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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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Helen writes:
I`m an 80 year old who has been scamed.  I hope you are happy taking money from the sick and the seniors,and every one else that believed you.  I hope you never ever get a good night sleep until you correct you faults.

Marie writes:
I purchased this book like many others expecting to find the ACTUAL cures and not a bunch of other advertisements by the author. Most of us do not have the money let alone the time to chase down the so called cures he says are out there. I was very dissapointed with the book and Kevin is just another one of the people he says, "are out there to rip us off"

Lisa writes:
I purchase the Natural Cures book over the phone and this is where the scam starts. They spent almost 5 minutes trying to sell me products I didn't want. I told them over and over all I wanted was the book. Finally, I thought all was well and they were only sending me the book.  I received the book and read it, what a disappointment, no cures, nothing specific just more ways to sign up for his paid newsletters and websites to get the "real" information. Then, to make matters worse I discovered that my credit card was being charged $12.95 a month (under a company called A9*connections aka Dealpass.com) for something I did not ask for. When we called dealpass to dispute they told us that we should have received something in the mail to cancel and because we didn't send it in, they won't refund our money. Guess what? We never received ANYTHING in the mail to cancel. Be very dealing with this unbelievable scam.

Mark writes:
This Kevin Trudeau is to say the least, an idiot, to say the most, it is just plain fraud. First, Trudeau doesn't have any type of medical education from anywhere. Second, he has been in hot water numerous times for fraud. One time just recently by the ftc where he was fined more than $500,000 dollars for making unsubstantiated claims and fabrication. He has also been indicted for fraud and recieved criminal prosecution for fraud. Look, people, I am a doctor, took me more than 12 years with the internship and residency. It is a noble profession, I hate seeing this type of deception and fraud. Trudeau cannot tell you anything that is going to be beneficial to you. For example, when he talks about Acid Reflux, he talks about how it is not really a disease and how he had a "friend" that took some vinegar and it was a "miracle natural cure." Folks, this is probably just made up, but either way vinegar is not going to cure ARD or GERT. If you want the whole explanation, i would be more than happy to tell you. To make it short and sweet, do not take this man's advice on anything. It really could make you a lot worse off than you are before. By the way, I think it is terrible that a lot of the people that buy the book are older people, some of these senior citizens are desperate for a cure that science hasn't realized. They buy this book thinking that it could help them, and they hopefully see then that it is a rip off. I pray to God that they don't go to his website and get suckered for more money on the ignorant piece of scum.

Amber writes:
Christmas of 2004 I purchased 2 copies of the natural cures books.  One as a gift for my father and one for myself.  My fathers I even paid extra to have it rushed to make sure it was here by christmas.   When i recived the books a couple weeks later ( what a real rush on shipping...not)there was NOT ONE cure in the whole book.  instead he went on for well over 100 pages complaing about how he could NOT print the cures for that section because the FDA had censored it.  I was outraged that i had spent $40 on one book and $30 on another and had not one cure in the whole damn book (not to mention that i now had NO gift for my father for christmas) when i called to get my money back they told me that it would take between 30-60 days to be refunded! Can you believe that!!! The nerve of that SOB!!!! my dad and I are one of the millions of hard working americans with no insurance and medical problems to boot.  My dad is and insulin dependant diabetic with high blood pressure, kidney disfunction, hypothyriodism and a whole host of other problems (which if you;ve seen to infomercials, all have "natural cures" ) yeah right.  Kevin I hope you get run over by an 18 wheeler after you suffer from all the diseases you claim to have cures for in your book. And after that I hope you die nice and slow and spend eternity burning in hell... Maybe then you'll realize that scamming money form people is not a wise choice!!!

Jo writes:
This book BLOWS! He is a scam artist...I sure as hell hope someone besides the ftc sues him!! He has no medical background and is a convicted felon! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY! And certainly dont give him your cc number...he was convicted of cc fraud... This book blows...

Peter writes:
I bought it and waited at least 2 weeks before it came not only that but it did nothing. The book has no cures it just has a ton of bullshit.

Jere writes:
I ordered Kevin Trudeau's book and all it was about was how the drug makers and big business are tied together to make sure Americans stay "Unhealthy". Well it doesn't take a genious to see that. But it didn't have one natural cure in the whole book. It just keeps referencing to his website and if you want any natural cures you have to sign up for a monthly fee or a lifetime membership. Go to any healthfood store and you will find all the information you want on natural cures.

Anna writes:
I am a Registered Nurse interested in wholistic medicine.  I was very excited about the book Natural Cures They Dont Want You to Know About.  I have read the book with great disappointment.  I, as others have found no cures listed in the book.  However, constantly you are directed to his website which is promoted in his book, which is an additional expense.  I also detected a great deal of hostility toward the government, which was maybe valid, however over 100 pages of harping on the subject was a bit much.  Suggestion pass on this book, huge disappointment!!

Allan writes:
His name says it all! True Dough. Do not buy his book!  As claimed by others, there is not one natural cure listed. This rip off artist has a real knack for getting his message clear and understood. He baits you into purchasing his book stating that it has all the natural cures. The truth is that the book contains a lot of opinions on government conspiracies.No cures mentioned! Do yourself a favour. Do not buy this book!

Al writes:
Kevin Trudeau is no different than a sleazy Carney taking money from kids shooting over sized basketballs into under sized non regulation hoops!  His infomercial cleary states that his book 'Natual Cures They Don't Want You To Know About' contains listed cures. The only problem is that there are no listed cures! He keeps making reference to his website (which incidently costs more money to become a member).  All he makes reference to is that the FDA and drug companies are in it for the money. As he states, " Remember, it's all about the money". No kidding! Hey Kev! It really is all about the money....Your stupid book that is!

Anonymous writes:
I have ordered the natural cure book and it has not come yet. I wish I had checked this web page first. I was hoping to get the weight loss cd and was told that I had to subscribe to the newsletter. When I called to complain, because the commercial does not state that, I was told to order the newsletter then cancell the subscription and keep the cd. I called the better bussiness burea and they said to launch a formal complaint. maybe if enough of us make complaints the government might get involved.

Vickie writes:
10/27/2005 -I made the mistake of buying this book and was slammed for $71.40 after receiving the book for a year's subscription to Kevin Trudeau's Monthly Newsletter!  After several long distance calls, I was able to return the book & get a refund for the book & the newsletter subscription finally! I found out today that Kevin is now selling the addresses, and probably the phone #'s, cell phone #'s, and email addresses of everyone who calls his infomercials! I received a letter in the mail today from Nouveau Tech Society. When I googled them to check them out, I found out that this was another part of Kevin's racket. I found this website: [] Check it out for yourselves! I have also been getting email from people I never heard of which means he sold that too!

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