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Natural Cures - Kevin Trudeau Complaints
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1/7/2007 - Margot writes:
I ordered NATURAL CURES, by Kevin Trudeau on October 16, 2006. My credit card was charged $9.95 and I still have not received the book as of 1-7-07. I will be writing the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE in Colorado, as I have always been successful in getting satisfaction from them. I have called their 800 number to complain and have also e-mailed their billing, support and cancellation dept. 3 times. No response. Margot

1/6/2007 - Joyce writes:
WOW. I'm in awe. I actually forgot I ordered this book because I've been traveling for the past 2 months. I couldn't sleep tonight & @ 8am I turned on the television. There was Hugh Downs interviewing someone for yet another secret all natural cures book. That's when I realized I haven't even seen the Natural Cures infomercial in a long while. Came online to check on when I ordered it. Way back in November! Searched online to see if I could find a customer service number and found all these people who had the same thing happen to them. Shameful. Now what??

1/6/2007 - Lisa writes:
i also work for a telemarketing company that markets his books and also bought the first book myself and it is definitely a scam. when i bought the book for 29.95 they said i would get the newsletter for 30 days free and would be charged 5.95 a month if i didnt cancel, well i did cancel and instead of the 5.95 a month they charged me 71.40, for the full year. which i finally got refunded and i sent his book back and finally got a refund but this is what he does to consumers and it is a scam and everyone google his name and you will find out that he is a crook and everything that he does is a scam got to the ftc website and find the rulings against him and the fds website and check him and all his infomercial buddies out along with the itv direct bunch and you will find out all you need to know and will never believe anything in the infomercials again. buyer beware this is a scam and dont fall for it

1/5/2007 - Rita writes:
Like the rest of you I am waiting for this book, ordered it dec 9 and the money came out dec 11. This man will end up behind bars I hope. I'm contacting my credit card to report the scam. Good luck.

1/5/2007 - Kristina writes:
I ordered this book on dec. 8 2006 i paid extra to have it shipped to me in 5-7 buisness days it is now jan 5th and still no book also they have been taking other money out of my account 8 dollers for what i think is a news letter which i have never recived i try and call the service numbers listed on this page but i either get no answer or i get the 847 7777132 number that dose not work i would sugest you listen to the other 200 and something people and not order this book it causes you nothing but pain and agrivation i wish i had found this site b4 i saw that stupid infomercial

1/4/2007 - Toni writes:
I bought this book over a year ago..a total waste of money. This Christmas I noticed a charge of $71.40 on my bank statement. After much research I found it was from this company. I had to have all my card cancelled. Legal papers filed as a theft.ps..so far, my bank has not returned the money. They said I have to go through them to get my money back. The company only says leave your number and we'll return your call. that never happens.they are a bogus company preying on people and need to be shut down. shame on him. any one else had this problem? does better business burea do anything to shut him down?

1/4/2007 - Traci writes:
I fell for this scam in Feb. 2006. The book never came & I have been charged $5.95 a month ever since...until Dec. 2006.A grand total of $99.88. I was told that I could cancel at anytime...not true. The phone # I was given to cancel never worked. Then all the other #'s that I was given didn't work either. In fact all the numbers I had were to Illnois. When I called them this is what the recording said, "the verizon wireless phone that you have reached is no longer in service"...I have 4 #'s and that is what every one of them said. Finally in Dec. of 06' I found a new # that works and I was thrilled. I have been promised for over a month that they would refund my money...I'm still waiting & I need a miracle like everyone else here. Someone suggested for me to report my credit card lost...that way they cannot keep charging me. So, that is what I am doing first thing tomorrow. They can re-issue a new card & # sooner than I will ever get a refund. I suggest the rest of you do the same. If I had the money & time I would drive to MA(750 miles) and I would stand in their offices until someone gave me my money back. I am calling the bbb tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

1/4/2007 - Margaret writes:
I have tried several times to cancel the membership for the monthly newsletter which is continuing to bill my credit card $5.95 monthly even though I tried to cancel it after the first "free month" Newsletter came. I've left messages & e-mails & received no reply for the past 3 months. I don't know how else to cancel this. I called the number on my credit card statement & all I get is voicemail to leave my phone number & when I do, I still get no reply from the company.

1/4/2007 - Fran writes:
Add me to the list of duped customers. He sent one book instead of the two I had orderd at a loss of 34.95. Also got charged twice 71.40 for a stupid newsletter I cannot cancel and have tried repeatedly. I guess I will have to get with my bank so he does not collect again. Hey everybody don't feel stupid we just ran into a con man.

1/4/2007 - Stew writes:
I was billed 6 months after ordering and payiong for the book, My credit card company in trying to get back close to $80.00 The phone number in nothing but a recording, they tell you to e-mail them, the e-mail addr4ess comes back as none existant.

