever depression and after taking many different types of prescription mood elevators with little help, I decided to buy Kevin Trudeau's book regarding 'Natural Cures' for everything from depression to acid reflux. After getting the book and reading it, I find it has no actual remidies in it, only teasers that ultimately lead to referencing Kevin's own website naturalcures.com. So, I visited the website, only to find that if I want any info I have to spend an additional ten bucks a month just to access the website. What a con artist. Thirty dollars for a book that simply tells you to pay more if you actually want to know what he claims to. This man is a fraud. His book is kindling.

Cindy writes:
I am off work with back problems, saw the informercial with Kevin Trudeau "Natural Cures". I bought the book thinking this may help. Read it and he says its ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. He is right, and he is all about the money. The book told you nothing just told you to go to his website which I did, and what do you know he wants more money to give you the answers. He got my money once for buying the book, he won't be getting any more

Dan writes:
not only that the book dont give you any remedies but according to kevin trudeau you need to get a glass buuble and live in it with no contact of the enviroment.then you need to spend thousnds of dollars beeing treated by different chiropractics,natural care providers,make expensive changes for your pool,tap water,shower,matress etc like you do not have to go to work every day.And on top of everything after you go to his website and pay another $10 you can not log in for days because he is upgrading  the customer service support system.What a shame that are people like him taking advantage of other people who are really desperate to try anything to cure their ilnesses.Everything is a mistery in his book but not the money he ask from us.

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