1/4/2007 - David writes:
I purchased the book "more natural cures revealed" back in June of 2006! I still have not received the book. I've written customer service (HA! thats a laugh)! At least eight times, they did reply once that was back in Sept. of 2006 in which they said that the book was shipped (past tense) and that I should be receiving the book in about a week. Here it is Jan. 2007 where's the book? Customer service lies to you, I mean outright lies! The thing that bothers me the most is that I'm disabled and elderly and I always run out of food money by the third week of every month. What a crime it is to just simply lie and rip poor people off!

1/3/2007 - Marc writes:
As many of other stories listed here, I had made an attempt to purchase several books from a infomercial on TV hosted by Natural Cures. Subsequently I did not receive anything in the mail except my visa statement with the amount for my order. I made this order in Nov of 2006 for Christmas gifts and still have not received anything to date. I have contacted them numerous times via email, their only method of 'customer service', and have never received a response. I just contacted Visa and they have submitted a dispute account against them for my order. It was easy, simple and I suggest all of you do it who have experienced the same situation as myself.

1/2/2007 - Anne writes:
Add me to the extremely long list of complaints. I too, ordered books from the infomercial, and was assured that I would recieve them before Christmas. I'm still waiting, and waiting, waiting. I will be calling my credit card company tomorrow.

1/2/2007 - Minnie writes:
The deal was buy one get one free. I wrote a check on 08/14/06, the check cleared the bank on 08/21/06. I still have not received the book. I have called several times but the message always says, "all agents busy, your wait time is 20 minutes," always the say message. No one ever comes on the line. I called the satisfaction line and left several messages but never received a reply.

1/1/2007 - Julie writes:
Back in October I had purchased this book - did not use any express delivery but seen where my card was charged within 7 days of purchase. Still do not have any product at all. This is unacceptible business practice to offer a product take peoples money and never ever give any product. I agree with the other folks - he needs to be put back in prison and pay back all of the money that he has stolen from all of us! It is not the amount but the principle. You do not go on National TV and offer a product and then take peoples money and never ever send the product. Yes I am too with whomever that may start the class action lawsuit against him - hopefully this time if he gets time again - maybe he won't get out anytime soon. This is robbery! Since when do we condone and support thieves in this country?

12/31/2006 - Yen writes:
I am so angry. I bought this book at a local [], in hopes of looking at some "natural cures" for high blood pressure that my parents suffer from. I didn't order this from the informercial on TV, thank goodness. From reading all of these complaints, I'm glad. So I brought the book home and was hoping to use some cures that he promised would be mentioned in the book for my parents. However, it was just the same old story. Reading the book was like watching an informercial. He constantly repeated the same thing over and over again, how the FTC and FDA are trying to con all of America. There was little mention of a "natural cure." It seemed like every other sentence, he would mention to go to his website, where you must pay $10 a month just to get access to the "natural cures" that were supposed to be in the book. Sure, FTC and FDA con America? How about adding Trudeau under that list? I was able to return the book, which was a great thing. It gave me some satisfaction.

12/31/2006 - John writes:
I ordered the new book and the old book on CD and have not received anything. I have try call the 800 # as well with no success. What a great way to end the year with some scamming attempt.

12/30/2006 - Kenan writes:
I ve recently (4 days ago) ordered those 2 books. And in just 5 minutes I understood that I was robbed. Meanwhile they took in 3 days first 19.90$. I googled and found all your complains. It is really sad. He is not gonna eat that money easily. Allah will punish him definitely, Inshallah. After reading all complains I understood that they just plaid on good faith of people and their weak points - DRUGS avoiding natural cures. Thus, I just 5 minutes ago payed off my credit card and canceled it. Priorly I wrote to ITV 2 emails and of course no response. So if anybody can organize lawsuit against them we all can be witnesses. BUt like many others Im not attorney and dont have any clue how to START THIS PROCESS. If somebody can help us and lead us to the justice. Regards. Kenan from CA

12/30/2006 - Sally writes:
I tried to purchase 2 books and 2 cd's from Kevin Trudeau, back on 7/31/06. I kept calling their customer service constantly in September, because I never received their products, however, they have billed my charge account for 49.90. I was told I needed to send in a Customer Claim Certification form, which they sent me. I filled it out, and never got a credit on my charge. Maybe he has a remedy for high blood pressure, because mine is at the boiling point. He's a fraud, and I'd love to tell him that too.

12/29/2006 - Wendy writes:
I ordered on Nov.29,2006, two titled More Natural Cures Revealed,should read More Scams Revealed. I was promised I would recieve the books before Christmas. They sure charged my credit fast enough to take my money. Kevin's back to his old tricks, a scam artist never changes, he'll end up behind bars- which he deserves!Try calling-1-800-215-0063 ext.2516 and then call the same no.1-800-215-0063 ext.2548 and leave messages at both extentions,because they never answer the phones unless you are giving them money.

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